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Oct 20th
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Jewish groups answer ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ taking place on university campuses

Jewish groups answer ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ taking place on university campuses

NEW YORK — At universities across the globe, the annual springtime ritual known as Israel Apartheid Week is kicking off this week, and Jewish students and pro-Israel groups have been readying themselves to respond in force.

Unlike past years, when intense pro-Palestinian activity in the wake of Israel’s offensives in Gaza and Lebanon caught many Jewish students off guard, this year the pro-Israel community is ready with initiatives of its own.

The largest effort, Israel Peace Week, is helping coordinate responses at 28 campuses and counting.


Biden set to go to Middle East with ‘big picture’ — not so fast

Biden set to go to Middle East with ‘big picture’ — not so fastWASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden, President Obama’s big picture guy, is set to draw it for the Israelis next week in a major address: Confront Iran internationally, talk peace regionally. Bold strokes, but already Biden’s initiative is being dogged by scribbly little details — timing on Iran, building in Jerusalem, restoration in the West Bank, and just how far apart will Israelis and the Palestinians sit. Biden met Tuesday, March 2, with pro-Israel leaders and the White House’s...

US Jewish leaders: Fatah must recognize Jewish state, stop incitement against Israel

US Jewish leaders: Fatah must recognize Jewish state, stop incitement against Israel NEW YORK — US Jewish leaders pressed PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on incitement and the need to keep Israel a Jewish state. At a meeting Feb. 18 in Jenin between Fayyad and a visiting delegation from the Conference of Presidents, Alan Solow, the chairman of the Jewish umbrella group, said the actions of the Palestinian leadership set back the cause of peace. “When the Palestinian leadership visits and honors families of those who have murdered innocent Israeli civilians, or when produce ...

What happened to all those Russian immigrants?

What happened to all those Russian immigrants?SAN RAFAEL, Calif.— Alex Varum was 8 years old when he left Russia. Now 35 and a real estate developer in Silicon Valley, Varum grew up in California, speaks English like a native — much better than Russian — and feels American in every way. So why would he spend an entire weekend exploring Jewish identity with a group of other young Jews from the former Soviet Union, many of whose personal ties to the Old Country are as negligible as his own?

‘Mossad chief indispensable on Iran’

‘Mossad chief indispensable on Iran’ JERUSALEM — Israel has not claimed responsibility for the assassination in Dubai of top Hamas arms smuggler Mahmoud Mabhouh, but the killing is raising questions about Israel’s effort to stop Iran from obtaining the bomb. That’s because one of the key figures behind the effort, Mossad chief Meir Dagan, is coming under heavy criticism for a sloppy, alleged operation in Dubai. Operating under the assumption that Israel was behind the Dubai hit, some Israeli analysts are calling for Dagan...

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Jack the Ripper not necessarily Jewish

Julie Wiener Scientists are contending that a recent book identifying the serial killer as a Jewish barber was based on flawed DNA analysis. ... [Link]

Poll: Most Israeli Jews oppose Palestinian state on ’67 lines

Marcy Oster Three-quarters of Israeli Jews oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders, a new poll found. ... [Link]

Jerusalem bus ads featuring young women in prayer shawls vandalized

Marcy Oster Several public buses featuring photos of young women wearing kippot and prayer shawls were vandalized in Jerusalem. ... [Link]

Some Beit Shemesh lawmakers eye splitting city into haredi and non-haredi entities

Marcy Oster Opposition members of the Beit Shemesh City Council submitted a proposal to divide the community into haredi Orthodox and non-haredi municipalities. ... [Link]

Arab-Israeli team hails ex-Knesset lawmaker accused of treason

Marcy Oster An Arab-Israeli soccer team honored a former Knesset lawmaker who fled Israel amid accusations of treason and espionage. ... [Link]

Hoops guru David Thorpe connects with players on and off the court

mbrodsky The Florida trainer has earned the trust of NBAers like Israelis Omri Casspi and Gal Mekel, as well as those reaching for the stars. ... [Link]

In Knesset, former protest leader Stav Shaffir follows the money

Ben Sales The youngest female legislator in Israeli history says budget transparency is the key to solving nearly every social problem — including Israeli-Palestinian peace. ... [Link]

Heirs to German Jews sue Swiss bank UBS to recover inheritance

Marcy Oster The relatives of German Jews whose art collection was seized by the Nazis have sued UBS, claiming the Swiss bank cheated them out of their inheritance. ... [Link]

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