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Dec 01st
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Jews in the Bible Belt: ‘What church do y’all go to?’

Jews in the Bible Belt: ‘What church do y’all go to?’

CHATTANOOGA — Sometimes, Benjamin Rosenthal thinks about leaving the small town of Indianola, Miss., pop. 11,000, where he spent most of his life.

He wants to go somewhere bigger, with more Jews.

“It’s very easy to lose your identity in the Bible Belt in a town when you are the religious minority,” said Rosenthal, 25.

In the Bible Belt, religion rules and Jesus is king, particularly in the small towns and cities that make up the region in the US South.

Jews comprise less than 1% of the population in the South, according to Louis Schmier, a professor of history at Valdosta State University in Georgia, with most living in large cities like Atlanta and Charlotte.

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Crippling terrorism in the courts

Crippling terrorism in the courts ROSH HASHANAHSECTION A ATTORNEY-activist Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, head of Shurat HaDin Israel Law Center in Tel Aviv and one of the most famous women in Israel, promptly answers her office phone at 6 p.m. Israel time. Although she probably won’t get home to her six children (three are triplets) for several hours — unless court proceedings necessitate a late transatlantic flight — conviction trumps fatigue. Since 1997, Darshan-Leitner and a group of dedicated lawyers have been on the f...

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Conversos, conversation, l’chayim in Jamaica

Conversos, conversation, l’chayim in Jamaica ROSH HASHANAHSECTION A JEWMAICA? Can it be? What do Jews and this famous resort country have in common? It all goes back to the familiar narrative of Jewish history. The story of the Jewish people is the story of cycles of diaspora and of new exiles within exiles. The story of the Caribbean, specifically, of the island of Jamaica, is just such a chapter in this story — the chapter of the conversos and the beginning of the New World. For hundreds of years, Jews lived rich, fruitful lives i...

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Jewish refugees from Arab countries push for recognition

Jewish refugees from Arab countries push for recognitionTEL AVIV — Naim Reuven was only 8 when he left Baghdad more than 60 years ago, but he still remembers going with his father to catch fish in the Tigris River. His dad worked in a laundromat, a middle-class father of six and one of Iraq’s more than 100,000 Jews. Baghdad’s Jewish community suffered a pogrom in 1941, but Reuven, born a year later, has only fond memories of his childhood there — until Israel declared independence in 1948. “When Israel was established it began, there was ...

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My one — memorable — question for Neil Armstrong

My one — memorable — question for Neil ArmstrongTHERE is no doubt that being a photo-journalist is a very privileged occupation. In my years with BBC TV News in London, and earlier with the Daily Express and Daily Mail, I had the opportunity to meet and photograph in the UK and Europe a myriad of interesting personalities. They included Emperor Hirohito, Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Albert Speer, Margaret Thatcher, Edward Kennedy, Golda Meir, Charles Best (co-discoverer of insulin) and many, many others. On July 20 1...

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