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L’Chaim (Fall)

One of the very few photos of the Jewish settlement at Cotopaxi. Emanuel Saltiel is at the far right, on horseback. (AJHS)

Wanted: Documents concerning the guilt or innocence of Emanuel Saltiel

ROSH HASHANAH 5777 L’CHAIM MAGAZINE Where would we be without our heroes and our villains? They are, after all, our avatars of right and wrong, good and evil — the...

Rabbi Lior Bar-Ami

Lior’s journey

ROSH HASHANAH 5777 L’CHAIM MAGAZINE From birth to adolescence, young adulthood to serving as the rabbi at Roua’h Kidmah in Toulouse, France, the unfolding life of...


Art renaissance in Curtis Park

L'CHAIM (FALL) MAGAZINE NESTLED in its urban corner in the shadows of downtown skyscrapers, Curtis Park is an old neighborhood whose Victorian homes and shady streets...


Not for the faint of heart

L'CHAIM (FALL) MAGAZINE AS Allan Striker reminisces about his years as a mountain climber, high clouds swirl in his eyes. You can see his spirit leap up from the couch...


Pets and Judaism: A special bond

The connection between human beings and their pets is like a love sonnet composed for someone who can neither read nor speak yet understands each line. Despite our best...


Sisters and survival: The saga of Ida and Doris

This is a tale of two sisters. Of their manifold tragedies and misfortunes — and their rare good luck. Of their survival, not only of the Holocaust but the Blitz that...


Last chance! Your Rosh Hashana greeting in the IJN

Wish your friends and family a Happy New Year, with your own personal message in the IJN’s special Rosh Hashanah edition published September 14, 2012, before the...


Forever 18…when it comes to music

Paul Epstein — 6’4”, wavy white hair flowing past his shoulders — bends slightly to greet his guests in the back hallway of Twist and Shout, Denver’s massive,...


Desire for beauty: Art and words of Withold K.

The art of Witold K. has taught Witold and painted a fascinated a great many people over the years, and mystified perhaps even more. They have seen in his creations...