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Apr 19th


One take on marijuana: Marijuana won. Who lost?

For fun. For a high. For “recreation.” Smoking marijuana is now legal in Colorado, as of January 1, 2014. Not only marijuana for medicinal purposes — that is old hat — but marijuana for any purpose. Legal.

Why? The logic, such as it is, seems to run like this: If people can have legal access to a substance that they can enjoy, and that it easy to abuse to the point of stupor, and to the point of rendering individual lives meaningless and of destroying families, and that can kill people if used while driving or operating machinery — namely, alcohol — then it is only right and fair that people can have legal access to another substance — namely marijuana — that they can also enjoy or abuse, and with which they can also render their lives meaningless and destroy their families or others.

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Ken Gordon, 1950-2013

The Jewish tenet of social justice was embodied in Ken Gordon, the soft-spoken, mild-mannered yet driven and respected former state senator who passed away suddenly this week. When Ken Gordon was elected to the Colorado State House in 1992, he was proud of being the only legislator who did not accept contributions from PACs or special interest groups.

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Dearest Claire Davis

Dearest Claire DavisDear Claire Davis, of blessed memory: You were a blossoming, beautiful, caring high school student, but, shockingly, no longer. It might well seem that none of us cannot even respond with, “at least.” As in: “At least you died in the line of duty.”

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Obama can clip NSA; he doesn’t need the courts

Upon a federal judge’s ruling that the National Security Agency violates the US Constitution with its massive monitoring of the phone calls of Americans, Colorado Sen. Mark Udall said (as quoted in the Denver Post): “[This ruling] underscores what I have argued for years: The bulk collection of Americans’ phone records conflicts with Americans’ privacy rights under the US Constitution and has failed to make us safer.” It is scary to watch the Orwellian unfolding of the loss of our fr...

How did Pierson get in the school with weapons?

How did the student killer at Arapahoe High School enter his school last Friday, armed to the hilt, without the slightest trouble? Something failed — either the rules, or the enforcement of the rules. If there is no rule that a student old enough to purchase a gun legally is forbidden to enter school with a gun, there should be. And if there already is, it is obvious that new means of enforcement are necessary....

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