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May 28th
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Melanie Gruenwald: Chasing the cancer away

Melanie Gruenwald: Chasing the cancer away

MELANIE GRUENWALD, who underwent a double mastectomy Oct. 20, is comfortably dressed and upright on her living room couch. “I don’t want to lie down,” she reassures. “I’m fine.”

Unabashedly frank and accessible, Gruenwald welcomes the opportunity to talk about breast cancer and choosing extreme measures over a recommended lumpectomy.

This August, while training for Nov. 3 New York City Marathon (26.2 miles), she discovered a marble-sized lump.

“I was surprised,” Gruenwald calmly describes the dreaded encounter.

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What's an Ashkenazi woman to do?

What's an Ashkenazi woman to do?NEW YORK — It’s been a busy couple of weeks for breast cancer. Of course, breast cancer is always busy, exerting its sneaky destruction through abnormal cell growth. But now it’s October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the scary fact is everywhere again: One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. This time around, the talk about breast cancer feels more urgent, more ubiquitous and definitely more confusing.

Sauerkraut specialist shares fermentation wisdom

Sauerkraut specialist shares fermentation wisdomSANDOR ELLIX Katz makes no cure-all claims, though some are falsely attributed to him. The food activist and writer conveys a passionate intelligence about fermentation, the chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeasts or other microorganisms associated with foods like sauerkraut, wine and pickles. Following careers in education and public policy, Katz discovered this age-old food preservation tradition, which he says is found in every cuisine and culture across the world; his vocatio...

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Ancestral journey leads to Israel

Ancestral journey leads to IsraelThis week, Denverite Hadassah Grove completed a homecoming that was a long, long time coming. It was not just a personal homecoming, but an ancestral one — a centuries-long circle that began when her forebears left Israel in the very distant past, flourished in Spain during the legendary Jewish Golden Age, suffered through the anti-Semitic violence and repression of the Spanish Inquisitions, fled Spain for Mexico until that nation declared its own Inquisition and, finally, in the guise of Rom...

Russia's kosher guru branches out to halal

Russia's kosher guru branches out to halalMOSCOW — At Russia’s largest kosher food factory, owner Pinhas Slobodnik welcomes his Muslim workers with an Arabic greeting that he pronounces in a thick Russian accent. Some 120 workers, most from the predominantly Muslim republics of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, are employed at the factory — a sprawling complex built in 2009 in the basement of the Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters in Russia.
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Drake has a crush on Sarah Silverman

Gabe Friedman News flash: The most famous Jewish rapper on earth has a crush on one of the most famous Jewish comedians on earth. As explained on “Late Night with Seth Myers” Thursday night, Drake recently post... [Link]

Netanyahu’s government may be near collapse, report says

Julie Wiener (JTA) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government may be on the verge of collapse according to Israel’s Channel 10. In a report Friday night, the TV station quoted unnamed “party leaders... [Link]

Arab states have reportedly hand-picked Palestinian leader to succeed Abbas

Julie Wiener (JTA) — The United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan are reportedly planning to have former Gaza strongman Mohammed Dahlan replace Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Citing unnamed senior ... [Link]

Captain America is a secret Nazi, and people are going crazy about it

Andrew Tobin The new Captain America comic book includes an epic reveal, and some people are not happy about it. When fans ran out to grab Marvel Comics’ “Captain America: Steve Rogers #1” on its relea... [Link]

US health firms, Haifa hospital team up to ‘incubate’ digital medicine start-ups

Andrew Silow-Carroll (JTA) — IBM Watson Health and Medtronics are teaming up with an Israeli hospital to create a high-tech “incubator” to encourage innovations in digital medicine. Rambam Health Care Campus in... [Link]

Steven Spielberg, in Harvard commencement speech, says anti-Semitism on the rise

Julie Wiener (JTA) — Speaking at Harvard University’s commencement, filmmaker Steven Spielberg said he was “wrong” as a kid to think anti-Semitism “was fading.” Spielberg, whose 99-year-old father Arno... [Link]

Transgender Israeli Arab wins historic Tel Aviv pageant

Julie Wiener (JTA) — A Christian Arab-Israeli ballet dancer won Israel’s first-ever transgender beauty pageant. Ta’alin Abu Hanna, 21, was named “Miss Trans Israel” in Tel Aviv Friday, the Jerusalem Post... [Link]

NY Times removes quotation marks from Israeli ‘occupation’

Gabe Friedman (JTA) — The New York Times removed quotation marks originally used around “occupation” in one of its news stories. The word appears in the phrase “Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and ... [Link]

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