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Dec 20th
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After the Carmel fire: A Torah’s trip to a secular kibbutz

After the Carmel fire: A Torah’s trip to a secular kibbutz

MONTCLAIR, NJ — We land at Ben Gurion Airport in the heat of winter, on the first day of Chanukah. At 11 a.m. Dec. 2, already it is 82 degrees in Tel Aviv — unusual weather for the rainy season in Israel. And it will get hotter. Much hotter.

Moments before our wheels touch down, a brush fire breaks out in the Carmel Valley, near Haifa. By the time we make it to our taxi it is a news item on the radio. You don’t need to be a fluent Hebrew speaker to know that something is happening. The cab drivers are clustered, standing by their cars with the news blaring on the radio, smoking, not talking. They are listening intently.


1919 'Hitler Letter'is earliest reflection of anti-Semitism

1919 'Hitler Letter'is earliest reflection of anti-SemitismLOS ANGELES — Ten months after WW I ended, a 30-year-old German army veteran wrote a two-page letter in which he explained the “Jewish question” on a “rational” and “scientific” basis. “An anti-Semitism based on reason must lead to a systematic combating and elimination of the privileges of the Jews,” he wrote. “The ultimate objective must be the irrevocable removal of Jews in general.” Signed “Respectfully, Adolf Hitler,” the letter received high marks for the author...

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Should my sukkah have a debt ceiling?

Should my sukkah have a debt ceiling?LOS ANGELES — Each Sukkot we read in Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, that there “is a time to tear down, and a time to build up.” For my sukkah it was time for both. Last year the legs of my sukkah were bowed and its roof supports looked flimsy. This year I wanted to rebuild my Jewish infrastructure, maybe even expand. But in a year of tight budgets, both personal and national, in a year when even the US Congress had finances as shaky as any sukkah, how should I proceed?...

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AJC's Project Interchange breaks stereotypes, builds bonds

AJC's Project Interchange breaks stereotypes, builds bondsSam Witkin is disturbingly frank in his description of the way many non-Jews who have never been to Israel perceive the Jewish state. “In the eyes of most people,” he says, “Israel is a dark, foreboding, warlike place — a place where you wouldn’t think about visiting or spending any length of time.” And those are the comparatively non-skeptical people with whom Witkin regularly deals. Many others, with stronger, more firmly established opinions, are convinced that Israel is an oppr...

9/11 - I remember, and I wasn't there

9/11 - I remember, and I wasn't thereI woke up late the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. Instead of switching on the TV to catch the national news — a time-honored tradition until that hurried moment — I washed my face, dressed, downed my coffee and drove to the Intermountain Jewish News on Sherman Street. My car raced through traffic. Intent on arriving at work in one piece, I neglected to turn on the radio. Nothing seemed out of place that Tuesday morning in Denver, Colorado. Horns did not honk. Frantic arms did not wave. It was j...

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‘Ida’ makes Oscars shortlist

Gabrielle Birkner The Israeli entry, ‘Gett,’ is out of the running, but a Polish film about a would-be nun who discovers her parents were killed in the Holocaust was among the nine foreign films that advanc... [Link]

Tampa-area agency head dead in murder-suicide

Anthony Weiss A Florida Jewish agency head who had been deeply involved with caring for migrant children was found dead with her longtime partner in what police are calling an apparent murder-suicide. ... [Link]

A military miracle: Hanukkah care for U.S. armed forces personnel

Raffi Wineburg For the last seven years, Kosher Troops has been sending care packages to American-Jewish servicemen and women across the globe. ... [Link]

Behind every great ‘Serial’ podcast host, a Jewish studies professor

Gabrielle Birkner In the series finale of the podcast sensation “Serial,” a certain Jewish studies professor got a shout out. It was Sarah Koenig’s husband, who directs the Jewish Studies program at P... [Link]

French far-right mayor’s city hall menorah sparks controversy

Cnaan Liphshiz National Front candiate also placed a nativity scene in public space despite concerns this violate church-state separation. ... [Link]

Jesus comes to the Hanukkah party

Ron Kampeas The Christian savior keeps insinuating himself into Hanukkah festivities. ... [Link]

For Cuban Jews in U.S., rapprochement with Castro regime cause for concern

Uriel Heilman For those old enough to remember the most brutal years of the Castro regime, there is deep concern that rapprochement with Washington will extend the life of a dictatorship whose crimes can be neither... [Link]

Washington Institute names former Palestinian negotiator as fellow

Ron Kampeas The Washington Institute for Near East Policy named a former Palestinian negotiator to its think tank team. ... [Link]

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