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Nov 27th


Anti-Semitism at the birthplace of Judaism

Absurdity bequeaths absurdity.

As in discussions as to whether Jews incite some kind of religious or political war by visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

If Jews (or Protestants, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, Bahai, Druze, atheists or others) visit Vatican Square, is the Vatican checking?

If non-Jews — including Palestinian Muslims — visit the Western Wall, is any rabbi in Israel or elsewhere checking?


‘Die too!’ [two-state solution]

A 22-year-old Israeli soldier is stabbed to death Oct. 3 by a Palestinian assailant. A passing rabbi rushes to scene of the attack, to try and help save an Israeli family on its way to the Western Wall. He is too late; the soldier is murdered, as is the would be rescuer. The soldier’s wife and daughter are injured. As the husband lay dead, passers by yelled at his wounded wife that they hope she will die too. So much for the supposed “common humanity” that naifs project onto all people ev...

JEWISHcolorado clicking on all cylinders

Gonna do it. Gonna make it happen. It is one thing to cast a lovely vision for the future; it is quite something else to present the evidence that it’s actually coming true. The annual meeting of JEWISHcolorado last week was the most impressive we have attended in many years, precisely because it was a meeting of record, of achievements, of goals being realized, not just a meeting of dreams.

Mass refugees: The cause is irrelevant to the ethics of taking them in

If the Arabs of Palestine had no responsibility for taking in European Holocaust survivors, Europe has no responsibility for taking in refugees of the Syrian civil war. If the causes of mass migration were to determine whether the migrants should be welcomed in foreign countries, nary a single migrant would ever be welcomed. Not to mention, neither Israel nor American Jewry would exist. Both came into existence due to factors that had absolutely nothing to due with public policy in either t...

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WGN TV’s ‘ignorance’ points to larger problem

Many media typically run segments on major Jewish holidays for their viewers. Children lighting candles. Young boys wearing yarmulkes. Matzah. Shofars. Dreidels, dreidels, dreidels. When Chicago’s WGN aired a report on Yom Kippur Sept. 22, it used an available image of a Jewish star to honor the Day of Atonement. Now WGN is atoning for its sins of inattention and self-admitted ignorance.

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CNN omits Israel from Middle East map

Marcy Oster CNN posted a map on the CNNMoney feature on its website that replaced Israel with “Palestina.” ... [Link]

NYC to fund security guards for non-public school, including Jewish ones

Marcy Oster The bill would make $19.8 million available to fund security at New York City’s private schools, the first time religious and non-public schools in the city will receive taxpayer-funded security... [Link]

Young woman whose father, brother killed in terror attack gets married

Marcy Oster Sarah Techiya Litman married Ariel Beigle on Thursday night; thousands were expected to celebrate with them, including some from the Diaspora, in answer to the couple’s call inviting the public ... [Link]

NYT’s Rudoren announces departure from Jerusalem

Marcy Oster Rudoren said in a Facebook post that she will become the deputy on The New York Times’ international desk, what she called a “thrilling and daunting next step.” ... [Link]

Bus carrying dozens of Israeli soldiers overturns in West Bank, killing one

Marcy Oster The bus driver told the Hebrew-language news website Walla! that he lost control of the bus after a Palestinian car passed him wildly on a bend in the road. ... [Link]

Palestinian assailant killed in stabbing attack

Marcy Oster Earlier in the day, a Palestinian man, 21, was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers during a raid on the West Bank town of Qatanna, near Jerusalem, which turned up stolen IDF uniforms and weapons. ... [Link]

Lone soldiers from North America attend Thanksgiving dinner in Tel Aviv

Marcy Oster The 200 lone Israeli soldiers from North America will attend a special Thanksgiving dinner catered by a former lone soldier from New York. ... [Link]

Argentinean rabbi tapped as government minister

Marcy Oster Rabbi Sergio Bergman, who will start his new position on December 10 when the new government is sworn in, is believed to be the only rabbi serving as a government minister outside of Israel. ... [Link]

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