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May 25th


Bill Corn, 1923-2014

We’re going to miss that crackling, pleasant, curious, friendly and phenomenally concerned voice coming over the line — the voice of Bill Corn from Boulder. We’re going to miss his faxes, his letters, his passion for the Jewish people and for Israel. Wegoing to miss his pride in his wife Rita, his children and grandchildren.

We suspect that there’s a lot more about Bill Corn that we didn’t know. Friendly, congenial people usually attract admirers and take delight in the small things of life. Bill Corn conveyed that sense of joie de vivre, of responsibility, and of a man who knew the Jewish past.

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It sounds heroic; it’s cowardly

An Israel hater is disinvited by the U of Penn. The better tactic would be to counter Chris Hedges and disprove him. The decision of the International Affairs Assn. at the University of Pennsylvania to disinvite Chris Hedges was wrong in principle and wrong pragmatically. Hedges is the former New York Times Middle East bureau chief, a current columnist for website, and a bonafide hater of Israel. Hedges equates Israel with ISIS. A recent column of his was titled, “ISIS — the n...

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USY drops its ban on officers dating outside the faith

The United Synagogue Youth board’s decision to lift the ban on its board members’ dating outside the faith raises many questions. First and foremost: What is the origin of the values reflected in this decision? Those of the teenagers or those of their parents? One USY member who had considered running for her region’s board dropped the idea when she learned of the ban (now rescinded). She said: “It disappointed me a lot that I had to give up that opportunity [to run for the USY regiona...

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Obama to Sony: Don’t cave. Amen... up to a point

Sony Pictures was hacked, apparently by North Korea for making a stupid comedy, “The Interview,” about an assassination attempt on the leader of North Korea. Assassinations should not be the subject of comedies. The assassination of a murderous dictator may be justified, but making a comedy out of such a matter is not. The thing is, in a free society, one is allowed to be stupid. That’s what North Korea does not understand. President Obama hit the nail on the head when he said that Sony ...

Big Brother is watching the police, who’s next?

Let the message go forth from this time and place, police in America are no longer trusted, and no longer trustworthy. They need to be watched, literally, every moment they are on duty. Big Brother, in the form of tiny but effective cameras, must watch, literally, their every interaction with the public. Item: Charles Kondek, 45, a 17-year veteran of the Tarpon Springs, Florida police department, was shot and killed Dec. 21 by a fugitive trying to evade a warrant. Marco Antonio Parilla, Jr., 23...
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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Obama learns his lesson about Jewish toddlers

Ron Kampeas Or maybe Shabbat’s a lot more fun than the seder when you’re 4. ... [Link]

Obama: I have same high expectations of Israel as I do of U.S.

Ron Kampeas President Obama says his criticism of Israel is born of the high regard with which he holds Israel — and the expectation he has that Israel live up to the values it shares with the United States... [Link]

Lady Gaga accepts ADL award on behalf of her Born This Way Foundation

Gabe Friedman Pop star Lady Gaga accepted an award from the Anti-Defamation League on behalf of her nonprofit Born This Way Foundation. ... [Link]

World Bank: Gaza economy on ‘verge of collapse’

Gabe Friedman Gaza’s economy, stifled by the highest unemployment rate in the world, blockades, poor governance and a series of military conflicts, is headed towards a “collapse,” a new report by the World Ba... [Link]

Obama: I criticize Israel because I care about Israel

Ron Kampeas Defending Jews from anti-Semitism is necessarily entwined with criticizing some of Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians, President Barack Obama told a Jewish audience. ... [Link]

Dutch restaurant says it erased Israel from map for culinary reasons

Cnaan Liphshiz The owners of Rotterdam’s Le Souq say they replaced Israel with ‘Palestine’ on a map because of their passion for Palestinian food. ... [Link]

How to build an American shtetl — See: Bloomingburg, N.Y.

Uriel Heilman Shalom Lamm is developing a playbook for setting up an American shtetl. The problem is some of his new neighbors in Bloomingburg claim he used bribery, fraud and corruption of public officials to do s... [Link]

Switzerland defends funding for Israeli leftist group

Cnaan Liphshiz Breaking the Silence is scheduled to bring an exhibition to Zurich with federal, municipal support. ... [Link]

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