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Jul 05th


Local shul gift shops' unique menorahs

Local shul gift shops' unique menorahs


While chanukiot and Chanukah-related gifts are available just about anywhere, including online, you might want to peruse your friendly synagogue gift shop before stepping out of the communal box.

Run by sisterhoods and staffed by volunteers, synagogue gift shops have evolved from a few cards, kipot and card games to a wide selection of Judaica appropriate for all ages, budgets and aesthetic tastes.

“The biggest thing I’m noticing in terms of trends this Chanukah are novelty chanukiot,” says Jan Fisher, who started managing Temple Emanuel’s gift shop in August. “There are menorahs designed in the shape of dogs, cats, Noah’s Ark, even a pink Cadillac,” she says.

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Jewish deadheads see parallels between Judaism and ‘Deadism’

Jewish deadheads see parallels between Judaism and ‘Deadism’ CHANUKAH EDITIONSECTION A PAGE 23 FALLS VILLAGE, Conn. — As a gentle snow fell on the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center last Friday evening, Nov. 30, some 85 people gathered inside a wooden lodge to welcome Shabbat — half in a meditation circle in which Grateful Dead lyrics served as a kind of mantra, the other in a more “traditional” service where the Lecha Dodi prayer was sung to the tune of the Dead classic “Ripple.” It was the second installment of Blues for Challah, a ...

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Happy Chanukah! IJN Doris Sky Chanukah Coloring Contest Winners 2012

Happy Chanukah! IJN Doris Sky Chanukah Coloring Contest Winners 2012This year’s crop of entries was particularly interesting, with young artists using crayons, markers, water colors, tempera paints, fabrics, metallic materials, beads, and many more inventive media to create their impressions of Chanukah. Entries came from towns and cities across Colorado: Denver, Aurora, Boulder, Centennial, Englewood, Evergreen, Greenwood Village, Cherry Hills Village, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Lakewood, Westminster, Arvada, Golden, Morrison, Vail, Edwards, Avon and Ste...

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Jerusalem emerges as culture capital

Jerusalem emerges as culture capital“THERE’S probably no other city in the world that’s been painted so often, sung to, sculpted, dreamed about, as Jerusalem,” says Karen Brunwasser, deputy director of Jerusalem Season of Culture, an annual summer sampling of original productions spanning dance, art, music, film, live theater, literature and everything in between. “Our obsession,” she continues, “is about the question of what happens when excellent creativity meets this wild, crazy, beautiful, complicated city calle...

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Pilgrims and Jews go forth together at Thanksgiving seder

Pilgrims and Jews go forth together at Thanksgiving sederSITTING down to the well-set table every November, even though it is filled with family and food, I always feel that something is missing — a Jewish connection to the Thanksgiving story. A dinner without the drama of the Exodus, like the Passover seder, leaves me just with the turkey to send my spirits soaring. It’s not that I need another Haggadah — I already know why this night is different: the stuffing isn’t made of matzah meal. But what about borrowing the idea of the seder’s fo...

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Near site of landmark march, Philadelphia museum celebrates Jewish role in promoting gay rights

Ben Harris The National Museum of American Jewish History has mounted an exhibition focusing on three Jews instrumental in the American gay rights movement. ... [Link]

Kerry: Iran talks ‘could go either way’

Marcy Oster Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, campaigning in New Hampshire, warns that even with a deal, “Iran’s aggressiveness will not end.” ... [Link]

‘A Borrowed Identity’ depicts divided hearts in a land divided

Lisa Keys Based on the autobiographical novel of the noted writer Sayed Kashua, the film explores an Arab-Israeli relationship of a very personal kind. ... [Link]

Dome of the Rock tops CNN list of structures on verge of extinction

Marcy Oster Preservation plans have been derailed due to hardened relations between Israel and UNESCO, according to CNN. ... [Link]

Arson seen as cause of Jerusalem forest fires

Marcy Oster Firebombs hurled from a nearby Palestinian village are believed to have started the blazes, which have destroyed nearly 250 acres of trees. ... [Link]

ISIS affiliate says it fired 3 rockets at Israel

Marcy Oster Sinai Province said it fired the long-range Grad missiles, which were found in open areas, at “occupied Palestine.” ... [Link]

U.N. Human Rights Council adopts report on Israel-Gaza conflict

Marcy Oster The resolution drafted by the Arab states ignores the report’s criticism of the Palestinians and does not mention rockets launched by Hamas from Gaza on Israel. ... [Link]

London neo-Nazi rally overshadowed by counterdemonstration

Marcy Oster About 25 neo-Nazis demonstrated against “Jewish privilege” in a rally that was ordered moved by police from the heavily Jewish-populated Golders Green neighborhood. ... [Link]

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