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Apr 01st
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View from Central Park

Yes, in our fair city

OH, I have been down Speer Blvd. thousands of times. But this time I had a different point of view. My “little-big” brother Chaim and I decided to rent two of those ubiquitous B Cycle candy apple red bikes that you’ve sees all over the city since springtime.

We got started at Cherry Creek Mall, passed the gorgeous grounds of the Denver Country Club and then descended under the city, that is, under traffic level. Although we were passing all the same landmarks and streets I am accustomed to and familiar with, now it was from a different perspective.

Down under, with no traffic, plus the stream — it felt like a world away. It was an urban ride to be sure — yet, it was totally different, a break from the city.

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View from Central Park

On the victims’ own terms

I REALLY was not planning on addressing this topic. But the Cordoba House building at Ground Zero issue seems still to be sizzling and resurfacing. First of all, I just want to say, we, Jews and Muslims, are both currently immersed in our respective holy times. This year they coincide. For Muslims it is Ramadan. For us it is the Days of Awe of Elul. I hope through our intensified turning inward and turning toward G-d, we as religions, as communities, can reach an honest understanding with each ...

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Dear Tzviling

Behind the mitzvos

Dear Tzviling, My uncle enjoys your column, and sends them to me after he reads them. I enjoy reading them. You’re so humorous, it’s not even funny. Here’s my question for you. My son began attending a Jewish day school and enjoys the Hebrew studies, especially the Talmud. He loves learning the meaning lessons behind the mitzvos. Why is it so important to learn all the reasons. Isn’t it enough just to do the mitzvos? Yoran, Great Neck...

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View from Central Park

Air Conditioning Appreciation Week

YOU probably thought you were on top of things, beginning the journey from the “new moon” (rosh chodesh) into contemplation, prayer and personal accounting, into the days of awe. Yeah, I thought I knew my calendar too. But then I was on the airplane and the woman sitting near me was reading her to-do list of craft activities for August. She is a retired educator. She was on a trip to Oregon to visit her granddaughter and prepared a lot of August-appropriate activities for them to craft tog...

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Jewish on Earth

Rosh Ha-School year

EVERY ending is a new beginning.  This last month of summer vacation deposits us at the start of the new school year, and Rosh Hashanah. What have we learned this summer, and this past year that can carry us forward into next? I always like using stories to deliver the message, and here are three “teaching moments” of tikkun olam: • A college grad is trying to explain modern life to a senior citizen: “You grew up in a different world,” he says, “with no television, computers, jet...

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JTA News

War crimes complaint filed against Hamas in U.S.

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After the nuclear negotiators go home, what happens next?

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GW student gov’t addresses swastika incidents with request for added security

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Dermer: Israel must speak up on Iran threat

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Plans for 2,200 homes in Jerusalem Arab neighborhood gain preliminary approval

Marcy Oster The plans approved by an Interior Ministry committee in Israel also will retroactively approve 300 illegal Arab homes in the same neighborhood. ... [Link]

Iran talks deadline extended a day

Uriel Heilman “‎We’ve made enough progress in the last days to merit staying until Wednesday,” a State Department official told reporters. “There are several difficult issues still remaining.” ... [Link]

From ‘80s to today, Israeli ‘family’ revels in close ties

mbrodsky A group of new immigrants to Israel, brought together by a shared army program, has stayed close for decades even with some members no longer in the country. ... [Link]

What biblical villain is Obama most like (besides Haman, of course)?

Julie Wiener Why, less than a week before Passover, did Rabbi Shlomo Riskin slam Obama with a Haman comparison rather than a Pharaoh one? ... [Link]

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