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May 24th


Is Judaism a discriminatory religion?

Many liberal and all Orthodox rabbis do not perform marriages between a Jew and a non-Jew. Will this or other Jewish practices be deemed discriminatory and outlawed?

On its face, the question that is the title of this editorial is absurd.In a mere single chapter in the Hebrew biblical book of Leviticus, Jews are enjoined, “you shall love your neighbor as yourself”; “you shall not lie one to another”; “you shall not cheat your fellow”; “you shall not curse the deaf and you shall not place a stumbling block before the blind”; “you shall not pervert  justice, not favor the poor and not honor the great; with righteousness you shall judge your fellow”; “you shall not hate your brother in your heart”; “you shall not take revenge”; “do not taunt the stranger”; “and you shall love the stranger as yourself.”


New Holocaust deniers: US ambassador to Poland and FBI head

Holocaust denial is not only denying it happened. It is minimizing or distorting it, a la Jean-Marie Le Pen of France. Regrettably, high US officials join the club. Was George Washington the first president of the United States? Did Babe Ruth hit 60 homeruns in 1927? Was there a blizzard in Denver in 2006? Did two buildings in New York City come down in flames on Sept. 11, 2001?

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Israel at 67: What her history can offer to the new ‘boat people’

Holocaust refugees were also boat people, drowned at sea. Israel overcame in a way that is instructive ?for other struggling nations. The shocking reports of over 1,700 deaths aboard a ship carrying illegal migrants from Africa to Europe have forced the world to acknowledge a developing trend that many preferred to ignore: The smuggling and transport of humans. For Central and South Americans, the destination is the United States; for Africans, the primary destination is Europe. Thousands of ...

A preview of coming horrors

We should consider it a preview of coming horrors. In Libya, terrorists affiliated with the Islamic State shot and beheaded groups of Ethiopian Christians, echoing a similar atrocity earlier this year committed against Egyptian Christians in Libya. In African schools, Boko Haram murderers question students about their religion. If they reply “Christian,” or prove unable to answer questions about the Koran, they are murdered in cold blood.

The legacy of Lincoln

The great president, leader, liberator and orator was cruelly cut down 150 years ago this week. We still need to complete his work. One hundred and fifty years ago this week, an assassin crept into the presidential box in a Washington theater and put an end to the life of a man who almost immediately became an American saint. Christians were fond of comparing Abraham Lincoln to Jesus, while Jews did not hesitate to compare him to his namesake, the father of their own people, or even to Moses...
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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Obama learns his lesson about Jewish toddlers

Ron Kampeas Or maybe Shabbat’s a lot more fun than the seder when you’re 4. ... [Link]

Obama: I have same high expectations of Israel as I do of U.S.

Ron Kampeas President Obama says his criticism of Israel is born of the high regard with which he holds Israel — and the expectation he has that Israel live up to the values it shares with the United States... [Link]

Lady Gaga accepts ADL award on behalf of her Born This Way Foundation

Gabe Friedman Pop star Lady Gaga accepted an award from the Anti-Defamation League on behalf of her nonprofit Born This Way Foundation. ... [Link]

World Bank: Gaza economy on ‘verge of collapse’

Gabe Friedman Gaza’s economy, stifled by the highest unemployment rate in the world, blockades, poor governance and a series of military conflicts, is headed towards a “collapse,” a new report by the World Ba... [Link]

Obama: I criticize Israel because I care about Israel

Ron Kampeas Defending Jews from anti-Semitism is necessarily entwined with criticizing some of Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians, President Barack Obama told a Jewish audience. ... [Link]

Dutch restaurant says it erased Israel from map for culinary reasons

Cnaan Liphshiz The owners of Rotterdam’s Le Souq say they replaced Israel with ‘Palestine’ on a map because of their passion for Palestinian food. ... [Link]

How to build an American shtetl — See: Bloomingburg, N.Y.

Uriel Heilman Shalom Lamm is developing a playbook for setting up an American shtetl. The problem is some of his new neighbors in Bloomingburg claim he used bribery, fraud and corruption of public officials to do s... [Link]

Switzerland defends funding for Israeli leftist group

Cnaan Liphshiz Breaking the Silence is scheduled to bring an exhibition to Zurich with federal, municipal support. ... [Link]

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