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Anti-Trump contingent is undermining itself

The tweet from Trump's campaign that was accused of being anti-Semitic.

The tweet from Trump’s campaign that was accused of being anti-Semitic.

When will some people realize that their obsessive bashing of Donald Trump not only makes them slowly seem a little coo-coo, but also only enhances his appeal to his supporters?

Two recent incidents have shown how off-kilter Trump throws people and gets them to respond in a most over zealous fashion.

The first: Allegations of an anti-Semitic tweet from the Trump campaign. The image depicts Hillary Clinton with a background of cash and a six-pointed red star calling her the “most corrupt candidate ever.” Some genius saw a six-pointed star combined with money and came to the conclusion that the Trump campaign is anti-Semitic.

The ignorance and Jewish-centric perspective is astounding. Do people think that the only six-pointed star that exists is a Star of David? Other six-pointed stars that immediately come to mind are found on the flags of Northern Ireland and Chicago, the latter of which is even red. In fact, Trump’s star looks nothing like the Star of David, which is usually rendered in blue and is always depicted with intersecting triangles. Trump may have answered his critics in the best possible way: Perhaps it’s their obsession with finding anti-Semitism in everything he does that led them to the association of Jews and cash. If some white supremacists laud Trump and his tweet and being anti-Jewish is that reason enough to echo their foolish analysis?

The second case involves Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who, contravening all ethics of her position publicly dissed Trump and expressed fear of a Trump presidency, joining the meaningless rhetoric of every recent presidential campaign about moving overseas if X is elected. As many analysts have pointed out, if Election ’16 goes to the Supreme Court, Ginsburg will have to recuse herself as she has openly stated her non-partiality.

If Bader Ginsburg doesn’t like Trump, that’s her right and she can vote her conscience on November 8. She should be aware, however, that her interview, instead of achieving her aim of belittling Trump, probably only empowered his candidacy.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Trump contingent is undermining itself

  1. Diane Joy Schmidt

    Not every criticism of Trump is a knee-jerk reaction, and there has been a rise in this country in anti-Semitic messages, however furtive and edgy as they may be, wink-wink, because of his hate-filled rhetoric.

    1. Rocky Mountain Jew

      Agree, not every criticism of Trump is a knee-jerk reaction, but it’s reactions such as the one about the six-pointed star that make it seem like it’s all knee-jerk, thereby undermining legitimate criticism of the man and his campaign.


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