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Apr 21st


Edna Licht, 1919-2010

They say looks can be deceiving, but in the case of Edna Licht, voices could be deceiving. Although Mrs. Licht came to Denver in 1944 as a young woman, she never lost her thick Brooklyn accent. Underneath that tough-talking dialect was an accomplished educator, a true intellectual and a really nice lady.

The Denver chapter of Brandeis Women recognized that in Edna when it honored her in 2002. It spotlighted her career as a Denver Public Schools classroom teacher and reading curriculum developer.  In fact, Mrs. Licht wrote the reading guides for DPS for grades K-12.


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The US offers Israel candy — Netanyahu should grab it!

If Israel had come to whomever you think is the most pro-Israel president ever — Clinton? Bush II? — and asked for what President Barack Obama is now offering Israel, we doubt that Israel would even be given the time of day. Obama wants a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians badly. Very badly. He is asking Israel to freeze settlements for (pardon our French) 60 crummy days  — a measly two months — and for this, Israel will receive: • no request for an additional extension;...

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Tolerance runs two ways

Pastor John Hagee, founder of Christians United for Israel, was disinvited by the Denver Jewish community, or at least by part of it, from being the featured speaker at the Men’s Event of the Allied Jewish Federation. Pastor Hagee is one of the strongest and most eloquent pro-Israel speakers in the world. He was not good enough for Denver because of some of his domestic policies, and perhaps also because of his style. What opponents of Hagee's appearance in Denver apparently do not realize i...

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Obama to PA: Israel is the ‘Jewish homeland’

President Barack Obama could have saved himself a ton of grief in the pro-Israel community had he uttered the single sentence at the beginning of his term that he uttered last week, Sept. 23, at the opening of the UN General Assembly: “Israel is a sovereign state and the historic homeland of the Jewish people.” What Obama did not say to the Arab world in June, 2009; what no Palestinian leader has ever said; what no other Arab leader has ever said; what the crux of Israel’s right to exist...

J Street — shades of Nixon

It is incredible in this day and age that any political lobby, whatever its legal status, thinks it can be respected without being fully transparent. Yet, this is just what J Street, the dovish Israel lobby, thinks. It makes no difference to us whether the iconoclastic billionaire George Soros funds J Street. It is legal to fund political speech, J Street engages in political speech — and George Soros is not hiding his views behind closed doors. The same cannot be said for J Street. In the d...

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JTA News

Dear Lindsey Graham: Some jokes only Jews can make

Ron Kampeas The South Carolina senator’s quip about an all-Jewish cabinet falls flatter than day-old Riesling. ... [Link]

Who are the Republican candidates’ Jewish donors?

Ron Kampeas JTA looks at where the top Republican presidential hopefuls stand on Israel, Iran and immigration, and at the Jewish benefactors who could shape their campaigns. ... [Link]

Rivlin, Netanyahu spurn meeting with Jimmy Carter in Israel

Marcy Oster The recommendation to pass on a meeting with the former U.S. president came over his “anti-Israeli stance” in recent years, an unnamed senior government official said. ... [Link]

Israeli gov’t minister: Migrants’ deaths show why fence is necessary

Marcy Oster Israel in 2012 built a fence on its border with Egypt and added sophisticated surveillance equipment to stem the influx of migrants from Eritrea and the Sudan, often hundreds per month. ... [Link]

Should Random House pay Goebbels’ estate?

Gabrielle Birkner The notorious propaganda minister left behind 20 years worth of diary entries — from which the offspring of his siblings think they should profit. ... [Link]

Ex-Auschwitz guard, 93, going on trial as accomplice in murder of 300,000

Marcy Oster Oskar Groening, 93, unlike most others brought to trial in recent years, has publicly expressed shame for having been “a cog in the killing machine that eliminated millions of innocent people.&#... [Link]

U.S. diplomat apologizes for FBI director’s remarks about Polish wartime behavior

Julie Wiener Ambassador Stephen Mull said that FBI director James Comey was not speaking for the United States government when he accused Poles and Hungarians of complicity in Nazi atrocities. ... [Link]

More than 1 in 4 Israeli voters made decision at last minute

Julie Wiener The poll found that 15 percent of voters made their decision while en route to the voting site on March 17, while 13 percent decided in the final days of the campaign. ... [Link]

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