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Feb 09th


Jewish terrorism, a wake-up call

When wedding revelers are imitating and glorifying the real-life murder of an Arab family, Israel has a problem.

Terrorism is not an easily defined term. If a terrorist murders someone, how does that, for example, differ from a felony crime? The distinction, most social scientists agree, is in the aim: Terrorism is violence perpetrated against civilian targets in order to achieve a political aim. A key component is fear, instilling in innocent civilians the fear that at any moment, without any warning, their lives could be snatched away. In other words, terrorism is an act of war, but not against military targets.

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A little gratitude, anyone?

This space is encircled by very serious and absolutely necessary contemplation — the weighty waters editorials generally inhabit, and rightly so. Ushering in some warmth is the challenge contained here. Yes, the world is frightening. But what about the light inside us? Recently we celebrated Chanukah: recited the blessings; basked in the candles’ glow. We started with one candle and ended up with eight — an eternal gift. Now it’s dark and cold. Our non-Jewish friends are celebrating th...

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Death penalty? Not with imperfect justice

On Dec. 22, Clarence Moses-EL was released from custody after serving 28 years for a crime he says he didn’t commit. Newly discovered evidence in the case would likely lead to an acquittal, said a Denver district judge on Dec. 14. It is unclear whether prosecutors will pursue a new trial. Moses-EL was convicted on the flimsiest of evidence: the victim identified him based on a dream she’d had. Attempts at a retrial failed due to Denver police having destroyed DNA evidence that had been plac...

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Driving under the influence...of hate

Is there anything that Palestinian terrorists will not use to kill Israelis? It started with airline hijackings, then bus bombs, then car bombs in crowded places, then suicide bombings in cafes, then drive-by shootings, with stonings and the drowning of a wheelchair-bound person thrown in for good measure. This fall, terrorists fashioned still another terror technique: stabbing innocent Israelis in residential streets, commercial areas and at security checkpoints. In October and November, Shin ...

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'The sale of baby body parts'

Planned Parenthood sees itself as the aggrieved party in the current political atmosphere. Certainly it has a right to be aggrieved, indeed outraged, over the attack against its branch in Colorado Springs, and the murder of three people there. Certainly there is neither moral nor practical justification for the murder of anyone associated with Planned Parenthood. For that matter, there is no justification for inflicting lesser harm, either.

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JTA News

Israeli jogger stabbed in West Bank

Marcy Oster Earlier in the day, a 16-year-old Palestinian girl was arrested in Jerusalem after attempting to stab Israeli police officers. ... [Link]

U of Illinois Chabad menorah vandalized for 3rd time within a year

Marcy Oster A surveillance video showed a man and a woman breaking an arm off the 9-foot menorah; the woman was later arrested. ... [Link]

Founder of Orthodox muckraker blog Failed Messiah sells – but did he sell out?

Uriel Heilman Why is Shmarya Rosenberg, whose mission was to expose secrets, refusing to disclose the buyers of his controversial blog? ... [Link]

Sanders wins Dixville Notch, first vote in New Hampshire’s primary

Marcy Oster The town has nine registered voters, and the four Democrats went for the Jewish senator from neighboring Vermont. Among the Republicans, Ohio Gov. John Kasich edged Donald Trump, 3-2. ... [Link]

Dutch deputy PM: Anti-Semitic abuse keeps me off social media

Cnaan Liphshiz Lodewijk Asscher, who has Jewish ancestors, in a Facebook post lists the handles of several Twitter users who used anti-Semitic language against him. ... [Link]

Sheldon Adelson’s attorney: Billionaire does not own Israel Hayom daily newspaper

Marcy Oster Adelson has been cited frequently in media reports as the right-wing newspaper’s owner, including by JTA. ... [Link]

Bloomberg confirms he is considering 2016 presidential run

Marcy Oster The ex-New York mayor criticized the quality of the debate in the presidential race and said he was “looking into all options” when asked about entering the race. ... [Link]

Austrian prosecutors: Mauthausen Holocaust survivors may be called criminals

Cnaan Liphshiz The president of Vienna’s Jewish community said the failure to indict the authors of a magazine article reaffirmed Nazi logic. ... [Link]

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