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May 31st
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'What keeping kosher means to me'

'What keeping kosher means to me'

Kerry Berman, President & COO, ?real estate investing firm, 3 children

Keeping kosher means raising my consciousness about what I am eating, something that is an everyday occurrence, to a spiritual level. By keeping kosher I know that I am fulfilling one of G-d’s commandments even when I eat. I am not just satisfying my hunger desires but rather am raising the act up by keeping Hashem in mind.

Keeping kosher also raises my level of discipline. My family has chosen to wait six hours after consuming meat in order to eat something dairy. The waiting also causes one to always be conscious that there is a G-d who created this world and gave the Jews certain rules to live by as His holy people.

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Reaching very troubled teens in Utah

Reaching very troubled teens in UtahWhen Rabbi Benny Zippel of Salt Lake City meets with students at residential treatment centers, he poses a question: “Do you know how many people walk this planet Earth on a daily basis?” Seven billion, the students say. “Would it make a difference if the only thing missing from the planet was you?” The kids usually answer “absolutely not.” “That’s the first mistake there and then,” the rabbi tells the students.

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Why a local company goes kosher

Why a local company goes kosherBack in the day — the late 1960s, specifically, remembered by some as an Aquarian era of peace and love — a few long-haired, bell-bottomed, back-to-nature hippies started rethinking the subject of food. They decided they didn’t want processed, mass-produced, artificially flavored, preserved or colored food anymore. They wanted organic and natural. They wanted healthy. They wanted “real.”

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The story of Shabbos

The story of ShabbosShabbos is a peak experience. But what if you’re in jail — because you are a Jew, no other reason? Shabbos is a culinary delight — but what if you have multiple food allergies? Then what? Shabbos is laden with meaning,  but what if you don’t know Hebrew and can’t access the explanations? Or, what if you are fluent in Hebrew but remain intimidated by the literature about Shabbos?

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In the workshop of a sofer

In the workshop of a soferInside this modest home on Wolff Street, Torah scribe Rabbi Tuvia Negreann aspires to perfection with intricately carved turkey feathers, kosher animal parchment and razor-sharp concentration. Just 28, Negreann has mastered the precise, halachically-bound art of writing scrolls for the mezuzzot we affix to our doorposts, the phylacteries (tefilin) observant men wrap around their arms and heads, and Torah scrolls.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 07 April 2016 11:21 )

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