Monday, June 1, 2020 -
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They are also heroes: Chevra Kadisha

coronavirus pandemic has managed to disrupt a multitude of things people cherish and take for granted, including many dimensions of Jewish ...


Italian shuls cautiously reopen

— The tables were still covered with open copies of the Book of Esther when Rabbi Yigal Chazan reentered his Milan ...


School psychologist during a pandemic

Ayala Zoltan Rockoff, who began working as DAT’s school psychologist in 2019, had no idea that a pandemic would upend the ...



They are also heroes: Funeral directors

S. Eliot, contemporizing Chaucer’s lyrical ode to spring in The Canterbury Tales...

Todays Life

Saul Rosenthal retires as cantor of Rodef Shalom

Rosenthal has had a long and varied professional life: college instructor, regional ADL...


Yiddish take on pandemic

By Ellen Scolnic and Joyce Eisenberg NEW YORK — We’ve been self-quarantining for more...


It’s not normal

It’s as if I’m at the baseball park and wonder where I am. It’s not that I’m...


Tales of plague and morality

By Sharon Cohen, National Library of Israel In these tumultuous days of the coronavirus,...


Who would you invite to your Shabbat table?

the Israelites assembled at Mt. Sinai to receive the Torah, they were warned not to touch...


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