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Aug 30th
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‘World’s most dangerous man’ or influential philosopher?

‘World’s most dangerous man’ or influential philosopher?

SYDNEY — He’s been brandished “the most dangerous man on earth,” accused of being a “public advocate of genocide” and likened to Josef Mengele, the notorious Nazi “Angel of Death.”

Yet he’s also been hailed as “one of the world’s 100 most influential people” and “among the most influential philosophers alive.”

Welcome to the contradictory world that surrounds Peter Singer, the Australia-born moral philosopher who has been a professor of bioethics at Princeton University in New Jersey since 1999.

Loved and loathed, one thing cannot be refuted: Singer, 65, has provoked debate about controversial issues such as infanticide, euthanasia, eugenics and animal rights.

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30 years later, IDF trio forgotten

30 years later, IDF trio forgottenBALTIMORE — Soon after the Lebanon War began in June, 1982, Avigdor Chen’s tank unit fell into a trap. Artillery rained from high ground occupied by the Syrians near the village of Sultan Yacoub. The battle continued all night. When dawn broke, Chen saw a struck Israeli tank some 100 yards away. With smoke billowing from it, the tank rolled downhill. Chen ran toward the now-stopped tank. He smelled burning human flesh and looked inside. The commander, Zohar Lipschitz, was dead. Chen venture...

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Bartender barber preserves Tajik craftsmanship and Jewish traditions

Bartender barber preserves Tajik craftsmanship and Jewish traditionsSEMION Kikirov, 31, the cutting edge, blue-jeaned barber of Lincoln Street, hears lots of stories from clients falling under the spell of his soothing, expert craftsmanship. His male customers regale him with news of their jobs, kids, grandkids, relationship issues, fast cars and filthy carburetors. Like a trusted bartender at the neighborhood watering hole, Semion keeps every informational nugget under wraps. “I am a bartender in a way,” he tells the IJN in a conference room above Semion...

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Shimon’s journey from perennial loser to Israel’s most popular figure

Shimon’s journey from perennial loser to Israel’s most popular figure WASHINGTON — For decades, the joke in Israel went: How do you know when Shimon Peres is headed for defeat? When he announces that he is running. Peres — today Israel’s extremely popular president and this week a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom — always seemed doomed to defeat at the polls because of everything he was not: a soldier, a sabra, a gladhander, a gladiator in Israel’s rough-and-tumble political arena. It has taken Peres, a leader in the Zionist enterprise...

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Is Bangladeshi pro-Israel journalist 'humanist' or 'fraud'?

Is Bangladeshi pro-Israel journalist 'humanist' or 'fraud'?DHAKA, Bangladesh — Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury sat at the cafe of the five-star Ruposhi Bangla Hotel in downtown Dhaka — capital of the third-largest Muslim nation on Earth — stridently proclaiming his love for Israel and the Jewish people. “I am a Zionist and a friend of Israel,” he told JTA in a voice loud enough to be heard by hotel guests and local businessmen sipping their afternoon tea at nearby tables. But nobody paid any attention. That in itself, said Choudhury, represente...

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Amid fighting in Syria, Holocaust survivor’s grandson plans aliyah

Cnaan Liphshiz Timothy Jacobs-Woodworth, 37, scrolls the Breslov Hasidic slogan on buildings that he helps Kurds reclaim from ISIS fighters. ... [Link]

Israel’s football team wins first international game

Marcy Oster The Israelis defeated Spain, 28-20, in Madrid in a bid to qualify for the International Federation of American Football’s B-Group International Tournament in 2016. ... [Link]

Massive gas field discovered in Mediterranean off Egypt’s coast

Marcy Oster The field is significantly larger than Israel’s offshore Leviathan field, which had been considered the largest gas field in the Mediterranean. ... [Link]

Facing declining numbers and a bad economy, Italian Jews stay upbeat

Ben Sales High unemployment, a 50 percent intermarriage rate and growing numbers leaving for Israel would seem like worrisome developments, but the leaders of Italian Jewry are confident in the future. ... [Link]

Bernie Sanders closing gap on Hillary Clinton in Iowa, poll shows

Marcy Oster Clinton, who reportedly has lost a third of her Iowa supporters since May, led 37-30 percent over the Jewish Vermont senator in the survey of likely caucusgoers. ... [Link]

U.S. national industrial union endorses BDS of Israel

Marcy Oster The United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers union accused Israel of ethnic cleansing and said it was the first U.S. national union to endorse the boycott movement. ... [Link]

Wasserman Schultz reportedly nixed Dems’ vote on backing Iran deal, praising Obama

Marcy Oster The Jewish chair of the Democratic National Committee has not taken a position on the agreement and her Florida district is heavily Jewish. ... [Link]

Iran hasn’t eased stance on Israel, key adviser to supreme leader says

Marcy Oster The comments were in response to Britain’s foreign secretary saying that Tehran had displayed a more nuanced approach on Israel than its predecessor. ... [Link]

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