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Aug 01st


Can a historical wrong ever be righted?

Apologies, restitution, education, dialogue from Germany —  is it, can it, ever be enough?

How far does an apology go?

The globe is littered with the casualties and remnants of colonialism, racism, attempted genocide.

Native Americans in North and South America, the tribes of East Africa, the Aborigines of Australia. The white settlers of these lands did not spare a thought for the natives.

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Tom Brady deflates his reputation irreparably (*)

(*) will forever be the sitgmata next to his 2014 Super Bowl victory, right down there with the Black Sox World Series win of 1919 and Mark McGwire’s 70 home runs of 1998. In every possible locution but the blunt word “guilty,” the National Football League has found Tom Brady and others on the New England Patriots guilty of illegally deflating footballs for the American Football Conference championship game against Indianapolis last January. Apparently, deflated balls were more comfo...

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Is Judaism a discriminatory religion?

Many liberal and all Orthodox rabbis do not perform marriages between a Jew and a non-Jew. Will this or other Jewish practices be deemed discriminatory and outlawed? On its face, the question that is the title of this editorial is absurd.In a mere single chapter in the Hebrew biblical book of Leviticus, Jews are enjoined, “you shall love your neighbor as yourself”; “you shall not lie one to another”; “you shall not cheat your fellow”; “you shall not curse the deaf and you shall...

New Holocaust deniers: US ambassador to Poland and FBI head

Holocaust denial is not only denying it happened. It is minimizing or distorting it, a la Jean-Marie Le Pen of France. Regrettably, high US officials join the club. Was George Washington the first president of the United States? Did Babe Ruth hit 60 homeruns in 1927? Was there a blizzard in Denver in 2006? Did two buildings in New York City come down in flames on Sept. 11, 2001?

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Israel at 67: What her history can offer to the new ‘boat people’

Holocaust refugees were also boat people, drowned at sea. Israel overcame in a way that is instructive ?for other struggling nations. The shocking reports of over 1,700 deaths aboard a ship carrying illegal migrants from Africa to Europe have forced the world to acknowledge a developing trend that many preferred to ignore: The smuggling and transport of humans. For Central and South Americans, the destination is the United States; for Africans, the primary destination is Europe. Thousands of ...
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JTA News

Get your kosher dogs at Dodger Stadium!

Lisa Keys The hot doggery, which opened Tuesday, was a welcome development for Dodgers fans and observant Jews alike. ... [Link]

White House briefing of AIPAC activists ends in communication breakdown

Ron Kampeas Did AIPAC cut off questions, or did Obama’s officials use up their time? ... [Link]

After years of trying, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife are expecting first child

Gabe Friedman In a post on his personal account, the Facebook founder revealed that he and his wife had tragically tried to have a child for years without success. ... [Link]

Judge upholds sentence of mikvah-peeping rabbi

Julie Wiener The ruling Friday came in response to Rabbi Barry Freundel’s appeal of the sentence levied in May after he pleaded guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism. ... [Link]

Senate panel passes energy efficiency bill championed by Orthodox Union

Gabe Friedman The U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources passed a bill developed in part by the Orthodox Union that will help synagogues and other nonprofit buildings lower their energy costs. ... [Link]

Gary Ackerman, former congressman from N.Y., comes out against Iran deal

Gabe Friedman Former Democratic Rep. Gary Ackerman joined the advisory board of a group backed by AIPAC, which opposes the deal. ... [Link]

West Bank settlements hit by fires in suspected Palestinian revenge attacks

Julie Wiener Dozens of residents of a West Bank settlement were evacuated from their homes after inhaling smoke from a brush fire suspected of being set by Palestinians. ... [Link]

Jewish terror draws Netanyahu’s focus homeward

Ron Kampeas The flow of Iran messaging from the Prime Minister’s Office was interrupted by Netanyahu’s fierce condemnation of a deadly arson attack in the West Bank. ... [Link]

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