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Jan 30th


Get real about radical Islam

If it wasn’t the ‘real Islam’ at work ?in last week’s murders in France, there is no real Muslim, no real Jew, no real Christian.

Funny how the world of oversimplifications turns on its head. A half century ago, the old saw was this: Nothing was responsible for the deaths of more innocent people throughout history than religion. Today’s it’s just the opposite. Religion is not responsible for the death of a single innocent person.


Truth is their worst enemy

Islamic terrorists strike at journalists because the terrorists fear the pen. They know it is mightier than the sword. As the IJN prepared to go to press this week, details of the terrorist attack on Wednesday against a French satirical magazine remained mostly unfocused. Speculation was rife as to whether the perpetrators were native French citizens, whether they actually belong to al-Qaida, whether the cold-blooded murder of 12 Charlie Hebdo staff members and police officers represents a ne...

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Turkey, meet Japan

It is now the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. In 1915 and for a few years afterwards, Ottoman Turks mercilessly cut down Armenians with the intent to annihilate the race; and from 1915 until today, a full century later, the Ottoman Turks and after them the leaders of modern Turkey have tried to deny this genocide. The Ottoman Turks murdered some one-and-a-half million human beings, but not then, and not now, have they owned up to it. To the extent that contemporary Turks deny the ge...

Bill Corn, 1923-2014

We’re going to miss that crackling, pleasant, curious, friendly and phenomenally concerned voice coming over the line — the voice of Bill Corn from Boulder. We’re going to miss his faxes, his letters, his passion for the Jewish people and for Israel. Wegoing to miss his pride in his wife Rita, his children and grandchildren. We suspect that there’s a lot more about Bill Corn that we didn’t know. Friendly, congenial people usually attract admirers and take delight in the small things o...

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It sounds heroic; it’s cowardly

An Israel hater is disinvited by the U of Penn. The better tactic would be to counter Chris Hedges and disprove him. The decision of the International Affairs Assn. at the University of Pennsylvania to disinvite Chris Hedges was wrong in principle and wrong pragmatically. Hedges is the former New York Times Middle East bureau chief, a current columnist for website, and a bonafide hater of Israel. Hedges equates Israel with ISIS. A recent column of his was titled, “ISIS — the n...

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Shabbat Times

JTA News

The kosher Super Bowl halftime show

Gabe Friedman For those looking for a more family-friendly (or a more Jewish) alternative to the usual halftime show, Orthodox radio host Nachum Segal provides a solution. ... [Link]

Hezbollah chief says group is not afraid of war with Israel

Gabe Friedman The leader of Hezbollah said that his group does not want a war with Israel but will take immediate action against any Israeli aggression. ... [Link]

B’nai Brith Canada’s weekly to suspend print edition

Cnaan Liphshiz If it becomes permanent, the 13-week stop in printing of The Jewish Tribune would leave the Canadian Jewish News as the country’s only publication of its kind. ... [Link]

Letter circulating among House Dems urges postponement of Netanyahu speech

Ron Kampeas A letter urging Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio), the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, to postpone a planned March 3 speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is circulating among Dem... [Link]

ADL slams lawmaker who asked for pledge from Muslim visitors

Ron Kampeas The Anti-Defamation League condemned as “antithetical to American values” a Texas lawmaker’s comment that Muslim visitors to her office should be requested to pledge allegiance to the United... [Link]

Israeli conductor dies during Switzerland concert

Cnaan Liphshiz Witnesses said Israel Yinon, 59, fell off the stage in Lucerne. ... [Link]

Conservative flagship to finance capital improvement by selling dorms, air rights

Julie Wiener The Jewish Theological Seminary plans to sell two dorms, some of its air rights and potentially part of its library building to finance an ambitious campus redevelopment project. ... [Link]

IDF nabs 2 armed Palestinians on Gaza border

Cnaan Liphshiz The infiltration was thwarted shortly after Islamists killed 27 in four attacks in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. ... [Link]

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