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Nov 28th
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9/11 - I remember, and I was there

9/11 - I remember,  and I was there

FRANK Schiff remembers the time when “nine” and “eleven” were nothing more than odd numbers.

He also remembers the moment when that changed forever.

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, the Denver-born and raised New Yorker was on his way to work in Manhattan, in a building across the street from the World Trade Center. He had taken his usual subway and gotten off at his usual station, named after and directly beneath the World Trade Center.

Everything seemed as normal and routine as could be.

Until he reached the street above.

A wall of panicked people were rushing in his direction. Beyond them, Schiff could see flames shooting from the first WTC tower into which, just “seconds before,” a hijacked jetliner had crashed.

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Testing for 19 genetic diseases

Testing for 19 genetic diseasesWASHINGTON — Susan and Brad Stillman grew concerned following their son Benjamin’s birth in September, 1998. He was fussy and congested, had difficulty breastfeeding and didn’t take to the bottle. The parents brought him to the pediatrician and then to a hospital pediatric care unit near their home in Rockville, Md., a suburb of Washington. Benjamin soon was diagnosed with Riley-Day syndrome, now called familial dysautonomia, a genetic disease of the autonomic nervous system that disprop...

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After 9/11: Grim business of identifying the dead to prevent agunah

After 9/11: Grim business of identifying the dead to prevent agunahNEW YORK — When unthinkable disaster struck a decade ago and close to 3,000 people were murdered at the World Trade Center, the scale of destruction created a unique challenge for victims’ families: identification of the dead. With only fragmented human remains and degraded DNA left in the wake of 9/11, that task became, in the words of the National Institute of Justice, “the greatest forensic challenge ever undertaken in this country.” For the families of Jewish victims, this problem ...

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Ramadan in Israel - getting days off

Ramadan in Israel - getting days offJERUSALEM — Last week, Muslim and Jewish soldiers gathered after a day’s training to eat a communal iftar, the traditional break-the-fast meal eaten after sunset during the month-long observance of the Islamic holiday of Ramadan. “Ramadan isn’t just one day like the 17th of Tammuz or Tisha B’Av,” said Col. Ahmed Ramiz, head of the minority population directorate in the Human Resources branch of the Israel Defense Forces. “It affects an organization like ours to have so many peopl...

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A concrete way to help Gilad Shalit

A concrete way to help Gilad Shalit THANK G-d it is no longer necessary to educate the public about Gilad Shalit. His plight has become common knowledge and his name pervades our prayers each and every day. Many great people have campaigned for his release and untold numbers of people have rallied in his support across the globe. It is on this foundation that “Stars for Israel” is being launched. The idea is to take all the support we have professed for Gilad and to turn it into concrete action. It is to demonstrate to G...
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