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Seven concrete achievements in Israel’s short war with Islamic Jihad

— As quiet descended on southern Israel on Monday morning, Aug. 8, after a ceasefire came into effect Sunday night, Israel’s ...


College readiness, Jewish-style

summer wanes through August, with its powerful back-to-school vibe, young people are looking to resuming their education with eagerness and anticipation, ...


Descendants of Dr. Charles Spivak gather for reunion

a history lesson, starting over a century ago. 
 In the late 1800s, one man, and a case of tuberculosis, changed ...



Iranian American Jews making strides in politics

Following local and statewide elections in the past few months, members of the sizable...

Todays Life

The rabbi replies: Avraham Mintz

The rabbi replies speaks with Rabbi Avraham Mintz of Chabad of South Metro Denver in Lone...


From social media, to helping someone flee Afghanistan

The social networking app Clubhouse advertises its “unlikely collisions of people”...


Musings on the end of saying Kaddish

The 12-month journey of mourning one’s parents begins, to paraphrase Chairman Mao, with...


Best hikes in Israel’s north

Israeli summers are hot all over. So, if you’re planning on hiking, a shady forest or a...


College readiness, Jewish-style

As Jewish students head back to their university campus, or perhaps their first foray...