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Feb 10th


Staying up late — and Father says it’s OK

Mm-Mm I want to linger

Mm-Mm a little longer

Mm-Mm a little longer here with you

So goes the old campfire song. If you’ve ever felt that way about Shabbat, wanting that day of serenity, of spiritual focus, of family, friends and food, not to go away, this Shabbat is the day for you.


Picasso over Monet: So see the eyes of babes

According to a Swiss study, nine-month-old infants invariably favor Picasso over Monet. Although they don’t even know the difference between cubism and an ice cube, they drool their approval for Picasso. Why the curious affinity? Monet paints lyrical landscapes that are an aesthetic pleasure to behold. A tree is a tree. End of painting. Picasso’s abstracts distort the obvious. A tree is no longer a tree. It is whatever you want it to be. Adults find comfort in the recognizable and expected...

A hope and a prayer: Israel learned the lessons of 2010’s flotilla

It remains unclear exactly what form a new anti-Israeli flotilla will take — reports vary widely as to the size of the flotilla, its port of origin, its cargo and its organizers or sponsors. But it appears quite likely that Israel will once again face a potentially fatal international propaganda assault, and probably quite soon. Few have forgotten the last such effort, on May 31, 2010, when a supposedly peaceful, unarmed Turkish ship in a similar flotilla, the Mavi Marmara, refused to deliver...

Last Updated ( Thursday, 23 June 2011 10:04 )


Torching mosques: Not a civic, Jewish, Israeli or Zionist value

It is disheartening to need to state the obvious: Torching a mosque is not a civic, Jewish, Israeli or Zionist value. A mosque was torched in the Maghayer village near Ramallah on June 7. Burning tires were rolled into the mosque. Thankfully, no deaths or injuries were reported. But what kind of mindset undertakes such an act? Since the perpetrators have not been caught, we cannot know for certain. However, the mosque’s walls were sprayed with graffiti that reportedly read “Alei Ayin” ...

More on scumbagness

Well, here we are again. If we are to believe the Denver Post and various other media outlets, we have a true, live, genuine scumbag of our own right here in Denver, Colorado: Michael Hancock, mayor-elect. For our part, we accept his plea of innocent until proven guilty. But we also have more to say on this unfortunate topic of scumbagness, which we commented on last week. Put simply: Even with two credible sources — the absence of whom, supposedly, caused the Post and other outlets to hold t...
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JTA News

What the $55,000 Israel trip for Oscar nominees looks like

Gabe Friedman Whether or not Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins Best Actor at this year’s Academy Awards, he’ll at least take home a free trip to the Holy Land. As announced last week, 26 of the presenters a... [Link]

Orthodox man, 25, stabbed in Brooklyn

Julie Wiener NEW YORK (JTA) — An Orthodox man was stabbed on a sidewalk in the Brooklyn neighborhood that is home to the Chabad-Lubavitch movement’s world headquarters. Yehuda Lib Brikman, 25, who according t... [Link]

Kahane’s widow: Jewish extremists ‘have nothing to do with’ Kahane’s ideology

Ben Sales JERUSALEM (JTA) – Her husband was assassinated and her grandson is in prison. But Libby Kahane, widow of the late far-right Rabbi Meir Kahane, has remained faithful to her husband’s ideology. She ... [Link]

WATCH: Hitler comedy ‘Look Who’s Back’ coming to Netflix

Ben Sales (JTA) — A German satirical movie about Adolf Hitler coming back to life in modern-day Germany will appear on the Netflix streaming service in April. “Look Who’s Back,” which wa... [Link]

‘Bernie Sandwiches’ hailed as New Hampshire winner, and other Jewish tweets

Gabe Friedman In the scramble to announce Bernie Sanders’ victory in the New Hampshire Democratic primary Tuesday night, MSNBC host Chris Hayes gave the Internet one of the Jewiest food memes since Hillary Clinto... [Link]

Why Bernie Sanders’ historic victory is no big deal to Jews – or America

Uriel Heilman NEW YORK (JTA) — Bernie Sanders is having a month of historic firsts. In New Hampshire on Tuesday night, he handily won the Democratic Party contest, becoming the first Jew to win a presidential pri... [Link]

Israeli soldiers kills rock-throwing Palestinian teen

Ben Sales TEL AVIV (JTA) — Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian teenager in the West Bank who reportedly was throwing rocks at cars and Israeli soldiers. Omar Jawabreh, 16, was shot in the chest... [Link]

Knesset’s Tzipi Livni: Treat international media as ‘hostile arena’

Ben Sales TEL AVIV (JTA) —  The chair of a Knesset subcommittee said “We must treat the international media arena as a hostile arena” in the wake of a controversial headline on the killing of an ... [Link]

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