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Mar 27th
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IsraAID’s big difference in Japan

IsraAID’s big difference in Japan

SENDAI, Japan — Tears run down the face of Kohata Yuriko as she recalls the events of March 11 last year, when a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of eastern Japan in the early afternoon.

Shopping for groceries in the small fishing town of Iwanuma, she heard the tsunami sirens.

Realizing she had little time, Yuriko collected her son and 93-year-old father and fled.

As her foot hit the gas pedal, she could hear the horrible noise of the wave as it came crashing through the neighborhood.


View from Israel: Spiritual travel guide

View from Israel: Spiritual travel guideJERUSALEM — In the Holy City, even the silly rises to the saintly; how much more so the saintly itself. Technology cannot mask the silly; indeed, the Holy City has become a marvel of technology. The new train system is sleek and efficient. Countless thousands of cars no longer ply the streets and plug the traffic. Countless tons of pollution are obviated by this new train, which, at one point, soars above the city on a curved bridge, reaching into the heavens that define Jerusalem as they de...

Some Israelis trying to go green

Some Israelis trying to go greenJERUSALEM — The still-new recycling center in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem is fairly quiet on a crisp winter afternoon. Several people drive in to drop off their recycling — from old printers and batteries to aluminum pans, plastic containers and cardboard — in bins clearly labeled for each type of material. These people, however, are the outliers. Most Jerusalemites don’t recycle at all. The city has no curbside recycling program and, as in the rest of Israel, recycling i...

Is she Israeli? Filipino? Legal? Illegal?

Is she Israeli? Filipino? Legal? Illegal?TEL AVIV — With eyes closed, it would have been difficult to guess that the female voice with the amazing range singing a Hebrew classic was a shy-looking, 11-year-old Filipina. But there was Kathleen Eligado performing Miri Aloni’s “Ballad of Hedva and Shlomik” before a prime-time television audience of a million Israelis. Eligado, born in Israel to Filipino migrant worker parents, is one of the stars of the popular Israeli show “Music School,” a kind of “American Idol” for kid...

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Three Jewish TV stations struggling

Three Jewish TV stations strugglingNEW YORK — It is a strange irony: Jews have been successful in the television business — but Jewish TV, not so much. It’s not for lack of trying. Right now, no fewer than three Jewish-focused national cable channels are trying to carve out a viable niche within the already small niche for Jewish TV. It’s a road others have taken in the past, only to reach a dead end. Jay Sanderson, who served for 21 years as CEO of the Jewish Television Network, knows better than most....
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Suit against anti-Iran group dismissed over national security

Marcy Oster Greek shipping magnate Victor Restis sued United Against Nuclear Iran for saying he was fronting for the Iranian government in its bid to bypass energy sector sanctions. ... [Link]

Lawmakers introduce bill to stymie Israel boycotts

Marcy Oster Under the Boycott Our Enemies, Not Israel Act, prospective contractors with the U.S. government would be required to certify that they are not participating in any boycotts against Israel. ... [Link]

Israeli press talking out of its asteroid?

Julie Wiener Several Israeli media outlets wrongly reported that a harmless asteroid could mean the end of the world. ... [Link]

Palestinian, 20, dies after being shot by Israeli soldiers in clash

Marcy Oster Ali Mahmoud Safi, 20, was shot in the chest on March 18 during a protest at a refugee camp near Ramallah in the West Bank; he remained in a coma until he was pronounced dead on March 25. ... [Link]

French firm, citing political concerns, quits Jerusalem rail project

Marcy Oster After two years of feasibility studies on the cable car project, the company said it wanted “to avoid any political interpretation.” ... [Link]

Will haredi Orthodox Jews embrace pre-nups that protect women from becoming agunot?

Gabe Friedman This Sunday will mark a new milestone in the fight to end the agunah crisis: for what is believed to be the first time, haredi Orthodox couples will attend a “Halachic Prenup/Postnup” party in Bro... [Link]

Jewish frat shut down at U. of Michigan

Uriel Heilman The move was prompted by a wild party at a Michigan ski resort that left 45 hotel rooms trashed and $430,000 worth of damage. ... [Link]

Some of Lincoln’s best friends were Jews

Julie Wiener Not only did the 16th president free the slaves, but he also stood up for the Jews, a new exhibit and book show. ... [Link]

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