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May 26th


Chris Christie, Mr. Panderer

New Jersey’s governor wants to give parents the ‘choice’ whether to vaccinate. Kick science, win votes — some campaign platform.

Apparently, the eradication of disease is a bad thing, according to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. It would be great to go back to the days of mass measles outbreaks, for example. But if one has the choice to vaccinate against measles, then why not extend that choice to all vaccines? Let the diseases return!

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Genesis Prize, unformed and void

The choices for the $1 million Genesis Prize recalls Genesis 1:2: “The earth was unformed and void, tohu va-vohu . . . ” — the landscape of the Genesis Prize? Or are the administrators of the $1 million prize arrogant enough to believe that their recipients take after Genesis 1:3 and are the ones who, like G-d, “create light” and perpetuate the Jewish people? Arrogance because it turns out that, according to the Genesis Prize, the most inspiring Jews are those with celebrity status....

Rabbi Israel Rosenfeld, 1928-2015

Memories of a living piece of history, of a unique holy soul, carry us forward. Rabbi Israel Rosenfeld died 70 years, minus one day, from the date of his liberation from Auschwitz, about which he never ceased speaking. He wore his pain on his tattooed arm and on his sleeve; he never got over the fact that he had gone through so much with his father in Auschwitz, only to see him sent to his death near Birkenau just before the end of the war. The Holocaust haunted Rabbi Rosenfeld. He cried easi...

Eugene Weisberg, 1919-2015

Old age, no doubt a blessing, also runs a risk, amply illustrated by Gene Weisberg, who died last week at the age of 95. The risk is that few will remember you within the context in which you distinguished yourself. In the case of Gene Weisberg, the risk is doubled in that part of his greatness was the way he sustained the business and the charitable works of his father-in-law, Henry Frankel — who deserves to be remembered in his own right, not just through the lens of his son-in-law.

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Europe’s porous borders abet terrorism

The idea of a united Europe, embodied in the European Union, is noble. The idea of a borderless Europe is dangerous. A classic case of the law of unintended consequences: Blur the borders of Europe in order to eliminate the relentless wars among its nation states, and end up with terrorists easily slipping across those borders with their lethal weapons. From Caesar to Charlemagne to the founders of the League of Nations, the idea was to eliminate the causes of frequent, bloody national confli...

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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Anne Meara, wife of Jerry Stiller and mother of Ben, dies

Marcy Oster Meara and Stiller were married for 61 years and worked as comedy partners for much of that time while pursuing individual acting careers. ... [Link]

Chief Rabbinate balks at keeping Shlomo Riskin as Efrat chief rabbi

Marcy Oster Israeli media, citing sources present at a recent meeting of the Chief Rabbinate Council, reported that Riskin’s positions on conversion and women in religious leadership led the rabbinate to de... [Link]

Holocaust drama ‘Son of Saul’ named runner up at Cannes

Marcy Oster The film, which centers on the Jewish prisoners who were forced to help the Nazis run the concentration camps, received the Grand Prix award. ... [Link]

Netanyahu confidant Dore Gold to direct Foreign Ministry

Marcy Oster Gold, one of Netanyahu’s closest confidants, is a former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations. ... [Link]

Hundreds attend memorial for Brussels Jewish Museum attack

Marcy Oster “Brussels is Jewish because all Jews have their place in Brussels,” Mayor Yvan Mayeur said at the memorial, held one year after four people were killed at the museum. ... [Link]

Jewish teens stabbed on way to Western Wall

Marcy Oster The teens were attacked near the Damascus Gate late on Saturday while walking to the Western Wall for a night of Torah study in honor of the Shavuot holiday. ... [Link]

Polish home that hid Jewish family from Nazis to become museum

Marcy Oster The house in southeastern Poland, in which a Jewish family of 13 hid from the Nazis, was recently purchased by the businessman Maciej Piorkowski. ... [Link]

Israel thanks United States for blocking resolution at nuclear conference

Marcy Oster The Egyptian-led effort — rejected by the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada — would have convened a regional conference on making the Middle East a nuclear-free zone. ... [Link]

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