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Apr 24th
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Three filmmakers document the Israeli air force’s early struggles

Three filmmakers document the Israeli air force’s early struggles

LOS ANGELES — Some 65 years after a band of foreign volunteers took to the skies to ensure Israel’s birth and survival, filmmakers are racing to bring their exploits to the screen before the last of the breed passes away.

Among the competing producers and their financial backers are such famous names as Spielberg and Lansky. Although their budgets fall well short of Hollywood blockbuster standards, their competitive spirits are just as intense.

Nancy Spielberg, the youngest of Steven Spielberg’s three sisters, is the producer of “Above and Beyond: The Creation of the Israeli Air Force.”

Her main challenger is Mike Flint with his “Angels in the Sky: The Birth of Israel.” His father, Mitchell, battled the Japanese in the skies of WW II before joining Israel’s famous 101st Squadron in 1948.

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From Israel to Colorado Springs: Music is a prayerful dance

From Israel to Colorado Springs:  Music is a prayerful danceOfer Ben-Amots was just six when he dared touch the new piano in his Haifa home. It was love at first sound — and they’ve been married ever since. Fifty-two years later, the world famous composer marvels at the relationship between accident, design and G-d in human destiny. “The story of how that piano arrived at our house is an interesting one,” Ben-Amots explains in the IJN conference room. “My grandfather was Bulgarian and spent three years in an internment camp there during the Ho...

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Israel’s fruit of the vine: Newfound respect for very old tradition

Israel’s fruit of the vine: Newfound respect for very old traditionFOR a long time, Israeli wines — like those of California — suffered from what could be called the Rodney Dangerfield syndrome: They didn’t get any respect. Wine connoisseurs considered the handful of Israeli wines made in the years before and after the Jewish state gained independence in 1948 to be syrupy, unsophisticated, “unexciting.” Not worthy, in other words, of serious consideration. Sixty-five years later, even the most high-browed, nose-in-the-air sommeliers, oenologists an...

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Meet Alexander Maller, architect and philosopher

Meet Alexander Maller, architect and philosopherUNTIL his family emigrated to Israel in 1958, 10 years after the Jewish state’s improbable birth, Alexander Maller suffocated under a tyranny of pernicious silence in Communist Romania. When he was 15, his parents grabbed a small window of opportunity and fled to an economically depressed yet exotic land that promised something far sweeter. It took a while, but Maller found his voice in the fledgling Jewish nation. He decided to become an architect and construct a country from the ground up....

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Levin ‘smitten’ after recent trip to Israel

Levin ‘smitten’ after recent trip to IsraelSO just how is Israel doing as it approaches its 64th birthday? Is it, like the Beatles once lamented in singing about that particular number, “losing its hair” and “sincerely wasting away?” While in mere human terms, 64 might well qualify for senior status, in national terms — especially when you’re talking about a nation that was actually born thousands of years ago — 64 is barely toddler stage. But such a toddler! While much of the world, when it comes to Israel, routinely f...
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Becoming saints: Two popes who revolutionized Jewish-Catholic relations

Daniel Treiman When Pope Francis canonizes two of his predecessors — John XXIII and John Paul II — Jews will also be celebrating their legacies. ... [Link]

Israel to host ATP men’s tennis tournament

Marcy Oster The Association of Tennis Professionals World Tour will play this year in Israel. ... [Link]

Suspected Kansas City JCC shooter receives month-long delay from court

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Restoring my German roots

Daniel Treiman Gabrielle Selz explains how getting a German passport helped her reconnect with her father’s past. ... [Link]

Rep. Lowey: I will take steps to defund P.A.

Ron Kampeas Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), a top congressional appropriator, said she is ready to launch steps to defund the Palestinian Authority in the wake of its unity agreement with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. ... [Link]

Separatists free American-Israeli journalist Simon Ostrovsky

Marcy Oster American-Israeli journalist Simon Ostrovsky has been released by pro-Russian separatists from Ukraine. ... [Link]

Northeastern U. reinstates Students for Justice in Palestine chapter

Marcy Oster Northeastern University has provisionally reinstated the Students for Justice in Palestine chapter on campus. ... [Link]

Israel formally suspends talks with Palestinians

Ron Kampeas Israel formally suspended peace talks with the Palestinian Authority over the P.A.’s national unity accord signed with the Hamas authority in the Gaza Strip. ... [Link]

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