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Oct 04th
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Abe Foxman leaves ADL after nearly 30 years

Abe Foxman leaves ADL after nearly 30 years

NEW YORK — If there’s one thing that can be said of longtime ADL leader Abraham Foxman, who is stepping down this month after nearly 30 years at the helm, it’s that he never holds back from speaking his mind.

In an age of canned, anodyne statements from public figures reticent to say what they really think, Foxman offers an authentic, unabashed voice free of artifice, hesitation or restraint.

Foxman also has something else when he speaks: listeners. Though the ADL doesn’t represent anyone but itself and Foxman is not an elected official, he is widely seen by journalists, the public and especially the White House as representing American Jewish opinion — to the consternation of many community activists to Foxman’s right and left.


Jewish groups demand apology from NPR

WASHINGTON — Jewish groups demanded an apology from NPR host Diane Rehm for saying that Sen. Bernie Sanders has dual Israeli-American citizenship. “Such a statement is not only factually incorrect, but has no place in such an interview,” the ADL’s national director, Abraham Foxman, said in a letter last week to National Public Radio. “It is deeply troubling to think that a well-respected media outlet like NPR would apparently rely on unsubstantiated information from the Internet in i...

New York honors Muslim hero

New York honors Muslim heroNEW YORK — The Muslim employee who saved Jewish shoppers during a terrorist attack on a Paris kosher supermarket was honored in New York. Lassana Bathily was presented with an official city proclamation on June 12 by Mayor Bill de Blasio for his actions in the Hyper Cacher siege on Jan. 9. Bathily, an immigrant from Mali, was in the basement when a gunman entered the store. He hid 15 Jewish shoppers, including a two-year-old child, in the supermarket freezer.

No 'Israel' on US passports

No 'Israel' on US passportsWASHINGTON — Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the majority in the Supreme Court decision that will keep “Israel” off the passports of Jerusalem-born Americans, begins by calling Jerusalem a “delicate subject.” Competing claims to the Holy City were not the only timeworn and sensitive issue the justices contended with in their 6-3 decision on Monday, June 8, which upheld the State Department’s policy of not allowing Americans born in Jerusalem to list “Israel” as their birthp...

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To build or not to build? Fierce debate in Crestmoor

To build or not to build? Fierce debate in CrestmoorA battle in city planning went into the wee hours on Tuesday, June 9, at Denver’s City and County building. A group of Crestmoor Park residents went head to head against a Englewood development company that was seeking what had become a controversial rezoning of a lot at the corner of East Cedar Ave. and Monaco Pkwy. in Denver’s Council District 5. Though two council members remained uncertain during the voting, they ultimately sided with the developer. A few expressed turmoil over the deci...
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PA condemns Israel for killing 2 Palestinian attackers

Marcy Oster The Palestinian Authority said the international community must intervene without noting that the Palestinian men were killed in the wake of attacks on Jewish-Israelis. ... [Link]

Israeli officer removed after soldiers destroy journalists’ cameras

Marcy Oster Two photographers for the French news agency AFP were filming a Palestinian demonstration in the West Bank. ... [Link]

Israeli army: Palestinian boy shot himself while playing with gun

Marcy Oster The family had claimed that a Jewish-Israeli driver in the West Bank had stopped his car and shot the 6-year-old in the stomach before fleeing. ... [Link]

Spain grants citizenship to 4,302 descendants of Sephardic Jews

Marcy Oster Applicants are allowed to maintain dual citizenships with other countries. ... [Link]

West Bank Palestinians arrested for attack that killed Israeli couple

Marcy Oster The Israeli army has deployed four additional battalions in the West Bank to continue the search for other suspects. ... [Link]

Bon Jovi at Tel Aviv concert promises return to Israel

Marcy Oster “I’ll come here any time you want,” the American rock star told tens of thousands of fans in an apparent swipe at the BDS movement. ... [Link]

U.S. condemns Jerusalem stabbing attack that killed 2 Israelis

Marcy Oster The United Nations’ special coordinator for the Middle East peace process also condemned what he called the “brutal terror attack.” ... [Link]

Palestinians banned from Jerusalem’s Old City in wake of 2 stabbing attacks

Marcy Oster The wife of one of the men stabbed to death is on life support with injuries suffered in the attack by a Palestinian assailant. ... [Link]

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