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Nov 26th


Principle or politics?

Dissent among Democratic ranks on Iran: A harbinger for more cross-bench activity?

In this age of polarized politics, toeing the party line has become de rigeur, non-negotiable. Democrats vote Democrat; Republicans vote Republican. Democrats support the president; Republicans oppose him. No deviation allowed. Which is why reports of Democrats opposing the Iran Deal are so remarkable. Thus far, 11 Democrats, across the House and Senate, have said they will vote against approval of the nuclear deal negotiated last month between the P5+1 and Iran.


Hirshoma-Nagasaki survivors pass on stories

“Little Boy” destroyed Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945, and “Fat Man” pounded Nagasaki on Aug. 9. Within the first two to four months following the blasts, 90,000 to 146,000 Japanese died in Hiroshima and 39,000-80,000 perished in Nagasaki — and roughly half of the fatalities occurred the first day. Japan surrendered to the Allies on Aug. 15. The country finally met an atomic enemy that transcended its steely aspirational intransigence. But the survivors’ suffering was just beginning....

Joyce Zeff, 1931-2015

Who was Joyce Zeff? Most people, if asked to answer this question about themselves, would want the answer to be as long as possible, containing all of their achievements, contributions and qualities. Not so Joyce Zeff. In fact, in her case, one wonders whether she would even answer the question. Here was truly a humble person. One could walk into a large and crowded room and, if she were there, never guess that it contained one of the pillars of the community. She did nothing to make herself s...

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The Other, murdered in the Jewish state

Allegedly a Jew burned a Palestinian child to death. A Jew stabbed a Jewish girl to death. Let the victims rest in peace. Let justice — blind justice — be done. The judgment is harsh. The facts leave no choice. Every worst stereotype of Jewish society was confirmed in a ghastly week in Israel. A Palestinian baby, Ali Saad Bawabsha, was burned to death in a deliberate act of arson. One of his siblings is very badly burned. Others suffered lesser injuries....

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Sen. Charles Schumer, remember Breckinridge Long

Sen. Charles Schumer is a key Jewish Democrat, required to vote on the Iran nuclear deal. He is still sitting on the fence. He is in line for political power as the presumptive replacement for Sen. Harry Reid as the minority leader in the US Senate. Lest the prospects of power influence the way he votes, we would call to mind the example of another leader who once had the same power over the fate of millions of Jews: Assistant Secretary of State Breckinridge Long (1881-1958), who was in charge o...
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Shabbat Times

JTA News

NYC to fund security guards for non-public school, including Jewish ones

Marcy Oster The bill would make $19.8 million available to fund security at New York City’s private schools, the first time religious and non-public schools in the city will receive taxpayer-funded security... [Link]

Young woman whose father, brother killed in terror attack gets married

Marcy Oster Sarah Techiya Litman married Ariel Beigle on Thursday night; thousands were expected to celebrate with them, including some from the Diaspora, in answer to the couple’s call inviting the public ... [Link]

NYT’s Rudoren announces departure from Jerusalem

Marcy Oster Rudoren said in a Facebook post that she will become the deputy on The New York Times’ international desk, what she called a “thrilling and daunting next step.” ... [Link]

Bus carrying dozens of Israeli soldiers overturns in West Bank, killing one

Marcy Oster The bus driver told the Hebrew-language news website Walla! that he lost control of the bus after a Palestinian car passed him wildly on a bend in the road. ... [Link]

Palestinian assailant killed in stabbing attack

Marcy Oster Earlier in the day, a Palestinian man, 21, was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers during a raid on the West Bank town of Qatanna, near Jerusalem, which turned up stolen IDF uniforms and weapons. ... [Link]

Lone soldiers from North America attend Thanksgiving dinner in Tel Aviv

Marcy Oster The 200 lone Israeli soldiers from North America will attend a special Thanksgiving dinner catered by a former lone soldier from New York. ... [Link]

Argentinean rabbi tapped as government minister

Marcy Oster Rabbi Sergio Bergman, who will start his new position on December 10 when the new government is sworn in, is believed to be the only rabbi serving as a government minister outside of Israel. ... [Link]

Despite Jewish security concerns, new kosher supermarket opens in Berlin

Marcy Oster The store’s owners are optimistic for its success, despite security concerns and the recent European Union decision to require relabeling of products made in the West Bank and Golan Heights, ... [Link]

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