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Nov 27th


The IJN staff prays, 5775

The IJN staff prays, 5775

Andrea Jacobs: I’ve composed a prayer of sorts on this page for 22 years. Every year it seems to get harder. I must dig deep, without ever anticipating the end. It’s an act of faith performed in the silence of my heart.

For weeks a chasidic teaching attributed to Rabbi Simcha Bunim of Peshischa has whispered to me:

“Everyone must have two pockets, with a note in each pocket so that he or she can reach into one or the other depending on the need. When feeling lowly and depressed, discouraged or disconsolate, one should reach in the right pocket and there find the words, ‘For my sake the world was created.’

“But when feeling high and mighty, one should reach into the left pocket and find the words, ‘I am but dust and ashes.’”

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Crime and punishment in sports

Once again, the bad boys of professional sports have grabbed headlines. On Monday, we learned of the release of the incriminating surveillance tape showing Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching out his then-fiance (now wife) and dragging her out of an elevator. Despite an initial light punishment, Rice was cut from the Ravens and suspended indefinitely from the NFL. He shortly lost endorsements. That same day, Atlanta Hawks co-owner Bruce Levenson came forward with a racially insensi...

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More Israeli housing outside the 1967 lines

A hue and cry was heard when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced last week that some 1,000 acres of uninhabited land bordering the Etzion bloc on the West Bank was being set aside for Israeli housing. We shall leave aside the wisdom of that step for now, instead observing that on Sept. 3 the Municipality of Jerusalem approved plans for more housing in East Jerusalem — Arab housing.

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Should Arab Israelis have the right to protest Israel’s war against Hamas?

Separation of church and state? Not in Israeli democracy. Differences in American and Israeli democracy also extend to protests against wars. The US is a democracy. Israel is a democracy. Therefore, many think, American constitutional principles should be transferrable to Israel. Yet, observe: Some Jewish religious groups who adamantly defend the wall between church and state in the US seek Israeli government funds for their religious institutions in Israel. The Reform movement in the US a...

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ISIS should be decapitated next

King Henry VIII beheaded Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard in the 1500s. The charges were specious but it was Henry’s country. Priests prayed for Boleyn and Howard on the scaffold. There was no video, only a huge turnout. ISIS released a video showing the hideous decapitation of American journalist Steven Joel Sotloff on Sept. 2. Experts suspect Sotloff was murdered on or around Aug. 16, when a faceless man in a black cloak beheaded US journalist James Foley. We’ll never know for sure....
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