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Sep 02nd
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Holocaust story at Faith Bible Chapel

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Helen Starr, l, and her mother Fanny Starr surround a pho- to of Malka Granek, their grandmother and mother, who perished at Auschwitz.When Helen Starr accompanies her mother Fanny to Faith Bible Chapel’s Holocaust Awareness Day on Sunday, April 27, she will be in the company of both the future and the past.

The past is the Holocaust, which both her mother and her father, the late Zesa Starr, survived — although they lost the vast majority of their loved ones — and the critical lessons it carries.

The future is the media, specifically social media, at which Helen excels and which she hopes will serve as a communication portal through which the Holocaust’s lessons will continue to be taught to generations with no personal memory.

Fanny, 92, will be personally interviewed during the program at Faith Bible Chapel, a Christian Zionist church in Arvada long known for its close ties to Israel and the Denver Jewish community.

That approach — a speaker before a live audience — is old school, of course, but the fact that the interview will be available live via webcast, is decidedly new school.

Which are precisely the ways Helen wants her mother’s story to be told and heard.

Helen, 54, is a writer with a technology degree who has spent the last two decades working in social media, seeing it as an effective way “to reach the masses all around the world.”

Among any number of online presentations she has created, Helen runs an online educational program called the WhyNowProject which focuses on Holocaust education, highlighting the experiences of her parents.

Many of her Why Now? videos are viewable on YouTube, some of which use animated human figures — in the style of video games — in place of actual film to illustrate interviews and talks that Fanny has given before Denver houses of worship, groups and schools.

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