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May 26th


Celebrating Hazel

“Shalom, BMH-BJ. This is Hazel. How may I help you?”

This greeting comes from the seasoned, friendly voice of the one-and-only Hazel Gensberg, beloved receptionist at BMH-BJ for the past 20 years.

For 80 years before that, Hazel was delighting people in other venues. Yes, Hazel is 100 years old and still working.


‘Make America great again’ is an empty phrase

Donald Trump says he wants to “make America great again.” It’s an effective catchphrase, because who doesn’t want America to be great? It raises, however, several questions. First, is America no longer great? In his unsuccessful 2014 gubernatorial race, Bob Beauprez had a similar slogan: “Let’s build a stronger Colorado.” The message ultimately didn’t resonate, in part because most Coloradans believed our beloved state was already pretty strong. Similarly, many Americans still b...

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Christoph takes Holocaust remembrance to the next generation of Germans

Last Shabbat, as members entered Temple Sinai’s Torah study class, they noticed a tall, attractive man wearing a kippah. As he reintroduced himself, surprised and welcoming eyes embraced him. Christoph Kleineberg, now 27, was only 12 when he first came to Temple Sinai in 2001 with Netzwerk, a pioneering after-school German club studying the Holocaust. But Christoph, who is pursuing a second master’s degree at Columbia University, has never forgotten us, Netzwerk or the Holocaust....

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A bizarre yet deadly serious — and perennial — anti-Israel campaign is underway: Iran’s “Holocaust Cartoon Contest.” It fortifies the well-worn trope in the Arab world and among anti-Israel activists that the Israel is the new Nazism. The contest was started as a response to the Danish cartoon controversy of 2008. The organizers said the West was “hypocritical” in its support of free speech, allowing cartoons denigrating Mohammed, but not accepting anti-Semitic cartoons....

Terrorists target humanity in Pakistan

You don’t have to be Jewish to be a target of radical Islamic hatred. You don’t have to live in a Western country. You don’t have to be white. You don’t have to be an adult. You do not need to be armed, do not need to pose a threat.
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JTA News

Israeli teenage mom says assaulted at school for breastfeeding

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — A teenage mother who recently immigrated to Israel said a religious Jewish woman assaulted her amid harassment at a municipal building because she had breastfed her baby there. The alle... [Link]

Citing own exclusion, London’s Muslim mayor joins pledge to fight anti-Semitism

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — London’s newly-elected mayor, Sadiq Khan, endorsed a pledge co-signed by dozens of American and European mayors to fight anti-Semitism. Khan, a Muslim Labour politician who won the May... [Link]

State Dept.: Coalition deal ‘raises legitimate questions’ on Israel’s path

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — In a first official statement to the coalition pact signed between Likud and the right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu party, a State Department spokesperson said this “raises legitimate questio... [Link]

Interfaith couple files complaint against Illinois hotel owner who refused to host wedding

Julie Wiener (JTA) — A Wisconsin couple filed a discrimination charge against an Illinois hotel owner who allegedly refused to host their interfaith wedding because it was not religious. Alexandra Katzman and Jo... [Link]

People keep asking New York Mets pitcher Steven Matz if he’s Jewish

Gabe Friedman Is New York Mets pitcher Steven Matz Jewish? It was a question fans were asking themselves last season during the team’s run to the World Series. Despite his surname, which is a syllable away f... [Link]

French court orders suspect in 1980 synagogue bombing back to jail

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) – A French court of appeals ordered the re-incarceration of a terror suspect who had been released to house arrest while standing trial for the killing of four Jews in 1980. The Paris Court of... [Link]

Netanyahu inaugurates new wing at Museum of the Jewish People

Julie Wiener (JTA) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu inaugurated a new wing at The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot in Tel Aviv. The new wing, spanning 25,000 square feet, is one of the products o... [Link]

Prosecutors finish arguments in NJ synagogue firebombing trial

Julie Wiener NEW YORK (JTA) — Prosecutors completed their arguments in the case against one of two New Jersey men accused of vandalizing and firebombing synagogues and a rabbi’s home in 2012. The Associated Pr... [Link]

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