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Oct 10th
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Despite Israel’s rejection of Goldstone, it changes ‘smart’ warfare policy based on critique

JERUSALEM — Despite Israel’s rejection of the Goldstone report on the Gaza war a year-and-a-half ago, the international criticism it engendered has led the Israel Defense Forces to make a number of significant changes in policy and doctrine.

And they’ll stay even though Richard Goldstone has recanted one of the most significant findings of his committee’s report — that Israel intentionally targeted civilians and may have perpetrated war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza.

Among the changes made by the IDF were modifying the way soldiers fight in urban areas, teaching relatively low-level combat officers nuances in the laws of war, attaching humanitarian liaison officers to active forces and making media relations a priority.

Last May, eight months after the Goldstone report was released, the IDF issued a new document defining rules of engagement in urban warfare.


Lieberman on ‘Arab spring’: Economic stability is the key

BERLIN — Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that only economic stability in Arab countries would ensure political stability in the Middle East. Lieberman, on the eve of opening Israel’s new consulate in Munich, also called for stronger ties between Europe and Israel. “The main reasons for the recent uprisings is not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is not even the Muslim Brotherhood. The reason is misery and poverty,” Lieberman said April 7 at a news conference in Be...

IJN mayoral poll: Boigon, Spahn, Linkhart

A straw poll conducted by the Intermountain Jewish News at the conclusion of its Mayoral Forum, Thursday, March 31, at Temple Emanuel revealed a close race if it were to be determined by those attending the forum. The unscientific exit poll showed Carol Boigon and Theresa Spahn tied for the top position with Doug Linkhart following closely at their heels. Third place went to Chris Romer, followed by Michael Hancock, then James Mejia. Read our complete coverage of the Mayoral Forum The contes...

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GOP contenders court Jewish Republicans

GOP contenders court Jewish RepublicansLAS VEGAS — At the Republican Jewish Coalition’s winter leadership retreat here, it was the absence of certain likely candidates for president that had the crowd most excited. While names like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann generate enthusiasm at some other conservative gatherings, their absence over the weekend here had the Jewish crowd giddy that ahead of the 2012 race, the Republican Party may be retreating from the divisive hyper-conservatives that have frustrated Jewish attraction to...

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Can Goldstone’s damage be undone?

Can Goldstone’s damage be undone?NEW YORK — Richard Goldstone’s original UN report on the Gaza war of 2008-09 landed like a bombshell in the PR war over Israel, damaging Israel’s reputation around the world with its finding that Israel potentially committed war crimes and crimes against humanity during its three-week war against Hamas. Now that Goldstone has issued a retraction of sorts — in the form of an op-ed in the Washington Post exculpating Israel from the report’s harshest allegations, including the claim that...

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WATCH: 2 videos of the violence in Israel

Gabe Friedman Some of the unrest that continued in Israel Friday was captured on video. ... [Link]

Connecticut day school has ‘soft lockdown’ after threatening call

Julie Wiener The school immediately called the police who arrived within 90 seconds and found nothing amiss. ... [Link]

Israeli security official: ‘Lone wolf’ terrorism, not Abbas, behind violence

Julie Wiener Meanwhile, leaders in Gaza are calling on West Bank Palestinians to escalate the violence. ... [Link]

Does Susan Rice think Benjamin Netanyahu is a racist?

Ron Kampeas Susan Rice does not believe Benjamin Netanyahu is a racist, Dennis Ross says, but she does not otherwise trust him. ... [Link]

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to visit Israel, talk anti-Semitism

Gabe Friedman De Blasio will leave Thursday, Oct. 15 for Jerusalem, where he will be the keynote speaker at a conference of international mayors. ... [Link]

Leading rabbi: Jewish visitors to Temple Mount ‘sparked’ current tensions

Julie Wiener Rabbi Shimon Ba’adani,a member of Shas’ Council of Torah Sages,said Thursday: “Do not provoke the nations, even if we are in control here, there is a halacha …” ... [Link]

Settler leader’s wife, children, hurt in stoning attack

Cnaan Liphshiz Assailants caused collision that lightly wounded Oriya Dagan and three of her children. ... [Link]

Texas flood victims receive $300k in scholarships

Cnaan Liphshiz Assistance with Jewish education freamworks was made possible thanks to two grants by the Jim Joseph and AVI CHAI Foundations. ... [Link]

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