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Mar 04th
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Three Jewish TV stations struggling

Three Jewish TV stations struggling

NEW YORK — It is a strange irony: Jews have been successful in the television business — but Jewish TV, not so much.

It’s not for lack of trying. Right now, no fewer than three Jewish-focused national cable channels are trying to carve out a viable niche within the already small niche for Jewish TV.

It’s a road others have taken in the past, only to reach a dead end.

Jay Sanderson, who served for 21 years as CEO of the Jewish Television Network, knows better than most.


Samoan dateline hopping poses question for Jews: When is Shabbat?

Samoan dateline hopping poses question for Jews: When is Shabbat?NEW YORK — The Pacific island nation of Samoa is taking 186,000 citizens through a national time warp by moving west of the international dateline, forfeiting the last Friday of 2011 and jumping straight from Thursday into Saturday. For Samoans, this solves a practical question: Why remain 18 to 23 hours behind chief trade partners Australia and New Zealand? For Jews, it poses a question of a different sort: When does Shabbat start in Samoa? And are there really any Jews in Samoa?...

Judea Pearl’s futuristic quest - the perfect robot

Judea Pearl’s futuristic quest - the perfect robotLOS ANGELES — A man arrives at an airport for a flight, and as he goes through security the agent asks some questions. Did anyone help him pack his suitcase? What is the purpose of his trip? Is anyone accompanying him? During the conversation, the agent enters answers and facial reactions into a computer pre-programmed with millions of pieces of information relating to the behavior of suspicious passengers. Such man-and-machine collaborations, in this instance to detect terrorists, are not ...

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Chanukah: The holiday of Jewish identity and integrity becomes very public

Chanukah: The holiday of Jewish identity and integrity becomes very publicLOS ANGELES — It doesn’t get more “only in America” than this: A Christian president with an African-born Muslim father throws a Chanukah party at the White House, and the featured act is the West Point Jewish Chapel Cadet Choir — a group that serves as a beacon of Jewish pride and identity at the nation’s top military academy, while also boasting a non-Jewish conductor and plenty of non-Jewish members. And one more twist. When the Jewish choir performed at the White House Chanukah...

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In tough times, Jews are relying on the community

In tough times, Jews are relying on the community CHANUKAH EDITION SECTION E PAGE 6 BOSTON — In August, in the heat of the summer, a Boston-area mother of three began to worry about how she would pay for Chanukah gifts. Across the country in San Francisco, a 33-year-old Russian-born mother of six said that thinking about this Chanukah made her cry. Both women — Lauren of Boston and Lilya of San Francisco (they asked that their last names not be used) — are struggling in a down economy to provide for their families. They are hopeful t...

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Homeland Security bill includes $13 million for religious and other nonprofit groups

Julie Wiener Since its inception nine years ago, the Nonprofit Security Grants Program has provided more than $110 million to Jewish schools, synagogues and other nonprofits. ... [Link]

Argentine president’s full-page ad discredits Nisman’s complaint

Julie Wiener The advertisement published Wednesday says the complaint prepared by the late AMIA prosecutor Alberto Nisman is “filled with contradictions, illogical, with no legal basis.” ... [Link]

Isaac Herzog hopes to speak softly and carry Israel’s election

Ben Sales The leading contender to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on March 17, Isaac Herzog represents a change not just in substance, but in style. ... [Link]

Obama: Netanyahu said ‘nothing new’ and offers ‘no viable alternative’

Marcy Oster If no deal is signed then “Iran will immediately begin once again pursuing its nuclear program, accelerate its nuclear program, without us having any insight into what they’re doing, and witho... [Link]

U.N. envoy calls for investigation into civilian Gaza deaths

Marcy Oster Makarim Wibisono recently took over as the special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories. ... [Link]

How Netanyahu’s speech played in Israel

Ben Sales Israeli reactions to the speech focused on one question: What does this mean for the ballot box? ... [Link]

Israel tells Argentina that it is responsible for embassy bombing investigation

Marcy Oster The statement was in response to an accusation made by Argentina’s President Christina Fernandez de Kircher, who rebuked Israel for not working to bring the perpetrators of the 1992 bombing of i... [Link]

Former Sen. Danforth decries use of anti-Semitism in Missouri campaign

Marcy Oster Danforth spoke at the memorial service for Tom Schweich, a Republican candidate for governor, who killed himself after telling journalists that a fellow party member was leading a whisper campaign say... [Link]

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