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Nov 28th


Heads in the sand

American Jews still don’t get it. They still think European anti-Semites resemble Hitler and the Cossacks, armed far-right nutjobs with shaved heads, their arms aloft in a Sieg Heil. To be sure, that class of anti-Semite continues to exist, and cases, such as the discovery in 2011 of a Nazi cell in Zwickau, Germany, are deeply troubling. But they are rare.

The real anti-Semites in Europe to be feared today come from the opposite pole of the spectrum: the far left.


Sandra Vinnik, 1935-2015

Everyone who knew Sandra Vinnik called her Sandy. Invoking the informal was the way to relate to a woman cherished and idealized in our community. Mrs. Vinnik could have set herself high above us. Instead she preferred Sandy, intuiting that even this slight change would bring us closer to the humble person behind the praise. Untold hearts cried in disbelief when she left us on Sept. 2.

Hegemony on a silver platter

We’d like you to forget about nuclear weapons for a minute. Iran, even when it acquires nuclear weapons, is not likely to use them. Deploying nuclear weapons would, most likely, equate to Iran’s own demise, whether by the US, Israel, NATO or whomever else that’s armed and ready. The acquisition of nuclear weapons is part of Iran’s strategy for regional hegemonic power. Now that it has secured a deal that pumps $100 billion into its economy, who needs nuclear weapons? Iran has cash, and ...

Senator Michael Bennet’s defeatism

America’s futile future according to Senator Michael Bennet. Colorado senior Senator Michael Bennet has decided to back the Iran deal. His reasoning, based on reportage in the Denver Post, seems to run like this: The deal is far from perfect, but it cannot be renegotiated. It cannot be made better. That is because even if the United States Congress rejected the deal, it would not bring Iran back to the table. This is because an American rejection would not obligate China or Russia in particu...

Sandy Koufax’s proud statement

Sandy Koufax, the lefty Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, was an exceptional athlete. He was a four-time World Series champion. He was a National League MVP. He was an All-Star for six seasons. He was the youngest three-time Cy Young winner, and the youngest player ever inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Like all exceptional athletes, Koufax is remembered, discussed and revered long after his professional retirement. But unlike other exceptional athletes, Sandy Koufax is not only a figure for ...

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