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Aug 04th


Is the world coming to an end?

On. Dec. 31, 2010, around 5,000 birds dove to their deaths in Beebe, Arkansas. On Jan. 2, 2011, 500 feathery relations littered the  roads outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Reports surfacing Jan. 4 from Sweden indicate more of the same.

Simultaneously, fish began dying en masse. According to news estimates, 100,000 carcasses washed up along an Arkansas river on Jan. 1. On Jan. 5, we hear that thousands more dead fish have washed ashore off the Chesapeake Bay.

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Obtuseness incarnate: Henry Kissinger

Someone who tries to explain his reference to gas chambers is either a downright bigot, or downright dishonest. We choose “dishonest” when it comes to Henry Kissinger. His explanation of his reference to gas chambers two weeks after his remark was revealed, alleviates the supreme obtuseness, and indeed obscenity, of his remark not one whit. He said then: if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern. Maybe a humanitarian concern.” Now he apologize...

Backlash against illegal Africans in Israel

Here are two extremes, neither of which is valid, and neither of which will extricate Israel from her current, unexpected and growing problem with illegal immigrants. Extreme number one: Israel, of all nations, should understand that we extend a hand to the hopeless. Countries turned away the Jews during the Holocaust, and in no small measure, that is why Israel was founded. Never shall we imitate our cruel enemies of that time! Extreme number two: Israel is being overrun with illegal black Af...

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Avastin: Humane, not merely human

The FDA has moved to revoke regulatory approval for Avastin in metastatic breast cancer, saying it is too risky. At the same time, the European counterpart of the FDA, using the same data, said it would continue treating end-stage breast cancer with Avastin when combined with chemotherapy. A variety of drugs approved by the FDA to treat medical conditions can cause severe, sometimes fatal, complications. This is a fact. Some are withdrawn from the market permanently, or for further study, or me...

The Obama-Congress tax deal is a big defeat for America — and for the world

I. People do not connect the dots. There is a general, underlying malaise in the country that somehow America is losing its position as the world’s leader. The effort to understand this focuses on a slew of foreign policies that may or may not be successful, and in this focus the dots are missed. When the US withstood the USSR for decades, it was, of course, our nuclear weapons that played the major role. But hardly the only role. The unseen force that the Soviet Union could not defeat was ...

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JTA News

Video shows Jerusalem light rail guard beating U.S. tourist

Andrew Tobin In the video, the security guard wraps his hands around the throat of the tourist, who yells at him in English. ... [Link]

Jerusalem Pride Parade murder sparks calls for change to laws — and pushback, too

Ben Sales The attack that killed Shira Banki, 16, and wounded five others prompted calls for legislation to protect LGBT rights, but some lawmakers aren’t on board. ... [Link]

A year after Gaza war, border communities are growing

Ben Sales Last year at this time, the border areas were being pummeled with missiles. This year they are welcoming new residents. ... [Link]

Kanye West to perform in Israel

Marcy Oster The announcement comes several months after West visited the country with his wife, the reality star Kim Kardashian, and their daughter, North. ... [Link]

Frenchman beaten after waving Israeli flag on Temple Mount could be charged

Marcy Oster Police detained four Palestinians and the victim, who sustained a head injury; the latter could be charged with disrupting public order. ... [Link]

Coalition of Arab nations says Kerry ‘reassuring’ on Iran nuclear deal

Ron Kampeas The Qatari foreign minister called the agreement the “best option amongst other options” in dealing with Iran’s nuclear program. ... [Link]

Ex-security figures in Israel urge Netanyahu to accept Iran deal, work with U.S.

Ron Kampeas Ami Ayalon, a former chief of the Shin Bet internal security service, spearheaded the statement, which also calls for moves toward Israeli-Palestinian peace. ... [Link]

After ‘Trainwreck’ shooting, Amy and Charles Schumer join for gun control

Ron Kampeas Comedian Amy Schumer called the deadly attack in Louisiana during a screening of her film “very personal for me.” ... [Link]

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