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Jul 29th
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Making Judaism splashy in 2014

Making Judaism splashy in 2014

NEW YORK — An Israel-based nonprofit boasts staff and board members from brand-name companies like Facebook and Disney. Its splashy fundraising video promises a customizable online platform for Jewish learning with a comprehensive digital library of Judaic texts featuring translations, links to related sources, maps and videos.

But is Mercava the future of Jewish education or mere vaporware, the tech term for overly hyped software that never fully materializes?

Founded with $1.5 million in private donations raised primarily in Brooklyn’s Syrian Jewish community, Mercava hopes to raise another $1.5 million from North American Jewish foundations and federations.

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Romania faces Holocaust history

Romania faces Holocaust historyBUCHAREST — Touring the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in 2005, Romanian President Traian Basescu was unprepared to confront some painful truths. Facing a photograph showing pro-Nazi Romanian troops offloading their Jewish countrymen from cargo trains, Basescu was shocked and saddened. For decades, his country’s educational system had obscured the truth of Romanian complicity in the deaths of their Jewish countrymen. Now here he was in Washington seeing hard evidence to the contrary....

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A close aide to Sharon remembers

A close aide to Sharon remembersIN January, 1985, as a colonel in the Israeli Air Force, I was running a course for high-ranking officers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), focused on lessons from Israel’s wars. One of the case studies to be discussed was the battle of Um-Katef/Abu-Ageila, in the Six Day War, when the division of Gen. Ariel Sharon broke the backbone of the Egyptian army and enabled the breakthrough into Sinai, thus paving the way to Israel’s great land victory. This highly complex combined operation, ex...

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A stroke; a decade

A stroke; a decadeTWELVE years ago on January 11, 2002, Rabbi Sandra Cohen suffered a terrifying stroke at age 34 — but you’d never know it looking at her now. Soft spoken, articulate and smart as a whip, she nails imponderables in one or two lines. The physically fit Cohen who ran 50 miles a week and who led powerful High Holiday services is a memory. Lingering complications such as migraines, vertigo and depleted energy curtail her freedom. Yet a tranquility born of lengthy reflection radiates like the wi...

Focus on mental illness

Focus on mental illnessHUNDREDS of people turned out to express an interest in mental illness in the Jewish community, attending the inaugural event of Areivim Taskforce Denver, Jan. 5, at Zera Abraham. “Areivim” is Hebrew for “guarantors” or “those who take responsibility,” and is the name of an organization in New York that deals with mental illness and other problems in Jewish families. The Areivim organization in New York has worked with leaders in Denver to establish the local task force, which it h...
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Amid uncertainty of an open-ended war, U.S.-Israel tensions rise

Ron Kampeas Rapidly changing events on the ground in the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza are accompanied by volatility in the U.S.-Israel relationship. ... [Link]

France extradites Brussels Jewish museum shooting suspect

Marcy Oster The Frenchman suspected of killing four people at the Jewish Museum of Belgium was extradited by France to Belgium. ... [Link]

4 videos on the Gaza war that have pro-Israel viewers cheering

Uriel Heilman Amid the fighting in Gaza and Israel, video clips of Joan Rivers, Howard Stern, Ron Dermer and Hillel Neuer are cheering the pro-Israel crowd. ... [Link]

U.K. supermarket chain to stop carrying West Bank products

Anthony Weiss The largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom has announced that it will cease to sell products sourced in the West Bank by September. ... [Link]

Poll: Less than 4 percent of Israeli Jews believe firepower on Gaza excessive

Marcy Oster Less than 4 percent of Israeli Jews believe the Israel Defense Forces has used excessive firepower in Gaza, an Israeli survey found. ... [Link]

In U.S., Gaza conflict reverberates on air and in the streets

Uriel Heilman American supporters and critics of Israel are battling it out over the Gaza conflict — with commentary, slogans, demonstrations and some notable rants by Joan Rivers and Howard Stern. ... [Link]

Hamas executes dozens accused of collaborating with Israel

Marcy Oster Hamas has executed more than 30 Gazan Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel, according to Palestinian news sources. ... [Link]

Donald Sterling loses bid to block Clippers sale

Anthony Weiss A Los Angeles probate judge dealt a crippling blow to Donald Sterling’s efforts to maintain control of the Los Angeles Clippers, ruling that the mogul’s wife Rochelle was within her rights... [Link]

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