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May 03rd
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Courage to fight an uphill battle

Courage to fight an uphill battle

Say not the struggle naught availeth; The labor and the wounds are vain; The enemy faints not, nor faileth; And as things have been they remain.

— Arthur Hugh Clough

IS THERE nobility in continuing to fight an uphill battle?

After 12 years of legal battles, from the lower to the upper courts, to facing an expected losing verdict at the Supreme Court, is it still worth putting up the fight?

Philippe Karsenty would argue, unequivocally, yes.

He should know. He’s been battling defamation and libel charges at the French courts since 2002.

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Holiday Features

At Thanksgiving, looking out for the needy

At Thanksgiving, looking out for the needyAS WE prepare for our Thanksgiving feasts, a 90-year-old Jewish man named Arnold Abbott is stirring the pot in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., about hunger and homelessness in America. Or is it that Abbott, who in defiance of a controversial new city ordinance has been cited several times for feeding the homeless outdoors, is just asking us to pay more than lip service to our Jewish ideals? The ordinance limits where outdoor feeding sites can be located and requires permits. Groups must provide portabl...

Survivor Martin Weiss addresses 150 at Regis University

Survivor Martin Weiss addresses 150 at Regis UniversityTHE IMAGE of white tablecloths and the smell of food remains vivid to Martin Weiss to this day. “Right after the war, a restaurant owner invited us in. He put us at nice tables with white tablecloths, then he fed all of us. “I don’t mention this too often, but that was the first type of kindness that I had experienced and it made a big impact on me. It does show you that not all people are bad.” Weiss was deported at age 15, struggling to survive while many members of his family were ...

Denver JDS senior trains guide dogs for the blind

Denver JDS senior trains guide dogs for the blind Teen Hero When Gabe Baskin was preparing for his Bar Mitzvah, he wanted to find a community service project that would tie into his Torah portion of Re’eh, meaning, “to see.” “So I thought there is no better way than helping others see,” said Baskin, now 17. He reached out to Guide Dogs for the Blind, a Colorado organization that trains dogs to assist the blind and visually impaired. Baskin and his family attended multiple meetings and learned the skills necessary to prepare the ...

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Teen brightens smiles of ailing children

Teen brightens smiles of ailing children Teen Hero She may have been too young to officially volunteer her time but at 14, Arielle Davis found another way to help her local Ronald McDonald House. “I looked on their website and it said they needed toothbrushes,” said Davis, now 18. “It’s only a dollar a toothbrush, so even a child can afford to donate one.” But Davis went further than just donating one toothbrush. She contacted every dentist she could find in a 10-mile radius, set up a collection bin at her school and con...

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JTA News

Nobel medal of German doc who shielded Jews fetches $395,000

Cnaan Liphshiz Heinrich Otto Wieland, who determined the chemical structure of cholesterol, testified on behalf of a Jewish dissident during the Holocaust. ... [Link]

14 Baltimore-area rabbis to attend rally for Freddie Gray

Gabe Friedman The rally, organized by Baltimore United for Change, a coalition of grassroots organizations that focus on systemic inequality, was scheduled to begin Friday at 3 p.m. and was expected to draw hundred... [Link]

AIPAC opposes amendments to Iran bill it would ‘ordinarily support’

Ron Kampeas The American Israel Public Affairs Committee opposes amendments it would “ordinarily support” to a bill mandating congressional review of an Iran nuclear deal. ... [Link]

From the Archive: Highs and lows in Nepal-Israel relations

Julie Wiener The two countries have teamed up on various projects over the years, but young Israeli hikers have not always helped matters. ... [Link]

Jewish composer and musician wife die in New York house fire

Gabe Friedman A famed British-Jewish composer and his wife were killed in a fire at their home in Yonkers, New York. ... [Link]

San Francisco federation names new CEO

Uriel Heilman Danny Grossman, 57, is a business entrepreneur and will replace Jim Offel, who was named interim CEO after the resignation of Jennifer Gorovitz in early 2014. ... [Link]

Israeli mayor blasted for nixing Masorti bar mitzvah for disabled kids

Cnaan Liphshiz The city cited objections to the venue by non-Masorti parents from the public school that organized the event. ... [Link]

Where is the Jewish aid to Nepal going?

Uriel Heilman Some of the Israeli groups on the ground in Nepal are getting American Jewish support, but most of the American Jewish money dedicated to earthquake disaster relief is meant to reach Nepal in other wa... [Link]

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