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May 27th


What gave the Broncos their edge

Surely not to take away from the highly talented players on the Denver Broncos, but the takeaway message of the Broncos’ Super Bowl win transcends talent. Arguably, the Carolina Panthers had the better talent and certainly had the better record, but here is what they didn’t have:

persistence, tenacity. Most of the Panthers’ wins came with ease; none of the Broncos’ wins did. The Panthers and especially their talented quarterback Cam Newton covered the field like it was a festival. The Broncos scrapped for every field goal, every yard, every point — and never gave up.


Rebbetzin Leah Kagan, 1933-2016

It is certainly not a small thing when someone dies and it can be said, “No one ever had a bad thing to say about that person.” It is something else again, however, when someone dies and it is said, “Everyone had something nice to say about that person.”All the more so when that person interacted with thousands of people over her lifetime, as a veteran teacher will do — with both students and parents — not to mention in her other roles.

End identity politics

As members of a minority, Jews well know the pride felt by a minority group when one of its own achieves. Sandy Koufax. Aly Raisman. Steven Spielberg. Not to mention, Albert Einstein.  We feel we have a part in their success. That said, should fundamental decisions be made according to a vicarious ethnic, racial or religious association? As Jews, should we feel compelled to vote for Bernie Sanders? It’s a somewhat ridiculous question, but in politics ridiculousness reigns —or at least that...

Basic deceny

It should come as no surprise that some will enthusiastically welcome the new arrangement for women’s prayer at the Western Wall, while others will strongly condemn it. But for the life of us, even given the radically different theological approaches to this issue, we are saddened and indeed embarrassed by some of the language deployed in the debate. True enough, the fact that different versions of supposedly the same statement (as reported by JTA) raise the issue of media bias; but however t...

Politics and parody; your dog for president

As the Wall Street Journal put it, from the beginning, the 2016 White House race has defied just about every expectation. Donald Trump was more punchline than presidential contender when he announced his candidacy in June, 2015.  Despite coming in second — close to third — in this week’s Iowa caucuses, Trump holds the lead in the polls in New Hampshire, where the first primary in the nation takes place this coming Tuesday. The joke still might be on his detractors.

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Drake has a crush on Sarah Silverman

Gabe Friedman News flash: The most famous Jewish rapper on earth has a crush on one of the most famous Jewish comedians on earth. As explained on “Late Night with Seth Myers” Thursday night, Drake recently post... [Link]

Netanyahu’s government may be near collapse, report says

Julie Wiener (JTA) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government may be on the verge of collapse according to Israel’s Channel 10. In a report Friday night, the TV station quoted unnamed “party leaders... [Link]

Arab states have reportedly hand-picked Palestinian leader to succeed Abbas

Julie Wiener (JTA) — The United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan are reportedly planning to have former Gaza strongman Mohammed Dahlan replace Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Citing unnamed senior ... [Link]

Captain America is a secret Nazi, and people are going crazy about it

Andrew Tobin The new Captain America comic book includes an epic reveal, and some people are not happy about it. When fans ran out to grab Marvel Comics’ “Captain America: Steve Rogers #1” on its relea... [Link]

US health firms, Haifa hospital team up to ‘incubate’ digital medicine start-ups

Andrew Silow-Carroll (JTA) — IBM Watson Health and Medtronics are teaming up with an Israeli hospital to create a high-tech “incubator” to encourage innovations in digital medicine. Rambam Health Care Campus in... [Link]

Steven Spielberg, in Harvard commencement speech, says anti-Semitism on the rise

Julie Wiener (JTA) — Speaking at Harvard University’s commencement, filmmaker Steven Spielberg said he was “wrong” as a kid to think anti-Semitism “was fading.” Spielberg, whose 99-year-old father Arno... [Link]

Transgender Israeli Arab wins historic Tel Aviv pageant

Julie Wiener (JTA) — A Christian Arab-Israeli ballet dancer won Israel’s first-ever transgender beauty pageant. Ta’alin Abu Hanna, 21, was named “Miss Trans Israel” in Tel Aviv Friday, the Jerusalem Post... [Link]

NY Times removes quotation marks from Israeli ‘occupation’

Gabe Friedman (JTA) — The New York Times removed quotation marks originally used around “occupation” in one of its news stories. The word appears in the phrase “Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and ... [Link]

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