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May 29th


Milton Tepper

Milton Tepper

Milton Teper, a retail jeweler in Pennsylvania and Denver, passed away Feb. 10, 2010, in West Palm Beach, Fla. Rabbi Selwyn Franklin officiated at the Feb. 14 service at Feldman Chapel. Interment followed at Mount Nebo Cemetery. Feldman Mortuary made the arrangements.

“He will be greatly missed by all of his loved ones,” the family said.

Mr. Teper was born July 23, 1922, in Pittsburgh, Pa. He graduated Clairton High School and the University of Pittsburgh.


MIchael Baum

MIchael BaumMichael J. Baum Jr., known fondly by many as M.J., passed away Feb. 14, 2010. “Devotion, intelligence and imagination made Michael a lifelong, trusted and successful member of Denver’s real estate investment circles,” the family said. Mr. Baum was past president of the American Medical Center of Denver and was a founder of the Eleanor Roosevelt Center for Cancer Research.

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Frank Karsh

Frank Karsh

Reva Koff

Reva KoffReva Gertrude Koff, staff worker at the Allied Jewish Community Council (now the federation) for 30 years, passed away Feb. 1, 2010, in Thornton. She was 99. Rabbi Bruce Dollin officiated at the Feb. 3 service at Golden Hill Cemetery. Feldman Mortuary made the arrangements. The family said that Mrs. Koff lived independently at home until the last two years of her life.

Mireille Nataf

Mireille NatafMireille Kemisa Nataf, an award-winning educator, passed away Feb. 3, 2010, in Louisville, Colo. Rabbi Benjy Brackman officiated at the Feb. 4 service at Rose Hill Cemetery. Feldman Mortuary made the arrangements. “She was a fabulous mother who had a wonderful life,” her family said. “She was a teacher of students, and life, and will be missed very much.”
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