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Feb 11th


Portrait of an occupier

Dafna Meir, a murder victim, bore that international stigmata, “settler.” Killed by a Palestinian teenager wielding his knife on January 17, Meir was a resident of the West Bank of the Jordan River. Much of the world has nothing nice to say about settlers these days. Do not count among their detractors Dr. Ahmed Nasser, an Arab who works in the Dept. of Neurosurgery at the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba.

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The US is as spineless as Israel

When you negotiate with terrorists, be they Palestinian or Iranian, the results always come back to bite. “One-time exception.” Yeah, right. Famous last words of an Obama spokesperson, commenting on the country’s prisoner exchange with Iran — the innocent traded for the guilty. Yeah, right. One time only. Check it out with Israel, which has made one-time exceptions, how many times now? Ten times? Fifty times? One-hundred times? It depends only on how far back you start counting....

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Letter to national United Methodist Church

With your divestment from five Israeli banks, you are either ignorant or bumbling or evil. Whichever, you are complicit in evil. You are an accessory to cold-blooded murder. You aid and abet a Palestinian society that teaches hate and bloodshed — that names streets for terrorists, that glorifies the murder of Israelis on children’s TV shows, that calls the murderers of innocents, if killed in the midst of their terrorism, “martyrs.”

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Thirty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. Day was established as a federal holiday. At that time, most people living remembered the man and the powerful impact he had on the advance of civil rights in the United States. Thirty years later, most living Americans have no direct recollection of Rev. King. He is remembered in the history books, and the holiday has become less about the man himself and more about his legacy.

Ostrich redux

A man in Philadelphia, Edward Archer, shot into a police car at point blank range. His goal was to kill. He almost did. Miraculously, the policeman, Jesse Hartnett, survived 13 shots. Why did Edward Archer do this? He told Philadelphia police — Captain James Clark — that he followed Allah, that he pledged allegiance to ISIS. “That is the reason I did what I did.” He also said that his attempted murder of an innocent man was in the name of Islam and that he believes that “the police def...
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JTA News

Netanyahu appoints new Shin Bet chief

Julie Wiener (JTA) — Nadav Argaman, the Shin Bet security agency’s deputy director, has been appointed to the No. 1 position in the Israeli security service. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Thu... [Link]

Refugees in Greece get medical equipment from Jewish-funded group

Julie Wiener ATHENS, Greece (JTA) — A New York-based humanitarian organization, funded by several Jewish groups, has begun supplying a Greek island with desperately needed medical equipment to help cope with... [Link]

Jordan won’t extradite suspect in ’82 Paris Jewish restaurant attack

Julie Wiener (JTA) — Jordan is refusing to extradite to France a man suspected of carrying out a deadly 1982 attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris. According to Agence France Press, an unnamed Jordanian officia... [Link]

Bernie Sanders revisits his childhood Brooklyn hood

Julie Wiener NEW YORK (JTA) — The day after becoming the first Jew to win a presidential primary, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders visited his old neighborhood, a heavily Jewish area of Brooklyn.... [Link]

After row over settler envoy, Brazil approves Israeli consul

Julie Wiener RIO DE JANEIRO (JTA) — Days after Israel agreed to withdraw a former settler leader as its ambassador to Brazil, Brasilia approved the appointment of a lower-level Israeli diplomat to Sao Paulo... [Link]

New citizenship law has Jews worldwide flocking to tiny Portugal city

Cnaan Liphshiz PORTO, Portugal (JTA) — Five years ago, this city’s tiny Jewish community was so strapped for cash it couldn’t afford to fix the deep cracks in its synagogue’s moldy ceiling. The Jew... [Link]

Survivor to SS guard on trial: ‘Soon we will both stand in front of the highest judge’

Julie Wiener .textad (JTA) — The trial for a 94-year-old former Auschwitz guard opened with testimony from a 94-year-old Holocaust survivor, at the trial near Detmold, Germany, on Thursday, Reuters reported. &#... [Link]

Op-Ed: I’m not your mitzvah project

Gabrielle Birkner (JTA) — I have Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary movements and noises called “tics.” My Tourette’s is relatively mild at this point, but I wen... [Link]

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