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Abbas gives medieval anti-Semites a run for their money

Back in the day, the Jews poisoned the wells, spread the Black Plague and killed Christian children for matzah — or so went the anti-Semitic tropes of medieval Christendom.

Taking second fiddle to no one on the other side of the religious divide, the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, says that today the Jews (Israeli Jews, to be exact) poison Palestinian youth by slipping them drugs. The Jews who are doing this, says Abbas, are descendants of Zionists who chose differently from the pre-WW II Jews in Europe. The Jews in Europe chose to die at the hands of Hitler rather than come to Palestine because, of course, there is no Jewish connection to Palestine. It was all invented by the Zionists.

Among the inventions were the existence of two ancient Jewish temples in Jerusalem. The bogus method for the Jewish invention of the Jewish connection to Israel is archaeology. The findings are all fake, says Abbas confidently.

All this Jewish fraud is consistent with the biggest Israeli fraud of all: the Holocaust. Abbas can’t quite make up his mind on the numbers, but it definitely wasn’t six million who were murdered. Actually, he says, it wasn’t even a million. Rethinking further, he decides it was a few hundred thousand. This is how Abbas processes facts.

But not to worry. Not responsible for any of this Jewish and Israeli fraud is Judaism. Israel has nothing to do with Judaism, declares Abbas. Judaism is innocent; it’s only the Jews who are frauds.

And serious people expect Israel  to make peace with Palestinians of this mentality?

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