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May 06th

Flourpot bakery goes kosher

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FLOURPOT, a cupcake and cookie bakery in Greenwood Village, is now under the kosher supervision of the Scroll K.

Flourpot opened two years ago, but closed down for several days last month to convert the bakery to conform to kashrut standards.

“We decided to go kosher because of the high demand for kosher fresh baked goods,” explains Nancy Rollnick-Jacobson, who owns the bakery with Sydney Davidson.

“We couldn’t have birthday celebrations at the shop for people who keep kosher, and we wanted to support our Jewish community.”

Flourpot features 54 rotating flavors of cupcakes.

They are dairy and many are also produced dairy-free on dairy equipment.

Most flavors are available vegan or gluten-free with 48 hours notice.

Flourpot also features cookies and decorated shortbread.

All are available for parties in the store or for carry-out.

SYDNEY Davidson, a native of Seattle, graduated from the Culinary School of the Rockies in 2010. She is studying human nutrition and dietetics at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

She says her knowledge and passion for baking comes from her mother, who is a Seattle pastry chef.

Nancy Rollnick-Jacobson is a Denver native. “I have always had a passion for baking,” she says.

“I decided to open a bakery when my youngest child Jaime started a small bakery out of our house in second grade because she shared the same passion as I.

“Her sister Chelsea did all the bookkeeping, and it all evolved from there.”

Rollnick-Jacobson decided to open the store front, which is across the street from Cherry Creek High School, where her oldest daughter is a student.

Flourpot is at 8973 E. Union Ave.

Information: 303-730-3131.


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