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Oct 06th


Senator Michael Bennet’s defeatism

America’s futile future according to Senator Michael Bennet.

Colorado senior Senator Michael Bennet has decided to back the Iran deal. His reasoning, based on reportage in the Denver Post, seems to run like this: The deal is far from perfect, but it cannot be renegotiated. It cannot be made better. That is because even if the United States Congress rejected the deal, it would not bring Iran back to the table. This is because an American rejection would not obligate China or Russia in particular — these two countries are going ahead with the lifting of economic sanctions no matter what the US does. Iran has secured the economic relief it needs from sanctions. The deal is done.


Sandy Koufax’s proud statement

Sandy Koufax, the lefty Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, was an exceptional athlete. He was a four-time World Series champion. He was a National League MVP. He was an All-Star for six seasons. He was the youngest three-time Cy Young winner, and the youngest player ever inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Like all exceptional athletes, Koufax is remembered, discussed and revered long after his professional retirement. But unlike other exceptional athletes, Sandy Koufax is not only a figure for ...

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IJN staff prays, 5776

IJN staff prays, 5776 ROSH HASHANAH EDITIONSECTION D PAGE 20 Shana Goldberg: At this time last year I was preparing to move overseas, not an easy undertaking! Mountains of paperwork and bureaucracy kept the departure date uncertain, so Rosh Hashanah was not the peaceful holiday it should have been. This year, I am not moving overseas — but all of my worldly belongings are. Our furniture shipment is scheduled to arrive between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (how’s that for timing?), so once again there is a sense...

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What, only Thomas Jefferson?

Why are some things, somewhere, right, and those same things in other places, wrong? Starting in the 1960s with the campaign for nuclear disarmament, environmental activists  have fought for an end to nuclear power. Proponents of nuclear energy said it was sustainable (and cheaper than the alternatives), but after the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan a reexamination took place. Countries that had supported nuclear energy began having doubts. At the same time, the push for renew...

With friends like these...

British Jews are worried. The front-runner for the leadership of the country’s Labour Party, the country’s largest in terms of membership and second largest in Parliament, has been linked to Holocaust deniers and anti-Israel terrorist organizations, among them Hamas and Hezbollah. On Aug. 12, the UK’s Jewish Chronicle posed a series of questions to Jeremy Corbyn, the potential leader in question. It took over a week for Corbyn’s office to respond, and many of the answers were unsatisfac...

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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Why is a Conservative synagogue abandoning the second day of yontif?

Jas Chana Rabbi Mark Mallach explains why his synagogue is celebrating Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah on one day. ... [Link]

Why Israelis are fearing a third intifada

Ben Sales The slow-burning Israeli-Palestinian conflict has flamed up in the past week with a series of terror attacks, but it has happened before. ... [Link]

What became of Holocaust survivor thought a victim?

mbrodsky A Brazilian man’s discovery at a Polish museum launches a search for his great-aunt’s family; maybe even his great-aunt. ... [Link]

Italian synagogue damaged in severe storm

mbrodsky Some of the windows were shattered and pictures showed glass littering the interior of the sanctuary in Tuscany. ... [Link]

Funerals held for 2 Jerusalem stabbing victims

mbrodsky Thousands attended the rites in Jerusalem for a 41-year-old rabbi and 22-year-old soldier killed in an Old City terrorist attack. ... [Link]

PA condemns Israel for killing 2 Palestinian attackers

Marcy Oster The Palestinian Authority said the international community must intervene without noting that the Palestinian men were killed in the wake of attacks on Jewish-Israelis. ... [Link]

Israeli officer removed after soldiers destroy journalists’ cameras

Marcy Oster Two photographers for the French news agency AFP were filming a Palestinian demonstration in the West Bank. ... [Link]

Israeli army: Palestinian boy shot himself while playing with gun

Marcy Oster The family had claimed that a Jewish-Israeli driver in the West Bank had stopped his car and shot the 6-year-old in the stomach before fleeing. ... [Link]

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