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Apr 20th



Did you hear the one about the pastor and the rabbi?

Maybe you didn’t, but last Sunday some 3,000 lovers of Israel did. At Faith Bible Chapel’s 31st annual Israel Awareness Day, a spirited throng witnessed a heartfelt display of friendship between evangelical Christian supporter of Israel Pastor John Hagee and Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg, both of San Antonio. Both religious leaders are credited with establishing the first “A Night to Honor Israel” in 1981.


Despite meltdown, Rockies deserve gratitude

OK. The last play-off game with Philadelphia was a classic, bottom-of-the-ninth, two-out disaster. The comeback Rockies heroics of the eighth inning went to waste in a vortex of pain in the ninth. But. . . a little perspective, please.

Potential obstacle to peace: Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

Writing in The New York Times, Thomas L. Friedman said that President Obama’s Nobel Prize for Peace “devalued” the prize. The Nobel committee “did President Obama no favors awarding him its peace prize,” wrote Friedman.The Washington Post wrote that the prize “almost makes you embarrassed for the honoree” because “a more suitable time for the prize would have been after” his efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples had borne some fruit.The W...

Irving Feldman, 1917-2009

Somehow — despite his seriousness, what with his sophisticated  scientific and Judaic knowledge — Irving Feldman always had a smile or a laugh on his face. It may have stemmed from a slightly cynical appreciation for irony, but it made you smile, or laugh, just the same.Of his scientific credentials we are not qualified to speak, but the State of Israel thought highly enough of them to put Irving Feldman to work on some important intelligence missions. Of his Judaic credentials, everyone, r...

Simchat Torah

Tradition has it that in the wake of the High Holidays, and of Sukkot, one may reach a higher spiritual level on Simchat Torah than even Yom Kippur. One may build on the Yom Kippur fast to achieve more by dancing with the Torah.Perhaps this is the idea of “all my limbs will speak” faith in the  L-rd. The limbs speak when they move and rejoice — when they dance, when every ounce of energy is put into dancing with the Torah, and with fellow Jews. This once-a-year-opportunity — culmination...
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Five years after landmark declaration, Holocaust restitution moves slowly in Eastern Europe

Uriel Heilman The 2009 Terezin Declaration affirmed the urgency of restitution efforts, but there has not been much progress in its wake. ... [Link]

Report: Abbas threatens to dismantle Palestinian Authority

Marcy Oster Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas threatened to dismantle the P.A., an Israeli newspaper reported. ... [Link]

Warsaw marks ghetto uprising

Marcy Oster Warsaw residents, including representatives of the Jewish community, marked the 71st anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. ... [Link]

Israel asks Bangkok police to ramp up security for Israeli tourists

Marcy Oster The Israeli Embassy in Bangkok asked local police to provide more security for tourists following a thwarted terrorist attack. ... [Link]

Poker ace skips pair of mom’s seders, wins $1 million at tourney

Marcy Oster A Montreal man who skipped both seders at his mother’s home in Florida to play in a poker tournament took home the $1 million title. ... [Link]

Ukrainian synagogue firebombed

Marcy Oster The main synagogue in the Ukrainian city of Nikolayev was firebombed. ... [Link]

Egyptian police seize Jewish artifacts being smuggled to Belgium

Marcy Oster Egyptian police seized a collection of Jewish artifacts from a local port as they were about to be smuggled to Belgium. ... [Link]

K.C. suspect said world should be rid of Jews

Marcy Oster The Missouri white supremacist charged in the Kansas City killings told a Manhattan rabbi that “we have to get rid” of every Jew. ... [Link]

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