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Nov 30th


Deuteronomy: ‘Choose life’; China: ‘Choose death’

What divides Chinese communism from us is more than markets. It is personal freedom and faith.

Deuteronomy famously says: “Choose life.”

China famously says: Outlaw babies. Abort babies. Kill babies.

Outlaw babies by dictating the most private decisions couples can make — by telling them they may have only one child or, as of late, two. Abort babies even as they are about to be born. Kill babies even after they are born. China says: Choose death.


Israel misses a close friend, Stephen Harper

If the fractured Obama-Netanyahu relationship, coupled with an increase in US aid to Israel, have reminded us of anything, it’s that American-Israeli relations are not always based on friendships. Despite devolving personal connections, the US-Israel partnership will continue strong, long after these two particular leaders leave office.

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Fifty years since Nostra Aetate

Most Christians today take it for granted that the Jews of today are not, and the Jews of antiquity were not, responsible for the murder of Jesus two millennia ago. Yet, based on this baseless charge, millions of Jews over the centuries have been murdered, and many more persecuted. It is no small thing that the Catholic Church cleaned up its theological and historical act 50 years ago by rescinding the baseless charge of deicide. Alas, it took the unspeakably cruel and the unimaginably vast mass...

Netanyahu lies about the Holocaust

Netanyahu says Hitler needed the Mufti to devise the Holocaust. Truth screams: No! Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu damaged Israel’s reputation by committing the very same crime he rightly accuses the Palestinian leadership of. He lied about history. Either that, or he missed the fact that George Washington was the first president of the United States. Palestinians say that the Jews have no history in Palestine, that there were no Temples in Jerusalem, that the Land of Israel was ...

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1928, the Mufti; 2015, Abbas

The same absurd yet lethal claims that Abbas makes now, the Mufti of Jerusalem made in 1928. The Western Wall is the extension of the al-Aqsa Mosque, not a Jewish holy site. The Jews are planning to gain control of the Temple Mount, raze the mosque there and rebuild the Temple. In response, local Arabs wield knives and kill innocent Jews. Sound familiar? The scene is 1928 in Jerusalem. Nothing has changed, at least from the perspective of the Palestinian leadership. The scene repeats itse...
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JTA News

Amy Schumer poses nude for Pirelli calendar

Gabe Friedman Jewish comedian and actress Amy Schumer stripped down for Annie Leibovitz in a photograph that appears in the latest Pirelli calendar. How did she describe the photo? “Beautiful, gross, strong... [Link]

Sheldon Silver, ex-NY Assembly speaker, found guilty on all 7 corruption charges

Gabe Friedman Silver, who served as speaker for over 20 years, faces a maximum sentence of 130 years in prison. ... [Link]

Arab-Israeli lawmaker Ayman Odeh to hold landmark talks with White House leaders

Gabe Friedman The Joint Arab List chairman reportedly will be the first prominent representative of Israel’s Arabic community to engage in high-profile diplomatic talks in Washington, D.C. ... [Link]

How a Jewish trans father inspired a hit series

Lisa Keys Jill Soloway, the award-winning creator of ‘Transparent,’ dishes on her own family and what to expect in the show’s second season. ... [Link]

Study: Conservative shuls spend on operations at expense of engagement

Uriel Heilman Conservative synagogues are more than twice as likely to have a cantor as an associate rabbi, a new survey found. ... [Link]

Why I hired a Belgian butcher to circumcise my son

Cnaan Liphshiz In Amsterdam, arranging his son’s bris meant dealing with bureaucracy and some unexpected rebuke, JTA’s Europe correspondent writes. ... [Link]

Joseph Silverstein, renowned violinist and conductor, dies

Marcy Oster Silverstein also left his mark in the field of Jewish music, with two notable recordings for the Milken Jewish Music Archive. ... [Link]

Abbas claims Israel is harming the environment

Gabe Friedman “Our resources are being usurped, our trees are being uprooted, our agriculture is being destroyed,” Abbas said at the U.N. climate conference near Paris. ... [Link]

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