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May 26th



A bizarre yet deadly serious — and perennial — anti-Israel campaign is underway: Iran’s “Holocaust Cartoon Contest.” It fortifies the well-worn trope in the Arab world and among anti-Israel activists that the Israel is the new Nazism.

The contest was started as a response to the Danish cartoon controversy of 2008. The organizers said the West was “hypocritical” in its support of free speech, allowing cartoons denigrating Mohammed, but not accepting anti-Semitic cartoons.


Terrorists target humanity in Pakistan

You don’t have to be Jewish to be a target of radical Islamic hatred. You don’t have to live in a Western country. You don’t have to be white. You don’t have to be an adult. You do not need to be armed, do not need to pose a threat.

Vince Boryla, 1930-2016

Mr. Denver Basketball. That was Vince Boryla, who died last Sunday . . . in Denver. In an age when the loyalty of sports figures has virtually vanished, Vince Boryla was different. Not only as a basketball player, coach, president and general manager; and not only as a businessman. He was different because in an age of high tension — whether from terrorism or pressure to rise high professionally — Vince Boryla preserved an older virtue: the virtue of enjoying life, of enjoying people, of ha...

The fools at Apple

A terrorist kills innocents in San Bernadino, California. Terrorism is a worldwide problem. Apple can help. The FBI has a terrorist’s phone it can’t access. Apple can make it happen. Apple says no. It has to protect its brand, based in part on its guarantee of absolute privacy, at all costs. Problem is, Apple calculated the costs in an extremely short-sighted way. It said: Our customers must always be certain that, no matter what, we shall protect their privacy. Therefore, we shall not help...

Trump’s ‘deal’ a mirage

It’s not the neutrality. It’s the “we.” It’s more than changing his mind on a policy. The Donald is clueless. He said this on the Israel-Palestinian conflict: “I’m a negotiator. I would like to at least have the other side think I’m somewhat neutral as to them so that we can maybe get a deal done.”
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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Robert Kraft urges Yeshiva U grads to have ‘wildly improbable dreams,’ like owning the Patriots

Brian Schaefer (JTA) — In a Hebrew-laced Yeshiva University commencement address, Robert Kraft recounted his dream of owning the New England Patriots and urged graduates to have their own “wildly impro... [Link]

NY Times editor calls out Donald Trump for ignoring supporters’ anti-Semitic tweets

Andrew Silow-Carroll (JTA) — A New York Times editor who has received a deluge of anti-Semitic tweets from supporters of Donald Trump is calling on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee to denounce the inv... [Link]

Holocaust refugee known for anti-Israel activism dies at 91

Julie Wiener (JTA) — Hedy Epstein, a Holocaust refugee whose sharp criticism of Israel — including comparing the state to the Nazis — drew controversy, has died at 91. Epstein died at her home in St. Louis ... [Link]

Hezbollah is broke thanks to US sanctions, says White House official

Ron Kampeas WASHINGTON (JTA) — Non-nuclear U.S. sanctions against Iran and its allies have led to Hezbollah being in “its worst financial shape in decades,” the top sanctions enforcement official told ... [Link]

NJ court rules $11M state grant to yeshiva unconstitutional

Julie Wiener (JTA) — A New Jersey court has ruled unconstitutional state grants to two religious institutions — including $10.6 million to one of North America’s largest haredi Orthodox yeshivas. The ruling... [Link]

Donald Trump says he would debate Bernie Sanders for charity

Gabe Friedman (JTA) — Donald Trump said he would debate Bernie Sanders ahead of the California primaries if the event could raise $10 million for “women’s health issues.” Sanders, a candida... [Link]

German minister lifts opposition to Jewish delegate on art restitution body

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — In a reversal,  Germany’s culture minister said she favors including a Jewish community representative on the country’s controversial committee for restitution of Nazi-looted art.... [Link]

We need to put the Yizkor back into Memorial Day

Andrew Silow-Carroll NEW YORK (JTA) — In Israel, when the two-minute siren sounds at 11 a.m. on Yom Hazikaron, the Jewish state’s Memorial Day, the nation comes to a halt. As we saw just two weeks ago, cars on... [Link]

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