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Apr 23rd

An astonishing detail in the Iran deal

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There is actually no quid pro quo in the Iran deal. Iran gets to continue its nuclear program for almost all of the next six months. It’s right there in the deal.

The devil is in the details. Citizens around the world have been led to believe that the Iran deal reached Nov. 24, 2013 is a straight quid pro quo: Iran gives up the right to enhance its nuclear program and stockpile for six months; Iran gets sanctions relief in return.

It’s not exactly that way; in fact, it’s not that way at all. Here is an astonishing, telling detail about what Iran supposedly gives up:

During the six-month iterim deal, Iran is actually permitted to add to its stockpile of 3.5% to 5% enriched uranium — it is permitted to keep doing exactly what it is doing now, enhancing its capacity to make a nuclear weapon — provided that by the end of the interim deal, Iran reduces its quantity of 3.5% to 5% enriched uranium to the amount it had at the beginning of the deal.

Does anyone honestly believe that Iran will sudden devitalize the additional enriched uranium it has been allowed to produce at the end of six months? At the very best, this quantity of enriched uranium will become a convenient bargaining chip for Iran to make additional demands as part of a permanent agreement.

Not to mention, the sixth-month deal, signed with much fanfare two weeks ago, has not even begun, and no one can predict when it will begin. This is because the “deal” was not a done deal. Details about when it is to begin are still to be worked out. With “negotiations,” Iran again succeeded in buying time. The Iran nuclear program continues unabated — and will continue unabated for up to another six months, and the clock isn’t even ticking.

Promoters of this deal say that it won’t matter what Iran says; it will only matter what Iran does, that is, what will matter is whether Iran actually begins to shut down its nuclear program during the interim deal. Guess what! Iran is not required, by the very terms of this deal, to shut down a thing except at the very end. Translation: Almost all of another six months will pass without it being possible to test whether Iran will actually begin to dismantle its nuclear program.

This time, Iran bought itself time to pursue its nuclear program with the full approval and indeed the applause of the US, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany.

From this, Israel and the Arab countries in the Middle East are supposed to feel reassured?

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