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Apr 23rd
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Community responds to anti-Israel ads on RTD

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JEWISHcolorado's large billboard, above, and an RTD bus ad bought by Americans Against Terrorism.Now it’s Israel’s turn.

Hardly had a slew of anti-Israel ads — accusing the Jewish state of ethnic cleansing — been taken down from the sides of RTD buses and trains than a new series of ads designed to counter the claims of the earlier ones took their place.

The pro-Israel ads appeared on the weekend of Nov. 23-24 for a four-week run on six RTD mall shuttle buses. The ads are sponsored by the grassroots group Americans Against Terrorism.

A week later, a large pro-Israel billboard was erected by JEWISHcolorado at 6th Ave. and Lincoln St.

A spokesperson for JEWISHcolorado said this week: “We just wanted to present the other side of the argument — that Israelis help anyone who is in need around the world.

“They were some of the first on the ground here in Colorado with the flooding [in Boulder].

“People don’t see that or know it.”

The billboard shows it.

Americans Against Terrorism, composed of pro-Israel Denver-area Jews and Christians, designed its counter-advertising campaign as a response to the “untruthful attack against Israel” that appeared on RTD vehicles for several weeks in October and November, according to a statement released by the group last week.

Headlined “who really wants ethnic cleansing?” the AAT ad includes a quote from a PLO spokesman reading: “No Jew . . . will have the right to live . . . in the Palestinian state.”

It also features a photograph of Arabs burning a synagogue with the statement: “Arabs in Gaza burned synagogues after Jews withdrew” and the statement: “Arabs in Israel are elected to Parliament, are on the Prime Minister’s cabinet and the Supreme Court.”

Announcing the new bus ad last week, AAT secretary and spokeswoman Tsivya Frieder said the earlier anti-Israel ads — paid for by groups calling themselves NoTaxDollars and — “were designed to be inflammatory and simply ignore the facts. They were aimed at Americans who may be unfamiliar with what really goes on in the Middle East.

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