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Aug 30th
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Gaza evacuees still waiting for homes

Gaza evacuees still waiting for homes

NITZAN, Israel — More than four years after her family was ejected from their home in the Gaza Strip, Karen Sarfaty lives with her husband and four of their children in a small pre-fab house in this small town located about midway between the southern Israeli cities of Ashkelon and Ashdod.

Neither she nor her husband have found adequate employment.

The compensation she received from the government is running out. Her daughter is only now beginning to overcome the trauma of their forced removal from Gaza.

And while the lots allocated to them to build permanent houses are nearly ready, Sarfati says she lacks the money for construction.


AJC’s Harris confronts anti-Israel vitriol on Internet

AJC’s Harris confronts anti-Israel vitriol on InternetWASHINGTON — After the botched terror plot of the “Christmas underwear bomber,” David Harris took to the Huffington Post to argue that the US had something to learn from Israel’s stellar record in airport security. The argument seemed fairly innocuous as far as Israel-related matters go. But the vitriol unleashed suggested that Harris, the executive director of the American Jewish Committee, might write about the pleasant Israeli weather and still get hammered. “Israel is not on the...

Terrorism drops in West Bank — will it hold?

Terrorism drops in West Bank — will it hold?JERUSALEM– In Israel and the West Bank, 2009 was the year that ended without a bang — and people were grateful for it. For the first time in a decade, Israel experienced a year without a suicide bombing. According to official Israeli figures, five Israelis were killed in incidents in or with attackers originating from the West Bank In all, 15 Israelis were killed in 2009 by terrorism, including nine during the Israel-Hamas war last January.

Jews at the bottom of the world

Jews at the bottom of the worldWHEN Fort Collins resident Dick Heyman mentioned to his friends at Congregation Har Shalom in early October that he was heading south for a few months, many thought that he would be traveling to Florida to get away from the cold Colorado weather. No one imagined that he would be traveling “really south,” like “down under” — Antarctica south. Heyman has been at McMurdo Station, Ross Island, Antarctica for the past 3 months as a network engineer for Raytheon Polar Services. He supports...

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Conservative kibbutz celebrates

Conservative kibbutz celebratesKIBBUTZ HANNATON, Israel — Over the din of children playing, some 20 people crowded into the home of Aylon and Ravit Samson here on the night of Jan. 2 for Kibbutz Hannaton’s biweekly communal Havdalah service. While some of Israel’s kibbutzim are in steady decline, 10 mostly young families have arrived at Hannaton since the summer. They are part of a larger group of 20 families aiming to revitalize the country’s only official Conservative kibbutz. “It’s like a dream,” said Linda...
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Jon Stewart on filming in — and talking about — the Middle East

Talia Lavin Jon Stewart has been accused of being a “Zionist stooge” — and a self-hating Jew — because of his outspoken opinions on the Middle East. ... [Link]

Pew poll: More U.S. sympathy for Israel than Palestinians

Anthony Weiss More Americans express sympathy for Israel than for the Palestinians, according to a new survey. ... [Link]

Report: Rivers in induced coma

Ron Kampeas Joan Rivers is reportedly in an induced coma. ... [Link]

Yale chaplain blames anti-Semitism on Israel

Talia Lavin A controversial letter from an Episcopal chaplain has resulted in a heated debate over the causes of anti-Semitism. ... [Link]

Appeals court hears claims in Adelson v. NJDC lawsuit

Ron Kampeas A federal appeals court heard arguments in a bid by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson to reinstate a defamation lawsuit against the National Jewish Democratic Council and two of its formal principals. ... [Link]

Obama administration targets array of Iran entities with sanctions

Ron Kampeas The Obama administration sanctioned a broad range of Iranian companies, banks, individuals and institutions, highlighting what it says is its determination to maintain pressure on the country while nu... [Link]

After tensions with residents, Lev Tahor leave Guatemalan village

Ron Kampeas Members of the controversial Haredi sect Lev Tahor left a Guatemalan village after religiously tainted disputes with its Roman Catholic Mayan residents. ... [Link]

This Week in Jewish Farming: Battling the blight

Ben Harris The tomato plant giveth and the tomato plant taketh away — a bit earlier than hoped. ... [Link]

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