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Jul 29th


Tales of Jews in scattered lands

Tales of Jews in scattered lands


We can think of no one better prepared to write a book called The Scattered Tribe than veteran travel writer Ben G. Frank, whose Jewishly-focused globetrotting has been entertaining readers for decades.

Frank is a classic traveler in the best meaning of the term. He’s an intelligent observer and curious investigator whose endless fascination with the people, things and places he encounters is nothing less than contagious.


Sladek’s film ‘Con Artist’ tackles fame, and more

Sladek’s film ‘Con Artist’ tackles fame, and more CHANUKAH EDITIONSECTION E PAGE 8 You can’t accuse Denver-born and bred filmmaker Michael Sladek of dodging the big questions. What is fame? What is art? What is wealth? What is love?

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Marriage meets Genesis

Marriage meets GenesisCHANUKAH EDITION SECTION E PAGE 12 IT’S not uncommon for Jewish authors to scour Genesis for guidelines on how to establish healthy — and avoid dysfunctional — relationships. While there are plentiful examples of loving emotions in the first book of the Torah, we generally focus on the perplexing ones. Cain spills his brother’s blood. Abraham takes Isaac to Mt. Moriah to sacrifice him. Rachel disguises her favorite child Jacob so that Isaac will bless the other son....

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West Side Story ‘Anybodys’ is Jewish

West Side Story ‘Anybodys’ is Jewish CHANUKAH EDITION SECTION D PAGE 2 ONE of the more intriguing characters in the musical “West Side Story” is Anybodys, the tomboy who desperately wants to be accepted as a member of the Jets, a male teenage gang. At the same time, she is acutely aware of her unexpressed desire to find conventional love. For Alexandra Frohlinger, the actress who plays Anybodys in the national tour of “West Side Story,” such a role is “unique — it only exists in ‘West Side Story.’” And Anybody...

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'Tebowing' site collects photos of QB’s signature pose

'Tebowing' site collects photos of QB’s signature poseTHE biggest story in the NFL this season is Tim Tebow, a devout Christian quarterback who doesn’t throw very well but has helped the Denver Broncos pull off a string of last-second victories. But the rugged Tebow’s signature move comes when play has stopped — taking a knee in prayer after scoring a touchdown. The pose has become a popular Internet meme, with fans “Tebowing” all over the world. That includes Jewish fans. “In Denver, people see football as religion; Tebow unites peo...

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Dermer: Over 500 rockets fired at Israel landed back in Gaza

Marcy Oster Over 500 of the rockets fired from Gaza at Israel in the last three weeks have landed in Gaza territory, Israel’s ambassador told U.S. Jewish and political leaders. ... [Link]

Jewish groups get $12m of $13m in federal funding for protecting nonprofits

Ron Kampeas The Department of Homeland Security allocated to Jewish institutions $12 million, or 94 percent, of $13 million in funds for securing nonprofits. ... [Link]

Anti-semitic rant aimed at pro-peace Israel group

Anthony Weiss A Jewish group dedicated to promoting peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and which is deeply critical of Israeli policy, received an obscene, anti-Semitic voicemail on Saturday that attacked i... [Link]

Palestinian-American teen jailed in Israel for over three weeks

Marcy Oster The U.S. State Department confirmed that a Palestinian-American teen has been held in an Israeli prison for more than three weeks. ... [Link]

From Dutch situation room, pro-Israel volunteers defend Jewish state on social media

Cnaan Liphshiz In a country with strong pro-Palestinian sentiment, a cafeteria has been transformed into a a bustling center advocating for Israel online. ... [Link]

Elsewhere: Defending Israel, ignoring the tunnels, why Israel is losing

Miriam Moster JTA rounds up noteworthy items from around the Web. ... [Link]

Boxer reintroduces enhanced Israel ally bill with broad support

Ron Kampeas Citing the Gaza war as a catalyst, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) re-introduced with broad bipartisan support a bill that would enhance U.S.-Israel strategic ties. ... [Link]

Bills condemning Hamas on ‘human shields’ introduced in Congress

Ron Kampeas Resolutions under consideration in Congress that condemn Hamas’ practice during conflict with Israel of placing its weapons and fighters close to civilians have strong bipartisan support. ... [Link]

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