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Adar and lawsuits

To sue or not to sue!

To press ahead in a dispute or not to press ahead in a dispute?

The Hebrew months of Av and of Adar provide an answer, of sorts. Av is the month of national mourning. And warning: Jewish law advises people to push off, if at all possible, any dispute during the month of Av, or at least during its first nine days.

It’s the month of bad actors and bad things happening to good people. Stay away from courts, from disputes, during Av. So advises Jewish law.

And Adar? It’s just the opposite. Not that we’re recommending lawsuits or the pursuit of disputes. Peace is always the highest value. But if, for whatever reason, one is stuck with a conflict — the car repair shop overcharged you, the neighbor says your dog ruined his fence, etc. etc. — it’s a good thing to put off, if at all possible, tackling this dispute until the month of Adar.

It’s the month of victory over bad actors and bad things happening to bad people — and good things happening to good people. Take care of your problems in Adar. So advises Jewish law.

OK. Judaism is not a religion of magic. There are no guarantees and “if at all possible” is not always possible. True. But meanwhile we rejoice over the beginning of the month of Adar — today.

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