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Aug 23rd
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View from Central Park

No nuance from American Studies Association

The American Studies Association (ASA) has officially joined the BDS movement — Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions — against Israel.

ASA has heeded the Palestinian call, joining the many Europeans already boycotting Israel.

For American intellectuals to stand opposed to Israel in this way is unprecedented.

To fight injustice, oppression and suffering is crucial. To pick and choose who you will take a stand against based on your prejudices versus realities on the ground is a different story.

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View From Denver

Denverite: ‘I survived Mengele six or seven times’

Denverite: ‘I survived Mengele six or seven times’I COULDN’T believe my ears. If I read the body language correctly, my interlocutor’s level of belief wasn’t much greater. After all, it is now 68 years since the end of the Holocaust — and even longer since Cantor Zachary Kutner was in Auschwitz — but just now, something clicked. Something dawned on him. It took some 70 years for the realization, not, perhaps, of the facts themselves, but of their weight. In a mixture of anguish and wonder — sort of counting them up as he went — ...

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Lesson from a rattlesnake

A few years ago I was climbing up a jagged canyon wall when I heard a noise akin to the sound of a tambourine. I looked up and saw it — a rattlesnake sat curled on the ledge about three inches from my right hand. We both froze and stared at each other for what seemed like hours. I was too afraid to move, too fearful to call out, so I just waited and prayed until he finally slithered away into a crevice in the mountain wall. In hindsight, I think that rattler was actually a very decent fellow...
View from Central Park

Nelson Mandela was complex

Everywhere I look there’s another article about the passing of Nelson Mandela. Most articles laud him, a few villify him. And any criticism of his legacy is being labeled racist. The fact is that the legacy of Nelson Mandela —or, as he was affectionately known by his clan name “Madiba” or, intimately, by “Tata” (father), by his people who are streaming to his memorial to say goodbye, who are at once mourning his loss and celebrating his life — is a complex one. Different qualitie...
View From Denver

Is there one G-d or three?

Is there one G-d or three?BASED on the headline of this column, the reader might think it is about Christianity. It is not. Rather, in many contexts, Judaism speaks of “the G-d of Abraham, the G-d of Isaac, and the G-d of Jacob.” Are there three gods? Other Jewish texts and contexts describe G-d as “Great, Powerful, and Awesome.” Is G-d threefold? No, and no.
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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Well-known Turkish Jewish couple found murdered

Anthony Weiss A prominent Turkish Jewish couple were found murdered in their home in Istanbul. ... [Link]

In Australia, Christian, Jewish leaders vow to ‘love Muslims’

Anthony Weiss Christian and Jewish religious leaders in Australia have started a campaign to express love and support for the country’s Muslim population. ... [Link]

Israeli PM deletes controversial ISIS tweet

Anthony Weiss The Israeli Prime Minister’s office has deleted a controversial tweet that used an image from a graphic video released by ISIS. ... [Link]

Pro-Israel groups condemn attack on Temple student

Anthony Weiss An assortment of pro-Israel watchdogs and right-wing groups has issued a statement deploring the alleged assault of a Jewish student at Temple University and criticizing a pro-Palestinian group. ... [Link]

Elsewhere: The end of liberal Zionism, Jewish sperm, Russell Brand vs. Anti-Semitism

Talia Lavin JTA rounds up noteworthy items from the Web. ... [Link]

In shadow of Ferguson, group builds ties across racial, cultural lines

Anthony Weiss In St. Louis, the organization Cultural Leadership has focused on Jewish and African-American experiences to teach high schoolers to fight for social justice. ... [Link]

Vandals target Jewish school in Denmark

Gabrielle Birkner A Jewish school in Denmark’s capital city was vandalized this week — its windows broken and anti-Semitic graffiti spray-painted on the building. ... [Link]

Boy killed by rocket fire; synagogue struck, injuring 3

Julie Wiener An Ashdod synagogue was hit by a rocket Friday afternoon, injuring three people lightly. ... [Link]

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