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Apr 01st


Everyone gets free access to holy places in the Holy Land — including Jews

It would be amusing if it were not so serious. But dare we say, Jews also (also?) should enjoy freedom of religion in their own country, Israel. Yet, it is just this right that seems to raise so much ire not only in the Muslim world, but also in those Western countries in which religious pluralism is taken for granted.

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What kind of a G-d wants teenage boys dead and teenage girls forcibly married?

What kind of a G-d wants teenage boys dead and teenage girls forcibly married? The Islamic G-d of Boko Haram. This Islamic terrorist group apparently recruited the suicide bomber who murdered boys in a school in northeastern Nigeria. Forty-seven died. This Islamic terrorist group kidnapped 276 teenage girls from a school in Nigeria last April. Its leader, Abuakar Shekau, who fancies himself a caliph, boasted in a video that the girls had been married off and converted to Islam. Welcome to the ...

For the new US Senate, Priority #1: Iran

On the cusp of finalizing a deal that will let Iran keep its nuclear weapons infrastructure in place, the US administration has explicitly elected to “close out” Congress from the decision. This high-handed, weak-kneed approach of the Obama administration is among the policies soundly rejected in this week’s mid-term election that saw control of the US Senate change hands. To be sure, the Senate will not change hands until next January, while the deadline for a deal with Iran is at the e...

Veterans Day, 2014

Next Tuesday we mark Veterans Day, honoring everyone who has served in the US Armed Forces. The annual Veterans Day national ceremony at Arlington Cemetery takes place at 11 a.m. on the 11th day of the 11th month, the moment the major hostilities of WW I officially ended in 1918. This year’s ceremonies should not remain in the realm of honorable remembrance. This year’s ceremonies should not only harken back to the past. What began this summer at the Phoenix, Arizona Veterans Health Adminis...

Jerry Grossfeld, 1924-2014

Jerry Grossfeld kept the faith. He headed Jewish Family and Children’s Service (as JFS was then known), 1976-1989, when the nuclear Jewish family was dropping from the vision of American Jewry. Besides the intricate and intimate problems brought to his attention, his agency operated in a climate of opinion that challenged its basic presupposition: the centrality of family. Which made the job Jerry Grossfeld did all the more remarkable.

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War crimes complaint filed against Hamas in U.S.

Marcy Oster A Tel Aviv-based NGO filed the complaint on behalf of 26 American citizens over an attack for which Hamas claimed responsibility. ... [Link]

After the nuclear negotiators go home, what happens next?

Uriel Heilman If a deal is reached, who needs to approve it? What are Israel’s alternatives? How are the U.S.-Iran nuclear talks reshaping the Arab Middle East? ... [Link]

GW student gov’t addresses swastika incidents with request for added security

Marcy Oster A student senate resolution at George Washington University asked the school to install more security cameras in dorms. ... [Link]

Dermer: Israel must speak up on Iran threat

Marcy Oster Israel’s U.S. ambassador, making his first public comments since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected, also reaffirmed strong U.S.-Israel ties. ... [Link]

Plans for 2,200 homes in Jerusalem Arab neighborhood gain preliminary approval

Marcy Oster The plans approved by an Interior Ministry committee in Israel also will retroactively approve 300 illegal Arab homes in the same neighborhood. ... [Link]

Iran talks deadline extended a day

Uriel Heilman “‎We’ve made enough progress in the last days to merit staying until Wednesday,” a State Department official told reporters. “There are several difficult issues still remaining.” ... [Link]

From ‘80s to today, Israeli ‘family’ revels in close ties

mbrodsky A group of new immigrants to Israel, brought together by a shared army program, has stayed close for decades even with some members no longer in the country. ... [Link]

What biblical villain is Obama most like (besides Haman, of course)?

Julie Wiener Why, less than a week before Passover, did Rabbi Shlomo Riskin slam Obama with a Haman comparison rather than a Pharaoh one? ... [Link]

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