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Jul 01st
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I’m in debt


Don’t you get mail and sometimes you know what’s in the envelope even before you open it?

For example, wedding invitations seem to come in a common size and shape. And the envelope is somewhat thick, not to mention the double address on the back. You know what awaits you.

Good news.

Then there’s the opposite. I received an envelope last Friday with a multi-line, government return address. I just knew it was bad news. The return address read, “Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration. Division of Finance and Procurement. 1525 Sherman Street. Denver, CO 80203.”

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View from Central Park


CHANUKAH EDITIONSECTION E PAGE 23 Between last Passover, when I shared with you about my beloved Bubbie’s egg lukshn that she fried, rolled like a cigar, and sliced into the thinnest of ribbons, and this Chanukah, sadly we lost her. Almost a centenarian, she died in August and I miss her terribly. Like those lukshn, many other foods, especially the heimish or Hungarian classics, are linked with my Bubbie. Latkes are one of them, too. For my Bubbie, cooking wasn’t some last minute thing o...
View From Denver

The missing grave — forward to the past

A GRAVE, one might think, is the last thing that could go missing. If only it were so. Besides the millions of Jews incinerated during the Holocaust who never had graves, cemeteries were a favorite object of disrespect by both the Nazis and the communists. After the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago, one aspect of the open commerce between the West and the former Soviet Union was the attempt to locate and restore old Jewish cemeteries in Eastern Europe and beyond. Readers of the IJN may r...
View from Central Park


With Chanukah just a couple of weeks away, I already hear people talking Chanukah shop, in other words, latkes. Without a doubt, they are the star of Chanukah dinner parties. You could slave for hours and prepare the most gourmet brisket, and it will still be ancillary to the humble spud, the latke that steals the show. Mounds of hot fried, crispy, lacy latkes are already on my and so many others’ minds. Indeed, they are goooood. To be sure, latke talk inspires strong opinions regarding wha...
Conservative Lens

You can kill, but not murder

Ask almost anyone to recite the commandment in the Ten Commandments that prohibits taking a life and you will be told, “Thou Shall Not Kill.” That is the King James translation of the sixth commandment. It is a magnificent translation, but one that has led to much moral confusion. You would think that of all the Ten Commandments the one that needs the least explaining is the sixth, because it seems so clear. In fact, it is probably the least well understood of the Ten Commandments. The re...
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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Hezbollah operative planning attacks on Jewish targets sentenced in Cyprus

Ron Kampeas The dual Lebanese-Canadian citizen was given a six-year prison term after material used for explosives was found in his home. ... [Link]

Hamas terror cell planning attack arrested in West Bank

Marcy Oster Among the 40 operatives arrested were Hamas officials who have been jailed in the past for their involvement in terror activities. ... [Link]

S. African Jewish board files racism complaint against ex-student leader

Marcy Oster The ex-Witwatersrand University leader made “racist and defamatory comments” on the radio against the South African Jewish community, according to the board’s criminal complaint. ... [Link]

Jerusalem family renovating home uncovers 2,000-year-old mikvah

Ron Kampeas The ritual bath was excavated in a neighborhood long believed to be the home of John the Baptist, the ascetic Jewish preacher who inspired Jesus. ... [Link]

Amsterdam chief rabbi to resign 

Cnaan Liphshiz Aryeh Ralbag, whose contract expires in 2017, has had a tense relationship with the board of the Jewish Community of the Netherlands. ... [Link]

Nicholas Winton, Kindertransport organizer known as ‘British Schindler,’ dies at 106

Ron Kampeas Sir Nicholas Winton was known as the “British Schindler” for arranging the rescue of 669 children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia to England. ... [Link]

WATCH: Ad tells Chuck Schumer to tip balance in Iran talks

Andrew Tobin The Emergency Committee for Israel released a video ad calling on New Yorkers to demand Schumer “stand firm” in the talks — especially on inspections. ... [Link]

Prague’s Jewish museum launches new permanent exhibit

Marcy Oster The historic Maisel Synagogue, located in the heart of the former Jewish district, also has undergone a major renovation. ... [Link]

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