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Oct 23rd
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New federation CEOs bring more outside, less inside experience

New federation CEOs bring more outside, less inside experience

NEW YORK — A generational changing of the guard throughout North America’s largest Jewish charitable network is opening the door to new chief executives increasingly open to experimenting with changes to the century-old funding model favored by local federations.

In some communities, boards of directors are tapping CEO candidates with little or no experience within the federations system, drawing from other corners of the charitable world or the business sector.

In other cases, up-and-comers from within the federation system are using their first crack at the CEO position to demonstrate a willingness to consider changes.

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Eternal friends? Afterlife on Facebook — what people are doing, what rabbis think

Eternal friends? Afterlife on Facebook — what people are doing, what rabbis thinkON April 11, 2011, at 12:02 a.m., Kiri Basner-Churches posted the following comment on her grandmother Anita Churches’ Facebook page — nine months after Churches died on Aug. 1, 2010: “ ‘In this sweet madness, oh this glorious sadness that brings me to my knees, in the arms of the angel’; ‘I miss you most of all when autumn leaves start to fall’ . . . “For some reason my iPod is shuffling through every beautiful song that reminds me of you, and I know you’re behind this. “...

No more national Jewish studies

No more national Jewish studiesSAN FRANCISCO — The American Jewish community spends a lot of money counting itself. So does the US as a whole: The 2010 US Census cost taxpayers $13 billion. While the era of the national Jewish study appears to be over — there are no plans for continuing the decennial National Jewish Population Survey, which last time around cost $6 million — local Jewish communal leaders are still investing heavily in surveying their own communities. Ira Sheskin, director of the Jewish Demographer Pr...

Fixing broken hearts in Israel

Fixing broken hearts in IsraelHOLON, Israel — Just two days earlier but a world away, 8-year-old Salha Farjalla Khamis said goodbye to her parents and four siblings in her village on the African island of Zanzibar. Later, in a hospital in the Tel Aviv suburb of Holon, tears roll silently down her cheeks as she watches an Israeli nurse attach the wires of an EKG monitor to her small body. “Momma!” she cries out as the Israeli nurse, an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, tries to soothe her in a language the littl...

The man behind Chabad — ‘We measure success in small increments’

The man behind Chabad — ‘We measure success in small increments’WRITING a thumbnail biography on Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky is no small challenge, at least if one follows the rabbi’s own guidelines. By his own definition, the rabbi is not a leader, though he is the primary figure responsible for running the remarkably extensive Chabad-Lubavitch international network of slichim, or emissaries. Such modesty and self-effacement notwithstanding, it must be noted that the rabbi is a pivotal figure in Chabad, circa 2011. Besides overseeing its emissary network, as ...
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British man gets jail time for sending lawmaker anti-Semitic tweet

Julie Wiener The tweet to Labour’s Luciana Berger carried the hashtag “Hitler was right.” ... [Link]

Poll: Majority of Denmark citizens want circumcision banned

Julie Wiener The survey was released on the eve of a parliamentary hearing to discuss a possible ban on circumcision, something that two parties support. ... [Link]

Palestinian-American student alleges anti-Muslim assault at Brooklyn arena

Marcy Oster She claims the group of assailants included the executive director of the Kings Bay YM-YWHA, who was punched outside the Barclays Center after the game. ... [Link]

Op-Ed: Rabbis bearing witness in Ferguson

mbrodsky A Minneapolis rabbi went to the anguished Missouri city with the intention of teaching protesters and police a new path for justice, a promise of racial healing. But once there he realized he had the ... [Link]

Netanyahu slams Abbas over deadly rail attack in Jerusalem

Marcy Oster The driver of the car that crashed into a train station, apparently intentionally, was a Hamas member, the Israeli prime minister’s spokesman said on Twitter. ... [Link]

Infant killed, 8 hurt in suspected terror attack on Jerusalem light rail

Marcy Oster The driver of the car that crashed into a train station attempted to flee the scene on foot and was shot by police. ... [Link]

Hagel, meeting with Yaalon, reaffirms U.S. commitment to Israeli security

Marcy Oster U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel reaffirmed the “deep commitment” of the United States to Israel’s security at a meeting with his Israeli counterpart. ... [Link]

Haredim’s refusal to sit next to opposite sex delays Delta flight

Marcy Oster A Delta Airlines flight to Israel was delayed after haredi Orthodox men and women deplaned rather than sit next to members of the opposite sex. ... [Link]

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