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Oct 22nd


Influence of Shlomo Carlebach just keeps spreading

Influence of Shlomo Carlebach just keeps spreading

BERKELEY, Calif. — When David and Batsheva Miller left Israel for California in 1994, they sorely missed signer-spiritualist Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and their community at the moshav, or Israeli town, founded by Carlebach.

Nothing, even in Berkeley, compared to Shabbat on the moshav, Meor Modiin. So they created gatherings at their home, enlivening them with Carlebach melodies — what Miller calls “nusach Shlomo.”

“It was a landing pad for people coming back from Israel, including us, who were in shock at the wilderness we encountered,” Miller said. “Equally important, it was a blastoff for many people powering up to go to Israel.”


In the end, Beren Academy gets to play — but loses

In the end, Beren Academy gets to play — but losesFORT WORTH, Texas — The Robert M. Beren Academy of Houston lost, 46-42, to Abilene Christian in the 2A private and parochial boys basketball state championship game. Beren, which finished its season with a school record 25-6 mark, had grabbed national headlines with its push for a pre-Shabbat starting time for its semifinal game on March 2. The Stars defeated Dallas Covenant, 58-46, to secure a spot in the title game on Saturday night after the Jewish Sabbath....

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A play with study guide

A play with study guideThe Denver Theatre Company has produced a 32-page study guide to accompany its controversial play, “Two Things you Don’t Talk about at Dinner,” by Lisa Loomer. The purpose of the study guide is to inform theatergoers about the intricacies of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, about the Passover seder, and about a slew of related topics that come up during the play — from the Crusades to the growth of anti-Semitic parties in Europe in the late 19th century to ageism and civil discourse —...

Not your zaydie’s seder!

Not your zaydie’s seder!Playwright Lisa Loomer feels she has given voice to “both sides” of the Israel-Palestinian conflict in her provocative play, “Two Things You Don’t Talk About at Dinner,” playing in the DCPA’s Space Theatre through Feb. 19. If you are someone who is so fervently supportive of Israel, that you cannot stand to hear anything “pro-Palestinian,” this play is not for you. But if you are of the Rodney King “can’t-we-all-just-get-along” mindset, you will probably appreciate Loomer...

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Park City adds kosher restaurant

Park City adds kosher restaurantPARK CITY, Utah — Kosher food isn’t something one generally associates with ski resorts, and Utah isn’t a place known for its Jewish population. But after Canyons, the state’s largest ski resort, opened the nation’s first ski-area glatt kosher restaurant this season, the Jews came. And ate. And were satisfied. “Response has been phenomenal,” said executive chef John Murcko, the vice president of food and beverage at Talisker Corp., which bought Canyons in 2008 and opened the ko...

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British man gets jail time for sending lawmaker anti-Semitic tweet

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Poll: Majority of Denmark citizens want circumcision banned

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Palestinian-American student alleges anti-Muslim assault at Brooklyn arena

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Op-Ed: Rabbis bearing witness in Ferguson

mbrodsky A Minneapolis rabbi went to the anguished Missouri city with the intention of teaching protesters and police a new path for justice, a promise of racial healing. But once there he realized he had the ... [Link]

Netanyahu slams Abbas over deadly rail attack in Jerusalem

Marcy Oster The driver of the car that crashed into a train station, apparently intentionally, was a Hamas member, the Israeli prime minister’s spokesman said on Twitter. ... [Link]

Infant killed, 8 hurt in suspected terror attack on Jerusalem light rail

Marcy Oster The driver of the car that crashed into a train station attempted to flee the scene on foot and was shot by police. ... [Link]

Hagel, meeting with Yaalon, reaffirms U.S. commitment to Israeli security

Marcy Oster U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel reaffirmed the “deep commitment” of the United States to Israel’s security at a meeting with his Israeli counterpart. ... [Link]

Haredim’s refusal to sit next to opposite sex delays Delta flight

Marcy Oster A Delta Airlines flight to Israel was delayed after haredi Orthodox men and women deplaned rather than sit next to members of the opposite sex. ... [Link]

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