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Apr 23rd
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View from Central Park

Summer, 2013

HAVE you noticed? All that  melodious bird song is beginning to wane. Cheerful bird chirping can still be heard, but it is getting less and less. All those birds quickly dipping their little pointy beaks in and out of the shallow birdbath water, encompassing the rim of the bowl — they are diminishing, aren’t they.

I am preparing myself to be caught while driving in one of those huge bird migrations, in which, even though it is irrational, you see the sky darkening with the multitude of birds flying en masse — their wings flapping in unison almost like one synchronized movement — and you duck inside your car. You pull over to the side of the road because it feels like they will crash into your vehicle.

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Dear Tzviling

Time travelling

Dear Tzviling, What do you think would be better — to go back in time or to see the future? Andy, Hampstead, Canada

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View from Central Park

My own film festival

SOMETIMES I think that I should officially organize my own film festival. My friends joke that I already do. I often recommend movies to them from my cache of “must watch movies.” When I come into town for a visit, we try and see one of them together. Usually, these are classics that I love, movies that have entered my cells, that at this point I have integrated into my lexicon. I repeat lines from their dialogue, now a  part of my dialogue. That is definitely a big part of the fun: inter...
View from Central Park

Rocks and rockets

After hearing many upsetting reactions to what was perceived as an anti-Israel article by Jodi Rudoren in The New York Times, I read the article myself. It is titled “In a West Bank culture of conflict, boys Wield the Weapon at Hand.” I went in looking for the anti-Israel angle people were upset by. And to be sure, I found it immediately. The article is about the culture of violence in the Arab village of Beit Ommar. It describes the Arab youth and their stonethrowing ways at Israeli passin...

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Dear Tzviling

Mathematics vs. nachas

Dear Tzviling, My daughter wants to get married and is getting a lot of offers of fine young men. Many friends have told me to make sure to check out the family background. You know, the parents, siblings, uncles and aunts — even cousins. Is this really that important? After all, my daughter won’t be marrying the relatives. We value your opinion. What do you think? Grace (via e-mail)

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JCPA has J Street’s back in Presidents Conference bid

Ron Kampeas The Jewish Council for Public Affairs is supporting J Street’s effort to join the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. ... [Link]

‘Agitated and angry’: White supremacists still a danger, experts say

Anthony Weiss The recent shootings at a pair of Kansas City-area Jewish facilities show the persistent threat of white supremacist violence, even as broad measures of anti-Semitism continue to decline. ... [Link]

Five haredi men indicted for attacking gay black man in Brooklyn

Julie Wiener Five haredi Orthodox Jewish men were indicted for attacking a gay black man in Brooklyn. ... [Link]

Israel nixes peace meeting following Fatah-Hamas unity accord

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Synagogue worshippers in London save family from burning car

Marcy Oster Two men worshipping at a synagogue in London pulled members of a family from a burning car. ... [Link]

As Poland touts rescuers, filmmakers address Holocaust-era treachery

Cnaan Liphshiz “Ida,” a film about a Catholic woman who learns her parents were Jewish, is the latest in a wave of Polish films aiming to debunk the myth that all Poles were equal victims of the Nazis. ... [Link]

Breaking Passover with the Grey Lady

Julie Wiener Just hours after observant Jews ended their Passover-mandated abstinence from all things leavened, the New York Times gave them something to chew on: an entire Dining section devoted to bread. ... [Link]

Rabbi Aaron Landes, longtime Naval Reserve chaplains chief, dies

Marcy Oster Rabbi Aaron Landes, a Philadelphia congregational rabbi for decades and the longtime director of U.S. Naval Reserve chaplains, has died. ... [Link]

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