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Jul 30th
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View from Central Park

Welcome, North Korea

What is happening in the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset?

A bill undermining the bedrock of any Democratic society, the sacrosanct freedom of speech, was put forth by Eitan Cabel of the Labor Party, to limit the distribution of free newspapers.

And it passed.

True, formally the bill still has two more readings, plus a host of other hurdles, to become law. I don’t think it will survive. But still. The principle of it!

Yisrael [Israel] Hayom is a daily newspaper that is distributed free (think Westword). It is a mouthpiece for the Likud party, specifically, a newspaper with an agenda to promote Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It is funded by a foreigner, Sheldon Adelson, to promote his right wing political ideology.

Liberal Lens

Should the GOP look forward to 2016?

THE DRAMATIC, across-the-board victory engineered by Republicans in the Nov. 4 elections would seem to bode well for the party’s chance to capture the White House in 2016. The GOP took full control of Congress, flipped at least four governor’s offices from blue to red, and prompted much talk of a resurgent Republican movement. Not so fast. A more careful look at the returns significantly complicates the narrative that an American electorate, which recently tilted Democratic, has since shift...
View From Denver

A free master’s degree

BOY HAVE I got a deal for you! Actually, I do. It’s a free master’s degree in education. No tuition. No registration fees. No classes to take, not even online. No research papers to write. No model lessons.

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View from Central Park

War over Jerusalem

I CONSIDER myself a Yerushalmit, a citizen of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the city that raised me. For any Jew, when terror lives on and Jerusalem is under attack, it is painful, for the city is a symbol of our one and only home as a people. Even more so, when it’s literally been one’s home. The boiling kettle that is the possibility of an intifada brewing in Jerusalem — more than brewing at this point — has just sparked twice more. It is scary to think of where this is all leading. We h...
View from Central Park

Name calling

EVEN if the Prime Minister of Israel were the biggest incompetent loser around, it would still be inappropriate for a senior US government official to publicly engage in name calling against him. After all, Benjamin Netanyahu is not a private citizen. He is the prime minister of the State of Israel, a leader of the Jewish people. Basic respect should be a given. But Tuesday, in The Atlantic, an unnamed senior source in the Obama administration sank to low, obscene name calling. The subject was ...

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Shabbat Times

JTA News

In Washington battle for Iran deal bill, Israel said to have turned off blacks

Ron Kampeas And the White House spokesman fields a question about whether Obama is worried about congressional Jews who have yet to declare. ... [Link]

200 protesting squatters removed from former West Bank settlement

Marcy Oster The protesters, including families that were evicted from the settlement during the 2005 Gaza disengagement, had vowed to remain at the site. ... [Link]

Iran deal or no deal, what’s Israel’s next move?

Uriel Heilman With the Iran nuclear deal already on the table, there will be some tough decisions to make even once the battle in Congress is over. ... [Link]

Argentina asks: Will Iranian suspect in AMIA attack benefit from nuclear deal?

Marcy Oster A former Iranian defense minister is under an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol in connection with the deadly 1994 bombing of the Buenos Aires Jewish center. ... [Link]

Israel slammed for approving West Bank construction

Marcy Oster The United States, European Union and the United Nations objected to the approval of new housing in the Beit El settlement, where two illegal buildings were razed, and eastern Jerusalem. ... [Link]

Woman demands airline apology after haredi man refuses seat next to her

Marcy Oster After the man asked a couple of passengers to switch seats, a flight attendant found a seat for him next to another man. ... [Link]

Neo-Nazis attack Orthodox Jewish man on Zurich street

Cnaan Liphshiz Switzerland’s Federation of Jewish Communities called the incident “highly unusual and frightening.” ... [Link]

Orthodox rabbis wanted for D.C. lobbying effort against Iran deal

Ron Kampeas The Orthodox Union is asking its members to fly in less than a week before the Jewish New Year. ... [Link]

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