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Feb 01st


Talking to ourselves

With Taliban ‘militants’ who shoot children in the head, one by one, there is no common humanity, no common language

Just when one thought that the last word on depravity and inhumanity was in, along come Taliban “militants” who kill children, one by one, in a “revenge” attack.

Note the logic, if you can call it that: The government of Pakistan fights the Taliban, and in response the Taliban murders children. It’s the same “logic” that has Palestinians murder rabbis in the synagogue, or children sleeping on the Sabbath, or customers in a coffee house, in response to Israeli policies.


Gil Marks, 1952-2014

There’s no denying that enthusiasm for Jewish cookery has experienced a veritable explosion over the past decade or so. This mirrors an increased interest in food among the general public, whether due to the advent of television cooking shows, progressively slick and attractive cookbooks, the popularity of food blogs or a general concern about health and well-being. Ironically, the proliferation of celebrity chefs and cookbooks has not led to a parallel rise in people cooking at home. It’s...

Jordanians hate; a Palestinian loves

Two extremes. First, the bad news. Jordan’s parliament, as reported in the IJN (Nov. 28), held a moment of silence for the two murderers — not the five victims — in the pogrom in a Jerusalem synagogue, Nov. 18. Four Jews were murdered by butcher cleavers and one Druze  by gunshot. Jordan’s Prime Ministser Abdullah Ensour sent a letter of condolence to the families of the murderers.

Light Up

Alas for the Prophet Amos: not justice but bad news rolls like a mighty stream today. Anti-Semitism in Europe and the Middle East, fallout from slanted interpretations of last summer’s Gaza War, mass killings in Syria and Iraq, kidnappings and Ebola in Africa, clutch the world. Jews leave their homelands in search of peace and acceptance. In the streets and synagogues of Israel, vans, knives and meat cleavers play the role that suicide bombs once did. According to a 2013 ADLaudit, anti-Semiti...

Circumcision is healthy, says CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now affirmed the medical value of circumcision. The official guidelines state that the medical evidence supports circumcision and that health insurers should pay for it. Jews need no external confirmation of the age-old Jewish ritual stretching back to the Patriarch Abraham — the ritual that crosses all Jewish denominational boundaries across the world. However, in an age of increasing anti-Semitism and of erroneous extension of personal auto...
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JTA News

From the Archive: Remembering — and not — the liberation of Auschwitz

Julie Wiener Today, Auschwitz is the most potent symbol of the Holocaust. But the liberation itself, on Jan. 27, 1945, got virtually no press coverage, at least not in the American media. ... [Link]

Netanyahu sends condolences to Japan’s Abe over ISIS executions

Marcy Oster The Islamist group said in a video released online that it had beheaded journalist Kenji Goto; aid worker Haruna Yukawawas was shown killed last week. ... [Link]

Killer filmed Paris kosher supermarket attack

Marcy Oster Amedy Coulibaly recorded seven minutes of the attack on a video camera, including the shooting deaths of three of the victims, CNN reported. ... [Link]

Arab-Israeli man charged with fighting for ISIS

Marcy Oster The Nazareth man, about 20, fought in Fallujah and was seriously injured, according to Israel’s Shin Bet security service. ... [Link]

Italy’s new president, at site of Ardeatine massacre, calls for united terrorism fight

Marcy Oster Sergio Mattarella’s visit to the Ardeatine Caves in suburban Rome was his first act as president. ... [Link]

Cruz, Zeldin press State Dept. on funding for group working on Israeli election

Ron Kampeas “There appears to be a danger that U.S. taxpayer funds are being used to directly shape the outcome of the upcoming Israeli election,” the two lawmakers wrote to Secretary of State John Kerry.... [Link]

Prosecutor: Only Nisman DNA found at scene of his death

Marcy Oster The prosecutor heading the probe into Alberto Nisman’s shooting death said testing was performed on clothes, as well as the gun, pistol magazine, bullets and shell casing. ... [Link]

Polish strongmen partner with group moving Jewish headstones

Cnaan Liphshiz From the Depths and the Polish Strongman Federation launched their cooperation when two federation members helped move headstones for a Warsaw resident. ... [Link]

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