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Apr 27th
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Wounded IDF vets ski Aspen Mountain

Wounded IDF vets ski Aspen Mountain

ASPEN — After Yinon Cohen lost his legs in an accident involving a rocket-propelled grenade, it wasn’t clear he’d ever be able to walk again, much less ski down a peak in the Rocky Mountains.

A fresh-faced soldier in the Israel Defense Forces’ elite Golani brigade, Cohen was in an advanced weapons training course in February, 2003 when his sergeant inadvertently fired an RPG, an explosive weapon capable of piercing armored vehicles, straight into his legs.

Just moments before, Cohen had been nodding off, and his exasperated sergeant ordered him to stand for the remainder of the class. That ended up saving Cohen’s life. Had he been seated, Cohen would have been struck in the torso and almost certainly killed.

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Brandeis president resigns

Brandeis president resignsWALTHAM — For all of the controversies that Brandeis University President Frederick Lawrence endured over the past few months, the failures that ultimately doomed his tenure were more fundamental, insiders say: His fundraising just wasn’t good enough and his administrative track record was wanting. On Jan. 30, Lawrence announced that this would be his last semester at the Jewish-sponsored, nonsectarian university in Waltham, Mass., outside of Boston. “After careful consideration, and in ...

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One-man campaign to save Karachi's Jewish cemetery

One-man campaign to save Karachi's Jewish cemeteryKARACHI — It might seem that the only Jews left in Pakistan are underground — in Karachi’s lone Jewish cemetery. But that’s not quite so. Faisal (Fishel) Benkhald, the son of a Muslim father and Iranian Jewish mother, dares to call himself a Jew in a country where the Jewish minority began dwindling in the 1940s with the British partition of India and today has all but vanished. Benkhald also leads a one-man campaign to save the Karachi cemetery from being sold to provide more burial s...

1997 Goldfogel murder solved

1997 Goldfogel murder solvedEighteen years after the brutal murder of Surle Goldfogel, a confession obtained from the killer’s mother has brought factual closure to the baffling case — but justice remains elusive. Jonathan Clinton, now identified as the man who killed Goldfogel on Jan. 25, 1997, died of complications from a heroin overdose in 2003. Right after the murder, Clinton, then 20, told his mother that he killed the 67-year-old widow — and she quickly provided her son with an alibi.

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Seattle's Jewish population soars 70%

SEATTLE — A study found that Seattle’s Jewish population has increased by 70% since 2001. The newly released Greater Seattle Jewish Community Study, which was conducted by a research team from Brandeis University’s Cohen Center for Jewish Studies, tallied the region’s Jewish population at 63,400. It also found that 89% of Jews in the area are college graduates. “Given how Seattle has developed economically, it makes sense,” Leonard Saxe, one of the study’s authors and a Brandeis ...
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U.S. Jewish hikers in Nepal contact families

Marcy Oster They reportedly are at the Mount Everest base camp awaiting evacuation. Meanwhile, the earthquake’s death toll topped 4,000. ... [Link]

U.N. inquiry finds Israel fired on its schools, Hamas hid weapons in its buildings

Marcy Oster Some 44 Palestinians sheltering in the schools bombed by the Israelis were killed and Hamas also fired at Israel from U.N. buildings, the inquiry found. ... [Link]

Alan Pollack, activist for Israel, dies at 77

Marcy Oster Pollack, a leading Zionist activist from the 1960s to the 1980s, joined the JTA board in 1979. ... [Link]

Haredi Orthodox neighborhood has NYC’s highest birth rate

Julie Wiener Borough Park, an area in Brooklyn known for its sizable Orthodox Jewish population, has 27.9 births per 1,000 residents, making it “easily the city’s baby capital.” ... [Link]

Holocaust survivor criticized for urging end to prosecution of SS officers

Julie Wiener Eva Mozes Kor, who had been one of 50 Auschwitz survivors bringing charges against Oskar Groening, made her remarks on German television. ... [Link]

Nicki Minaj made this kid’s bar mitzvah legendary

Gabe Friedman What was the famous hip-hop artist doing at a bar mitzvah? ... [Link]

The world’s smallest Bible, now on view at the Israel Museum

Gabe Friedman You’ve never seen the Bible like this before. That is, if you can actually see this version. ... [Link]

Why Israeli couples have surrogate pregnancies in Nepal

Ben Sales Israeli couples unable to get pregnant are choosing surrogacy abroad. For same-sex couples, Nepal is one of the only options. ... [Link]

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