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May 06th


Transparency 101

In case anyone doubted that a simple exercise in good governance could be politicized in the extreme by partisans on both sides, look no further than a recent bill introduced in Israel’s parliament, the Knesset. The bill would require non-profits to disclose whether and to what extent they are funded by foreign, that is, non-Israeli, governments. By the reaction, you would think that democracy in Israel had just been destroyed.


Hickenlooper hems, haws

Has Gov. John Hickenlooper ever taken a real stand on a single significant controversial issue? When asked on Tuesday whether he will call for a change to Colorado’s laws on the death penalty, the governor, in what is becoming his trademark, managed to make himself sound progressive while doing absolutely nothing. “No,” he answered when asked if he would press the issue in this year’s legislative session, as reported by 9News. “But we’re getting there.”

Sweden’s bizarre FM

According to Margot Wallstrom, Sweden’s obtuse foreign minister, Israel has been conducting “extrajudicial executions” of Palestinian stabbers that are “disproportionate.” Imagine shopping in one of the high-priced malls in Stockholm. A man who abhors Swedish people suddenly rams his knife into three of them. He runs from the police, who fire and kill him. That would be appropriate in Wallstrom’s moral universe — just not in Israel. Even Sweden’s PM Stefan Lofven, who initially...

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ISIS beheads...Saudi Arabia beheads: time for perspective

Unspeakable brutality in the Middle East is not a repugnant yet acceptable occupational hazard of diplomacy. I. Barbarity ISIS beheads people. Saudi Arabia beheads people. Iran calls out Saudi Arabia for beheading people — a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Iran kills people by the thousands via terrorist attacks and executions.

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Jewish terrorism, a wake-up call

When wedding revelers are imitating and glorifying the real-life murder of an Arab family, Israel has a problem. Terrorism is not an easily defined term. If a terrorist murders someone, how does that, for example, differ from a felony crime? The distinction, most social scientists agree, is in the aim: Terrorism is violence perpetrated against civilian targets in order to achieve a political aim. A key component is fear, instilling in innocent civilians the fear that at any moment, without any...

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JTA News

Polish town names square after Knesset deputy speaker’s family

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — The deputy speaker of the Knesset, Hilik Bar, attended a ceremony in a Polish town that renamed its main square for his great-grandfather, who was murdered in the Holocaust. The renaming... [Link]

The new Han Solo is Jewish – and he was discovered at a bat mitzvah

Julie Wiener The next time you’re kvetching about having to go to another bar or bat mitzvah, think about this: Steven Spielberg could be there, and he could make you a star. That’s how it worked out for Alden... [Link]

Despite anti-Semitism scandal, Muslim Labour candidate poised to win London mayoral election

Cnaan Liphshiz LONDON (JTA) — With half of the votes counted in London’s local election, Sadiq Khan of Labour maintained a strong lead over the Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith. The son of a British Jewi... [Link]

Sheldon Adelson backs Donald Trump, says he’s good for Israel

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson said he will back Donald Trump now that Trump has locked up the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. “I think that Donald Trump will be... [Link]

Jewish philanthropist buys Argentine oil company for $900M

Marcy Oster BUENOS AIRES (JTA) — Argentine Jewish businessman and philanthropist Marcelo Marcos Mindlin purchased a 67.2 percent stake of Petrobras Argentina for $892 million. Mindlin, 52, is the head of Pa... [Link]

Dallas Holocaust Museum gets menorah taken from Europe during WWII

Marcy Oster (JTA) — A seven-branch menorah that a World War II veteran brought to the United States from Europe as a souvenir was donated to the Dallas Holocaust Museum. The museum and education center ma... [Link]

Israeli air force destroys Hamas post after mortar fire

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — Retaliating for the firing of mortars on Israeli troops near the border with Gaza, Israel Air Force aircraft destroyed a Hamas facility south of Gaza City. The strike Friday morning, in... [Link]

Spanish archaeologists unearth rare 13th-century portrait of a Jew

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — Archaeologists in Spain identified a rare depiction of a Jewish man on a piece of pottery from the 13th century. The fragment was unearthed in Teruel, 140 miles east of Madrid, in 2004 b... [Link]

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