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Oct 31st
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The man behind ‘Stars for Israel’

The man behind ‘Stars for Israel’

“Stars for Israel” is the brainchild of Maxwell Rotbart, a student at Metro State College of Denver.

Rotbart wants to know why Israel should be talking about prisoner swaps, when Gilad Shalit is denied basic human rights that should be unconditional.

“Why should Israel swap for Shalit before Israel gets word of Shalit’s basic condition — especially when you consider that the last prisoners swapped for were returned dead?”

That’s why Rotbart has begun his campaign to force the International Red Cross to verify Shalit’s living conditions — as it is required to do under international law, and which Hamas is obligated to do under international law.

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Joe Lieberman rests not on laurels, but on Shabbat

Joe Lieberman rests not on laurels, but on ShabbatWASHINGTON — Call Joe Lieberman the unlikely evangelist. The Independent senator from Connecticut — and the best-known Orthodox Jew in American politics — is probably more cognizant than most of his Jewish congressional colleagues about rabbinical interdictions against encouraging non-Jews to mimic Jewish ritual. Yet here he is, about to release a book advising Christians and others not to drive to church, to welcome their Sabbath in the evening, to cut off the wired world and to, umm, e...

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Becoming a rabbi later in life

Becoming a rabbi later in lifeBOSTON — Ten years ago, Sonia Saltzman was a frequent business traveler to Latin America for a Boston-based nonprofit job in international micro-lending. Evette Lutman spent more than 10 years working as an attorney representing battered women and serving as a family referee in a Michigan county courthouse. Charles Friedman worked for nearly 15 years in his family’s business in plastics construction manufacturing. Today, all three are rabbis, having changed careers midlife to pursue their...

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Lod and Denver have long relationship

Lod and Denver have long relationshipTHE Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado has a long relationship with Lod, Israel. In 1986, the Denver Jewish community raised over $2 million to build a community center in a distressed neighborhood that helped revitalize the area. The $2 million amount was matched by the Jewish Agency. The Denver Community Center’s presence in Lod, and specifically in an area of widespread poverty and joblessness, has helped to create a sense of community in a challenging area. The community center becam...

New federation CEOs bring more outside, less inside experience

New federation CEOs bring more outside, less inside experienceNEW YORK — A generational changing of the guard throughout North America’s largest Jewish charitable network is opening the door to new chief executives increasingly open to experimenting with changes to the century-old funding model favored by local federations. In some communities, boards of directors are tapping CEO candidates with little or no experience within the federations system, drawing from other corners of the charitable world or the business sector. In other cases, up-and-come...

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