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Jul 28th


Elaine Clearfield, 1919-2010

Elaine Clearfield, who passed away last week, deserves to be remembered for many things.

At various times during her busy life, she was a skilled journalist and author, an enthusiastic amateur historian, a respected teacher, a dedicated community activist.

All were significant accomplishments of which any person could be proud, but nothing surpasses her excellence in what she always considered her central role — that of mother.

Mrs. Clearfield raised three children, two of whom became creative and successful individuals, one of whom was developmentally disabled from birth, and — largely thanks to her mother’s devotion and sacrifice — became successful and creative in her own right, beyond anyone’s expectations.


Tied up in knots, the tefilin-airplane imbroglio

Everybody is right in the recent, unexpected, unprecedented, crying-so-hard-I-could-laugh and laughing-so-hard-I-could-cry imbroglio on the recent flight from New York to Louisville. A teenage boy set out to do a mitzvah, to pray his morning prayers in timely fashion, as the Shema prescribes, while on an airplane, as tens (and probably hundreds) of thousands of people before him had done. He was right to do so. Read the related news coverage ...

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Global warming? It’s a Pascal’s wager

Is there global warming? To answer definitively, one would have to possess a high level of specialized scientific knowledge, and to believe that computer models are capable of measuring enormously large and complex patterns. We surely do not meet the first criterion; we do not possess the requisite scientific knowledge. On the second point, we remain skeptical that computers can measure something as immense as the entire earth. When all is said and done, one resorts to a computerized model preci...

Sadly, it takes a Haiti for the world to see the real Israel

World reaction to the massive devastation inflicted by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that virtually erased Haiti has been astonishing in monetary donations and relief efforts. Despite the best intentions of governments everywhere, Israel was the lone country able to clear organizational hurdles, erect fully equipped field hospitals and get to work. As the secular press praises the Jewish state’s medical response as nothing short of heroic, the Jewish world stands proud but unsurprised.  We hav...

Google shames Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, Bush 1

Discredit Obama. Discredit the second Bush. Discredit Clinton. Discredit the first Bush. Ever since China became a world economic powerhouse, the United States from the president on down has shamefully ignored the violation of human rights in China. Dictatorship. Big Brother. Repression of dissidents. It’s all been OK with America and its presidents, just so long as trade kept a-rising. Never mind that the worship of trade has come back to bite us. Never mind that American manufacturing and A...
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Letter threatens Mumbai synagogues over Gaza conflict

Marcy Oster Mumbai city police received a letter threatening to bomb Jewish sites in the city in retaliation for Israel’s operation in Gaza. ... [Link]

Writer Bel Kaufman dies at 103

Marcy Oster Writer Bel Kaufman, granddaughter of Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem, has died. ... [Link]

Obama tells Netanyahu he wants immediate humanitarian cease-fire

Ron Kampeas President Obama told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he wants an “immediate, unconditional humanitarian” cease-fire in the war with Gaza, based on a process Israel has made clear it oppo... [Link]

Kerry’s rejected cease-fire proposal leaked

Marcy Oster Details of the week-long cease-fire proposal U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry offered and Israel rejected emerged in leaks to various media outlets. ... [Link]

Israeli inquiry finds U.S. school courtyard was empty when mortar hit

Marcy Oster A mortar fired by Israeli troops in the direction of a United Nations school in Gaza, did not cause casualties as was widely reported, Israel’s military said. ... [Link]

Pope Francis appeals for peace in Middle East, Iraq and Ukraine

Marcy Oster Pope Francis made an impassioned appeal for peace in the Middle East, Iraq and Ukraine. ... [Link]

Brazil’s Jewish community head apologizes for Israeli spokesman’s remarks

Marcy Oster Brazil’s Jewish community apologized to the administration of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff for statements by the spokesman of Israel’s foreign ministry after Brazil recalled its envo... [Link]

Madrid Jews vow legal action against author who justified expulsions

Cnaan Liphshiz The Jewish Community of Madrid said it would take legal steps against a celebrated writer who cited Israel’s Gaza operation in justifying past expulsions of Jews. ... [Link]

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