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Sep 21st
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From Vitebsk to Denver, deputy at county jail is a Russian Jew

From Vitebsk to Denver, deputy at county jail is a Russian Jew

WHEN Captain Jacob Kopylov begins his 12-hour shift as a watch commander in one of the several Denver County jails where he works, he knows he’ll be overseeing some pretty tough customers.

Quiet and thoughtful, but with a steely demeanor and a hard physique that clearly advertises strength and agility, he explains why he and his fellow Denver Sheriff’s deputies routinely carry guns.

“We’ve had deputies who have been killed, and quite a few who were nearly killed,” he says in clear English, nicely accented with a Russian lilt.

“We’re dealing with very dangerous people — serial killers, prison gangs, neo-Nazis, child molesters, pedophiles, prostitutes, drug traffickers, everything.”


‘My mother saved hundreds at Bergen-Belsen’

‘My mother saved hundreds at Bergen-Belsen’ NEW YORK — Sunday, May 13, 1945, five days after the end of WW II in Europe, was Mother’s Day in the US. At Bergen-Belsen in Germany, however, there was nothing for my mother to celebrate on that day as she took part in the monumental medical and humanitarian effort to save as many of that Nazi concentration camp’s critically ill survivors as possible.

Oral histories document Israeli struggle for independence

Oral histories document Israeli struggle for independenceRAMAT GAN, Israel — Ruth Farhi’s eyes cloud with tears and her gaze turns from the camera recording her story as she tells of a memorable January night in 1948 that haunts her to this day. She and a bunch of friends were crammed into her one-room rooftop apartment, sitting at the same upright piano with wooden inlay that sits just feet away from her now, singing and laughing late into the night. The revelry ended only when the 15 young men among them, all fighters in the Haganah, Israel’...

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Holiday Features

In the spirit of the Mishnah . . . freeing up the seder

In the spirit of the Mishnah . . . freeing up the sederSCARSDALE, NY — You can find the secret to creating lively Passover seders in a surprising place — the 1,800-year-old law code, the Mishnah. For starters, the Mishnah designed a careful balance between aspects of the seder evening that should be fixed and others that left room for spontaneity. Fixed elements included drinking four cups of wine, eating matzah, explaining the meaning of the Passover sacrifice, eating matzah with bitter herbs, and reciting the six psalms of Hallel. These wou...

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Holiday Features

Baking your own matzah

Baking your own matzahLOS ANGELES — In every generation, the Haggadah tells us, the wise, the simple, the non-askers and even the baddies are obligated to see themselves as though they themselves went out from Egypt. I hope that the closest some of us come to this ideal is not the stroll through the Passover aisle of our neighborhood supermarket. Why does Passover have to come in a neatly packaged box with easy bake instructions? This Passover, to heat up and personalize my leaving from Egypt, I decided to foreg...

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Polly Bergen, actress and singer, dies at 84

Marcy Oster Polly Bergen, who won accolades as a film, television and stage actress as well as a singer, has died. ... [Link]

Dozens of Jewish groups join People’s Climate March in NYC

Marcy Oster More than 100 Jewish organizations participated in the People’s Climate March in New York as part of the Jewish Climate Campaign. ... [Link]

Ex-Calif. synagogue director sentenced to jail for embezzlement

Marcy Oster The former executive director of a synagogue in La Jolla, Calif., was sentenced to 18 months in prison for embezzlement. ... [Link]

Op-Ed: To keep Jewish professionals, let them go

Julie Wiener The Jewish professional sector could be just as fluid and dynamic as some of the most competitive sectors in the world. Here’s how, writes a director of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Found... [Link]

Israeli NGO sends team to Sierra Leone to help combat Ebola

Marcy Oster The Israeli nongovernmental relief organization IsraAID is sending medical professionals to Sierra Leone to help patients who have tested positive for the deadly Ebola virus. ... [Link]

Lady Gaga: White House provided assurances on Tel Aviv’s safety

Marcy Oster Lady Gaga said the White House assured her it would be safe in Tel Aviv when the American singer played there earlier this month. ... [Link]

Vienna Jewish Museum restitutes Nazi-looted painting

Marcy Oster The Vienna Jewish Museum restituted a Nazi-looted painting to the artist’s grandnieces. ... [Link]

Israel establishing national cyber defense authority

Marcy Oster Israel will launch a national cyber defense authority to defend civilians against cyber threats. ... [Link]

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