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Mar 06th


Fanning the flames of anti-Semitism

Chemotherapy administered. Patient dies. How could it be? wonder medical professionals. We only wanted to kill the cancerous cells.

Marijuana-laced edible sold. Customer eats it. Nothing happens. Customer eats more. Crazed customer kills somebody. How could it be? wonder marijuana salesmen. Don’t you know? Don’t eat more than one at a time.

Wife’s birth pangs begin. Husband speeds to the hospital. Gets in crash, kills someone. How could it be? wonders the husband. I only meant to get her to the hospital.

And now this:


Egypt and Jordan answer ISIS

Jordan doesn’t waste time. Jordan knows an enemy when it sees one. ISIS burned to death one of Jordan’s pilots. Jordan retaliated at once. Egypt doesn’t waste time. Egypt knows an enemy when it sees one. ISIS beheaded 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians. Egypt did more than retaliate. It did that, but it also announced that it was forming an effort to destroy ISIS, at least next door in Libya.

Netanyahu before Congress: The last chance to limit nuclear Iran and nuclear proliferation

We are very sympathetic to critics of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to appear before Congress March 3, two weeks before Israel’s election and a few weeks before the deadline for the conclusion of the US-Iran nuclear negotiations. The downsides are many: • Netanyahu appears to be a Republican partisan, endangering the critical bipartisan American support of Israel. • Netanyahu appears to be exploiting his good relations with the US Congress for domestic political ...

Martin Gilbert, 1937-2015

An historian’s historian, Martin Gilbert included the individual voice and brought history even to those unwilling or unable to read it. As was once observed of the late Harry Austryn Wolfson, the historian of philosophy, so it may be observed of Martin Gilbert, the British historian who died last week: He was a committee.

Chris Christie, Mr. Panderer

New Jersey’s governor wants to give parents the ‘choice’ whether to vaccinate. Kick science, win votes — some campaign platform. Apparently, the eradication of disease is a bad thing, according to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. It would be great to go back to the days of mass measles outbreaks, for example. But if one has the choice to vaccinate against measles, then why not extend that choice to all vaccines? Let the diseases return!

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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Argentine investigator to review evidence suggesting Nisman was murdered

Cnaan Liphshiz Review follows independent report about the mysterious death of the former prosecutor who said the government was covering up Iranian involvement in a deadly attack on local Jews. ... [Link]

BBC journalist defends claim that Netanyahu used ‘Holocaust card’

Cnaan Liphshiz Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen said suggestions that he was anti-Semitic were offensive and untrue. ... [Link]

Report: Netanyahu considered withdrawal on basis of 1967 lines

Cnaan Liphshiz Israeli PM considered agreement that included land swaps and allowing settlers to remain in ‘Palestine’ if they choose to do so, document said to reveal. ... [Link]

Many Muslim pupils resist Holocaust education, Dutch lawmakers hear

Cnaan Liphshiz A Holocaust survivor is no longer willing to tell her story in some Dutch schools that are heavily Muslim, a party leader reveals. ... [Link]

In Jerusalem, seven wounded in suspected terror attack

Cnaan Liphshiz The alleged perpetrator was shot and injured after ramming his car into a crowd of people and exiting the vehicle while holding a knife. ... [Link]

Cardinal Egan, former archbishop of N.Y., dead at 82

Anthony Weiss Egan’s relationship with the largest Jewish community in the country was cordial but cool, at least when compared with his predecessor and successor. ... [Link]

PLO votes to cut security cooperation with Israel

Gabe Friedman It is not clear whether PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas will confirm the move, which is the latest in a series of escalatory actions by Israel and the Palestinians. ... [Link]

Nisman’s ex-wife: Late AMIA prosecutor was murdered

Gabe Friedman Citing independent forensic tests, Alberto Nisman’s ex-wife said the late AMIA case prosecutor was murdered. ... [Link]

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