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Apr 24th

The Broncos’ advance help for Yom Kippur

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Yes, it was tragic.

And more than that. The Denver Broncos’ ignominious drubbing by the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday was humiliating, depressing, deflating, demeaning, confounding (if you, like us, cannot figure out how this world class team played so awfully) and perhaps even haunting (if you are one of those who ascribe that momentously terrible performance to some supernatural agency, which we do not — we think).

Yes, this year’s Super Bowl was surely all of that.

But it was not the end of the world.

It’s been five days since the Ordeal in New Jersey so we hope that the dark emotions have subsided to the point where we can offer a few words, if not of comfort then at least of perspective.

To repeat: It is not the end of the world.

(Editor’s note: Please don’t throw rotten tomatoes at an editorialist. It’s bad form.)

Granted, it may be the ignoble death of our glorious dream, but hey, it’s only one dream, right? And it’s a renewable dream at that. Come late summer, the Denver Donk . . . er, Denver Broncos, will be right back at it, aspiring to yet another Super Bowl appearance.

(Editor’s note: What did we say about those tomatoes?)

The pain of our loss may be keen and sharp, true, but it’s not like we haven’t been here before, haven’t suffered this particular pain in other years at the hands of other teams — teams from places like New York, Washington and San Francisco.

(Editor’s note: Please, no more tomatoes!)

Besides, to issue the clarion call of losers everywhere: It’s only a game.

(Editor’s note: Ouch! If only Peyton could have thrown like that last Sunday!)

Finally, to, shall we say, “tackle” the issue from a theological perspective, think of it this way: The Super Bowl loss means that Denverites, including Denver Jews, will surely not be accused — at least for the duration of 2014 — of arrogance or vanity, of being prideful or gleeful in the face of somebody else’s loss. Come Yom Kippur, those will all be things we shall not need to confess, right?

(Editor’s note: Ouch again!)

Oh go ahead. Be humbled. Be angry. Be sad.

In truth, we feel the same way.

At least for the moment.

But we know that the time will come, someday, when we’ll all sit back and laugh about it.

(Editor’s note: Ha! Missed that time!)

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