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Apr 20th


Double wedding in Seattle caps rapper’s journey

Double wedding in Seattle caps rapper’s journey

SEATTLE — Five years ago he was D-Black, a hip-hop artist rapping about the violence, gang activity and drugs of his African-American ’hood.

Today he’s Nissim Black, an Orthodox Jew davening in a Sephardic shul in Seattle and writing songs he describes as rap-urban alternative that “speak a message of hope and inspiration.”

The shift in his musical message will be on full display with his new album, “Nissim,” due for release July 16.

Meanwhile, the changes in his personal life were underscored earlier this year when the 26-year-old musician was one of two grooms in a double Jewish wedding ceremony that became a communitywide project.

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Yael: fictional Israeli undercover agent at UN

Yael: fictional Israeli undercover agent at UNBUDAPEST — There’s a new Jewish heroine on the block, a tough but tender Israeli who does undercover work for the UN and stars in a new series of thrillers by the British author and journalist Adam LeBor. The first installment, The Geneva Option, was released in the United Kingdom in April and recently hit US booksellers. It spins a tale of corporate greed, international corruption and insidious plans for mass murder, with intrigue spanning the globe from New York to central Africa to Switz...

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‘Hannah Arendt’ captures intensity of intellectual combat

‘Hannah Arendt’ captures intensity of intellectual combatLOS ANGELES — Movie mavens may have to come up with a new genre to classify “Hannah Arendt,” the biopic of the German-Jewish philosopher. New York Times critic A.O. Scott suggests it is an action film — albeit one in which the weapons are ideas and theories are volleyed on a battlefield where a questionable hypothesis can turn lifelong friends into bitter enemies. Director Margarethe von Trotta, who has dealt previously with complex Jewish women (“Rosa Luxemburg”) and the Nazi era ...

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Equestrian shows love for Israel through sport

Equestrian shows love for Israel through sportPROFESSIONAL show jumper, Danielle Goldstein is well known on the national and international Grand Prix circuit. In addition to being a top competitor, Goldstein also stands out for her choice to ride for Israel. “On my first trip to Israel I told my parents that I wanted to ride for Israel,” said Goldstein. “They smiled at me and said what parents are supposed to say when their young child has a dream. They told me to go for it.” Goldstein’s fateful first visit to Israel was when sh...

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Chabad man pushing fashion boundaries

Chabad man pushing fashion boundariesNEW YORK — Yosel Tiefenbrun looked in the mirror and he liked what he saw. The 23-year-old Chabad rabbi and apprentice at Maurice Sedwell, a bespoke tailor’s shop on London’s Savile Row, was wearing a vintage double-breasted jacket with gold buttons, tasseled Barker shoes, a claret bow tie and matching handmade hat and square handkerchief. Then he ran out the door to attend the “Oscars of tailoring” — the Golden Shears Award ceremony honoring the best in British fashion. Several o...

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