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Jul 04th


Just the Torah

The holiday of Shavuot.

No matzah and no seder.

No shofar.

No sukkah and no lulav or etrog.


‘He today that sheds his blood with me’

Too young, too old, medically unfit, shielded by peace, to understand Memorial Day Veterans of Bastogne, Khe Sanh and the Anbar Province understand. The rest of us — too young, too old, ineligible for induction, shielded by peace — don’t have a clue. Would we trade places with the men and women who fight and too often pay the ultimate sacrifice? Memorial Day is for them, not us. Or is it? Perhaps you’ve heard war stories from loved ones. It is not unusual for veterans to minimize t...

Alert: No flags

Rose Hill, Mt. Nebo and Golden Hill Cemeteries will be closed over Memorial Day weekend. Saturday, May 23, is Shabbat and erev Shavuot. Sunday, May 24, is the first day of Shavuot. Monday, May 25, Memorial Day, is the second day of Shavuot. Attend Yizkor, but save the flags you intended placing at a loved one’s headstone for another time. We trust they will understand.

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Can a historical wrong ever be righted?

Apologies, restitution, education, dialogue from Germany —  is it, can it, ever be enough? How far does an apology go? The globe is littered with the casualties and remnants of colonialism, racism, attempted genocide. Native Americans in North and South America, the tribes of East Africa, the Aborigines of Australia. The white settlers of these lands did not spare a thought for the natives.

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Tom Brady deflates his reputation irreparably (*)

(*) will forever be the sitgmata next to his 2014 Super Bowl victory, right down there with the Black Sox World Series win of 1919 and Mark McGwire’s 70 home runs of 1998. In every possible locution but the blunt word “guilty,” the National Football League has found Tom Brady and others on the New England Patriots guilty of illegally deflating footballs for the American Football Conference championship game against Indianapolis last January. Apparently, deflated balls were more comfo...

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 May 2015 17:51 )

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Shabbat Times

JTA News

On Iran deal, Hoyer’s red lines are not AIPAC’s

Ron Kampeas Steny Hoyer studiously avoids AIPAC’s language in his statement on an Iran deal. ... [Link]

Op-Ed: It’s time to stop demonizing Michael Oren

Gabrielle Birkner Israel’s former U.S. ambassador wrote “Ally” for one overriding reason: to challenge Obama on Iran, writes Yossi Klein Halevi. ... [Link]

Report: Soros, Saban give total of $3 million to Clinton campaign

Cnaan Liphshiz Revelation comes amid reports that Clinton ... [Link]

Camp where Debbie Friedman began Jewish folk movement marks 50 years

Gabe Friedman Kutz Camp, the birthplace of modern spiritual Jewish music, celebrates fifty years of camp this July Fourth weekend. ... [Link]

Rioters chant against ‘Jewish murderers’ in Muslim Dutch neighborhood

Cnaan Liphshiz Riots near Jewish-owned enclave of The Hague erupted over slaying of young man by police officers. ... [Link]

Dutch lawmakers oppose slashing aid to Holocaust survivors

Cnaan Liphshiz Six survivors from The Hague were turned away from a care facility and told to seek help from their families. ... [Link]

Episcopal Church overwhelmingly rebuffs divestment resolution

Ron Kampeas The Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops overwhelmingly rejected a motion to divest from company doing business with Israel in the West Bank. ... [Link]

Israeli rabbi arrested at airport on rape charges

Cnaan Liphshiz Safed rabbi arrested at Ben Gurion airport following rape charges. ... [Link]

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