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May 05th
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Event: 'Artist Event: I See Jews Everywhere'

Arts, Culture & Social
Music, dance, cards & other social activities.
Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 At 07:00 PM
Contact Info:
Naomi Kirshner, (303) 758-9400, ext. 213

Viewing of Marilyn Lande's latest photo montage collection, "I See Jews Everywhere". At HEA.

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JTA News

Al Jazeera America denies being anti-Semitic, sexist and anti-U.S.

Gabe Friedman A former employee’s charges in a lawsuit filed against the network are “absurd,” its CEO says. ... [Link]

Popular Israeli singer wishes death to Obama in new song

Gabe Friedman Amir Benayoun calls the president “a treacherous creature” in the song, which the singer posted on Facebook but deleted following negative feedback. ... [Link]

Alan Grayson to the House: Have I got a doctor for you!

Ron Kampeas Dena Minning, traveling in Israel with her beau, is considering a run for his House seat. ... [Link]

What does Lindsey Graham have against the word ‘the’?

Ron Kampeas At an AIPAC dinner the South Carolina senator, citing Al Qaeda and Al Nusra, insisted that “everything that starts with ‘Al’ in the Middle East is bad news.” There’s only one problem... [Link]

Looted Nazi painting being returned from Louvre to heirs

Uriel Heilman “Portrait of a Man,” a 17th-century work, was taken from a prominent Jewish art curator in Munich and ended up at the Paris museum. ... [Link]

Officer cleared in November killing of Arab-Israeli

Julie Wiener The death of Kheir Hamdan, 22, in a Galilee village ignited major protests in neighboring Arab-Israeli villages. ... [Link]

South African university ousts student gov’t president who praised Hitler

Marcy Oster The University of the Witwatersrand’s vice chancellor said the student leader’s removal did not involve his Hitler statements. ... [Link]

Back in power, haredi parties aim to roll back religious reforms

Ben Sales A coalition agreement between Likud and the haredi Orthodox United Torah Judaism faction promises to dismantle a raft of legislation that chipped away at entitlements enjoyed by the haredi community. ... [Link]

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