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Nov 27th


Surprise, surprise from ‘neutral’ Switzerland

Surprise, surprise. Switzerland is the first country to lift its sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The ink on the nuclear deal between the P5+1 and Iran is not even dry — in fact, the deal hasn’t even been officially approved in the US — but the Swiss-Iran trade route is open for business.

The Swiss have a history of couching their foreign policy decisions under the innocuous — or even positive — sounding “neutral” or “diplomatic” label. It allows the leadership and the populace to fool itself into believing that a decision, say, to do business with Iran, is laudable.

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The Declaration of Representation

You may have noticed a new IJN column a few weeks ago: The Signers of the Declaration (of Independence). Linda Berrettini- McGinnis explores the personalities behind those who put their name to the document that formed the cornerstone of what became the United States of America. A common theme among the signers we have met so far is their belief in representation.

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BDS is rife with anti-Semitism

Only a Jewish performer is asked to pass a litmus test on Israel and the Palestinians. If there were any lingering doubt that the BDS movement — which calls for the boycott, divestment and sanctions of and against Israel — is rife with anti-Semitism, the cancelling of a Matisyahu concert in Spain should serve to silence the naysayers.

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Julian Bond, 1940-2015

The legacy of Julian Bond will rightfully focus on his life’s work in civil rights. From his student years literally until his death last week at 75, he was one of the movement’s most stalwart and intrepid figures, as consistent in his moral clarity as he was determined in working toward his objective. That objective — one sadly still not fully realized in 2015 — was equal rights for African Americans. As a member of the younger side of the generation led by such titans as Martin Luther...

Ten years since Katrina

Next weekend, Aug. 29, will mark one decade since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast and nearly ruined the incomparable city of New Orleans. Katrina dumped so much water into the Gulf that the levees designed in 1965 to protect New Orleans were washed out and the city experienced massive flooding. The death toll was high — 1,800 by many estimates. More than 204,000 homes in New Orleans were damaged or destroyed and more than 800,000 citizens displaced — the greatest displacement in th...
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JTA News

United Arab Emirates: Israel mission not sign of changed relations

Julie Wiener Israel is the only member of the Abu Dhabi-based International Renewable Energy Association to have a separate mission accredited to the association. ... [Link]

Border Police officer wounded in Nahariya stabbing; 43 Palestinians hurt in various skirmishes

Julie Wiener After stabbing the 37-year-old officer twice in the back near the Nahariya central bus station Friday night, the assailant fled the scene ... [Link]

From ‘Amy Winehouse sound’ creators, a funky Hanukkah anthem

Gabe Friedman Retro band Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings kicks off its new holiday album with “8 Days of Hanukkah” — an upbeat marriage of catchy soul music and Jewish cultural references. ... [Link]

Alan Gross: Memory of Holocaust survivor relatives got me through Cuban prison

Julie Wiener (JTA) — Alan Gross, the American Jewish government contractor who spent five years in Cuban prison, said thinking of his family members who survived the Holocaust was one of three things that helped... [Link]

8 of the coolest menorahs for this Hanukkah season

Gabe Friedman Another Hanukkah season means another chance to impress with a creative menorah choice. ... [Link]

Report: Senior Israeli officials fear PA collapse

Ben Harris The diplomatic-security cabinet held lengthy discussions about the possibility of a PA collapse Wednesday and Thursday, Haaretz reported, citing three sources who either attended the meetings or were ... [Link]

The ‘Kate Middleton effect’ on synagogue fashion

Lucy Cohen Blatter Why the ornate headpieces known as fascinators are all the rage among stylish observant women. ... [Link]

Jewish disability advocate chides Trump for mocking reporter

Ron Kampeas Jay Ruderman offered to provide the Republican frontrunner with sensitivity training after he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. ... [Link]

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