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Apr 30th


Where fear lurks

Super Bowl 50 awaits. It looms in the near distance. It grows nearer by the day.

Beneath its copious bunting of orange and blue, its flags, stocking caps, jerseys, socks, plastic horse heads and assorted ephemera, Denver awaits its entry into America’s great 21st century Coliseum.

The Super Bowl.

Which awaits.

And gladdens, inspires, excites, motivates and intimidates.


What? Me a fundraiser?

Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and a legendary fundraiser, just published his autobiography, Meant To Be (Toby Press). While dealing with the ultraserious issues of human rights and anti-Semitism, Hier is famous for his humor. How to be a fundraiser? Check this anecdote from the beginning of the book. He couldn’t afford to get married, so he didn’t date the girl he was interested in. Then he got a job offer, and recounts:

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The ultimate rebuke of Bernie Sanders: Flint, Michigan

Safe water, like every other necessity, must ultimately be paid for. Bernie Sanders’ alternatives are fantasy. In reading the timeline of the terrible corruption of the water supply in Flint, Michigan, there are so many acts of malfeasance, arrogance and stupidity that it is difficult to catch the fundamental, underlying problem. Seriously culpable as the governor of Michigan, the officials in both Flint and the EPA, and others are, the ultimate failing is the idea that every necessity is bo...

Prof. Eugene Borowitz, 1924-2016

If there were anyone who, without being glib, without compromising his intellectual honesty, and without any polemical motive, tried to bridge the denominational and theological gaps in American Jewry, it was Prof. Eugene Borowitz, who died this week at 91. His JTA obituary reads, “an influential thinker in Reform Judaism,” which is certainly true, but Borowitz worked hard to transcend the denominational divide.

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Portrait of an occupier

Dafna Meir, a murder victim, bore that international stigmata, “settler.” Killed by a Palestinian teenager wielding his knife on January 17, Meir was a resident of the West Bank of the Jordan River. Much of the world has nothing nice to say about settlers these days. Do not count among their detractors Dr. Ahmed Nasser, an Arab who works in the Dept. of Neurosurgery at the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba....

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