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A skeptical people?

Every month, the Jerusalem-based Israel Democracy Institute publishes its monthly peace index, which is based on surveys conducted together with Tel Aviv University. July’s included a statistic that caught our attention: 74% of Israelis think Trump’s — as yet unveiled — peace plan is doomed to fail.

Israelis are known to be a skeptical people — not least about proposed peace plans, nearly all of which have gone the way of the dustbin when a recalcitrant Palestinian leadership refused to sign the dotted line.

President Trump — the self-described “ultimate dealmaker?” Israelis aren’t buying it — for now.  Why would they?

Over the past quarter of a century, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama all attempted — and failed — to broker peace.

Should Trump pull off the incredible — and, with this president, anything’s possible — Israelis may start singing a different tune.

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