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Feb 26th



A ‘senior administration official’ accuses Israel’s Prime Minster of cowardice — with a crude obscenity. It is time for reason to resurface.

Another slingshot from the Obama administration: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is, according to a “senior administration official,” an . . . expletive deleted. Expletive elucidated: Netanyahu is a coward, a chicken.


Election 2014: Your vote counts on whether Iran will go nuclear

It’s become obvious in the US-Iran negotiations that the US administration will not stop Iran  from going nuclear. Only Congress can. And you will elect Congress. Shortly after the upcoming election in November the US will decide whether Iran gets a nuclear bomb. We freely concede: Immigration is a critical issue. Likewise, heath care. And economic recovery.

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Ben Bradlee

Ben Bradlee, executive editor of The Washington Post, 1968-1991, put his newspaper on the line to defend the freedom of the press. In 1971, over President Nixon’s objections, the Post published the scathing Pentagon Papers after winning permission from the Supreme Court. In 1972, Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward unraveled Watergate, which led to Nixon’s resignation. Bradlee waited until his reporters provided solid evidence — and then went for the jugular. Bradlee died of Al...

Pink Shabbat in Denver, Oct. 24-25

There are many women who struggle with breast cancer among us: a family member, a friend, a fellow congregant, a colleague, a neighbor. They had annual mammograms, never missed an appointment with their gynecologist and performed self-examinations. Still, one day they feel a lump. It’s cancer. Many more survive than used to. Others succumb. In this respect, Jews are no different from the general population. For Jewish women of Ashkenazi descent, however, inherited mutations in the BRCA1 and B...

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Donors sick of giving to Gaza — they should be

Donors ante up another $5.4 billion for the reconstruction of Gaza — again. They’re tired of this. To stop it, pay attention to who starts the Gaza wars. In Cairo last Sunday donor countries pledged $5.4 billion to rebuild the Gaza Strip. They’re sick of this. They should be. Qatar forks over $1 billion. The US, another $212 million. UAE, $200 million. The EU, $568 million. Turkey, $200 million. Kuwait, $200 million. Greece, $1.35 million. Some 50 donors nations, all told. What a colo...
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Study: Global anti-Semitism reaches seven-year high

Julie Wiener In the 77 countries in which Jews were harassed, Jews were “much more likely to be harassed by individuals or groups in society than by governments.” ... [Link]

‘Kosher Soul’ plays on stereotypes — amusing some, angering others

Anthony Weiss A reality show on a black-Jewish couple examines what it describes as a culture clash in, ahem, black and white, without too many intervening shades of gray. ... [Link]

Palestinian arrested in West Bank stabbing attempt of soldier

Marcy Oster The attack, in which no one was hurt, occurred at the same junction where an Israeli man was stabbed by a Palestinian woman in December. ... [Link]

Israel and Jordan sign water, Dead Sea agreement

Marcy Oster The agreement implements the first stage of the Seas Canal project, including the construction of a desalination plant north of Aqaba to supply water to both nations. ... [Link]

Katy Perry visits Auschwitz

Marcy Oster The singer posted a photo of the prisoner barracks on Instagram with the caption, “My heart was heavy today.” ... [Link]

Susan Rice, Samantha Power to speak at AIPAC conference

Ron Kampeas Susan Rice, the U.S. national security adviser who has said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned speech to Congress has been “destructive” to the relationship, will speak at the A... [Link]

U.C. Berkeley student government condemns anti-Semitism

Marcy Oster The bill calls for the student government to take immediate action against anti-Semitism and forms an ad-doc committee on anti-Semitism. ... [Link]

Op-Ed: What we’d like to hear from Netanyahu on Iran

Ben Harris Two leaders of the progressive Zionist group Ameinu write that the Israeli prime minister’s insistence on addressing Congress is an attempt to gain an edge in upcoming Israeli elections. ... [Link]

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