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Study of law in Israel for English speakers

The library at CLB, where students learn in both English and Hebrew.

The library at CLB, where students learn in both English and Hebrew.

AN ISRAELI law school, the College of Law and Business (CLB), has announced the opening of international degree programs to overseas English speakers.

Offering participants three degree tracks, CLB’s international program is the first of its kind in Israel.

Overseas students will now be able to earn a bilingual English-Hebrew undergraduate law degree (LLB) in three-and-a-half years; an all-English business administration BA with internships in three years; or both, graduating with two degrees in hand after four years of study.

The new CLB program promotes the concept of degree portability, allowing graduates to use their degrees in educational institutions and workplaces around the world and start work in relevant jobs right after graduation.

Graduates of the law degree track are eligible not only for the Israeli Bar but for the New York and California State Bar.

Students in the law degree track will also be able to participate in exchange programs at American law schools like IIT-Kent College of Law in Chicago and Fordham Law and earn their masters of law degree (LLM) with one additional semester, giving them both an LLB and LLM after a combined four years of study.

To ease the entry of English speakers into the world of Israeli law, the bilingual LLB degree is taught entirely in English for the first year and includes an intensive judicial Hebrew language learning program.

Hebrew peer mentoring is provided throughout to assist students’ transition to the Hebrew portion of their studies. Assignments and exams can be submitted in English.

According to Prof. Yaad Rotem, dean of the law school at CLB:

“To teach international law in Israel, Hebrew has to be part of the program. Students learn the law of the land, the legal culture here, and how to operate within the legal system.

“For the English part of the program, we take students further and expand to such fields as international law, human rights and corporate responsibility, venture capital and high-tech law, so that Israel is their foundation for a world-view perspective.“

THE BUSINESS administration BA track, which is taught completely in English, offers educational on-campus clinics and study tours of China, and focuses on international commercial law and the implications of globalization on management.

During the three years of study, students are encouraged to partake in professional internships in firms located in the Tel-Aviv area.

Prof. Yoram Mitki, head of the business school states:

“Students in the business degree program have the choice of internships in order to gain professional skills and experience. We aim for students to graduate here with a rich resume, work-ready, and on the right path towards a bright career.”

DURING THE summers, students can choose to tour Israel, go back to their home country or gain experience in an internship.

As part of CLB’s international program, participating students are offered internships, workshops, and seminars both in Israel and abroad in top institutions, including Harvard, Oxford, Paris, Kassel, Berlin and Frankfurt.

President of the College of Law and Business, Prof. Moshe Cohen-Eliya, explains that the program isn’t for everyone:

“If you’re a self-motivated, driven individual seeking a future as a law-savvy business leader, a corporate lawyer or a catalyst for social change, then CLB is the perfect choice for you.

“Academic excellence and practical experience, from a global perspective, is what motivates our students. We’re a small school with big connections, which we’ll use for your future.”

The degree tracks offered by the College of Law and Business are competitively priced, with some financial assistance in the form of scholarships and grants.

Classes for the College of Law and Business’ new international programs will commence in October. 2016.

The enrollment for international degree program for overseas English speakers is offered completely in English through private company Lirom Global Education— Study in Israel LLC (

Students are given personal attention and support throughout the application and admission process toward their life-changing transition into Israeli students.

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