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Apr 16th


Isolationism is not strategic

War spills. War spreads. Hatred is contagious. It is dangerous to think that the ever expanding war in Syria — now spilling into Lebanon and Iraq — will leave the US and Israel unscathed. There is room for, and need for, a US response, less than intervention, more than retreat.

“Iran and Iraq are bad actors; so just let them keep beating up on each other. We’ll sit back and get safer by the minute in direct proportion to each Iranian and Iraqi soldier killed, and each weapon destroyed.”

So said the callous and the short-sighted during the Iran-Iraq war, 1980-1988.

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Flu shot anyone?

The Colorado Health Dept. says 748 people in our state have been hospitalized with the flu since January, 2013. Most did not get vaccinated. Now the flu is rampant. Adults between 25 to 64 — the majority of the work force — are getting hit the hardest. But since they don’t stay home from work, the flu is spreading like wildfire. The flu cases this season are primarily the H1N1 variety (swine flu) that led to an outcry for vaccines in 2009. If you were vaccinated in 2013, you are protected...

Another take on marijuana: Acting responsibly

The whole world is watching Colorado to see how people change following the legalization of marijuana. Will boomers search through boxes for 40-year-old blue jeans and try to fit into them? Will tie-dye make a comeback? Will men dispense with barbers and start growing their gray hair long? The real question is, can any of us maintain our values? Is it possible for teens to withstand peer pressure, or have we raised children who just can’t say no to anything? If so, when did this moral paralys...

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One take on marijuana: Marijuana won. Who lost?

For fun. For a high. For “recreation.” Smoking marijuana is now legal in Colorado, as of January 1, 2014. Not only marijuana for medicinal purposes — that is old hat — but marijuana for any purpose. Legal. Why? The logic, such as it is, seems to run like this: If people can have legal access to a substance that they can enjoy, and that it easy to abuse to the point of stupor, and to the point of rendering individual lives meaningless and of destroying families, and that can kill people ...

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Ken Gordon, 1950-2013

The Jewish tenet of social justice was embodied in Ken Gordon, the soft-spoken, mild-mannered yet driven and respected former state senator who passed away suddenly this week. When Ken Gordon was elected to the Colorado State House in 1992, he was proud of being the only legislator who did not accept contributions from PACs or special interest groups.

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