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Oct 25th


Diversity on the court?

Supposedly, Elena Kagan would bring more diversity to the Supreme Court. This claim reminds us of the super-ethnocentric native Jeru-salemite who inquires of that oddity, an American Jew, where he’s from — “from Brooklyn, or Queens, or Manhattan?” Elena Kagan is from Manhattan. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is from Brooklyn. Sonia Sotomayor is from the Bronx. Both Sotomayor and Kagan are from Princeton. Two of the three women are Jewish (so is Stephen Breyer), not to mention, liberal of the New York variety. The other six justices are Catholic. We don’t see much diversity in the new Supreme Court.


Honoring mothers, past and present

This Sunday, as Mother’s Day cards and good wishes proliferate, some of us will wake only to memory. For example, one of us had a mom who regularly mailed oversized t-shirts emblazoned with a smiling cat proclaiming “Happy Mother’s Day!” This mother understood. The woman who never forgot to send those t-shirts died over five years ago. She is buried in another city, far from the here and now. Time progresses without her participation, her gentle gifts. But sometimes the loss flares up l...

A few bad apples, Mayor Bloomberg?

“A few bad apples in any group.” Excuse us, Mayor Bloomberg? Those words, or words to that effect, uttered by you after the capture of the Times Square terrorist suspect, are downright stupid — as you applied them to the terrorists of radical Islam. The distinction between radical adherents of Islam, who engage in and glorify terrorism, from the rest of Islam, would be totally unnecessary if they were only a few bad apples. An elementary point, no?

Rose Community Foundation on its 15th birthday

Did you ever dream of winning the Powerball lottery — and plot out, in excruciating detail, how you would actually spend the money? In a sense, that is exactly what happened to the Jewish community of Denver in 1995 when Rose Medical Center was sold. Suddenly, some $170 million dropped into our community’s hands and we had to figure out a way to spend it. Well, figure it out, we did. Over the past 15 years, Rose Community Foundation has spent tens of millions of dollars assisting non-profi...

The left and the right exploit and cheapen the Holocaust

“Obama’s Mideast Policy — Final Solution.” This was a sign at a rally of 1,000 protesters who are outraged by President Obama’s recent, one-sided, harsh treatment of Israel in general and of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in particular. The sign, of course, refers to Hitler’s nomenclature for his genocide of the Jewish people, “final solution.” This is an ugly exploitation of the Holocaust by the right. However wrongheaded and even dangerous Obama’s policies toward Israel ...

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JTA News

Two Israelis killed in Nepal bus accident

Julie Wiener Two Israelis were killed and at least three wounded in a tourist bus accident Friday in Nepal. ... [Link]

From the Archive: The funeral (and TV movie) of Klinghoffer

Raffi Wineburg Decades before thousands would show up to protest “The Death of Klinghoffer,” over 1,000 came to honor the death of Klinghoffer. ... [Link]

Rabbi Dr. Judith Abrams, pioneering online Talmud teacher, dies at 56

Raffi Wineburg Rabbi Dr. Judith Abrams, founder and director of online Talmud study program MAQOM and author of numerous books, has died. ... [Link]

Nominations open for NBN Bonei Zion Prize for outstanding immigrants

Marcy Oster Nominations have opened for the Nefesh B’Nefesh Bonei Zion Prize recognizing outstanding English-speaking immigrants to Israel. ... [Link]

Lawyers for Palestinian-American woman want to bar terrorism from trial

Marcy Oster Lawyers for an American of Palestinian descent accused of concealing her conviction on terrorist bombings in Israel are seeking to bar references to terrorism at her trial. ... [Link]

Israeli envoy: Jordan king blasting Israel to appease his Arab allies

Cnaan Liphshiz Israel’s ambassador to Jordan suggested that King Abdullah’s recent claim that Israel kills Arab children en masse stems from pressure by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt. ... [Link]

Danish health director: No reason to ban circumcision

Cnaan Liphshiz Denmark’s national health authority does not think non-medical circumcision is risky enough to justify a ban on it, the body’s director said. ... [Link]

European rabbis seek laws singling out anti-Semitic hate speech

Cnaan Liphshiz European rabbis called on governments throughout the continent to pass laws targeting hate speech against Jews. ... [Link]

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