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Feb 09th
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At Colorado College, Hillel provides a second home

At Colorado College, Hillel provides a second home

“Hillel is a second home for college students. It provides a sense of community and a great social network,” says Nico Ravitch, co-chair for the Hillel chapter of Colorado College in Colorado Springs.

“Hillel has been central to my experience in college, especially since I grew up in Manhattan, where the Jewish population is large. Here in Colorado, a sense of Jewish identity is very different, since we are the minority,” says Ravitch.

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US Figure Skating promoter Sarah Arnold

US Figure Skating promoter Sarah Arnold“It’s like the Rockettes on ice because synchronized skating includes intricate footwork on skates. Many synchronized skaters are very involved in the singles side of figure skating. The sport requires lots of practice, rigorous tests and hours on the ice to become a top-level synchronized skater,” says Sarah Arnold, manager of athlete development at US Figure Skating in Colorado Springs. “We lived on a pond, so my parents wanted to be sure my brother and I could skate.

Will the Jewish Diaspora broaden to include Mars?

Will the Jewish Diaspora broaden to include Mars?YES, HE has seen the recent film, “The Martian.” But unlike the other millions who have seen that movie, Barak Stoltz went much closer to Mars than most. Stoltz spent Chanukah in the Utah desert, in a few cramped capsules that make up the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS). He lit his menorah, sang some songs and even tried his hand at making latkes — all while practicing for a manned mission to Mars. MDRS is run by the Mars Society, a Colorado-based nonprofit that works toward a human ...

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Chanukah, Colorado style

Chanukah, Colorado styleMenorahs come in many shapes and sizes, and in Steamboat Springs they are created from old skis. The neighbors on Fourth Street agreed to decorate their homes for the season with lit-up pine trees and decorations. Others used garlands and ornaments to adorn their homes. Randy Salky decided to put a different twist to his yard decor by making a “SkiNorah” or “Chanuski-ah.”

Last Updated ( Thursday, 10 December 2015 13:24 )


95 days straight in remotest parts of Canadian Arctic

95 days straight in remotest parts of Canadian Arctic CHANUKAH EDITION 5776SECTION E PAGE 8 “OUR 95-DAY trip to the Canadian Arctic showed me there’s more than one way down the river. In life, we set goals, make plans and strive for those goals, yet obstacles get in the way and we have to figure out a way through or around them,” reflects Sam Orkin. Sam, 23, and his brother Ben, 25, returned recently to Colorado from a 1,300 mile journey from Great Slave Lake to the coastal hamlet of Palautuk in the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic Ocean. They ...

Last Updated ( Thursday, 03 December 2015 16:43 )

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Israeli jogger stabbed in West Bank

Marcy Oster Earlier in the day, a 16-year-old Palestinian girl was arrested in Jerusalem after attempting to stab Israeli police officers. ... [Link]

U of Illinois Chabad menorah vandalized for 3rd time within a year

Marcy Oster A surveillance video showed a man and a woman breaking an arm off the 9-foot menorah; the woman was later arrested. ... [Link]

Founder of Orthodox muckraker blog Failed Messiah sells – but did he sell out?

Uriel Heilman Why is Shmarya Rosenberg, whose mission was to expose secrets, refusing to disclose the buyers of his controversial blog? ... [Link]

Sanders wins Dixville Notch, first vote in New Hampshire’s primary

Marcy Oster The town has nine registered voters, and the four Democrats went for the Jewish senator from neighboring Vermont. Among the Republicans, Ohio Gov. John Kasich edged Donald Trump, 3-2. ... [Link]

Dutch deputy PM: Anti-Semitic abuse keeps me off social media

Cnaan Liphshiz Lodewijk Asscher, who has Jewish ancestors, in a Facebook post lists the handles of several Twitter users who used anti-Semitic language against him. ... [Link]

Sheldon Adelson’s attorney: Billionaire does not own Israel Hayom daily newspaper

Marcy Oster Adelson has been cited frequently in media reports as the right-wing newspaper’s owner, including by JTA. ... [Link]

Bloomberg confirms he is considering 2016 presidential run

Marcy Oster The ex-New York mayor criticized the quality of the debate in the presidential race and said he was “looking into all options” when asked about entering the race. ... [Link]

Austrian prosecutors: Mauthausen Holocaust survivors may be called criminals

Cnaan Liphshiz The president of Vienna’s Jewish community said the failure to indict the authors of a magazine article reaffirmed Nazi logic. ... [Link]

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