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Aug 21st
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Local man says that new sea in the Jordan valley can bring peace

Local man says that new sea in the Jordan valley can bring peace

WILLIAM Grimes, a Jewish man from Aurora, thinks he knows how to bring peace to the Middle East.

A dreamer of big — in fact, very big — dreams, he believes that the key to peace and prosperity lies not in such timeworn approaches as land concessions, rights of return, dismantlement or even demilitarization.

Rather, the key to peace lies within the Jordan Sea.

Before you scramble for your atlas in search of this mysterious body of water, be aware that it doesn’t exist.


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Ethicist Rabbi Tendler tells it like it is

Ethicist Rabbi Tendler tells it like it isNEW YORK — After the January shootings in Arizona and the resultant calls for greater civility and moderation in the national discourse; after an acrimonious back-and-forth over the Jewish legal approach to death and organ donation; and after still more calls for a gentler, more civil public discourse, Rabbi Moshe Tendler stood up in a Jerusalem synagogue and accused his fellow Orthodox rabbis of perpetrating one of the worst desecrations of G-d’s name in American Jewish history. The rabbis...

Son of a founder of Hamas tells how he turned from terrorism and from Islam

Son of a founder of Hamas tells how he turned from terrorism and from IslamMOSAB Hassan Yousef is a very serious young man, one whose dark eyes seldom waver from direct and piercing contact, one for whom smiles and laughter come but rarely, one who wears his passion and determination openly and without apology. He is the much-discussed “Son of Hamas,” a moniker that sounds contrived and theatrical until you know his story. In an autobiography with that same name, he tells it, in the same direct and succinct language with which he speaks. Born in Ramallah, on the ...

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If your credit goes bad

If your credit goes bad HERE’S the situation: You haven’t made a payment on your credit cards in three months — there simply isn’t enough money. The late fees are piling on. The interest rates are soaring. Your credit rating is diving. Worse yet, the phone is starting to ring. The wolves are at the door. And they’re hungry. You don’t dare to speak to them. You know they’re predators, with sharp fangs. You also don’t dare ignore them. You know they won’t go away until they huff and puff and blow...

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Limmud: perfect networking tool for authors, artists, groups

Limmud: perfect networking tool for authors, artists, groupsSAN FRANCISCO — Journalist and author Lisa Alcalay Klug flew across the country this month to present at Limmud NY, the annual New York version of the worldwide Jewish learning extravaganza. The Jan. 14-17 conference in upstate New York was Klug’s seventh Limmud gathering in 12 months. Like the hundreds of other Limmud presenters whose paths she crosses, she doesn’t get paid for her time. “I’ve met amazing people, developed new friendships and reinforced past relationships,” said ...
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Temple U. Jewish student punched at pro-Palestinian group’s booth

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Gaza experiencing severe water shortage

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Australian Jewish school evacuated by bomb scare

Ben Sales Students at a Jewish school in Melbourne were evacuated Thursday amid a bomb scare. ... [Link]

U.N. watchdog expected to report Iran complying with nuclear deal

Ben Sales A report from the nuclear watchdog of the United Nations is expected to show that Iran is complying with the terms of an interim agreement regarding its nuclear program. ... [Link]

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