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Rabbis remember marching with Martin Luther King in South in 1960s

Rabbis remember marching with Martin Luther King in South in 1960s

SAN FRANCISCO — Rabbi Israel Dresner, 81, says he’s the most arrested rabbi in America.

At least that was the case in the 1960s, he says, when Dresner was one of dozens of rabbis who answered the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s call for clergy from the North to join the civil rights movement in the Jim Crow South.

From the Freedom Rides of 1961 to the famous march in Alabama from Selma to Montgomery in March, 1965, when Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel walked in the front row with King, Jews were prominent participants in the battle for civil rights that dominated the first half of the ‘60s.


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WW II veteran shares sharp memories tempered by mellow philosophy of life

WW II veteran shares sharp memories tempered by mellow philosophy of lifeDAVID Marks likes to tell jokes — not quite off-color, but ironically and cleverly funny — and he likes to join his listener in laughing at them. He likes to travel and has been doing so since he “retired and became a bum” in 1977. He still travels with amazing frequency for a man of 90 years, hop-scotching between Denver, New York, Florida and points in between. He likes to pray, and does so just about every day at BMH-BJ, a synagogue where he is quite content,  — although, to be f...

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Synagogue and mosque: A little neighborliness — from 9/11 on — has gone a long way

Synagogue and mosque: A little neighborliness — from 9/11 on — has gone a long wayPHILADELPHIA — The cars slowly turn onto the long driveway, their wheels occasionally crunching the adjacent ground frozen from the night before and speckled with a light dusting of snow. Rabbi Yossi Kaplan and Mohammad Aziz walk side by side in the direction of the oncoming line of traffic. Several young, professional-looking Muslim men pass them in the opposite direction, pausing to shake the rabbi’s hand and wish him a hearty “Shabbat Shalom.” It’s Friday, right before afternoon p...

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Reclaiming vanished Jewish history in Galicia

Reclaiming vanished Jewish history in GaliciaSOLOTVYN, Ukraine — On a sloping green hill tucked between small farmsteads, the mottled graves of Jews buried here since the 1600s rise up like a forgotten forest. Trudging through the mud between the tilted stones, their chiseled Hebrew lettering and renderings of menorahs sometimes barely visible, Vladimer Levin, a young historian who specializes in Jewish art, wants to save the gravestones. “When we talk about preserving Jewish history, it’s not just about the spiritual life, thought...

New rabbinical school in Canada is between Orthodox and Conservative

New rabbinical school in Canada is between Orthodox and ConservativeSAN FRANCISCO — When the opening of a new rabbinical school is announced, the obvious first question for many is: What denomination is it? In the case of a new yeshiva and rabbinical seminary planned ?for Toronto, the answer isn’t quite clear. For now, the plan is for the Canadian Yeshiva and Rabbinical School, which calls itself “traditional yet modern,” to open fully by 2012. The idea of opening the rabbinical seminary is to train liberal halachic rabbis who will be suited to meet t...

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