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Aug 31st


Itzhak Perlman and the cantor

Itzhak Perlman and the cantor

NEW YORK — Who knew the man behind the Brooklyn homecomings of Jay-Z and Barbra Streisand had a thing for heimische melodies?

Bruce Ratner, the developer and majority owner of the Barclays Center arena in Brooklyn, which opened last September with a Jay-Z show and hosted borough native Streisand a month later, holds a special place in his heart for cantorial music.

“My parents are both from Eastern European descent, so that type of Jewish music is in my blood,” Ratner told JTA.

“I grew up going to my Conservative synagogue in Cleveland, where they had an amazing cantor who I absolutely loved to listen to. And as I got older, I was always buying cantor CDs. The music is just so refined.”

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Film chronicles Hava Nagila’s journey from shtetl to cliche

Film chronicles Hava Nagila’s journey from shtetl to clicheNEW YORK — You’re at a wedding or Bar Mitzvah, mingling at the bar or catching up with a distant relative, when you hear it — the opening notes of a familiar tune that as if by some invisible force carries you and other guests to the dance floor for the rousing dance circle ritual. Does “Hava Naglia” work this kind of magic because it was handed down at Sinai and thus encoded in the Jewish DNA? Or is it a tale from the European shtetl, albeit one with a timeless message and an irrepr...

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A new film about a ‘taboo’ topic: Jewish boxers

A new film about a ‘taboo’ topic: Jewish boxersTHESE days, the once-proud sport of boxing has fallen on hard times. With so many weight classes and (corrupt) managers, the fighters may make millions — yet often lose their way. Simple put, the “sweet science” is no longer a “haimische” (homey) activity. There was a time when strong young men from quality families entered the ring — not so much for the fame and glory, but to show they could fight to help themselves and their families make it in the world. Those men had names lik...

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Composition by Ben-Amots of Colorado College included in January's ‘Journey’

Composition by Ben-Amots of Colorado College included in January's ‘Journey’IN a landmark collaboration, five of Colorado’s leading arts and cultural organizations are coming together for “A Journey of the Human Spirit,” Wednesday, Jan. 16 and Thursday, Jan. 17, 7:30 p.m., at DU’s Newman Center of the Performing Arts. The program presents two new works: the regional premiere of Viktor Ullmann’s opera, “The Emperor of Atlantis,” and Garrett Ammon’s world premiere dance set to “From Darkness to Light,” an original composition by Colorado College Music...

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In Europe, new kosher ski options that won’t break the bank

In Europe, new kosher ski options that won’t break the bankAMSTERDAM — Skiing has always been something of a rich man’s sport. Between the costs of travel, accommodations, lift tickets and lessons, a family with children can easily drop upwards of $6,000 for a few days on the slopes. If you keep kosher, the costs can be even higher. No longer. Over the past decade, Jewish entrepreneurs have been crafting affordable alternatives to Europe’s handful of $250-per-night kosher ski lodges. The result is that nowadays, hundreds of observant middle-clas...

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