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Sep 02nd
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ADL’s Sugarman says anti-Semitism isn’t going away

ADL’s Sugarman says anti-Semitism isn’t going away

THE more things change, the more they stay the same.

Robert Sugarman, national chair of the Anti-Defamation League, doesn’t use the ancient truism himself, but his words provide a perfect illustration of the point.

He was talking about anti-Semitism and its ever-changing faces, relating how while the style might frequently take new forms, the substance never really alters.

Eloquent and thoughtful last week in his comments to the Intermountain Jewish News, traits that no doubt served him well during his long career as an attorney, Sugarman was speaking about one of the newest forms of anti-Semitism — the celebrity who says hateful or outrageous things about Jews.


Memory in Berlin and New York — the evolution of Holocuast memorials

Memory in Berlin and New York — the evolution of Holocuast memorialsIN 1997, Prof. James E. Young chaired Berlin’s five-member Findungskommission to explore ways of accomplishing an improbable goal — commemorating six million Jews murdered under the Nazi regime. “The process was nearly paralyzed, and understandably so,” Young told the IJN a few hours before his keynote speech at the Fred Marcus Holocaust Memorial Lecture sponsored by DU’s Holocaust Awareness Institute. His talk was entitled “The Stages of Memory in Berlin and New York.” The Berl...

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Local man says that new sea in the Jordan valley can bring peace

Local man says that new sea in the Jordan valley can bring peaceWILLIAM Grimes, a Jewish man from Aurora, thinks he knows how to bring peace to the Middle East. A dreamer of big — in fact, very big — dreams, he believes that the key to peace and prosperity lies not in such timeworn approaches as land concessions, rights of return, dismantlement or even demilitarization. Rather, the key to peace lies within the Jordan Sea. Before you scramble for your atlas in search of this mysterious body of water, be aware that it doesn’t exist. Yet....

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Ethicist Rabbi Tendler tells it like it is

Ethicist Rabbi Tendler tells it like it isNEW YORK — After the January shootings in Arizona and the resultant calls for greater civility and moderation in the national discourse; after an acrimonious back-and-forth over the Jewish legal approach to death and organ donation; and after still more calls for a gentler, more civil public discourse, Rabbi Moshe Tendler stood up in a Jerusalem synagogue and accused his fellow Orthodox rabbis of perpetrating one of the worst desecrations of G-d’s name in American Jewish history. The rabbis...

Son of a founder of Hamas tells how he turned from terrorism and from Islam

Son of a founder of Hamas tells how he turned from terrorism and from IslamMOSAB Hassan Yousef is a very serious young man, one whose dark eyes seldom waver from direct and piercing contact, one for whom smiles and laughter come but rarely, one who wears his passion and determination openly and without apology. He is the much-discussed “Son of Hamas,” a moniker that sounds contrived and theatrical until you know his story. In an autobiography with that same name, he tells it, in the same direct and succinct language with which he speaks. Born in Ramallah, on the ...

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Obama administration calls on Israel to reverse land appropriation

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Palestinian driver killed attempting to run West Bank checkpoint

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Thousands rally in Frankfurt against anti-Semitism

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Olmert retrial in Talansky Affair begins

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Parents, teachers protest division of secular school for haredi girls

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Lady Gaga pre-Tel Aviv concert ‘Shalom’ video irks some Arab fans

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Jewish community praises Greek mayor for yellow star protest

Marcy Oster The mayor of the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki wore a yellow Star of David at his inauguration to protest a newly elected city councilman from the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party. ... [Link]

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