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Feb 27th
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She wants haredi women in politics

She wants haredi women in politics

TEL AVIV — Racheli Ibenboim acts as if she’s in a rush, repeatedly checking her phone before hurrying off to her next appointment exactly 30 minutes after the current one begins.

The way Ibenboim tells it, she’s not just trying to keep up with a tight schedule but with a rapidly changing world.

Two years ago, her campaign to include women in haredi political parties failed. But times may be changing. This year, the chasidic mother’s effort has garnered national attention and 5,000 supporters on Facebook since it relaunched less than a month ago.


Palestinian statehood resolution fails

Palestinian statehood resolution failsNEW YORK — A Palestinian-backed UN resolution setting a deadline for a peace deal with Israel failed to garner sufficient votes for passage in the UN Security Council. The resolution, which was voted on Tuesday, was aimed at achieving a full Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank by late 2017. Eight nations on the 15-member council votes yes, two voted no and five abstained. Nine votes were required for passage. Had nine votes been obtained, the United States, which voted against the resolut...

Penn group nixes Chris Hedges, who compared Israel to ISIS

NEW YORK — Former New York Times Middle East bureau chief Chris Hedges said he was disinvited to speak at a University of Pennsylvania conference following a column comparing Israel to ISIS. Hedges, now a columnist for the website, was to speak at an April forum on prospects for peace in the Middle East sponsored by the university’s International Affairs Assn. Zachary Michael Belnavis, a student leader of the association, wrote to the lecture agency that his group didn’t see...

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USY kills ban on interfaith dating

USY kills ban on interfaith datingNEW YORK – United Synagogue Youth voted to relax its rules barring its teenage board members from dating non-Jews. The amendment was adopted Dec. 22 in Atlanta at the annual international convention of the Conservative movement’s youth group. The change affects the 100 or so teen officers who serve on USY’s national board and 17 regional boards. The thousands of teens who participate in USY programs have not been subject to any such bans.

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J Street speaks in Denver

J Street speaks in DenverAmong the many things Jeremy Ben-Ami knows is how fervently his opponents feel about him, his views about the Middle East and J Street, the liberal advocacy organization he founded in 2008. As J Street — whose stated aim is to “promote American leadership to end the Arab-Israeli and Israel-Palestinian conflicts peacefully and diplomatically” — has steadily grown more vocal and influential, his many American Jewish foes have accused Ben-Ami of everything from perilous naiveté to perfidi...
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Madonna hacker indicted in Tel Aviv

Marcy Oster He is charged with illegal wiretapping, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, and obstruction of justice. ... [Link]

Jewish disability activists lobby Congress

Marcy Oster Activists from across the country urged members of Congress to preserve social security disability insurance and increase funding for transportation during Jewish Disability Advocacy Day. ... [Link]

Jewish cemetery accused of mishandling remains sued a second time

Marcy Oster Several dozen relatives of people buried at Eden Memorial Park Cemetery filed a complaint Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court alleging mass disturbances of their loved ones’ graves. ... [Link]

Logrolling in Tehran: Dieudonne and Ahmadinejad trade mutual admiration

Cnaan Liphshiz French comic who ridiculed the Holocaust gave ‘golden quenelle’ statue to the ex-president who started a competition of cartoons questioning the genocide. ... [Link]

Missouri gubernatorial candidate with Jewish roots found dead

Cnaan Liphshiz Republican church-goer Tom Schweich killed himself, police said, after accusing fellow party member of saying he was Jewish to hurt his campaign. ... [Link]

Spanish-speaking Jews urge Spain to follow Portugal’s Jewish law of return

Cnaan Liphshiz While Portugal’s legislation is nearing implementation, in Spain it is being watered down and made impractical, a lobby group warns. ... [Link]

Netanyahus to be probed for home spending after election

Cnaan Liphshiz Preliminary investigation into over-expenditure at prime minister’s residence to be postpones because he’s not directly suspected of serious omission, AG says. ... [Link]

Study: Global anti-Semitism reaches seven-year high

Julie Wiener In the 77 countries in which Jews were harassed, Jews were “much more likely to be harassed by individuals or groups in society than by governments.” ... [Link]

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