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Nov 28th
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Doug Seserman’s Jewish journey

Doug Seserman’s Jewish journey

SPEAKING at a public victory rally in New York City right after the end of the Six Day War, the late Arthur Hertzberg declaimed with unparalleled emotion:

“I will provide peace in the land, and you will lie down with none to make you afraid . . . ” (Leviticus 26:6).

The sword of extinction had hung over Israel (Nasser of Egypt’s infamous threat to “drive Israel into the sea”), but Israel vanquished its enemies.

“Five of you will pursue a hundred,” continued Hertzberg, “and a hundred of you will pursue ten thousand” (26:8).

Hertzberg captured the emotions of the huge crowd — the Jewish people had passed from mortal fear to stunning elation in a matter of days.


A deeper way to honor our parents

America is big on holidays, especially those that relate to family. There’s a holiday for mothers in May, a special day for dads in June and a grandparents day in September that usually includes a pancake breakfast at pre-school. But what inspires these holidays is more than a positive earnings statement for Hallmark. We honor our parents and grandparents because they have given us life. The Jewish tradition teaches that there are three partners in the creation of a human being: G-d, a fathe...

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View from Central Park

“Hatikva” — hope

This past week, as celebrations of Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s 66th Independence Day, swelled, a feeling of Jewish pride and thankfulness could be felt. Between the festive prayer services, parties, especially song and dance parties, and most modern Israeli item of all, “The Mangal,” the BBQ, there was a lot to celebrate. As Andrea Lowenstein, originally American, now a long time resident of Jerusalem put it: “I can’t imagine who I would be if I just stayed on the ‘easy path,’ and...

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View From Denver

May the entire land of Israel be sold?

May the entire land of Israel be sold?WHAT makes the land of Israel special? It’s not just that the history and identity of the Jewish people are rooted there. It’s not just that the land is holy; that, for example, the Tabernacle stood in Shilo for 369 years or the two holy Temples stood in Jerusalem. It’s not just that Israel is the “Promised Land.” It is also this: Certain agricultural laws in the Torah are observed only in Israel. Two primary ones figure prominently in this week’s Torah portion, with an unusual ...

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Conservative Lens

What have you said in private?

A PRIVATE recording of racist remarks by the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, in a telephone conversation was released last week. That his comments are racist and therefore contemptible goes without saying. But the incident raises other issues that are not so clear as the racism in Sterling’s comments, yet they are at least as important. One is the increasing release — and the acceptability thereof — of private recordings and videos. Take the video released last month...
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