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Aug 03rd
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30 years later, IDF trio forgotten

30 years later, IDF trio forgotten

BALTIMORE — Soon after the Lebanon War began in June, 1982, Avigdor Chen’s tank unit fell into a trap. Artillery rained from high ground occupied by the Syrians near the village of Sultan Yacoub. The battle continued all night.

When dawn broke, Chen saw a struck Israeli tank some 100 yards away. With smoke billowing from it, the tank rolled downhill. Chen ran toward the now-stopped tank. He smelled burning human flesh and looked inside. The commander, Zohar Lipschitz, was dead. Chen ventured no further into the tank, knowing that another shell could follow imminently.

Chen later learned that Yehuda Katz also had been inside the tank.

Katz, then 25; Zachary Baumel, 21, with whom Chen had been friends since basic training; and a third soldier, Zvi Feldman, 22, have been missing ever since that battle, which took place 30 years ago, on June 11.

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Bartender barber preserves Tajik craftsmanship and Jewish traditions

Bartender barber preserves Tajik craftsmanship and Jewish traditionsSEMION Kikirov, 31, the cutting edge, blue-jeaned barber of Lincoln Street, hears lots of stories from clients falling under the spell of his soothing, expert craftsmanship. His male customers regale him with news of their jobs, kids, grandkids, relationship issues, fast cars and filthy carburetors. Like a trusted bartender at the neighborhood watering hole, Semion keeps every informational nugget under wraps. “I am a bartender in a way,” he tells the IJN in a conference room above Semion...

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Shimon’s journey from perennial loser to Israel’s most popular figure

Shimon’s journey from perennial loser to Israel’s most popular figure WASHINGTON — For decades, the joke in Israel went: How do you know when Shimon Peres is headed for defeat? When he announces that he is running. Peres — today Israel’s extremely popular president and this week a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom — always seemed doomed to defeat at the polls because of everything he was not: a soldier, a sabra, a gladhander, a gladiator in Israel’s rough-and-tumble political arena. It has taken Peres, a leader in the Zionist enterprise...

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Is Bangladeshi pro-Israel journalist 'humanist' or 'fraud'?

Is Bangladeshi pro-Israel journalist 'humanist' or 'fraud'?DHAKA, Bangladesh — Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury sat at the cafe of the five-star Ruposhi Bangla Hotel in downtown Dhaka — capital of the third-largest Muslim nation on Earth — stridently proclaiming his love for Israel and the Jewish people. “I am a Zionist and a friend of Israel,” he told JTA in a voice loud enough to be heard by hotel guests and local businessmen sipping their afternoon tea at nearby tables. But nobody paid any attention. That in itself, said Choudhury, represente...

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Unintended conquest: Jerusalem's Old City

Unintended conquest: Jerusalem's Old City JERUSALEM — With the outbreak of the Six Day War 45 years ago (June 5), residents of the Jordanian half of divided Jerusalem anticipated swift victory and the destruction of Israel. Fast forward to 2011, when Arabs living in East Jerusalem were asked where they would prefer to live when a Palestinian state is established. Thirty percent said they would prefer to be Palestinian citizens but 35% said they preferred Israeli citizenship. The rest declined to answer, but it would be safe to assum...

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Jewish uprising at Treblinka commemorated

Marcy Oster Samuel Willenberg, the last surviving prisoner of Treblinka, attended the ceremony marking the 72nd anniversary of the outbreak of the uprising. ... [Link]

Anti-Semitic graffiti painted on mural on remnants of Berlin Wall

Marcy Oster The attack comes during a week when several thousand Jewish visitors are participating in the first ever European Maccabi Games to be held in Germany. ... [Link]

International Jewish gay conference to honor Jerusalem parade victim

Cnaan Liphshiz Some 70 participants from around the world will convene for the inaugural meeting  in Salzburg of the new think tank, which is called Eighteen:22. ... [Link]

U.S. Jewish groups call on Israel to rein in its Jewish extremists

Marcy Oster The call came in messages condemning the firebombing of a Palestinian home in the West Bank and the stabbing of six people during the Jerusalem Gay Pride parade. ... [Link]

After Palestinian baby’s death, Israelis say condemnation not enough

Ben Sales A string of violent attacks has prompted a broad spectrum of Israelis to call for more aggressive action against Jewish terrorism. ... [Link]

Memorial held for teen killed in gay pride parade stabbing

Marcy Oster Education Minister Naftali Bennett, the head of the right-wing Jewish Home party, told the hundreds of vigil participants, “do not be afraid to be who you are.” ... [Link]

Jewish suspects in deadly firebombing can be held without charges

Marcy Oster Israel’s security Cabinet allows administrative detention, a measure to prevent terrorism, in an attack that killed a baby boy. ... [Link]

Massive Jerusalem fire brought under control amid heatwave

Marcy Oster Some 30 firefighting teams and at least four airplanes battled the blaze, which led to the evacuation of hundreds of people from their homes. ... [Link]

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