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A drive with a view

My father absolutely loves going to Mount Evans. He says Mount Evans is a spiritual experience for him, a place where he communes with the Creator. I couldn’t agree more. You really do connect with the creator up there above timberline — only for me on my low level it is a quite different spiritual experience from the one my father means. Yeah, communing with the Creator all right, when I am anxiously, rigidly, silently, sitting in the car on the way up — silently reciting every psalm I know by heart.

Hellooooo. That road? Help me Mama! It is scary!!

Every time I reach Mount Evans, I vow it is the final time I will travel there by car. Hiking up there? I have no issues. Grab me one of them walking-hiking sticks, and I would just walk along the road, hugging the mountain to avoid the side with the 3,000 feet drops. No problem. But the drive? Even just as a passenger in the car? Now that is another story.

And as an aside, ever notice all those cyclists and motorcycles whizzing by? Of course, there is the breathtaking beauty and the views as you feel like you are driving into the sky, but still.

Once I reach the summit, why of course it is glorious, freeing and inspiring. But reaching it, well, let’s just say, in Colorado, “rocky road” is not just another chocolate marshmallow ice cream flavor! It means roads in the Rockies and it could make ya feel pretty rocky inside.

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Tehilla R. Goldberg

IJN columnist | View from Central Park

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