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Sep 01st


Scott Gessler should resign as Colorado’s Secretary of State

Scott Gessler, an attorney, ran for Secretary of State of Colorado last November, and won. Now he says he wants to moonlight with his old law firm because his state salary, at $68,500, is too low to support the lifestyle he wants.

To us, the issue is not primarily whether his second job would entail conflicts of interest. They may well might, since his old law firm deals with election issues, and that is the bailiwick of the Secretary of State.

The primary issue, however, is trust. Gessler has betrayed the trust of the voters, and should resign forthwith.


Palestinian concessions on Jerusalem

In the spirit of WikiLeaks, al-Jazeera has been fed documents on Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations in 2008 by an unknown source. The documents are revealing, fascinating, surprising, authoritative, embarrassing. We recommend you read their summary in this week’s IJN. One particular set of facts in these documents strikes us as naive, self-referential, flawed, symptomatic, desiccated. These facts are the Palestinian position on Jerusalem. Palestinian negotiators were willing to allow Isr...

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Tunisia and Palestinians, apples and oranges

Riots have driven the dictators of Tunisia from power. Unemployed young men took to the streets to get rid of the elite, monied rulers. Anarchy and chaos threaten the country. Moreover, all this may be a harbinger of things to come in many other Arab countries, none of which is a democracy, all of which are dictatorships. If we were to believe the obsessively Palestiniocentric narrative of American and European heads of state and diplomats since 1967, all of the current problems in Tunisia woul...

Hardly a shining moment for Sarah Palin

It is true. A blood libel refers to a specific, heinous, false accusation leveled at Jews, for which Jews were murdered. It is also true that blood libel, as used by Sarah Palin to refer to the accusation that she caused the Tucson murders, falls close enough to the original meaning to be a connotatively appropriate usage. Finally, it is true that Sarah Palin’s usage of blood libel, however connotatively appropriate, was contextually inappropriate. The issue was the innocents killed in Tucson....

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Nuclear sense of humor

Maybe we are insufficiently embedded in the cyber world. Certainly we have no competence in nuclear weaponry. But in the of-course-denied, computer-virus Israeli and American infiltration of the Iranian nuclear program, one little factoid charmed us. Charmed? A country filled with genocidal rage against Israel and we are charmed? Yes, we admit it.
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Melbourne Chabad rabbi steps down over handling of sex abuse scandal

Gabe Friedman Rabbi Tzvi Telsner in an open letter apologized for his conduct toward the child victims and their families. ... [Link]

Biden to address Atlanta synagogue

Ron Kampeas The vice president will speak at Ahavath Achim Synagogue on Thursday about 21st century challenges. ... [Link]

2 more Democratic senators back Iran deal, leaving Obama one vote shy of victory

Gabe Friedman With Sens. Bob Casey and Chris Coons on board, the president is close to the 34 votes required to sustain his veto of any bid to block the deal. ... [Link]

What America will offer Israel after the nuclear deal

Ron Kampeas Obama administration officials already are discussing with their Israeli counterparts what steps Washington can take to mitigate the negative repercussions of the agreement. ... [Link]

For aliyah promoters, Ukraine’s troubles provide a boost

Cnaan Liphshiz The Jewish Agency for Israel is reaching out to Ukrainian and Russian Jews newly open to the idea of moving to Israel because of troubles in their home countries. ... [Link]

Jewish-Israeli man stopped from joining Islamic State

Marcy Oster Turkish authorities apprehended the man, 21, whose family members arrived in Turkey and traveled back to Israel with him. ... [Link]

Netanyahu to peace activists: Ready for negotiations without preconditions

Marcy Oster Women Wage Peace last week ended a 50-day group protest fast held outside the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem calling on Netanyahu to sign a peace agreement. ... [Link]

Jews in the News Quiz: Rosh Hashanah edition

Andrew Tobin There were, of course, lots of Jewish doings, some kosher, some not so much, in 5775 (a palindrome!). Good luck remembering the meaty, the mighty and the mishigas. ... [Link]

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