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Oct 30th


Mad in Jerusalem

Diagnose it. The “Jerusalem Syndrome.” No, it’s not the Arab claim over the city, nor the Jewish claim, either. In fact, it’s not political at all. Anybody can have it, though few would want it. The “Jerusalem Syndrome” is when you visit the Holy City and conclude that you are the Messiah. Read related story The holiness and spiritual history of the city sets some people  off kilter — enough to be noticeable by the psychiatric profession. Maybe you’re from abroad; maybe you’re an Israeli who has never been to the city. Jerusalem unhinges every visitor, but for most people the mental-spiritual jarring is a positive reconnection to something deep and divine.


Mellow in Jericho

An Israeli settler makes his way to Jericho, in the heart of Palestinian-controlled Jericho. Somehow, the Israeli is waved across a checkpoint, a Palestinian checkpoint. A foreign correspondent, he meets up with some mellow Palestinian types, and they all while away the day over some innocent conversation and light delicacies. Read related story The whole experience is surreal. The Israel-Palestinian conflict does not come up. “Settler” and “Palestinian” disappear. It feels like an inter...

Whither truth?

In concluding his review of The Publisher: Henry Luce and His American Century, the editor of The New York Times, Bill Keller, wrote: “ . . . it is probably fair to say that the cacophony of today’s media — in which rumor and invective often outpace truth-testing, in which shouting heads drown out sober reflection, in which it is possible for people to feel fully informed without ever encountering an opinion that contradicts their prejudices — plays some role in the polarizing of our pol...

Diversity on the court?

Supposedly, Elena Kagan would bring more diversity to the Supreme Court. This claim reminds us of the super-ethnocentric native Jeru-salemite who inquires of that oddity, an American Jew, where he’s from — “from Brooklyn, or Queens, or Manhattan?” Elena Kagan is from Manhattan. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is from Brooklyn. Sonia Sotomayor is from the Bronx. Both Sotomayor and Kagan are from Princeton. Two of the three women are Jewish (so is Stephen Breyer), not to mention, liberal of the New Yo...

Honoring mothers, past and present

This Sunday, as Mother’s Day cards and good wishes proliferate, some of us will wake only to memory. For example, one of us had a mom who regularly mailed oversized t-shirts emblazoned with a smiling cat proclaiming “Happy Mother’s Day!” This mother understood. The woman who never forgot to send those t-shirts died over five years ago. She is buried in another city, far from the here and now. Time progresses without her participation, her gentle gifts. But sometimes the loss flares up l...
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Shabbat Times

JTA News

U.S., Israeli security advisers pledge ‘coordination’ on Iran talks

Ron Kampeas The United States and Israel will maintain “unprecedented coordination” as nuclear talks go forward with Iran, the White House said after a summit of the two nation’s security advisers. ... [Link]

U.S. officials banned from Old City on Friday

Ron Kampeas U.S. government officials are banned from entering Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday. ... [Link]

Haaretz stands by its explosive Bibi cartoon

Julie Wiener Haaretz, often described as Israel’s New York Times, didn’t do itself any favors Thursday when it published a cartoon featuring Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flying a plane into the World Trad... [Link]

Peruvians arrest alleged Hezbollah operative

Ron Kampeas Israeli media reported that he allegedly was planning an attack on Jewish targets in Peru. ... [Link]

Top U.N. official urges Security Council to address Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Ron Kampeas His remarks could signal a readiness by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to champion a Palestinian bid for statehood in the wake of collapsed peace talks. ... [Link]

Kerry: Netanyahu slur is ‘disgraceful’

Ron Kampeas The secretary of state said the derogatory reference by an anonymous White House staffer is damaging and does not reflect the president or himself. ... [Link]

Temple Mount to reopen, but with restrictions

Ron Kampeas The Obama administration called on Israel to reopen the area to Muslim worshippers after it was closed in the wake of an assassination attempt on a Jewish activist. ... [Link]

Nathaniel Melnitsky gets real-world medical training in Guatemala

Raffi Wineburg The Florida teenager not only helped set up a clinic for poor people in Guatemala, he even gave eye exams and ran some tests like an EKG. ... [Link]

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