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May 01st



Last September, Russia took the lead in Syria. Obama scoffed at it, but Russia has now achieved its goals. It wasn’t afraid to act. Another foreign policy abdication for the US.

When Vladimir Putin of Russia announced about six months ago that he would be sending in his planes to attack ISIS in Syria, President Obama scoffed. “Quagmire,” he said. Putin was going to sink his country in a quagmire. Bad move. . . . a mistake the US would not make.

As was not hard to predict at the time, the reality was just the opposite: the aggressive initiative taken by Putin would consolidate Russia’s disproportionate influence over the future of Syria. Which is just what has happened.


The Palestinian no’s to peace with Israel keep coming

On the off chance that BDS supporters actually wants to know why there is no formal peace between Israel and the Palestinians, they need only consult the recent secret Israeli-Palestinian talks, as reported in Haaretz. Israel offered to stop military operations in the West Bank cities of Ramallah and Jericho. The Palestinian Authority considers Ramallah its capital. The Palestinian response: No! “No” is not a new word in the Palestinian dictionary. Three months after the Six Day War in Ju...

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Trump’s soccer fans

Is this a campaign season or a European soccer match? At the moment, it’s hard to tell the difference. European soccer is plagued by a strain of racism perpetuated by a nasty cadre of fans known as ultras. For these hooligans, being a fan is a core aspect of their identities. Who they befriend; who they despise; what they wear; which symbols they carry; what they spend their days discussing:all of this — i.e., their social and personal identity — is bound to the team. Following the team ...

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Fear propeling populism cannot be dismissed

Political fear, no matter how unformed or ambiguous, cannot be ignored. That is the lesson that must be learned from the current rise in populism. There has been an excess of top-down governance in recent years, from Supreme Court decisions to nuclear agreements to immigration executive orders to gubernatorial reprieves of death sentences. These decisions, and others, have been executed, technically speaking, in a legal manner, but they leave those opposed feeling disenfranchised.

Whither Jewish camping?

Lest the reader come away with the wrong impression from this editorial, let it be stated up front that members of the IJN staff attended Jewish summer camps in their youth and loved them. We also credit them with enhancing our Jewish identity and love for all things Jewish.  We also freely acknowledge that nice facilities at a camp are a good thing. Nothing below is meant to take away from that.

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Do you eat kitniyot on Passover?

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Critical profile of Melania Trump unleashes flood of anti-Semitic abuse on reporter

Ron Kampeas WASHINGTON (JTA) — A reporter who wrote a critical profile of Melania Trump has been deluged with anti-Semitic abuse. Julia Ioffe told the Guardian that on April 28, the day her profile of the R... [Link]

Rock legend Phil Lesh gathers musician friends for a Grateful Dead Passover

Andrew Silow-Carroll SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (JTA) – “Why can’t we eat veggie burritos tonight? Will I be miracled? Will they play ‘The Wheel?’ Will Phil sing?” These four additional questions were asked at a Passo... [Link]

Hundreds attend 1st Jewish film festival in Casablanca

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — Nearly 500 people attended the first Jewish film festival of Casablanca, which was organized in the Moroccan city by a Sephardic Jewish woman from Atlanta. The three-day event, which end... [Link]

Can you help a kibbutznik find his American relatives?

mbrodsky SEEKING KIN The “Seeking Kin” column aims to help reunite long-lost relatives and friends. (JTA) – “If only” – it’s the most common regret expressed by “Seeking Kin” interviewees, an... [Link]

Amid complicity debate, Polish clergy to attend 70th anniversary of post-Holocaust pogrom

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — Polish clergy and researchers will hold a seminar in Kielce about a historically significant pogrom in which locals killed Holocaust survivors in that city 70 years ago. Occurring amid... [Link]

Netanyahu calls for ‘direct, bilateral negotiations’ with Palestinians

Marcy Oster JERUSALEM (JTA) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel is ready to start “direct, bilateral negotiations” with the Palestinians. The invitation, which Netanyahu has repeated... [Link]

Palestinians riot as Jewish worshippers visit Joseph’s Tomb

Marcy Oster JERUSALEM (JTA) — Palestinians in Nablus attacked Israeli soldiers escorting a convoy of Jewish worshippers who entered the West Bank city to visit Joseph’s Tomb. The 26 busloads of worshi... [Link]

Sides swap character attacks in trial over Bay Area’s Koret Foundation

Andrew Silow-Carroll SAN FRANCISCO (J., the Jewish news weekly of Northern California via JTA) — A civil trial focused on control of the $500 million Koret Foundation is pitting its founder’s widow, Susan Koret, a... [Link]

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