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Mar 27th


Light Up

Alas for the Prophet Amos: not justice but bad news rolls like a mighty stream today. Anti-Semitism in Europe and the Middle East, fallout from slanted interpretations of last summer’s Gaza War, mass killings in Syria and Iraq, kidnappings and Ebola in Africa, clutch the world. Jews leave their homelands in search of peace and acceptance. In the streets and synagogues of Israel, vans, knives and meat cleavers play the role that suicide bombs once did.

According to a 2013 ADLaudit, anti-Semitic incidents declined across the US by 19% that year, the biggest drop since 1979. Unfortunately, 2014 tells a different story. US Jews witness increased anti-Semitic attacks in visibly Jewish neighborhoods.


Circumcision is healthy, says CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now affirmed the medical value of circumcision. The official guidelines state that the medical evidence supports circumcision and that health insurers should pay for it. Jews need no external confirmation of the age-old Jewish ritual stretching back to the Patriarch Abraham — the ritual that crosses all Jewish denominational boundaries across the world. However, in an age of increasing anti-Semitism and of erroneous extension of personal auto...

Jill Friedman Fixler, 1953-2014

Jill Friedman Fixler lived her extraordinary life on many levels. She popularized the concept of volunteerism in synagogues and organizations throughout Denver and the US. Referred to as the pop star of the non-profit galaxy, she wasdriven, exacting, mentor, friend, and very personable. Addressing each member at a presentation by his or her first name, she engaged their participation by asking questions that immersed them into the topic at hand — building a better future.

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Palestinian apartheid

One-and-a-half million Arabs live in Israel. They are Israeli citizens. No Jews live in either Gaza or Palestinian-controlled territories on the West Bank. As if that were not apartheid enough, the recent pogrom in a Jerusalem synagogue transformed Palestinian irredentism in a radical way. The murderers of four rabbis and one Druze in a Jerusalem synagogue on Nov. 18, 2014 were two Arabs who differed from previous terrorists. These two Arabs were part of the warp and woof of Jewish life in the ...

‘Too many ISIS fighters have died’

In a statement at the White House last week on Nov. 18, in light of lethal attacks on Kurdish forces in Iraq, President Obama said: “Tragically, this is not the first loss of life we have seen in recent months. Too many Kurds have died. Too many ISIS fighters have died. I think it is important for both Kurds and ISIS fighters to try to work together to lower tensions and to reject violence. We have to remind ourselves that the majority of Kurds and ISIS fighters overwhelmingly want peace and ...
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Suit against anti-Iran group dismissed over national security

Marcy Oster Greek shipping magnate Victor Restis sued United Against Nuclear Iran for saying he was fronting for the Iranian government in its bid to bypass energy sector sanctions. ... [Link]

Lawmakers introduce bill to stymie Israel boycotts

Marcy Oster Under the Boycott Our Enemies, Not Israel Act, prospective contractors with the U.S. government would be required to certify that they are not participating in any boycotts against Israel. ... [Link]

Israeli press talking out of its asteroid?

Julie Wiener Several Israeli media outlets wrongly reported that a harmless asteroid could mean the end of the world. ... [Link]

Palestinian, 20, dies after being shot by Israeli soldiers in clash

Marcy Oster Ali Mahmoud Safi, 20, was shot in the chest on March 18 during a protest at a refugee camp near Ramallah in the West Bank; he remained in a coma until he was pronounced dead on March 25. ... [Link]

French firm, citing political concerns, quits Jerusalem rail project

Marcy Oster After two years of feasibility studies on the cable car project, the company said it wanted “to avoid any political interpretation.” ... [Link]

Will haredi Orthodox Jews embrace pre-nups that protect women from becoming agunot?

Gabe Friedman This Sunday will mark a new milestone in the fight to end the agunah crisis: for what is believed to be the first time, haredi Orthodox couples will attend a “Halachic Prenup/Postnup” party in Bro... [Link]

Jewish frat shut down at U. of Michigan

Uriel Heilman The move was prompted by a wild party at a Michigan ski resort that left 45 hotel rooms trashed and $430,000 worth of damage. ... [Link]

Some of Lincoln’s best friends were Jews

Julie Wiener Not only did the 16th president free the slaves, but he also stood up for the Jews, a new exhibit and book show. ... [Link]

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