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Jul 31st


In Europe, new kosher ski options that won’t break the bank

In Europe, new kosher ski options that won’t break the bank

AMSTERDAM — Skiing has always been something of a rich man’s sport.

Between the costs of travel, accommodations, lift tickets and lessons, a family with children can easily drop upwards of $6,000 for a few days on the slopes. If you keep kosher, the costs can be even higher.

No longer. Over the past decade, Jewish entrepreneurs have been crafting affordable alternatives to Europe’s handful of $250-per-night kosher ski lodges. The result is that nowadays, hundreds of observant middle-class families flock each winter to Europe’s Alpine slopes.

“With the financial crisis, few can afford a Jewish four-star hotel,” says Dolly Lellouche. She and her husband, Chlomo, run D’holydays, a travel agency that operates a two-star “kosherized” hotel — a regular hotel that is temporarily made kosher to accommodate an observant clientele.

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In Park Hill, the quest for an idyllic neighborhood

In Park Hill, the quest for an idyllic neighborhood CHANUKAH EDITIONSECTION E PAGE 12 Denver historian Phil Goodstein found the perfect subtitle — “The Quest for an Idyllic Denver Neighborhood” — for this, the latest installment in his methodical and exhaustive piece-by-piece history of the Mile High City. Park Hill, probably more than any neighborhood in Denver’s history, was conceived as, and in many ways still considers itself to be, the best-planned, most aesthetically pleasing, best organized and most livable of Denver district...

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The life and legacy of Bill Daniels

The life and legacy of Bill Daniels CHANUKAH EDITIONSECTION E PAGE 12 Anyone who’s been around Colorado for, say, 30 years or more, remembers Bill Daniels as a larger-than-life figure, something of a legend in his own time. This book — a coffee table tribute financed by his foundation, the Daniels Fund — reminds us that Daniels was also something of a legend in his own mind. Daniels, a self-made man if ever there was one, was never ashamed of the many billions of dollars he made in the course of a wildly successful busi...

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Local shul gift shops' unique menorahs

Local shul gift shops' unique menorahs CHANUKAH EDITIONSECTION D PAGE 4 While chanukiot and Chanukah-related gifts are available just about anywhere, including online, you might want to peruse your friendly synagogue gift shop before stepping out of the communal box. Run by sisterhoods and staffed by volunteers, synagogue gift shops have evolved from a few cards, kipot and card games to a wide selection of Judaica appropriate for all ages, budgets and aesthetic tastes. “The biggest thing I’m noticing in terms of trends this ...

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Jewish deadheads see parallels between Judaism and ‘Deadism’

Jewish deadheads see parallels between Judaism and ‘Deadism’ CHANUKAH EDITIONSECTION A PAGE 23 FALLS VILLAGE, Conn. — As a gentle snow fell on the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center last Friday evening, Nov. 30, some 85 people gathered inside a wooden lodge to welcome Shabbat — half in a meditation circle in which Grateful Dead lyrics served as a kind of mantra, the other in a more “traditional” service where the Lecha Dodi prayer was sung to the tune of the Dead classic “Ripple.” It was the second installment of Blues for Challah, a ...

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