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May 26th


Disneyland is Harvard and Rachel is a Muslim

Remember what Pat Schroeder said about former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim? Waldheimer’s disease is when you forget you were a Nazi.

Now, UNESCO indulges in cultural Alzheimer’s, transposing the disease to the organization as a whole.

“The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization” has declared the Tomb of Rachel a mosque, and Me’arat ha-Machpelah, the Cave of the Patriarchs, “Palestinian.”

Let UNESCO just as well call Disneyland Harvard and Super Max the Pepsi Center. Laura Bush is a Buddhist and Bob Dylan is the World Series MVP. Right?
Such is the coherence at UNESCO.


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Global Day of Jewish Learning

Someone once observed that synagogues have a brotherhood Shabbos, an interfaith Shabbos, a Hadassah Shabbos, a graduation Shabbos, a youth Shabbos, etc., etc., and wondered, “How about a Shabbos Shabbos?” Shabbos, the height of spiritual insight and physical rejuvenation, needs no additive. Something along this line struck us as we read about the “Global Day of Jewish Learning”. A day for Jewish learning? “And you shall meditate upon them [the words of Torah] day and night.” That is...

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100% of voters elected Stalin (see Colorado courts)

We have no particular beef with any Colorado judge, nor do we even know many. But it doesn’t take personal knowledge to know that something is wrong with the way Colorado selects and retains judges. Former Colorado Supreme Court Justice Jean Dubofsky disagrees. For her view, see Lively Opinion in this week's IJN.  

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Heroism on the cheap

Theodore Bikel and Mandy Patinkin have a long history of support for Israel. Now, they see themselves as supporting Israel by boycotting it! They have signed a letter in support of Israeli theater professionals who refuse to perform in Ariel, on the West Bank. The Israeli artists refuse to perform there — and Patinkin and Bikel support the refusal — because such performance would “normalize a cruel occupation. They go on: “When a group of people suddenly have the clarity of mind to see ...

Faithless Catholic bishops in the Middle East

The Synod of Bishops of the Middle East in Rome, which ended on Oct. 23, threw out the Hebrew Bible, specifically, its sanctification of the the Land of Israel by and for the Jewish people. “Recourse to theological and biblical positions which use the Word of G-d to wrongly justify injustices is not acceptable,” the bishops said. Exactly which injustices are justified by theological and biblical positions? Certainly not the oppression of any person, Jewish or not, Israeli or not, Palestini...
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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Anne Meara, wife of Jerry Stiller and mother of Ben, dies

Marcy Oster Meara and Stiller were married for 61 years and worked as comedy partners for much of that time while pursuing individual acting careers. ... [Link]

Chief Rabbinate balks at keeping Shlomo Riskin as Efrat chief rabbi

Marcy Oster Israeli media, citing sources present at a recent meeting of the Chief Rabbinate Council, reported that Riskin’s positions on conversion and women in religious leadership led the rabbinate to de... [Link]

Holocaust drama ‘Son of Saul’ named runner up at Cannes

Marcy Oster The film, which centers on the Jewish prisoners who were forced to help the Nazis run the concentration camps, received the Grand Prix award. ... [Link]

Netanyahu confidant Dore Gold to direct Foreign Ministry

Marcy Oster Gold, one of Netanyahu’s closest confidants, is a former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations. ... [Link]

Hundreds attend memorial for Brussels Jewish Museum attack

Marcy Oster “Brussels is Jewish because all Jews have their place in Brussels,” Mayor Yvan Mayeur said at the memorial, held one year after four people were killed at the museum. ... [Link]

Jewish teens stabbed on way to Western Wall

Marcy Oster The teens were attacked near the Damascus Gate late on Saturday while walking to the Western Wall for a night of Torah study in honor of the Shavuot holiday. ... [Link]

Polish home that hid Jewish family from Nazis to become museum

Marcy Oster The house in southeastern Poland, in which a Jewish family of 13 hid from the Nazis, was recently purchased by the businessman Maciej Piorkowski. ... [Link]

Israel thanks United States for blocking resolution at nuclear conference

Marcy Oster The Egyptian-led effort — rejected by the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada — would have convened a regional conference on making the Middle East a nuclear-free zone. ... [Link]

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