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Feb 27th
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French Jewry 101

French Jewry 101

NEW YORK — Last week’s deadly hostage siege at a kosher supermarket in Paris has French Jews (and some non-Jews) proclaiming “Je suis juif,” or “I am Jewish,” in solidarity with the four people killed in the attack.

Who are the Jews of France? Here’s a primer.

How many Jews are there in France?

About 500,000, the most of any European nation and more than any other country in the world except for Israel and the US.

How does that compare to other faith groups in the country?


Nations to unite against terrorism

Nations to unite against terrorismWASHINGTON — These are the lessons of the Paris attacks for American Jews and US law enforcement: Keep calm and cooperate. Enhanced communication between governments has been a key element of America’s counterterrorism successes since 9/11, experts say, and more is planned in the wake of last week’s attacks in France that left 17 dead. President Obama announced this week that Washington will host a summit on Feb. 18 aimed at improving communications between nations that are would be targ...

After France: Reason to fear in Denver?

After France: Reason to fear in Denver? Je suis juif — I am a Jew — resounds. Even here. Paris is obviously a great distance from Denver, and the realities facing its Jewish community are vastly different from those with which Denver Jews deal on a daily basis. Still, the link between them is tangible and undeniable. Last week’s terror attacks in the French capital, in which Jews were victims, reverberated all the way to the Front Range, affecting Colorado Jews in the forms of shock, sadness, anger, fear, solidarity and em...

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Four hostages killed in siege at kosher grocery in Paris

Four hostages killed in siege at kosher grocery in ParisSeveral hostages were killed as simultaneous police raids on Friday ended the two hostage crises in Paris, one of which was at a kosher supermarket. The raids also left all of the captors dead, including the two brothers suspected with perpetrating Wednesday’s attack at Charlie Hebdo. The hostage situation at Hyper Cacher, a kosher supermarket near Porte de Vincennes in Paris’ 12th arrondissement, began at 1 p.m. local time Friday, when the store is usually full of Jewish shoppers preparin...

Change in attitude toward African Hebrew Israelites

Change in attitude toward African Hebrew IsraelitesDIMONA — Yitzchok Elefant ascended the stage in his black hat and coat and turned to face an auditorium full of people in flowing white shirts and pants with matching scarves and caps. Standing beneath a banner reading “A tribute to his majesty, our spiritual leader, the prince of peace, Ben Ammi,” Elefant, the haredi Orthodox chief rabbi of this small southern town, delivered a eulogy on Sunday, Jan. 4, for Ben Ammi Ben-Israel, the leader of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem. B...
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Madonna hacker indicted in Tel Aviv

Marcy Oster He is charged with illegal wiretapping, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, and obstruction of justice. ... [Link]

Jewish disability activists lobby Congress

Marcy Oster Activists from across the country urged members of Congress to preserve social security disability insurance and increase funding for transportation during Jewish Disability Advocacy Day. ... [Link]

Jewish cemetery accused of mishandling remains sued a second time

Marcy Oster Several dozen relatives of people buried at Eden Memorial Park Cemetery filed a complaint Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court alleging mass disturbances of their loved ones’ graves. ... [Link]

Logrolling in Tehran: Dieudonne and Ahmadinejad trade mutual admiration

Cnaan Liphshiz French comic who ridiculed the Holocaust gave ‘golden quenelle’ statue to the ex-president who started a competition of cartoons questioning the genocide. ... [Link]

Missouri gubernatorial candidate with Jewish roots found dead

Cnaan Liphshiz Republican church-goer Tom Schweich killed himself, police said, after accusing fellow party member of saying he was Jewish to hurt his campaign. ... [Link]

Spanish-speaking Jews urge Spain to follow Portugal’s Jewish law of return

Cnaan Liphshiz While Portugal’s legislation is nearing implementation, in Spain it is being watered down and made impractical, a lobby group warns. ... [Link]

Netanyahus to be probed for home spending after election

Cnaan Liphshiz Preliminary investigation into over-expenditure at prime minister’s residence to be postpones because he’s not directly suspected of serious omission, AG says. ... [Link]

Study: Global anti-Semitism reaches seven-year high

Julie Wiener In the 77 countries in which Jews were harassed, Jews were “much more likely to be harassed by individuals or groups in society than by governments.” ... [Link]

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