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Oct 06th


Mass refugees: The cause is irrelevant to the ethics of taking them in

If the Arabs of Palestine had no responsibility for taking in European Holocaust survivors, Europe has no responsibility for taking in refugees of the Syrian civil war.

If the causes of mass migration were to determine whether the migrants should be welcomed in foreign countries, nary a single migrant would ever be welcomed.

Not to mention, neither Israel nor American Jewry would exist.

Both came into existence due to factors that had absolutely nothing to due with public policy in either the US or Palestine.

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WGN TV’s ‘ignorance’ points to larger problem

Many media typically run segments on major Jewish holidays for their viewers. Children lighting candles. Young boys wearing yarmulkes. Matzah. Shofars. Dreidels, dreidels, dreidels. When Chicago’s WGN aired a report on Yom Kippur Sept. 22, it used an available image of a Jewish star to honor the Day of Atonement. Now WGN is atoning for its sins of inattention and self-admitted ignorance.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 01 October 2015 11:08 )


Heads in the sand

American Jews still don’t get it. They still think European anti-Semites resemble Hitler and the Cossacks, armed far-right nutjobs with shaved heads, their arms aloft in a Sieg Heil. To be sure, that class of anti-Semite continues to exist, and cases, such as the discovery in 2011 of a Nazi cell in Zwickau, Germany, are deeply troubling. But they are rare. The real anti-Semites in Europe to be feared today come from the opposite pole of the spectrum: the far left.

Sandra Vinnik, 1935-2015

Everyone who knew Sandra Vinnik called her Sandy. Invoking the informal was the way to relate to a woman cherished and idealized in our community. Mrs. Vinnik could have set herself high above us. Instead she preferred Sandy, intuiting that even this slight change would bring us closer to the humble person behind the praise. Untold hearts cried in disbelief when she left us on Sept. 2.

Hegemony on a silver platter

We’d like you to forget about nuclear weapons for a minute. Iran, even when it acquires nuclear weapons, is not likely to use them. Deploying nuclear weapons would, most likely, equate to Iran’s own demise, whether by the US, Israel, NATO or whomever else that’s armed and ready. The acquisition of nuclear weapons is part of Iran’s strategy for regional hegemonic power. Now that it has secured a deal that pumps $100 billion into its economy, who needs nuclear weapons? Iran has cash, and ...
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Joel Rubin, who helped pass Iran nuclear deal, running for Congress

Marcy Oster Rubin is the former U.S. State Department’s chief liaison to the U.S. House of Representatives, who worked for the successful passage of the Iran nuclear weapons deal in Congress. ... [Link]

Terror cell members that killed Israeli couple arrested

Marcy Oster U.S. State Department spokesman Marc Toner confirmed that Rabbi Eitam Henkin, who with his wife Na’ama was killed in the West Bank attack, was an American citizen. ... [Link]

Austrian Jewish historian begins jail term for restitution fraud

Cnaan Liphshiz Stephan Templ, who wrote a book blasting Vienna’s theft of Jewish assets, is to be released in 2017. ... [Link]

Why is a Conservative synagogue abandoning the second day of yontif?

Jas Chana Rabbi Mark Mallach explains why his synagogue is celebrating Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah on one day. ... [Link]

Why Israelis are fearing a third intifada

Ben Sales The slow-burning Israeli-Palestinian conflict has flamed up in the past week with a series of terror attacks, but it has happened before. ... [Link]

What became of Holocaust survivor thought a victim?

mbrodsky A Brazilian man’s discovery at a Polish museum launches a search for his great-aunt’s family; maybe even his great-aunt. ... [Link]

Italian synagogue damaged in severe storm

mbrodsky Some of the windows were shattered and pictures showed glass littering the interior of the sanctuary in Tuscany. ... [Link]

Funerals held for 2 Jerusalem stabbing victims

mbrodsky Thousands attended the rites in Jerusalem for a 41-year-old rabbi and 22-year-old soldier killed in an Old City terrorist attack. ... [Link]

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