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Dec 18th


Paul H. Kolitz 1916-2010

The fate of Paul H. Kolitz was to pass through Denver and the Denver Jewish community like most WW II refugees: with little fanfare, little notice. And yet. And what a yet it was: His personal style and flair came to dramatic expression within the circle of his friends and especially within the offices of the Intermountain Jewish News, to which he offered his expertise, his unfailing loyalty, his humor and zest for life.

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Goebbels, Mr. Brown?

We’ve complained before about politicians and activists using Nazi comparisons or metaphors to attack opponents, a practice that not only cheapens the Holocaust but sinks the level of political discussion. Last week, California gubernatorial candidate (and former governor) Jerry Brown compared his Republican opponent Meg Whitman to Josef Goebbels, the infamous Nazi propaganda chief. After a mini-tsunami of protest, Brown apologized, blaming the poor choice of words on the fact that he was jog...

US vote on Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty confuses Iran for Israel

What is wrong with this logic? The US has no right to lecture Iran or any other country on nuclear weapons because the US (along with Russia) is the largest owner of nuclear weapons in the world. The US should get its own house in order before it hectors Iran, Israel or anyone else on adhering to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. The fallacy in this logic is simple: It is not the ownership of the nuclear weapons per se, but the use to which its owner wants to put them, that determines the r...

Turning the truth upside down in Gaza

The State Dept. is an Alzheimer’s case. It remembers nothing. It wants Israel to come up with a “new framework” for Gaza. President Obama will press the point on Prime Minister Netanyahu when he visits Washington at the end of June. What about the old framework? How gung ho Obama’s predecessor and the rest of the world — the EU, the UN, the FSU and every other country — was to get rid of the old framework. The one where Israel had settlements in Gaza, the one where Gazans had employ...

Talmudic wisdom in murder cases

Horribly, Peggy Hettrick, 37, was murdered in 1987. Appallingly, Timothy Masters served 10 years for that murder, although he did not commit it. He was convicted in 1999, but freed in 2008 when DNA evidence showed that he had no connection to the murder. In fact, no physical evidence of any kind was ever put forth by prosecutors to tie Masters to the crime. A decade of his life was wasted by faulty prosecutors, Terry Gilmore and Jolene Blair, both now Larimer County judges. The city of Fort Col...
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Research team uses imaging to study Shoah killing sites in Ukraine

Cnaan Liphshiz With funding from Germany, experts try to demarcate Holocaust-era mass graves without violating religious laws. ... [Link]

Harvard University Dining Service halts SodaStream purchases

Marcy Oster The change came after members of the College Palestine Solidarity Committee and the Harvard Islamic Society met with University officials to express their discomfort with the machines. ... [Link]

Palestine resolution submitted to U.N. Security Council

Marcy Oster The resolution calls for an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem by the end of 2017 and for peace between Israel and the Palestinians within one year. ... [Link]

Record-breaking French aliyah dwarfs immigration from North America

Cnaan Liphshiz In the first 11 months of 2014, Israel saw the arrival of 6,655 people from France, which tops the chart as source for Jewish immigrants to Israel, ... [Link]

Public menorah lighting in Sydney canceled following tragedy

Marcy Oster The public Hanukkah candle lighting at Sydney’s Martin Place was canceled for the first time in 30 years following the terror attack there that killed two Australians. ... [Link]

Gross’ release, and changes in diplomatic ties, signals new day for Cuban Jews

Ron Kampeas The island nation’s Jewish organizations can be much more in the open with the historic deal that freed Alan Gross and reopened U.S. ties to Cuba. ... [Link]

Alan Gross credits Jewish efforts for his release from Cuba

Uriel Heilman The Jewish-American contractor offered special thanks to the Washington Jewish community. ... [Link]

Despite passionate reactions, EU ruling on Hamas is a small legal glitch

Cnaan Liphshiz Hamas is no longer on the EU terror list, but that’s more for procedural than ideological reasons. And it will likely be reinstated soon. ... [Link]

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