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Aug 27th


Watch out for increasingly vicious anti-Israel Israel propaganda

We have no idea who Bruce Baker is, nor do we know a great deal about the Broomfield Enterprise — the neighborhood newspaper which recently published a letter to the editor by Baker — but we do know propaganda when we see it.

Baker’s letter, entitled “Holocaust happening now in Israel,” was published in the Enterprise on Feb. 18. A copy of the paper ended up on the driveway of a Jewish resident of Broomfield — a person who happens to be a Holocaust survivor — who then, understandably upset, called the article to our attention.

Baker’s letter strives to make the case that the Jewish Holocaust of WW II is now being repeated in Israel, except this time the perpetrators are Israelis and the victims are Palestinians.

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Menachem Porush, 1916-2010

Readers may wonder why the funeral of Rabbi Menachem Porush was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal (Feb. 23). Here’s our take: Menachem Porush was a living slice of an old Jerusalem style that is now almost extinct. He overflowed with emotion and reflected the passion that one associates with the Holy City, the cynosure of the presence of G-d on earth. His public speeches were white-hot, his access to metaphors seemingly inexhaustible, his command of the Jewish sermonic lit...

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The assassination in Dubai

Rumors and accusations are flying. Israel assassinated a Hamas leader in an Arab country — and did it very sloppily — or so say the shouters and criers. Many call for the resignation of the head of Israel’s Mossad. Still others say that Israel compromised its relations with its allies in Europe, having used forged British, German and French passports to get the assassins into, and out of, Dubai, where the killing took place. Just one thing: The only source for almost all of this informati...

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Answer to J Street

J Street, the leftist pro-Israel organization, and Christians United for Israel, the rightist pro-Israel organization, square off on our Lively Debate page this week. We’ll let readers determine for themselves who gets the better of the argument. However, embedded in the argument of Jeremy Ben-Ami, founder of J Street, is this: “If there is an argument to be made for deepening and perpetuating the 42-year-old occupation, let’s hear it. If not, let’s join together to stop further funding...

Iran plays the West like a fiddle

Call it gullibility. Call it lack of courage. Call it denial. Call it what you want. But when you watch Iran bob and weave on its relentless march to nuclear weapons, you have to imagine the laughter of the Iranian leadership behind closed doors. Whatever they say, works. However much they contradict themselves, matters not. However many times they violate UN resolutions — snubbing their noses at one “this-time-we-really-mean-it-deadline” after another — nothing happens. Whatever the ch...
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Zara clothing chain apologizes for selling striped shirt with Star of David

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Syrian rebels take control of Golan border crossing

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