Friday, January 27, 2023 -
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Anti-Semitic stickers in Denver’s Uptown

32-year-old woman was walking her border collie mix late at night in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood, when she made a startling discovery, and a reminder that hate speech is too often just around the corner: “Are Jews Responsible for 9/11???” headlined a sticker disseminated in the neighborhood by the anti-Semitic group goyimtv. The sticker displayed the assertion that a Jewish businessman profited financially after the attack on New York’s World Trade Center. The sticker appeared in an alley, stuck to a dumpster. “At first glance, it looked almost amusing,” the woman, who requested anonymity, said. “But when I let it settle in for a while, it became kind of scary.” “I wondered to myself, am I a target now?” she continued. “I started to get a […]
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