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Jun 29th


BDS: an absurd galaxy of anti-Semitism

For many years, American Jews have debated whether anti-Israel attitudes equate with anti-Semitism. Some argued that they were not the same, while others suggested it was symptomatic of a violent storm brewing over 21st century skies. It seems the latter contingent was right.

If you’ve never been to an anti-Israel or a pro-BDS rally, you haven’t been confronted by protest signs comparing Israelis to Nazis. The sight, and the implication behind it, is beyond absurd — yet you feel like someone’s kicked you in the gut.

For the Jewish people, the analogy is beyond comprehension on any plane, historical or religious. It’s like saying the sun is the moon, and the moon is the sun. Planets surrender their orbits. Stars abandon their galaxies. It’s insane.

But that’s what BDS protesters claim on college campuses and in organizations too numerous to name. Israelis are Nazis. Jews are Nazis. We killed six million Jews and founded a homeland upon the barbarism of our murderers. Stars are falling here, there, everywhere. Keep your heads up — and be vigilant.

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Catholic-Jewish relations are not about theology; they’re about murder

Anti-Semitism today — the desire to murder Jews — is directed mostly against Israel. If Nostra Aetate means anything, it is not Catholic theology, it is Church action against genocidal enemies of Israel. Jews were not interested — or, at least, should not have been interested — in the radical revision of Catholic theology 50 years ago for Popes to be able to say that Jews were “their older brothers in faith” — as if Judaism or Jews needed the validation of Catholicism. No, the...

Just the Torah

The holiday of Shavuot. No matzah and no seder. No shofar. No sukkah and no lulav or etrog.

‘He today that sheds his blood with me’

Too young, too old, medically unfit, shielded by peace, to understand Memorial Day Veterans of Bastogne, Khe Sanh and the Anbar Province understand. The rest of us — too young, too old, ineligible for induction, shielded by peace — don’t have a clue. Would we trade places with the men and women who fight and too often pay the ultimate sacrifice? Memorial Day is for them, not us. Or is it? Perhaps you’ve heard war stories from loved ones. It is not unusual for veterans to minimize t...

Alert: No flags

Rose Hill, Mt. Nebo and Golden Hill Cemeteries will be closed over Memorial Day weekend. Saturday, May 23, is Shabbat and erev Shavuot. Sunday, May 24, is the first day of Shavuot. Monday, May 25, Memorial Day, is the second day of Shavuot. Attend Yizkor, but save the flags you intended placing at a loved one’s headstone for another time. We trust they will understand.

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