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Anti-Jäger Teller

One of the highlights of the gastronomical calendar in Switzerland is game season. I’m sure in the US that’s also case in states with a strong hunting culture. You might think that a kosher-observant vegetarian may have no time for game season , but you’d be wrong. Because, like with Thanksgiving, it’s really all about the colorful and seasonal sides (or at least for me it is).

In fact, there’s even the concept of an “Anti-Jäger Teller” (or anti-hunter plate) for those of us who don’t comport with tradition. What I always loved was how similar this “Anti-Jäger Teller” was to a traditional Thanksgiving meal, with a few exceptions. Here’s a classic composition of an Anti-Jäger Teller. You’ll see the similarities immediately — and clock the differences:

Vol au Vent with Mushroom-Cream Sauce
Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Cranberry Sauce
Braised Red Cabbage
Glazed Chestnuts
Poached Pear with Cranberry Sauce
Roasted Grapes

It really eats like a classic Thanksgiving meal. You know, when you take a little of that, a little of that, trying to combine flavors on each forkful? Or how you leave that one, favorite, ingredient to the very end? (For me it’s Brussel Sprouts). The one dish that’s really missing here is the mashed potatoes, but the great thing about these types of meals is there’s no limit on side dishes.

So if you’re going vegetarian this year, and want to stay away from a plant-based “roast,” try this menu. Or go ahead and serve your bird, but maybe experiment with a new side (roasted grapes have become a regular for me). And if none of these dishes are speaking  to you, search the IJN site for previous Thanksgiving recipes — you’ll find everything from Cornbread Challah to Thomas Jefferson’s Biscuits.

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