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Apr 19th
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Museum on Belgian shipping line stirs debate on Holocaust history

Museum on Belgian shipping line stirs debate on Holocaust history

ANTWERP — With the confidence befitting a septuagenarian grandmother, Ellen Bledsoe-Rodriguez briskly leads her family past the beer stalls and DJs that dot the Flemish capital’s historic port on sunny autumn days.

Bledsoe-Rodriguez is uninterested in such diversions.

She and nine of her relatives had traveled 5,600 miles from California for last week’s opening of a museum devoted to the Red Star Line, the maritime travel company that nearly a century ago transported her mother and two million others from war-torn Europe to Ellis Island.

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Domestic abuse addressed at shelters in haredi community

BEIT SHEMESH, Israel — It was only when her sons came at her with knives that she realized keeping quiet was not going to work. For nine years, her rabbis had told her not to speak up about her husband’s verbal, physical and sexual attacks. They assured her that the abuse would pass, that if she obeyed his every wish — folding his napkin just so or letting him do as he liked — the attacks would end and he would stop telling their grown sons she was a bad mother. But when her sons began...

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My encounters with Rabbi Yosef

My encounters with Rabbi Yosef“Waste” is probably the wrong word. Even moments that would not be considered wasted by most people, he saved for Torah study. For example, he did not visit the cemetery on the yahrzeit, the anniversary of the death, of his father. (I was told this when his mother was still alive; presumably, he did not visit her grave, either.) The person who told me this was Rabbi Noah Heisler, a rabbinic judge in Jerusalem. During the 1970s, I drove Rabbi Heisler and his father to visit three rabbinic ...

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The big book with one word

The big book with one wordSIX million Jews. How can anyone really contemplate, let alone visualize, such a staggering number? Especially when it’s a number of murdered people? Can the sheer enormity of the Holocaust ever be truly felt? Probably not, most would agree. The human mind is capable of processing only so much information; is strong enough to sustain only so much existential grief.

Sally Levin’s new gravestone is unveiled in Cheyenne

Sally Levin’s new gravestone is unveiled in Cheyenne ‘A tragic circle closes’ LAST Sunday, a windy late September morning in Cheyenne, a tragic story from long ago came full circle. Prayers were said, a new tombstone was unveiled and tears were shed at the grave of Sally Levin, who was laid to rest here on another Cheyenne morning, in August, 1937, a few days after she was slain by her own father. The short life of Sally Levin, who was only 16 years old when she was killed, was described in detail by the Intermountain Jewish News a few mo...
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7 associated with Italian anti-Semitic website charged with racial discrimination

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Will Bill Clinton’s grandchildren be Jewish?

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This Week in Jewish Farming: Breaking ground

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Rouhani: Iran seeks dialogue, not war

Cnaan Liphshiz Striking a moderate tone toward the West, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said at a military parade that his country seeks dialogue instead of war. ... [Link]

Gap in peace talks wide, Palestinian official says

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Israeli mosque entrance torched in suspected price tag attack

Cnaan Liphshiz Israeli police are investigating the torching of the entrance to a mosque in northern Israel and the spraying of anti-Arab slogans on its walls. ... [Link]

Report: Lebanese man admits to targeting Israelis in Thailand

Cnaan Liphshiz A Lebanese man who was arrested in Thailand on suspicion of belonging to Hezbollah admitted to targeting Israelis, Thai media reported. ... [Link]

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