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Apr 25th
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Shoretz transforms cancer battle into national resource for Jewish women

Shoretz transforms cancer battle into national resource for Jewish women

NOTHING stops Sharsheret Executive Director Rochelle Shoretz — not exhaustion after speaking to 1,000 women at Choices or a touch of laryngitis or Stage 4 metastatic cancer.

Sitting in a restaurant in Cherry Creek, the founder of the largest network of supportive services for Jewish women dealing with breast cancer looks up from her booth.

“Hi, I’m Rochelle,” she introduces herself to the Intermountain Jewish News. “I thought it was you. I had a feeling.” Her voice may be compromised but her dedication to Sharsheret (“chain” in Hebrew) is perfectly audible.

At the Choices event, Shoretz discussed the formation of a Sharsheret support partnership with JEWISHcolorado.

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Holiday Features

Giant menorah in Holland signifies friendship

Giant menorah in Holland signifies friendshipBERLIKUM, Netherlands — In a windswept parking lot near the North Sea shore, Klaas Zijlstra stands motionless as he admires his latest creation. It’s the first time he is testing the 36-foot menorah he has spent weeks designing and building in the shape of a Star of David in his metal workshop in the northern tip of the Netherlands. Despite strong winds, the menorah holds, thanks in no small part to its six-ton base. This isn’t just any mega-menorah. For one thing, it may be the largest ...

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Holiday Features

Gobble tov! Insightful aspects of Thanksgivukah

Gobble tov! Insightful aspects of ThanksgivukahSECTION E PAGE 5 LOS ANGELES — If the Pilgrims are lighting menorahs and the Maccabees are chasing turkeys, it must be Thanksgivukah, as some have come to call the confluence of Thanksgiving and Chanukah that will happen this year on Nov. 28. It’s a rare event, one that won’t occur again until 2070 and then in 2165. Beyond that, because the Jewish lunisolar (lunar with solar adjustments) calendar is very slowly getting out of sync with the solar calendar, the Chanukah-Thanksgiving conflu...

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Shiny new home for the past: Beck Archives at DU

Shiny new home for the past: Beck Archives at DUSECTION A PAGE 2 ATTENTION all historians, archivists, genealogists, scholars, writers and those who are simply fascinated with that which has gone before: The past is secure. And much more fun and comfortable to delve into than it used to be. The Beck Archives of the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society — for decades the main repository of the textual and material legacy of intermountain Jewry — has a new, state-of-the-art, aesthetic and spacious home, in the heart of the University ...

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My history with the family of Oswald’s killer

My history with the  family of Oswald’s killerWE were sharing a pastrami sandwich and pickles at the Los Angeles landmark Canter’s Deli. I was 24. She was nearly 50 years older, with a piercing voice as loud as her flaming red wig. Her name was Eva Rubenstein Grant, and she was a little-known nightclub manager the morning of Nov. 24, 1963, when her brother left the apartment they shared in Dallas and blasted his way into infamy by fatally shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. It was historyfirst live televised murder. Eva worked and lived with Ja...

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