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Nov 23rd
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Did reporter hurt Israel’s security?

Did reporter hurt Israel’s security?

WASHINGTON — Israel’s security service wants to question a Ha’aretz journalist about the whereabouts of 2,000 classified documents.

Apparently, the journalist, Uri Blau, received and published classified information, while claiming he received only about 50 documents from Anat Kamm, a disgruntled former IDF soldier.

She, appparently, retained thousands more classified documents.

In an extraordinary and detailed statement on the Anat Kamm affair posted April 8 on the Shin Bet website, the agency said its efforts to negotiate the return of the journalist, Blau, to Israel had arrived at a “dead end.”


Kyrgyz shul hit amid upheaval

Kyrgyz shul hit amid upheavalMOSCOW — As the capital of Kyrgyzstan erupted in violence last week, members of the Central Asian nation’s small Jewish community held their breath and sat tight. The ORT school in the capital, Bishkek, shuttered its doors, sending students home just as they were returning from their Passover break on April 7. With public transportation suspended and the city in disarray, only three people made it to morning services at the local synagogue that day. Meanwhile, Jewish community leaders exc...

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Polish president, killed in plane crash, widely mourned by Jewish leaders

Polish president, killed in plane crash, widely mourned by Jewish leadersPRAGUE — For Jews, Poland’s late president, Lech Kaczynski, was a man of many firsts. He was the first Polish president to attend a service at a Polish synagogue, the first to celebrate Chanukah at the presidential palace, the first Polish leader to provide support for a Jewish history museum on Polish soil. His death in a plane crash on April 10 along with his wife and 96 members of Poland’s political elite represents a huge loss for the Polish-Jewish relationship, Poland’s chief rabb...

‘Land Day’ highlights Israel’s Arab dilemma

JERUSALEM — A mass demonstration by Israeli Arabs highlighted the core contradiction at the heart of the Israeli-Arab experience: demands for greater equality within Israeli society amid growing alienation from the Israeli state. An estimated 50,000 demonstrators marched in two long columns March 30 to the Galilee town of Sakhnin to commemorate “Land Day,” an annual protest against unequal distribution of land resources and in memory of 19 Arabs killed in clashes with Israeli security for...

US violated own anti-Iran sanctions; congressmen seek to enforce them

US violated own anti-Iran sanctions; congressmen seek to enforce themWASHINGTON — Rules without enforcement don’t mean much. That’s the new tone AIPAC and its supporters on Capitol Hill are taking when it comes to Iran sanctions. Last week, congressional appropriators close to AIPAC moved to introduce enforcement language that would penalize federal agencies that contract with companies doing business with the Islamic Republic. “If the existing lock on the door was not doing the job, this is a much more powerful lock we’re placing on the door of comp...
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Controversial Jewish nation-state bill passes Cabinet vote

Marcy Oster The Cabinet’s closed-door discussion on the bill reportedly degenerated into a shouting match. ... [Link]

N.J. Rabbi: Arabs in Israel ‘must be vanquished’

Ben Sales In an incendiary and now-deleted blog post, Rabbi Steven Pruzansky of Teaneck called for Israel to collectively punish Palestinians until they realize “they have no future in the land of Israel.... [Link]

Pollard’s first parole application rejected

Ron Kampeas Jonathan Pollard, who was sentenced in 1987 to life in prison for spying for Israel, has been eligible to apply for parole for the last 19 years. ... [Link]

National Archives makes postwar Shanghai visa records available

Ron Kampeas The U.S. National Archives is opening to researchers postwar visa application records from the U.S. consulate in Shanghai, a potential trove for information about Holocaust refugees in that city. ... [Link]

Obama renews Iran sanctions on eve of deal deadline

Ron Kampeas The routine presidential determination declares that there are sufficient alternative sources of oil production to justify continuing sanctions targeting Iran’s energy sector. ... [Link]

14 honored for saving Jews in the Netherlands

Cnaan Liphshiz Among rescuers are sisters who helped smuggle Jews to Spain and pre-state Israel. ... [Link]

Netanyahu: No Iran agreement is preferable to bad one

Marcy Oster U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday night briefed Netanyahu on the current world power nuclear talks with Iran, which have a Monday deadline, ... [Link]

Palestinian man approaching Gaza fence shot by IDF troops

Marcy Oster It is the first Gazan Palestinian to be killed by Israeli bullets since the Israel’s 50-day operation in Gaza last summer. ... [Link]

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