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May 03rd


Not that it makes a difference

Permit us, for a moment, to demystify the media process. In this week’s IJN on page 1: BDS stories. Page 4: BDS column. Pages 16-17, 19: More BDS stories. Readers of the Intermountain Jewish News may imagine that the staff held a grand editorial board meeting and decided to focus on BDS this week. If only it were so simple!


Antonin Scalia’s passing might elevate the presidential debate

The Supreme Court has given American history memorable figures. Justices Marshall, Taney, Brandeis, Holmes, Hand, Frankfurter, Warren, Douglas and O’Connor come to mind (to name a few). The late Antonin Scalia certainly falls into this influential grouping. Perhaps his passing will elevate the current presidential debate, even if for the wrong reasons.

Oxymoron: Chinese human rights

If human rights are no longer important, it’s not worth shining a light on human rights abuses in and by China. At the risk of sounding repetitive, we opine once again that human rights abuses — particularly where they are most extensive — must command our attention until they stop. China is about more than markets and environmental disasters, about more than aggressive military moves in the South China Sea and elsewhere. China is about communism. Totalitarianism. One party rule. Jail for...

Israel: Don’t wait until 2017 to ink US military aid deal

It is true that Israel is diversifying its security alliances. It is also true that Israel remains dependent on the US above all for indispensable military aid. Israel’s improved ties with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Greece notwithstanding, Israel needs arms to survive, and none of those countries can or will provide them. Only the US can. Right now, Israel receives $3 billion anually in American military aid under a deal that will expire in 2018. Under President Obama, the US is reportedly...

What gave the Broncos their edge

Surely not to take away from the highly talented players on the Denver Broncos, but the takeaway message of the Broncos’ Super Bowl win transcends talent. Arguably, the Carolina Panthers had the better talent and certainly had the better record, but here is what they didn’t have: • persistence, tenacity. Most of the Panthers’ wins came with ease; none of the Broncos’ wins did. The Panthers and especially their talented quarterback Cam Newton covered the field like it was a festival. T...
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Jewish Israeli sentenced to life plus 20 years for revenge murder of Palestinian teen

Marcy Oster JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Jewish-Israeli man convicted of the revenge murder of a Palestinian teen was sentenced to life plus 20 years in jail on Tuesday. The sentence for Yosef Ben-David, 31, of Jerusa... [Link]

3 Israelis injured, 1 seriously, in West Bank car-ramming attack

Marcy Oster JERUSALEM (JTA) — Three Israelis have been injured in a car-ramming attack on pedestrians in the West Bank. One of the injured is in serious condition following the attack near the settlement of... [Link]

Israeli troops come under fire on Gaza border

Marcy Oster JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli troops came under fire Tuesday on the border with Gaza hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the border and remarked on its quietness. An Israel... [Link]

Mystery pre-Holocaust photo trove turns out to be of family of US scholars

Uriel Heilman NEW YORK (JTA) – When documentary photographer Richard Schofield stumbled upon a trove of unidentified prewar photographs in September 2013 in the storage room of the Sugihara House museum in Kaunas... [Link]

Model of Oskar Schindler’s gold ring donated by jeweler’s son

Marcy Oster SYDNEY (JTA) — A long-thought lost model used by grateful Jewish workers to create a gold ring for Oskar Schindler has been donated to the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Centre, where it will go on ... [Link]

Survivors’ welfare is a public, private and community responsibility

Andrew Silow-Carroll (JTA) — They survived unimaginable horrors, yet went on to live productive lives, despite the haunting memories, the profound loss and physical scars from years of deprivation. Now many Holocaus... [Link]

That time ‘Hamilton’ creator Lin-Manuel Miranda sang in Hebrew

Lisa Keys Raise a glass! The 2016 Tony Award nominations were announced this morning, and the the revolutionary Broadway megahit “Hamilton” collected the lion’s share, with a record-breaking tot... [Link]

Britain’s Labour reportedly has suspended 50 members over racism, anti-Semitism

Marcy Oster (JTA) — Britain’s Labour Party reportedly has secretly suspended 50 members in the past two months over anti-Semitic and racist comments. The suspensions by the party’s compliance un... [Link]

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