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Sep 02nd
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No 'Israel' on US passports

No 'Israel' on US passports

WASHINGTON — Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the majority in the Supreme Court decision that will keep “Israel” off the passports of Jerusalem-born Americans, begins by calling Jerusalem a “delicate subject.”

Competing claims to the Holy City were not the only timeworn and sensitive issue the justices contended with in their 6-3 decision on Monday, June 8, which upheld the State Department’s policy of not allowing Americans born in Jerusalem to list “Israel” as their birthplace.

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To build or not to build? Fierce debate in Crestmoor

To build or not to build? Fierce debate in CrestmoorA battle in city planning went into the wee hours on Tuesday, June 9, at Denver’s City and County building. A group of Crestmoor Park residents went head to head against a Englewood development company that was seeking what had become a controversial rezoning of a lot at the corner of East Cedar Ave. and Monaco Pkwy. in Denver’s Council District 5. Though two council members remained uncertain during the voting, they ultimately sided with the developer. A few expressed turmoil over the deci...

Riskin expects to be challenged by Rabbinate on his progressive policies

Riskin expects to be challenged by Rabbinate on his progressive policiesTEL AVIV — There’s no shortage of Israelis who want to reform the office of the Chief Rabbinate. Ranging from advocates of religion-state separation to leaders of Israel’s non-Orthodox movements to newspaper columnists, some want to end the Rabbinate’s monopoly over the country’s religious services; others want to dissolve it entirely. But last week, the Rabbinate appeared to have targeted a leader whose critique of Israel’s religious status quo is more subtle. Shlomo Riskin, chief...

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For Yazidis of Iraq, crisis is not over

For Yazidis of Iraq, crisis is not overNEARLY ONE year ago, global media and public opinion raged over the humanitarian crisis and near genocide facing the Yazidi population of northern Iraq at the hands of the Islamic State as they advanced on the Sinjar region. At that time, major Western media outlets reported on the massacres inflicted on the Yazidis by IS, the enslavement and rape of young Yazidi women and girls and other atrocities the Yazidi minority were facing last summer. Since August, 2014, however, the airstrikes agains...

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IJN wins four Rockower awards in Jewish journalism

IJN wins four Rockower awards in Jewish journalismThe Intermountain Jewish News won four Rockower Awards for 2014 in the January, 2015 competition sponsored by the American Jewish Press Association. The awards for excellence in Jewish journalism will be presented in November when the AJPA holds its annual conference and awards banquet in Washington, DC in conjunction with the Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly.

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Arafat poisoning case closed without charges filed

Marcy Oster The judges investigating the claims that the Palestinian leader was murdered in 2004 said there was “a lack of sufficient evidence” to continue the probe. ... [Link]

London Hasidic school apologizes for using term ‘goyim’

Marcy Oster A worksheet in Yiddish for preschoolers refers to Nazis with the term for non-Jews that some deem offensive, a British newspaper reported. ... [Link]

Amid a failing effort, AIPAC still rallies the troops against Iran deal

Ron Kampeas AIPAC wants you to call your lawmaker, even if it’s too late to stop the Iran deal. ... [Link]

Auschwitz removes controversial mist sprinklers, officials cite drop in temperature

Marcy Oster Some complained that the sprinklers were reminiscent of the showers seen in gas chambers at the death camp. ... [Link]

With 34th senator, Obama gets enough votes to sustain Iran deal

Ron Kampeas Barbara Mikulski, a Maryland Democrat, has endorsed the nuclear agreement, effectively ensuring that it will become law. ... [Link]

Argentine Jewish leader: What happened to Alberto Nisman?

Marcy Oster DAIA President Julio Schlosser called for conclusions in the AMIA prosecutor’s death at an event in Buenos Aires marking the 80th year of the organization. ... [Link]

Israel: P.A. trying to score points at U.N. with flag-raising proposal

Marcy Oster The Palestinian Authority is “attempting to swiftly change longstanding U.N. tradition,” Israel’s U.N. ambassador wrote in a letter to the secretary-general. ... [Link]

Gravestone of Netanyahu’s grandfather vandalized in Mount of Olives attack

Marcy Oster At least 10 gravestones were smashed and burnt at the eastern Jerusalem cemetery. ... [Link]

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