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May 05th
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Destruction in pictures: Book created at Bergen-Belsen

Destruction in pictures: Book created at Bergen-Belsen

THE BOOK is rare, unusual and horrifying.

Its title, listed on separate pages in Yiddish, English, German and Hebrew — Our Destruction in Pictures — states explicitly what lies inside the book’s covers.

Within are 115 photographs, some fairly benign, some troubling and some horrific, that visually tell the story of what happened to the Jews of Europe during the Holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany.

The large format volume — in reality, a bound photo album with captions — was published in 1946 by a group calling itself the Central Committee of the Liberated Jews in the British Zone.


If you could save a terrorist, what should you do?

Several years ago, a terrorist attempted to kill a Jewish boy in the center of Jerusalem. Thank G-d, the boy was only slightly wounded. People at the scene chased angrily after the terrorist, seeking revenge. Suddenly, a woman (who worked for a religious newspaper) arrived at the scene and shielded the terrorist with her body, thus saving him from blows and possible death. Did this woman act in accordance with Jewish law by saving the terrorist?

Kashrut coming to heritage birds from the Kansas prairie

Kashrut coming to heritage birds from the Kansas prairieLINDSBORG, KAN. — Thousands of birds strutted around like rambunctious kids at recess — six varieties of turkey and nearly 40 breeds of chicken, duck and geese. As soon as a stranger stepped into their dominion, a dozen of the largest toms surrounded the visitor. “They’re just making sure you’re not here to take over the flock,” fourth-generation farmer Frank Reese Jr. explained. Out on the open Kansas prairie, about 80 miles north of Wichita, Reese’s Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch ...
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Not just fruit: Tu b'Shevat a chance for personal growth

Not just fruit: Tu b'Shevat a chance for personal growthLOS ANGELES — For the last three years, I’ve celebrated Tu b’Shevat — the Jewish New Year of the Trees — by organizing a participatory seder in a nearby canyon-top park. The seder usually includes about 10 to 15 people from my group, the Movable Minyan — a small, lay-led, independent congregation that needs every member’s active participation in order to thrive. We meet in the parking lot, and from there, bags of seder supplies in hand, we take a short hike up past oak trees to a ...

CAJE speaker brings many incarnations to spirituality

CAJE speaker brings many incarnations to spiritualityRABBI DR. Elie Kaunfer, 42, an intense, studious figure, unconsciously evokes his previous incarnations as a journalist, banker and corporate fraud investigator. He sits upright in his chair, slim hands spread over a blank table. His piercing eyes hold court behind invisible-rimmed glasses. Smiles and laughter intervene unexpectedly. Although Kaunfer retains the investigative instinct, the subject matter has changed drastically since the days of documents and spread sheets. Now his passion is...

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Top Jewish official on Holocaust day: ‘Fear of the other’ rising in US

Ron Kampeas WASHINGTON (JTA) — A top Jewish Obama administration official decried the rise of “the fear of the other” in the United States at an event marking Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Yom Hashoah. ... [Link]

Hundreds of voters, including chief rabbi, turned away in heavily Jewish London borough

Marcy Oster (JTA) — Hundreds of voters, including Britain’s chief rabbi and his wife, were turned away from polling stations Thursday morning in a heavily Jewish borough of London. The voters in Barne... [Link]

David Duke: Trump victory wrests control of country from ‘Jewish extremists’

Marcy Oster (JTA) — Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke praised Donald Trump’s Indiana primary victory, which makes him the presumptive GOP candidate, and said it has wrested control of the country... [Link]

Anti-Semitism charges suggest a rout for Labour among London’s Jews

Cnaan Liphshiz LONDON (JTA) — The British capital’s local elections should have been a walk in the park for Andrew Dismore. A Labour City Council member representing the heavily Jewish boroughs of Barnet an... [Link]

Sympathy for Palestinians over Israel up sharply among younger Americans, Pew study finds

Uriel Heilman NEW YORK (JTA) – Democrats are more than four times as likely as Republicans to say they sympathize more with the Palestinians than with Israel, according to a survey published Thursday, and sympath... [Link]

Daniel Aaron, pioneer of American studies who taught JFK, dies at 103

Marcy Oster BOSTON (JTA) – Daniel Aaron, the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants who pioneered the field of American studies and taught the likes of John F. Kennedy, has died at 103. A prolific writer and hugely... [Link]

Israeli troops near Gaza come under mortar fire, 2 rockets fired into Israel

Marcy Oster JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli troops stationed on the border with Gaza came under mortar fire Thursday as two rockets fired from Gaza struck southern Israel. The afternoon attack, the sixth in three... [Link]

2nd Gaza terror tunnel discovered on Israel border in a month

Marcy Oster JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Israel Defense Forces said it uncovered a Hamas-built terror tunnel on Thursday that runs from the southern Gaza Strip into Israel. The tunnel, which was found along the bo... [Link]

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