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Apr 19th


The legacy of Lincoln

The great president, leader, liberator and orator was cruelly cut down 150 years ago this week. We still need to complete his work.

One hundred and fifty years ago this week, an assassin crept into the presidential box in a Washington theater and put an end to the life of a man who almost immediately became an American saint.

Christians were fond of comparing Abraham Lincoln to Jesus, while Jews did not hesitate to compare him to his namesake, the father of their own people, or even to Moses, another figure associated with bringing the enslaved into freedom.


Silence on Saudi Arabia’s civilian casualties

Obama is silent. So, too, the UN. And assorted human rights groups from Turkey to American college campuses for whom civilian casualties in a defensive war waged by Israel are deemed criminal, while civilian casualties in an offensive war by Saudi Arabia are deemed. . . nothing. Silence. The double standard is deafening.

Yom HaShoah: Every name

On April 16, on Yom HaShoah, names of Holocaust victims will be recited from 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. (Israel time) at a ceremony at Yad Vashem’s Hall of Remembrance in Jerusalem. For 25 years, the Unto Every Person There is a Name project has been assiduously fulfilling its difficult and demanding task of collecting the name of each and every Holocaust victim. The names of the victims are recited at the ceremony. This year, the public is invited to submit the names of Holocaust victims online....

Hollow words

If Iran ‘messes with Israel,’ President Obama says he’ll come to Israel’s defense. But it was Obama’s taking a credible military threat off the table that led to his compromised deal with Iran to begin with. “Trust me,” President Obama in effect says to Israel in light of his flawed deal with Iran. It’s flawed because it violates Obama’s own goals going in. That was when sanctions were first imposed — when the goal was to close down Iran’s nuclear program. Everyone knew t...

US Muslims likely outnumber US Jews

“Muslims to overtake American Jews by 2050” reads a headline, summarizing a recent Pew study. Pew counts 5.7 million American Jews and 2.75 million American Muslims. The study is misleading in the extreme. It is likely that American Muslims already outnumber American Jews. This is  because the Pew study counts as Jews those who self-identify as Jewish when asked their religion. Under the Pew study, the answer to the question “who is a Jew” is entirely subjective. A Jew becomes anyone w...

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JTA News

Security consultants warn Jewish institutions on cyberattacks

Ron Kampeas The security arm of the national Jewish community urged Jewish organizations to review cyber security measures after a number of attacks. ... [Link]

Obama taps Adam Szubin for top sanctions enforcement post

Ron Kampeas President Obama nominated Adam Szubin to be the top Treasury official monitoring sanctions compliance. ... [Link]

Vandals rip Holocaust sign in Upper Nyack

Ron Kampeas Vandals ripped down a Holocaust commemoration sign in Upper Nyack, N.Y. ... [Link]

Amid Coachella’s music and heat, Shabbat Tent offers peace and good vibes

Gabe Friedman An inside look at a haven of hospitality at one of the world’s hottest and craziest music festivals. ... [Link]

Palestinian protesters clash with IDF in West Bank on ‘Prisoners Day’

Gabe Friedman The IDF clashed with Palestinian protesters in the West Bank during the annual Palestinian Prisoners Day demonstrations. ... [Link]

WJC Latin America opens website to combat Holocaust denial

Cnaan Liphshiz The moves are designed to curb the proliferation of revisionism in Spanish-language cyberspace. ... [Link]

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher gave their third baby quite a name

Gabe Friedman The Baron Cohen newborn’s name has far more than just a Jewish component. ... [Link]

Brooklyn Jewish landlords arrested for harassing tenants

Gabe Friedman Brothers Joel Israel, 34, and Aaron Israel, 37, pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud, burglary, grand larceny, submitting false documents and unlawful eviction, among others. ... [Link]

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