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May 25th


Kudos to Obama and Netanyahu for two phenomenal speeches at the UN


President Obama

The cynics will say that President Obama’s speech on behalf of Israel at the UN last week was motivated by electoral concerns — he got the message from the special Congressional election in New York, in which a Republican won for the first time since 1922 in a heavily liberal, Jewish district.

Or, the cynics will say that the mess at the UN, with the Palestinian Authority seeking a unilateral recognition of statehood, was caused by Obama’s inept handling of the Middle East to begin with.


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Prayers for 5772 from the IJN Staff

AT this time of upheaval in the Middle East, uncertainty in Israel and deepening divisiveness here at home, I pray for understanding, coexistence and peace. I pray that we learn to listen to each other with consideration and respect, and work together to create harmony in the world. Shana Goldberg, IJN website editor AS we approach the High Holidays, we ask Hashem to bless us all with mazel, health and happiness and most importantly to inscribe us in the book of life. In addition, we pray fo...

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The fallacy of a ‘green’ environment

These are not trick questions: He who recycles extensively is more environmentally responsible than he who does not — right? He who drives a car that gets 27 mpg is more environmentally responsible than he who drives a car that gets 17 mpg — right? He who puts his air conditioning on a timer and does not use it during the day is more environmentally responsible than he who does not — right? He who waters his lawn three times a week is more environmentally responsible than he who waters...

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Egypt: You cannot base peace on two men

Those initial skeptics of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel used to say: “Peace cannot be based on one man.” The man they meant was Anwar Sadat, who, in 1977,  courageously broke the Arab paradigm of “no peace, no recognition, no negotiations” with Israel. But, he was one man. And he was assassinated by the Moslem Brotherhood for making peace with Israel. Well, peace did survive that one man. But it might not survive his successor, Hosni Mubarak. “Peace cannot be based on two...

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Anne Epstein 1923-2011

Until the past few years, B’nai B’rith was an all-male organization; locally it was proudly known as B’nai B’rith Denver Lodge #171. In the old days, the lodge president changed annually and the lodge’s office moved every few years. One thing, however, was a constant: the dedication and perseverance of the lodge’s longtime, part-time secretary, Anne Epstein, who passed away this week.

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JTA News

Neo-Nazis salute ‘Aryan goddess’ Taylor Swift

Brian Schaefer (JTA) — Taylor Swift may look every bit the all-American girl-next-door, but according to white supremacists, she’s actually a Nazi at heart, feeding her legions of followers racist messag... [Link]

Democrats said to be debating ouster of Wasserman Schultz as party chair

Ron Kampeas WASHINGTON (JTA) — Feeling the heat over her clashes with Bernie Sanders, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is at the center of a debate among Democratic lawmakers over whether to push for her ouster... [Link]

Amsterdam kosher restaurant stabbing not a hate crime, police say

Cnaan Liphshiz AMSTERDAM (JTA) — The stabbing of a woman at a kosher restaurant here was not a hate crime, police said. The attack Monday night at Grand Cafe Rimon, which resulted in moderate injuries to the ... [Link]

Israeli lawmakers issue dire warnings on appointment of new defense chief

Brian Schaefer (JTA) — Avigdor Liberman’s appointment as Israel’s defense minister was quickly condemned by opposition lawmakers, who warned of a severe fallout at home and abroad. “The cit... [Link]

Telling the Jewish story in a museum’s halls — and its school without walls

Lisa Keys TEL AVIV (JTA) — Rabbi Talia Avnon-Benvinste grew up secular. Her family felt deeply and culturally Jewish, but beyond the regular Israeli rhythms of holidays and shared history, didn’t observe r... [Link]

Why scientists are fighting about the origins of Yiddish – and the Jews

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — Science has finally provided evidence of what Jewish “Star Wars” fans long suspected: Yoda is a member of the tribe — or at least he speaks like one. The bad news is ... [Link]

In a Haifa hair salon, Arab and Jewish-Israeli women bond over shampoo

Gabe Friedman Jewish-Arab coexistence in Israel has never looked so sudsy. The New York Times opinion section on Tuesday featured part of “Women in Sink,” a short documentary set in a Christian-Arab hair sa... [Link]

Tony Blair: Sunni states ready to normalize Israel relations on basis of Arab Peace Initiatve

Ben Sales TEL AVIV (JTA) — Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Sunni Muslim countries are ready to normalize ties with Israel should Israel negotiate a peace deal with the Palestinian Authority ... [Link]

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