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Nov 26th



The rabbi at the mikveh spying on the women.

Really, who could even make this up? And frankly, it makes one sick to write about it. But write about it we must because otherwise the voyeurs and molesters and their ilk get away with it. There is nothing better than silence to encourage rabbinic criminals or perverts. The light must be shined upon them, distasteful as this surely is.



A ‘senior administration official’ accuses Israel’s Prime Minster of cowardice — with a crude obscenity. It is time for reason to resurface. Another slingshot from the Obama administration: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is, according to a “senior administration official,” an . . . expletive deleted. Expletive elucidated: Netanyahu is a coward, a chicken.

Election 2014: Your vote counts on whether Iran will go nuclear

It’s become obvious in the US-Iran negotiations that the US administration will not stop Iran  from going nuclear. Only Congress can. And you will elect Congress. Shortly after the upcoming election in November the US will decide whether Iran gets a nuclear bomb. We freely concede: Immigration is a critical issue. Likewise, heath care. And economic recovery.

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Ben Bradlee

Ben Bradlee, executive editor of The Washington Post, 1968-1991, put his newspaper on the line to defend the freedom of the press. In 1971, over President Nixon’s objections, the Post published the scathing Pentagon Papers after winning permission from the Supreme Court. In 1972, Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward unraveled Watergate, which led to Nixon’s resignation. Bradlee waited until his reporters provided solid evidence — and then went for the jugular. Bradlee died of Al...

Pink Shabbat in Denver, Oct. 24-25

There are many women who struggle with breast cancer among us: a family member, a friend, a fellow congregant, a colleague, a neighbor. They had annual mammograms, never missed an appointment with their gynecologist and performed self-examinations. Still, one day they feel a lump. It’s cancer. Many more survive than used to. Others succumb. In this respect, Jews are no different from the general population. For Jewish women of Ashkenazi descent, however, inherited mutations in the BRCA1 and B...

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Polish town plans to turn Jewish cemetery into apartment complex

Marcy Oster The mayor of Grodzisk Mazowiecki has suspended action on the plan pending clarification of the cemetery’s boundaries. ... [Link]

Jewish construction worker killed in terror attack, police say

Marcy Oster Nathaniel Arami fell 11 stories from the side of a high-rise building where he was doing exterior work when both of his rappelling cables snapped; police initially called it an accident. ... [Link]

Police chief: Keep right-wing lawmakers off Temple Mount

Marcy Oster Police Insp.-Gen. Yohanan Danino called Israel Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein’s decision to allow Moshe Feiglin and other lawmakers to visit the Temple Mount a “mistake,” ... [Link]

With Iran talks extended, some in Congress are rushing to step in

Ron Kampeas The talks with Iran have been extended, giving Congress an opportunity to wield its influence. ... [Link]

Shoes of Majdanek inmates stolen from concentration camp’s museum

Marcy Oster There is no monitoring in the former barrack where the shoes are displayed. ... [Link]

Iran’s supreme leader tweets: ‘arrogant’ powers won’t bring country to its knees

Raffi Wineburg The Twitter message on nuclear talks between Iran and world powers runs counter to statements by Iran’s president, who spoke of narrowing gaps at the Vienna negotiations. ... [Link]

Israeli lawmakers peeved by U.S. criticism of ‘Jewish state’ bill

Ron Kampeas Naftali Bennett and Zeev Elkin see the raps as an unnecessary interference in Israel’s domestic affairs. ... [Link]

Israeli man, 22, attacked in Berlin

Marcy Oster The victim said he was beaten and kicked after leaving synagogue by four men who spoke German with an Arabic accent. ... [Link]

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