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Thanksgiving’s Torah roots

We, the American citizenry, are a thankful lot.

Our calendar is dotted with days when we express our gratitude to individuals and entities. On Veterans Day, we thank the members of the Armed Forces for their dedicated service. On Memorial Day, we show our gratitude to the courageous men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while defending our liberties and democratic lifestyle. On Labor Day, we express our appreciation to the industrious American work force, the people who keep the wheels of our economy turning. On other selected days, we pause to thank different historic individuals who have made valuable contributions to our nation.

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Culture of life. Culture of death.

The line between the culture of life and the culture of death in Israel is gaping. On the one side, the culture of life: Israel’s embrace of it and horror at its loss. On the other side, the culture of death: Many Palestinians’ embrace of it and jubilation at its success. Cleavers. Knives. Instruments of butcher shops. Weapons of choice on one side of the line, the impassable gulf, embraced by the newest wave of Palestinian terrorists. Prayer. Study. Instruments of human spirit. Weapons o...

Kudos to Doug Seserman

Doug Seserman, he of the two s’s not three, has attracted attention for what has long been known in Colorado: his courage and sobriety to challenge received Jewish communal truths, even ones that he was hired to promote. The Forward, a weekly newspaper, named Seserman one of the top 50 Jewish leaders this year.

Everyone gets free access to holy places in the Holy Land — including Jews

It would be amusing if it were not so serious. But dare we say, Jews also (also?) should enjoy freedom of religion in their own country, Israel. Yet, it is just this right that seems to raise so much ire not only in the Muslim world, but also in those Western countries in which religious pluralism is taken for granted.

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What kind of a G-d wants teenage boys dead and teenage girls forcibly married?

What kind of a G-d wants teenage boys dead and teenage girls forcibly married? The Islamic G-d of Boko Haram. This Islamic terrorist group apparently recruited the suicide bomber who murdered boys in a school in northeastern Nigeria. Forty-seven died. This Islamic terrorist group kidnapped 276 teenage girls from a school in Nigeria last April. Its leader, Abuakar Shekau, who fancies himself a caliph, boasted in a video that the girls had been married off and converted to Islam. Welcome to the ...
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White House, State Dept. slam reissued West Bank construction tenders

Marcy Oster The tender announcement will “further isolate Israel internationally,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. ... [Link]

Israel drops charges against Palestinian-American teen beaten, arrested during riot

Marcy Oster Tariq Abu Khdeir, of Tampa, Fla., was seen in a video that went viral being kicked and punched by two Israeli police officers. ... [Link]

Dermer: Netanyahu’s D.C. visit only to talk about Iran

Marcy Oster Israel’s U.S. envoy told The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg in an email interview that Iran is “an issue for all Americans.” ... [Link]

From the Archive: Remembering — and not — the liberation of Auschwitz

Julie Wiener Today, Auschwitz is the most potent symbol of the Holocaust. But the liberation itself, on Jan. 27, 1945, got virtually no press coverage, at least not in the American media. ... [Link]

Netanyahu sends condolences to Japan’s Abe over ISIS executions

Marcy Oster The Islamist group said in a video released online that it had beheaded journalist Kenji Goto; aid worker Haruna Yukawawas was shown killed last week. ... [Link]

Killer filmed Paris kosher supermarket attack

Marcy Oster Amedy Coulibaly recorded seven minutes of the attack on a video camera, including the shooting deaths of three of the victims, CNN reported. ... [Link]

Arab-Israeli man charged with fighting for ISIS

Marcy Oster The Nazareth man, about 20, fought in Fallujah and was seriously injured, according to Israel’s Shin Bet security service. ... [Link]

Italy’s new president, at site of Ardeatine massacre, calls for united terrorism fight

Marcy Oster Sergio Mattarella’s visit to the Ardeatine Caves in suburban Rome was his first act as president. ... [Link]

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