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Aug 28th
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A close aide to Sharon remembers

A close aide to Sharon remembers

IN January, 1985, as a colonel in the Israeli Air Force, I was running a course for high-ranking officers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), focused on lessons from Israel’s wars.

One of the case studies to be discussed was the battle of Um-Katef/Abu-Ageila, in the Six Day War, when the division of Gen. Ariel Sharon broke the backbone of the Egyptian army and enabled the breakthrough into Sinai, thus paving the way to Israel’s great land victory.

This highly complex combined operation, executed impeccably at night, has been studied since in many military academies all around the world as a model for generalship at its best. Needless to say, I was going to invite Sharon to speak about this battle.

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A stroke; a decade

A stroke; a decadeTWELVE years ago on January 11, 2002, Rabbi Sandra Cohen suffered a terrifying stroke at age 34 — but you’d never know it looking at her now. Soft spoken, articulate and smart as a whip, she nails imponderables in one or two lines. The physically fit Cohen who ran 50 miles a week and who led powerful High Holiday services is a memory. Lingering complications such as migraines, vertigo and depleted energy curtail her freedom. Yet a tranquility born of lengthy reflection radiates like the wi...

Focus on mental illness

Focus on mental illnessHUNDREDS of people turned out to express an interest in mental illness in the Jewish community, attending the inaugural event of Areivim Taskforce Denver, Jan. 5, at Zera Abraham. “Areivim” is Hebrew for “guarantors” or “those who take responsibility,” and is the name of an organization in New York that deals with mental illness and other problems in Jewish families. The Areivim organization in New York has worked with leaders in Denver to establish the local task force, which it h...

Edgar Bronfman flexed muscles for Jewish causes

Edgar Bronfman flexed muscles for Jewish causesNEW YORK — In 1992, Edgar Bronfman was preparing to leave North America for Paris for his first meeting with then-French President Francois Mitterand at the Elysee Palace when at the last minute Bronfman decided he wanted to take an unexpected meeting in Geneva instead. So he asked Serge Cwajgenbaum, Bronfman’s right-hand man in Europe, to phone the palace and ask to reschedule. The Elysee secretary, Hubert Vendrine, exploded. “He asked me who Edgar Bronfman thinks he is to move around a...

Conference focus: Inclusion of Jews with disabilites

Conference focus: Inclusion of Jews with disabilitesBALTIMORE — Weekly services, Torah studies, aliyot to the Torah, sitting shiva and even trips to Israel — these are experiences shared by many Jewish Americans affiliated with synagogues and Jewish communal organizations. But for Liz Weintraub and her husband, Philip, full inclusion in life events such as these wasn’t always a foregone conclusion. That is, until they became members of B’nai Israel Congregation in Rockville, Md. Although Liz Weintraub, 47, grew up in a family that was e...
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Arab-Israeli killer in Michigan prison seeking deportation to Israel

Marcy Oster An Arab-Israeli immigrant to the United States who is serving a life sentence for murder has sued the U.S. government in a bid to be deported to Israel. ... [Link]

Israeli civilian injured by Syrian mortar on Golan Heights

Marcy Oster An Israeli man was wounded when a mortar shell fired from Syria struck Israel’s Golan Heights. ... [Link]

Netanyahu: Hamas ‘begged’ for cease-fire

Marcy Oster Hamas did not achieve any of its demands in the wake of Israel’s operation in Gaza and “begged” for a cease-fire, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. ... [Link]

Elsewhere: Hollywood hate, endogamy blues, Silicon Wadi?

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Roman Vishniac archive chronicling pre-Shoah Eastern Europe goes online

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Israeli toddler riding in car hurt in West Bank rock throwing

Marcy Oster An Israeli toddler traveling in a car in the West Bank was injured by rocks thrown by masked Palestinians. ... [Link]

Netanyahu’s plummeting poll numbers

Ben Sales How did Bibi’s approval ratings drop from 82 percent to 38 percent in just a month? ... [Link]

State Dept. calls for due process for U.S. citizen held in Israel

Marcy Oster The U.S. State Department called for the speedy resolution to the case of a U.S. citizen being held in an Israeli jail. ... [Link]

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