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Apr 21st


Walt Imhoff 1931-2014

Walt Imhoff knew to listen to another human heart and give of himself in kind. First, he was extraordinarily successful and philanthropic. You would regularly see him smiling from the society pages with his beloved wife Georgia at his side. After her death in 2009, the smile faded. He prevailed but never recovered. When Walt Imhoff died suddenly on Tuesday, Feb. 11, at age 82, the Lion of 17th Street left an enormous hole in our hearts.

Born in Denver on Aug. 7, 1931, Mr. Imhoff earned a BS in business from Regis in 1955. Initially vice president at Coughlin and Co., he left five years later to join Hanifen, Imhoff & Samford. In 1980, the firm changed its name to Hanifen, Imhoff. By then, the company was one of largest banking firms in the Rocky Mountain Region. In 2000, the company merged with Stifel, Nicolaus, where Imhoff was managing director until his retirement in 2007.


Calling a critique of Kerry ‘personal’ is a slippery slope

It is certainly true that to make nasty remarks about, let alone threats against, Sec. of State John Kerry is beyond the pale and, to boot, counerproductive. That said, it also true that it becomes easy to squelch debate about Kerry’s Israel-Palestinian initiative by calling critiques of his policies “personal.” To be sure, it is not yet known precisely what his policies are. But a lot has been leaked, and, beyond that, since when is it is the role of a third country to dictate to Israel ...

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Bad feelings, bad finances, bad repairs, in Adar

Purim is more than parties. And not just because the raucous holiday has a serious side, very serious indeed. In ancient Persia the Jews were threatened with genocide. Check out the twists and turns of the plot in the biblical Scroll of Esther, the “Megillah,” read publicly twice every Purim. The confrontation between the ancient Persian Jewish community and its enemies all came to a head in the Hebrew month of Adar. The strategies of Mordechai and his niece, the heroine Esther, plus the ...

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The Broncos’ advance help for Yom Kippur

Yes, it was tragic. And more than that. The Denver Broncos’ ignominious drubbing by the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday was humiliating, depressing, deflating, demeaning, confounding (if you, like us, cannot figure out how this world class team played so awfully) and perhaps even haunting (if you are one of those who ascribe that momentously terrible performance to some supernatural agency, which we do not — we think). Yes, this year’s Super Bowl was surely all of that. But it was not the ...

Kerry’s loose tongue on boycotts

If Israel faces additional boycotts in the aftermath of a failure of John Kerry’s attempts to negotiate a peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, three questions arise: First, what will be boycotted? Second, what is the ideology behind the boycott? Third, who will be responsible? I. What will be boycotted? Israeli products produced on the West Bank. How are these products produced? Item: Rami Levy, the head of the budget supermarket chain that bears his name, operates three loca...
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Five years after landmark declaration, Holocaust restitution moves slowly in Eastern Europe

Uriel Heilman The 2009 Terezin Declaration affirmed the urgency of restitution efforts, but there has not been much progress in its wake. ... [Link]

Report: Abbas threatens to dismantle Palestinian Authority

Marcy Oster Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas threatened to dismantle the P.A., an Israeli newspaper reported. ... [Link]

Warsaw marks ghetto uprising

Marcy Oster Warsaw residents, including representatives of the Jewish community, marked the 71st anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. ... [Link]

Israel asks Bangkok police to ramp up security for Israeli tourists

Marcy Oster The Israeli Embassy in Bangkok asked local police to provide more security for tourists following a thwarted terrorist attack. ... [Link]

Poker ace skips pair of mom’s seders, wins $1 million at tourney

Marcy Oster A Montreal man who skipped both seders at his mother’s home in Florida to play in a poker tournament took home the $1 million title. ... [Link]

Ukrainian synagogue firebombed

Marcy Oster The main synagogue in the Ukrainian city of Nikolayev was firebombed. ... [Link]

Egyptian police seize Jewish artifacts being smuggled to Belgium

Marcy Oster Egyptian police seized a collection of Jewish artifacts from a local port as they were about to be smuggled to Belgium. ... [Link]

K.C. suspect said world should be rid of Jews

Marcy Oster The Missouri white supremacist charged in the Kansas City killings told a Manhattan rabbi that “we have to get rid” of every Jew. ... [Link]

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