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Feb 12th


Should the US admit 10,000 Syrian refugees?

The issue isn't whether immigrants are good for the US. Or course they are. The issue is whether Democrats will use all appropriate indices of violence as valid screening criteria, and whether Republicans will tighten gun background checks.

Should the US admit 10,000 Syrian refugees? All other things being equal, the answer is obvious: of course. This country is built on immigrants — people who look different but turn out not only to fit in but to make dramatic contributions to our country. Think Edward Teller. Think Albert Einstein. Think Elie Wiesel. If anything, in a world flooded with millions of Syrian refugees, the US should be embarrassed to be debating the admission of such a small number of potential Syrian refugees.

Unfortunately, all other things are not equal. Following the Paris terrorist attacks, people justifiably question the degree of security in free societies.


Has Sec. Kerry lost it?

Secretary of State John Kerry said the following in Paris at the American Embassy, Nov. 17: “ . . . There’s something different about what happened [in Paris, Nov. 13] from Charlie Hebdo [in Paris, last January], and I think everybody would feel that. There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of — not a legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, okay, they’re really angry because of this and that.”

Black Friday

Black Friday. Originally called that because of the traffic jams and tempers and even violence that it caused. Now, who knows. Maybe because it puts the retailers in the black? But if color is connected to conditions of a crazy day, how long, exactly, did the previous day’s condition of gratitude continue? More generally, if behavior and mood are colored by days of the week, how should we understand the flow of the color chart?

Stockholm response to stabbings in Israel: 'They're wrong, even though you're frustrated'

Cut the emotions. Look at the record. Palestinian leadership, not Israel, has dashed Palestinian hopes. Palestinian stabbings do not even have a perverted basis in reality. Talk about the Stockholm syndrome — buying into the mentality of the terrorist. There is no better example than this widespread response to lethal Palestinian stabbings of Israeli civilians: “It doesn’t matter if you’re frustrated by settlements, humiliated at checkpoints, no closer to your own state than at the be...

Naming the enemy is essential to destroying it

I. Religion Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the ugliest of them all? Not “terrorism.” Not “violent extremism.” Not ISIS. Not al-Qaida.

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Free Robert Levinson, Senate appeals to Iran in unanimous vote

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