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Dec 22nd
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Bad news at Brandeis

Bad news at Brandeis

I AM really worried about the recent controversy at Brandeis University. Ambassador of Israel Michael Oren was invited to be the keynote speaker at the commencement, next week. The way his invitation is being protested, the way this choice is being condemned by some — if I did not know who Oren is, I would think the reaction is to Ahmadinejad, the Holocaust denier president of Iran when he was invited to speak at Columbia University.

Michael Oren has been referred to as a “rogue state apologist,” a “defender of war crimes and human rights abuses.”

Come on, Michael Oren?! Politically, you probably can’t get more squarely centrist than he!

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View From Denver

Shavuot — something real, but not concrete

SOMETHING real, but not concrete. It went like this. Jacob M. Charlop, later known as a great man, found himself somewhat ill when he was 19. Doctors advised that he spend a few days bathing in the Mediterranean Sea. So he descended from Jerusalem to Jaffa. The year was around 1905. The time was a few days before Shavuot, the holiday which is real, but without concrete ritual props. On Shavuot, the young Charlop entered the local shul — it must have been small; this was long before the gre...

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Dear Tzviling

The $20 gift

Dear Tzviling, Last Sunday, I treated my mother to a five-course gastronomania at the local deli. I read that you do not believe in Mother’s Day. Please tell me it’s not true. Bewildered (sent by e-mail) Dear Bewildered, I do believe in Mother’s Day, but to me, every day is Mother’s Day. I don’t believe in waiting until Mother’s Day to remember.

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View from Central Park

That radio recording from 1967

BY now, it has become a ritual. Every year, on Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day), I download and listen to the radio broadcast of the recapture of the Old City of Jerusalem by Col. Motta Gur and his forces. I close my eyes and picture myself squished like a sardine, in the dark, in the bomb shelter of 108/17 with all of our neighbors, imagining listening to this radio broadcast for the first time, amidst war, as an adult. Of course, I wasn’t yet born in 1967, and didn’t actually live throug...

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View From Denver

Who is a minority?

I DON’T remember the year. Maybe it’s 2030 or maybe 2050. That’s the year when the Caucasian race is predicted to become a minority in the US. Upon reading this projection, I, a Caucasian, asked myself: What will it feel  like to be a minority in this country? Over the past few months, I’ve said to myself. I do not need to wait until 2030 (or whenever). I already know. I don’t have to be a statistical minority in order to feel like one. Like my Dad used to say, “I don’t want to b...

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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Seeing need, Yechiel Eckstein’s Jewish-Christian fellowship gets into aliyah game

Cnaan Liphshiz Accusing the Jewish Agency of failing to move quickly enough to move Jews out of embattled Ukraine, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews this week brought its first flight of immigrants... [Link]

Libeskind-designed Holocaust monument ‘collecting dust’ in Toronto warehouse

Gabrielle Birkner The Jewish community is divided over whether the Wheel of Conscience — Canada’s first and only Holocaust monument outside of a Jewish community institution — should return to its home in Halifa... [Link]

Jewish settlers sentenced to 30 months in jail for ‘price tag’ attack

Marcy Oster The sentence reportedly was the longest meted out to individuals convicted of carrying out a “price tag” attack against Palestinians, ... [Link]

Labor holds edge over Likud, poll shows

Julie Wiener The survey shows Labor winning 23 seats, Likud 21 and Jewish Home 16 in the March elections. ... [Link]

FBI investigating threat to Hasidic lawmaker in N.Y.

Marcy Oster Aron Wieder, the Hasidic majority leader of the Rockland County Legislature, was sent a photo showing his head pasted on the body of an ISIS beheading victim. ... [Link]

Leven Las Vegas: Adelson lieutenant Michael Leven striking out on his own

Anthony Weiss After six years as president and chief operations officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corp., Leven, 76, is leaving to devote himself to philanthropy. ... [Link]

Planeload of Ukrainian immigrants arrives in Israel

Marcy Oster Some 226 new immigrants from Ukraine, among then dozens of families fleeing fighting in eastern Ukraine, landed in Israel. ... [Link]

Group in Tel Aviv sets world record for dreidel spinning

Marcy Oster Former Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni was part of the group that spun 754 dreidels simultaneously for 10 seconds. ... [Link]

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