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Apr 18th
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‘Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado’ fades into history; now it’s JEWISHcolorado

‘Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado’ fades into history; now it’s JEWISHcolorado

THE Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado and the Jewish Community Foundation merged into JEWISHcolorado at the annual meeting of the federation this week.

After 67 years, the “Allied” and the “federation” brands in Colorado have been retired, as the community fundraising arms reinvents itself for a new generation of Jewish donors and users.

JEWISHcolorado will retain its affiliation with the Jewish Federations of North America — the continental federation umbrella organization.

To emphasize this, the new JEWISHcolorado logo is borrowed from  the JFNA logo; and to emphasize the continued umbrella nature of JEWISHcolorado, the top of its new logo is shaped like an umbrella.

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Survey: More Jews, less Judaism

2013 Steinhardt/Cohen study of Jewish Americans liable to fuel some debate NEW YORK — There are a lot more Jews in America than you may have thought — an estimated 6.8 million, according to a new study. But a growing proportion of them are unlikely to raise their children Jewish or connect with Jewish institutions. The proportion of Jews who say they have no religion and are Jewish only on the basis of ancestry, ethnicity or culture is growing rapidly, and two-thirds of them are not raisin...

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J Street courts the establishment

J Street courts the establishmentWASHINGTON — The story that this year’s J Street conference schedule tells is, typically enough, about getting Israel and the Palestinians to a two-state solution. Between the lines is another narrative as urgent as peacekeeping to the liberal pro-Israel group: getting J Street into the establishment. The second objective received a major boost earlier this month with the announcement that Vice President Joe Biden would headline the conference, which begins Saturday, Sept. 28. The first v...

Danish political parties seek to outlaw circumcision

COPENHAGEN — Another Danish political party is seeking to outlaw ritual circumcision in Denmark. The left-wing Social Liberal Party, a small coalition partner of Denmark’s ruling Social Democrats party, adopted the anti-circumcision stance last week following an internal vote by delegates during a party congress in Nyborg, 75 miles west of Copenhagen, according to the news site A large majority of hundreds of delegates from the party — Denmark’s sixth largest with 17 out of 17...

Colorado politics: Recall termed ‘democracy in action’

Colorado politics: Recall termed ‘democracy in action’Last week’s recall elections in Colorado, in which Democratic State Senators John Morse and Angela Giron were removed from office — specifically for their support for recently passed Colorado gun control laws —  are seen by two conservative observers as a positive development for the state’s political future. The Intermountain Jewish News’ efforts this week to reach more liberal observers, who might be expected to view the recall results in considerably different terms, were unsucc...

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