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Hirsi Ali among three Muslim women to receive Lantos Prize

Hirsi Ali among three Muslim women to receive Lantos Prize

WASHINGTON — Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a women’s rights activist and politician who has been publicly critical of Islam, is one of three female leaders of Muslim heritage to be awarded the Lantos Human Rights Prize.

The prizes were awarded Dec. 10 in Washington, DC.

A best-selling author, Hirsi Ali is a survivor of childhood abuse and violence, including female genital mutilation. She fled a forced marriage and sought asylum in the Netherlands, where she completed her education and rose from being a maid and translator to an elected member of the Dutch Parliament.

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Rabbis in Agunah ring sentenced

NEW YORK — A New York rabbi who participated in a ring that violently attempted to coerce Jewish men to grant their wives religious divorces has been sentenced to 38 months in prison. Martin Wolmark, 57, of Monsey, was sentenced Monday, Dec. 14, in a US District Court in Trenton, NJ, AP reported. Wolmark was one of nine people, two of them Orthodox rabbis, convicted for their roles in the ring, which kidnapped and tortured recalcitrant husbands. According to Halachah, or Jewish law, a woman...

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San Bernardino victim was 'messianic Gentile' supporting Israel

San Bernardino victim was 'messianic Gentile' supporting IsraelNEW YORK — Pictured on his Facebook page wearing a scarf-style tallit prayer shawl, Nicholas Thalasinos, who was killed along with 13 others in last week’s shooting at a San Bernardino center for people with disabilities, has been variously identified in media reports as a Jew, a Zionist and, in some cases, a messianic Jew. Just two weeks ago, Thalasinos reportedly got into a heated argument about the nature of Islam with co-worker Syed Farook, who perpetrated the horrific San Bernardino at...

Berenson returns to US after 20-year ordeal in Peru

LIMA, Peru — Lori Berenson, the Jewish New Yorker whose imprisonment in Peru for aiding leftist rebels became a cause célèbre, is returning to the US after 20 years. Police escorted Berenson, 46, through the Lima airport on her way back to the US on Dec. 2. She was carrying her six-year-old son, Salvador, from her marriage to her attorney, Anibal Apari. The couple has divorced. In 1995, Berenson was convicted of treason by a panel of military judges for aiding leftist rebels in a plot to o...

Jordon Perlmutter dies

Jordon Perlmutter diesShock waves permeated the Jewish community as news was announced last Sunday, Dec. 6, that Jordon Perlmutter had passed away. On rare occasion, an epic passing strikes our community, which, from one end to the other, seems to walk through the coming days in a daze.
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Jewish groups slam Ted Nugent for anti-Semitic gun control post

Gabe Friedman The right-wing singer shared the post on Monday with an image of the Israeli flag next to each one of the Jewish leaders, including former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Chicago Mayor Rahm Ema... [Link]

NY Fashion Week: Jewish prayer shawl gets moment of glam

Gabe Friedman Has the Jewish prayer shawl become a fashion statement? An unidentified men’s fashion enthusiast was spotted wearing a real tallit — not of the faux H&M variety — last week outside a Tomm... [Link]

Poll: Majority of Palestinians oppose third intifada

Julie Wiener (JTA) — The majority of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza oppose a third intifada, according to a new poll, reversing the popular sentiment from three months ago. The poll of 1,200 Palestinians... [Link]

Which Jewish city should you live in?

Gabe Friedman ... [Link]

John Tishman, whose company built World Trade Center and other skyscrapers, dies

Julie Wiener NEW YORK (JTA) — John Tishman, an influential developer who oversaw the construction of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers and Chicago’s John Hancock Center, has died at 90. Tishman, who donat... [Link]

See how teen pals found each other some 50 years later

mbrodsky A “Seeking Kin” column spurs a Technion librarian to put his research expertise to work. ... [Link]

In all-Chabad Israeli village, Brooklyn meets country living

Ben Sales The major export of Kfar Chabad, an Israeli village near Tel Aviv where everyone is a Chabad Hasid, is outreach emissaries. ... [Link]

3 Arab-Israeli MKs suspended for meeting with terrorists’ families

Julie Wiener CORRECTION: This article stated incorrectly that 90 Knesset members had voted in favor of a bill that would allow lawmakers to be suspended or expelled for engaging in inappropriate behavior. In fact... [Link]

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