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Sep 01st


The last Nazi?

Oskar Gröning, 94, a former SS soldier at Auschwitz, was convicted by a German court of colluding in the mass murder of 300 Hungarian Jews and sentenced to four years in prison. Many people and news outlets, including The New York Times, are calling Gröning’s trial “to be among the last chances to bring justice for the Holocaust.”

Gröning, assigned to Auschwitz from September, 1942, to October, 1944, to seize cash and valuables from arriving prisoners, is guilty. We’re not questioning his culpability. But as Judge Franz Kompisch intimated in his 75-minute speech, Gröning’s sentence symbolizes Germany’s failure to prosecute thousands of perpetrators who received light sentences or didn’t even get a slap on the wrist after the war.

According to the Times, “For decades, the German legal system made it difficult to prosecute former SS members and camp guards if there was no direct evidence linking them to the mass killings.” Thousands returned home to their families, built successful lives and died in their sleep.

The vast majority are long dead or dying now. Gröning will be gone soon enough. There is no turning back time, no way to retrieve the unjust. We are left with bitter wounds and improbable hope: “Let justice be done though the heavens fall.” Or, let it be done in Heaven.

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Nicholas Winton saved 669 children

If Nicholas Winton had his way, no one except 669 Jewish children in WW II would have known about his successful efforts to set them free from certain death. He kept his wife in the dark as well — for 50 years. Winton simply chose to do the right thing, which made him a rarity in an era of unprecedented brutality and moral cowardice. He just didn’t talk about it. In the late 1980s, Grete Winton accidentally found a scrapbook in their attic containing photographs of children, letters and de...

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Gaza needs what Greece is getting

The fantasyland of eternal bailouts. The fantasyland of eternal hatred. The ultimate lesson about Greece is not economic, it’s about Fantasyland. Greece has lived in Fantasyland — just like Gaza. Greece’s fantasyland is the free lunch. Gaza’s fantasyland is the attitudinal free lunch: hatred without consequences. The Greek fantasy is the supply of money as automatic as the laws of nature. The Gaza fantasy is the end of Israel despite the laws of nature....

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July 4: Would we have been among the 40%?

The founders of this country were a small percentage of the colonial population. Paul Revere may have ridden his horse throughout Middlesex County in Massachusetts, warning residents of impending attack, but contrary to Longfellow’s poetic interpretation of his ride, Revere most likely did not use the term “British” to describe the enemy that fateful night in 1775. He, like the rest of the colonists, still considered himself British.

Freedom of speechlessness

There will soon be on the horizon the death of litigation. Remember our super-litigious society? Scratch it. It’s dust. In the dustbin of history. No one will be sued for damages because no damages will occur. Because, you see, human speech has met its end. Not only will we be free to be speechless; we will choose to be. For our own good. Otherwise, we will be sued, and who want’s that?
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