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Sep 19th
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New Israel Fund attacked

New Israel Fund attacked

JERUSALEM — A campaign against the New Israel Fund — a US-based organization that funds civil society activists in Israel — has sparked a fierce debate over the limits of free speech, the financing of NGOs, the dictates of loyalty to the state and, ultimately, over the fundamental values of Israel’s Zionist democracy.

The questions cut close to the bone on both sides of the ideological divide.

For example: Are left-wingers using Zionist money to undermine the foundations of the state?

Or, are right-wingers trying to gag nongovernmental organizations critical of Israeli policies and actions? And to what extent are the government and its agencies involved in trying to silence their critics?

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After courts decides "who is a Jew", British Jews ask: fight it or wait?

After courts decides LONDON — To fight or not to fight? That question has bitterly divided the Jewish community in Britain following the Supreme Court ruling a month-and-a-half ago striking down a Jewish school’s policy of limiting admission to the children of Jewish mothers. The ruling, which said that state-funded Jewish schools may not award places on the basis of whether a student’s parent is Jewish because it contravenes Britain’s Race Relations Act, went beyond forcing an expansion of admissions crit...

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Denverite Melmed rides 1,000 miles for kids

Denverite Melmed rides 1,000 miles for kidsDURING the month of October, Denver resident Herzl Melmed was on a mission. Clasping his handlebars with gritty determination, 73-year-old Melmed peddled through Colorado’s majestic but “unforgiving” Rocky Mountains, and continued through Arizona’s blazing arid desert — a journey which took 20 days and spanned 1,000 miles, from Denver to Phoenix. Sponsored every mile of the way, the South African-born doctor was on a quest to raise money to support bike clubs for Israeli children livin...

Last Updated ( Thursday, 04 February 2010 16:51 )


Major Jewish organizations’ agenda for Obama in 2010

WASHINGTON — Following President Obama’s State of the Union address and the start of the new congressional year, JTA asked Jewish organizations operating in Washington the following questions: “What do you hope the administration and Congress will achieve this year, and what advice would you offer them to make it happen?” Here’s how they responded, in alphabetical order: American Israel Public Affairs Committee We are at a critical juncture in efforts to prevent Iran from obtainin...

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Political money tests Jewish influence

WASHINGTON — In the rarefied arena of ideas, the American Jewish community has done quite well over the years in making the case for Israel, civil rights and the environment, among other issues. These ideas may now be tested in the blood sport of politics. Last week, a US Supreme Court ruling upended a ban of more than a century on direct corporate involvement in elections. Politics watchers are still trying to understand the implications of the 5-4 ruling by the court’s conservative majo...
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Suriname man honored for trying to save Dutch Jews

Cnaan Liphshiz Israel’s Holocaust remembrance authority named a Surinamese who risked his life to save Dutch Jews as a Righteous among the Nations. ... [Link]

2 Iranians with fake Israeli passports nabbed in Kenya

Cnaan Liphshiz Kenyan authorities reportedly arrested two Iranians in Nairobi who tried to reach Israel using fake Israeli passports. ... [Link]

Neiman Marcus settles discrimination suit

Anthony Weiss Luxury department store Neiman Marcus settled a discrimination lawsuit with a former employee who claimed that he was fired for being Jewish and gay. ... [Link]

Attendance at Jerusalem Gay Pride parade down from previous years

Marcy Oster Hundreds of people participated in Jerusalem’s 13th annual Gay Pride parade, down from previous years. ... [Link]

From Golden Dawn to terror tunnel, a glossary for 5774

Julie Wiener There may be no Official JTA Dictionary, but we couldn’t help but notice a number of new words and terms come into Jewish parlance since last Rosh Hashanah. ... [Link]

Arab Bank never financed terrorism, its lawyer tells Brooklyn trial

Raffi Wineburg A lawyer for Arab Bank, which is accused of providing financial services to Hamas, told a Brooklyn federal court that the bank never helped finance terrorism. ... [Link]

Israeli envoy: Nuclear Iran is a ‘thousand times’ more dangerous than ISIS

Ron Kampeas Israeli officials are cautioning the United States against accommodating Iran during the current effort to degrade ISIS. ... [Link]

At Yom Kippur, dreaming of a white yontif

mbrodsky Columnist Edmon J. Rodman on his bid to fit in at his L.A. shul — and not to stand out on a day when God takes note of us. ... [Link]

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