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Jul 22nd


Global warming? It’s a Pascal’s wager

Is there global warming? To answer definitively, one would have to possess a high level of specialized scientific knowledge, and to believe that computer models are capable of measuring enormously large and complex patterns. We surely do not meet the first criterion; we do not possess the requisite scientific knowledge. On the second point, we remain skeptical that computers can measure something as immense as the entire earth. When all is said and done, one resorts to a computerized model precisely because an actual measurement is impossible.

We might also add that the matter is further camouflaged by the recent, scandalous behavior of some scientists who attempted, unsuccessfully, to suppress scientific data that supposedly cast doubt on what most scientists affirm. On global warming per se, color us confused.


Sadly, it takes a Haiti for the world to see the real Israel

World reaction to the massive devastation inflicted by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that virtually erased Haiti has been astonishing in monetary donations and relief efforts. Despite the best intentions of governments everywhere, Israel was the lone country able to clear organizational hurdles, erect fully equipped field hospitals and get to work. As the secular press praises the Jewish state’s medical response as nothing short of heroic, the Jewish world stands proud but unsurprised.  We hav...

Google shames Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, Bush 1

Discredit Obama. Discredit the second Bush. Discredit Clinton. Discredit the first Bush. Ever since China became a world economic powerhouse, the United States from the president on down has shamefully ignored the violation of human rights in China. Dictatorship. Big Brother. Repression of dissidents. It’s all been OK with America and its presidents, just so long as trade kept a-rising. Never mind that the worship of trade has come back to bite us. Never mind that American manufacturing and A...

The change in the toll

One year ago, the theme of the Intermountain Jewish News’ Dollars & Sense edition was making heads or tails out of the shock of the financial collapse of late 2008. Who lost money? How much? Will we ever get it back? This year’s Dollars & Sense edition deals with the reality of living in a recession. Last year we looked at the toll it was taking on our bank accounts; this year we examine the toll it is taking on our lives. The toll is significant. Senior Writer Andrea Jacobs found ...

Ominous rumblings from Israel

A blessed year 2009 was for Israel. Not a single suicide bombing struck the nation. It is at peace. And this peace may be an illusion. The war against Hamas in Gaza a year ago (“Cast Lead”) broke Hamas’ will to keep firing rockets at civilian centers in Israel — for now. But just as the Palestinians made no effort to build a peaceful society in Gaza after Israel unilaterally withdrew from there in 2005, the Hamas leadership has made no effort to promote peace since the end of Cast Lead ...
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JTA News

With jabs at Obama, CUFI lobbies for Iran sanctions, end to P.A. aid

Ron Kampeas With sharp jabs at the Obama administration, Christians United for Israel launched its annual Washington rally with appeals to Congress to impose new sanctions on Iran and cut off funding to the Pales... [Link]

Rocket hits Tel Aviv-area home as Gaza fighting continues

Marcy Oster A rocket or part of a rocket fired from Gaza scored a direct hit on a house in a suburb of Tel Aviv. ... [Link]

Ukrainian Jewish leaders slam top European rabbis’ visit to Crimea

Cnaan Liphshiz Leaders of a prominent Jewish community in Ukraine criticized European rabbis who attended a Kremlin-sponsored Holocaust commemoration ceremony in Crimea. ... [Link]

U.S. commits $47 million in humanitarian assistance for Gaza

Marcy Oster The United States has committed $47 million to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. ... [Link]

State Department warns Americans to defer Israel travel

Marcy Oster The U.S. State Department has issued a warning to American citizens, calling on them to defer non-essential travel to Israel and the West Bank. ... [Link]

Two more IDF soldiers killed in Gaza combat, another believed dead is missing

Marcy Oster Two additional Israeli soldiers were killed in combat in Gaza, and a soldier who was believed to have been killed when an IDF armored vehicle was attacked is missing. ... [Link]

Kibitzing with Alan Dershowitz at the Chilmark General Store

Anthony Weiss The famed attorney and other machers schmooze at a low-key spot on Martha’s Vineyard. ... [Link]

After Harvard, Alan Dershowitz plans an active — and combative — retirement

Anthony Weiss The famed attorney has retired from Harvard Law School, but he is not planning a quiet life. ... [Link]

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