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Feb 28th


Culture of life. Culture of death.

The line between the culture of life and the culture of death in Israel is gaping.

On the one side, the culture of life: Israel’s embrace of it and horror at its loss. On the other side, the culture of death: Many Palestinians’ embrace of it and jubilation at its success.

Cleavers. Knives. Instruments of butcher shops. Weapons of choice on one side of the line, the impassable gulf, embraced by the newest wave of Palestinian terrorists.

Prayer. Study. Instruments of human spirit. Weapons of choice on the other side of the line, embraced by the victims of the newest wave of Palestinian terrorists.



Kudos to Doug Seserman

Doug Seserman, he of the two s’s not three, has attracted attention for what has long been known in Colorado: his courage and sobriety to challenge received Jewish communal truths, even ones that he was hired to promote. The Forward, a weekly newspaper, named Seserman one of the top 50 Jewish leaders this year.

Everyone gets free access to holy places in the Holy Land — including Jews

It would be amusing if it were not so serious. But dare we say, Jews also (also?) should enjoy freedom of religion in their own country, Israel. Yet, it is just this right that seems to raise so much ire not only in the Muslim world, but also in those Western countries in which religious pluralism is taken for granted.

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What kind of a G-d wants teenage boys dead and teenage girls forcibly married?

What kind of a G-d wants teenage boys dead and teenage girls forcibly married? The Islamic G-d of Boko Haram. This Islamic terrorist group apparently recruited the suicide bomber who murdered boys in a school in northeastern Nigeria. Forty-seven died. This Islamic terrorist group kidnapped 276 teenage girls from a school in Nigeria last April. Its leader, Abuakar Shekau, who fancies himself a caliph, boasted in a video that the girls had been married off and converted to Islam. Welcome to the ...

For the new US Senate, Priority #1: Iran

On the cusp of finalizing a deal that will let Iran keep its nuclear weapons infrastructure in place, the US administration has explicitly elected to “close out” Congress from the decision. This high-handed, weak-kneed approach of the Obama administration is among the policies soundly rejected in this week’s mid-term election that saw control of the US Senate change hands. To be sure, the Senate will not change hands until next January, while the deadline for a deal with Iran is at the e...
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UCLA student government member questioned about Jewish identity

Gabe Friedman A member of UCLA’s student government was asked in a hearing whether her Jewish identity presents a conflict of interest. ... [Link]

WATCH: Leonard Nimoy explains Spock’s salute

Gabe Friedman In a video, Leonard Nimoy explain the Jewish origins of the famed gesture. ... [Link]

Leonard Nimoy, actor who played Spock on ‘Star Trek,’ dead at 83

Gabe Friedman Nimoy said that he based Spock’s split-finger salute, now a pop culture fixture, on a Kohanic blessing that involves a manual approximation of the Hebrew letter shin. ... [Link]

Q&A with Jorma Kaukonen on Jefferson Airplane and Judaism

Gabe Friedman The legendary guitarist talks about his Jewish family roots, the Torah scroll his great-grandfather worked on and why so many blues guitarists are Jewish. ... [Link]

Italian lawmakers urge recognition of Palestinian state

Cnaan Liphshiz Non-binding resolution passes by a vote of 300 to 45, adding Italy’s Chamber of Deputies to other European parliaments supporting the move. ... [Link]

Politician for French National Front says Jews blocking his musical career

Cnaan Liphshiz Xavier Sainty quotes Jewish producer as telling he’ll never work in the industry because he’s not Jewish. ... [Link]

China, World Jewish Congress to commemorate Shanghai Ghetto liberation

Cnaan Liphshiz Chinese official says landmark event underscores Chinese, Jewish suffering under fascism. ... [Link]

Madonna hacker indicted in Tel Aviv

Marcy Oster Avi Lederman is charged with illegal wiretapping, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement and obstruction of justice. ... [Link]

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