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Apr 17th
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Can Gentiles save Jewish day schools?

Can Gentiles save Jewish day schools?

AKRON — During a High Holidays discussion about repentance in Sarah Greenblatt’s Jewish values class, not all the students are listening. One girl stares out the window at the azure sky. Another sits in the back doodling.

But a boy in the front row wearing a creased black skullcap sits transfixed, notebook open, pencil poised.

Why is reflection and repentance so important around Rosh Hashanah? Greenblatt asks. The boy’s hand shoots up.

“The Torah, and also the Bible, tells us how to live right, how to get right and how to stay right,” he says.

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Jewish shtetl amid Muslim majority

Jewish shtetl amid Muslim majorityKRASNAIYA SLOBODA, Azerbaijan — Even at 70, Yedidia Yehuda can negotiate a narrow mountain path in northern Azerbaijan with a confidence easily mistaken for carelessness. “You take care not to fall yourself and don’t worry about me,” he tells a visitor following him toward a small town on the northern bank of the Kudyal river, where 2,000 Jews have lived for nearly three centuries in their own shtetl, one of the world’s few remaining all-Jewish towns outside Israel. A few twists down...
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What’s with all that chest thumping on Yom Kippur?

What’s with all that chest thumping on Yom Kippur? ROSH HASHANAH EDITIONSECTION D PAGE 8 LOS ANGELES — On Yom Kippur, when we beat our chests during the confession, maybe we should be knocking instead on our heads. After all, isn’t that where all the trouble starts? On this most physically demanding of Jewish days, Jewish tradition has us beat the heart side of our chests, as if to say this is the source of our falling short. During the Vidui — the confessional portion of the service composed of the Ashamnu and Al Chait — some of us...

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Holiday Features

Rabbis share their Rosh Hashanah messages

Rabbis share their Rosh Hashanah messagesAs Labor Day was observed across the country this week, and as many Americans debated and worried about whether the US would soon be fighting against Syria, Denver rabbis strove to put the finishing touches on the sermons they would deliver on Rosh Hashanah. Although falling early this year — when the Colorado weather feels much more like summer than autumn — Rosh Hashanah is, as always, seen as a time of Jewish spiritual renewal and reflection. Four Denver rabbis contacted by the Intermou...

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Josh Yeddis, Ben Brettmann of Denver help Ethiopian teens get a grip in Lod

Josh Yeddis, Ben Brettmann of Denver help Ethiopian teens get a grip in LodSECTION B PAGE 6 DENVER native Josh Yeddis once believed that he would never follow the family tradition of working in the real estate business, but at 33 he’s old enough to realize that these things have a way of happening on their own. Sure enough, soon after his graduation from American University in Washington, DC in 2002 he found himself working in Denver’s lively commercial real estate market. It didn’t take him long to figure out what he was good at it — so adept, in fact, that...

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Suspected Kansas City JCC shooter charged with murder in state court

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State Dept. voices support for peace talks as negotiators postpone meeting

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Temple Mount closed to Jewish visitors following Arab rioting

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