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May 30th
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Fifty years later, Eichmann's prosecutor faces lost childhood

Fifty years later, Eichmann's prosecutor faces lost childhood

AMSTERDAM — Gabriel Bach knew he was Jewish and that the Nazis were a serious threat, but at 13, leaving his new school and home in Amsterdam proved heart-wrenching.

What if, the boy wondered, he could stay just a few more weeks to finish the academic year?

Bach would come to powerfully understand the answer to his query. About two decades later he was the prosecutor in the trial of Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the annihilation of European Jewry.

Fifty years ago this week, on May 31, Eichmann was executed in Jerusalem. Bach, 85, completed a series of lectures this month in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and the US.

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Tribute to late Rabbi Shea Heller

Tribute to late Rabbi Shea HellerDEAR Reb Shea, It is hard to believe that you are no longer with us. Throughout your life you were a fighter. You fought as an American soldier in Korea. You fought illnesses. In fact just last week when I saw you for the last time, you were sitting on your couch with an oxygen machine close by and you were very weak. Suddenly you gave a hard bang on the couch and stated firmly that you were going to fight this illness until the end. Most of all you fought against the tide and that is what ins...

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From skinhead to proud Jew

From skinhead to proud JewWARSAW — Fifteen years ago, Pawel Bramson was a skinhead shouting anti-Semitic and racist slogans during soccer matches. He hated Jews and blacks – simply, he says, because you need someone to blame for what’s wrong in the world. These days he keeps kosher, wears the long beard and black hat typical of some Orthodox Jews, and assists Poland’s chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich. Bramson’s transformation — documented in the film “The Moon Is Jewish,” which recently received the Warsa...

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A Denver warrior against cancer

A Denver warrior against cancer WHEN Dr. Fred Hirsch was a young medical student in Copenhagen, his father-in-law’s premature death from lung cancer compelled him to dedicate the rest of his life to this devastating disease. One of the world’s most respected lung cancer researchers, the Norwegian native occupies a cramped eighth-floor office at the University of Colorado Cancer Center — and introduces himself as Fred. Hirsch heads the center’s Biomarker Analysis Laboratory, which “develops and validates biomarker...

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Benzion Netanyahu in America

Benzion Netanyahu in AmericaBENZION Netanyahu — historian, one-time political activist and father of Israel’s prime minister — died Monday, April 30, in Jerusalem at 102. An accomplished scholar and the patriarch of one of Israel’s most important political families, he also played a surprising and little-known role in American political history. Netanyahu was born in Poland in 1910 to a family deeply immersed in the world of religious Zionism. His father, Rabbi Nathan Mileikowsky, a popular Zionist preacher, brou...
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Who are Turkey’s Jews?

Cnaan Liphshiz Historically, Turkey has served as a safe haven for Jews fleeing anti-Semitism in Europe and elsewhere. ... [Link]

British Jewish woman wins $25k in religious discrimination suit

Julie Wiener Aurelie Fhima applied to Travel Jigsaw in Manchester, but was rejected after she said at a job interview that her religious observance prevents her from working on Friday nights and Saturdays. ... [Link]

Child Holocaust survivors get $60 million — in a single day

Uriel Heilman The Claims Conference sent out payments totaling about $60 million in a single day last week – the first of an estimated 70,000 one-time payments of 2,500 Euros to child survivors of the Holocaust. ... [Link]

Turkish Jews staying put but eyeing exit amid president’s hostile rhetoric

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At Jerusalem ‘SlutWalk,’ women protest rape and victim-blaming

Julie Wiener Israel’s fourth annual SlutWalk on Friday promoted the message that women should be free from sexual harassment even when wearing revealing clothing. ... [Link]

In Belgium and France, Jews and Jewish museum employee threatened

Cnaan Liphshiz An African employee at Brussels’ Jewish Museum was warned that talking of Jews is “dangerous for you.” ... [Link]

Alleged Nazi war criminal who moved to Canada dies at 93

Julie Wiener For years Vladimir Katriuk was second on the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of “most wanted” Nazi war criminals. ... [Link]

U.K. launches inquiry into Hasidic group over female driving ban

Julie Wiener The inquiry followed the issuing of a letter from Belz rabbis in London saying that female drivers violate “the traditional rules of modesty in our camp” and that children would be expelled from B... [Link]

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