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Jul 29th

Add to the nomenclature of Iranian malice: Klos C

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The Obama administration and the EU think Iran can be trusted in nuclear negotiations while Iran simultaneously ships lethal weapons to Israel’s enemies.

“Full Disclosure.”

Nice name for the Israeli operation that captured an Iranian ship loaded with lethal weapons destined for Gaza, i.e., destined for use against Israeli civilians.

There isn’t much to say that the simple news report doesn’t contain. This, from JTA:

“Israeli military forces completed unloading and inspecting the cargo of an Iranian ship captured in the Red Sea [on March 5] carrying weapons bound for Gaza.

“The civilian vessel the Klos C arrived in the Eilat port on Saturday afternoon [March 8] escorted by Israeli naval vessels. It was hiding medium-range missiles capable of hitting major Israeli cities and other weapons amid commercial cargo.”

Full disclosure, as in the true face of Iran. As Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put it that way at last Sunday’s cabinet meeting (March 9]: “The operation to seize the ship had two goals: Preventing the delivery of deadly weapons to terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, which would have directly endangered Israel’s citizens, and exposing the true face of Iran, which was behind this weapons shipment. Iran  completely denied its involvement; it is lying in the most brazen manner. We will present evidence . . . ”

Oh, and who made the weapons? They were loaded in Iran, scheduled to be unloaded at a port in Sudan, from where they were to be driven on a truck through Egypt to Gaza; but they were made in Syria.

The US says it is pro-Israel, and, of course, it is; but it is not enough to enable Israel to sustain its qualitative military superiority against its enemies. Observe: If Israel’s enemies receives major shipments of agressive weapons, and if this is balanced by still more lethal and more abundant weapons delivered to Israel, all this guarantees is still more volatile, deadly and frequent wars in the future. Israeli military superiority is guaranteed by the prevention of the manufacture or the delivery of weapons to Israel’s enemies, not just by the delivery of superior weapons to Israel. It is indispensable to make sure that Israel’s enemies do not allow the manufacture of weapons for use against civilians, be they Syrian or Israeli.

“Pro-Israel” is not an isolated gesture — what one does for Israel. It is a complex gesture — including what one does against Israel’s enemies. Painful example: Syria’s weapons of mass destruction. Syria affirms they have them. The US affirms they have them. Yet, “red lines” have come and gone, supposed “solutions” via the UNhave come and gone, yet these weapons are still in Syria.

To be pro-Israel is not just to back directly, but also to  make certain that its sworn enemies, such as Syria, cannot arm themselves with weapons of mass destruction or arm other enemies of Israel with medium-range missiles.

Not to mention, Syria’s weapons of mass destruction threaten American security and indeed stability throughout the world.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu had a few choice words for the EU chief of foreign policy, Catherine Ashton, too. Ashton, by the way, is visiting Tehran.

Bibi to Cathy:

“I would like to ask her if she asked her Iranian hosts about this shipment of weapons for terrorist organizations, and if not, why not. Nobody has the right to ignore the true and murderous actions of the regime in Tehran.”

Too bad all this needs to be said.

Too bad the Iranian malice against Israel’s existence does not register.

Too bad the West has already conceded to Iran its right to retain some amount of nuclear weapons production capacity.

Too bad Israel is in this bind.

Too bad that Israel, once again, stands alone.

Reminds us of the May and June days in 1967 when US President Lyndon B. Johnson told Israel: “Don’t attack Egypt, Jordan or Syria.”

Not too bad — not too bad at all —that Israel did not listen then. Israel’s preemptive strikes against Egypt and Syria then saved Israel from destruction.

Now, Israel is being put in the same position. Except this time, the most serious threat is from Iran.

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