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Aug 04th


Letter to Sen. Bennet, Reps. DeGette, Perlmutter, Polis, Tipton

At press time, Sen. Bennet, and Reps. DeGette, Polis, Tipton and Perlmutter, are undecided on the Iran deal. Here is why they should vote no.


There is a perverse advantage to witnessing atrocities up front, in person. Even the best of the witnesses will say, “then my knees went weak and I went away.”


Contempt for Congress

Since when does the UN Security Council determine the security interests of the United States? Funny. We thought that laws for the US were made by the US. Not so, it seems, under the current administration. Before giving the US Congress its say on the Iran deal — in accord with a law signed by the president — the president went to the Security Council to give it its say. This is not a mere procedural detail.

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BBC: Black = white

Despite protestations — malevolent on the part of those like Iran, naïve on the part of some university students — that anti-Zionism is distinct from anti-Semitism, we have definitive proof otherwise. It’s straight from the horse’s mouth. News item in the IJN, page 6: Gazans say “yahuds” (in English, “Jews”) are responsible for the alleged massacres of Gazan children. However, the BBC, the UK’s publicly funded flagship media corporation, opted to translate “Jews” as “Is...

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Blessed are the manipulators

Iran, a country small and weak — compared to the US — is the tail wagging the dog Blessed are the peacemakers . . . well, make that the manipulators. If the matter were not so deadly serious, we would perversely sit back in our chairs and wax poetic about the political genius of the leadership in Iran. Take this recent nuclear deal in context — in large context. In grand context. The deal is an absolute reversal of any logical, expected, rational turn of fortune. Here is Iran, pretty st...

The last Nazi?

Oskar Gröning, 94, a former SS soldier at Auschwitz, was convicted by a German court of colluding in the mass murder of 300 Hungarian Jews and sentenced to four years in prison. Many people and news outlets, including The New York Times, are calling Gröning’s trial “to be among the last chances to bring justice for the Holocaust.” Gröning, assigned to Auschwitz from September, 1942, to October, 1944, to seize cash and valuables from arriving prisoners, is guilty. We’re not questionin...
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Gulf Cooperation Council ‘reassured’ by Iran nuclear deal

Ron Kampeas Qatari foreign minister says the deal leaves the region ‘very secure, very stable.’ ... [Link]

Top ex-security figures urge Netanyahu to accept Iran deal, work with U.S.

Ron Kampeas The statement also calls for moves toward Israeli-Palestinian peace. ... [Link]

After ‘Trainwreck’ shooting, Amy and Charles Schumer join for gun control

Ron Kampeas Comedian Amy Schumer called the deadly attack in Louisiana during a screening of her film “very personal for me.” ... [Link]

Freshmen Congress members visiting Israel ahead of Iran vote

Ron Kampeas Rep. Peter Roskam, R-Ill., who introduced the motion to disapprove the deal, says the agreement’s opponents have the numbers to pass his resolution. ... [Link]

Leading House Republican, Democrat introduce anti-BDS resolution

Ron Kampeas The resolution’s language notably does not cite “Israeli-controlled territories,” as did previous trade legislation. ... [Link]

Israel to allow tougher interrogation of Jewish terrorism suspects

Julie Wiener The country’s interior security minister said the security Cabinet had deemed “any method” of interrogation “kosher,” ... [Link]

Shin Bet sees Jewish terrorist network as likely culprit in Duma attack

Julie Wiener The network, which has been operating since 2013, seeks to bring down the Israeli government and replace it with a Jewish theocracy, the security agency said. ... [Link]

For first time in 100 years, outsider tapped to lead Looksteins’ N.Y. shul

Uriel Heilman With Rabbi Haskel Lookstein set to retire, Kehilath Jeshurun is turning to a longtime Montreal spiritual leader to lead the storied modern Orthodox synagogue. ... [Link]

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