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Nov 28th
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Obama, Israel and the Genesis prediction

MOST observers, right or left, pro-Israel or anti-Israel, would agree that Israeli-American relations are the worst in memory.

Among the many indications is that only 9% of Jewish Israelis think President Barack Obama’s administration is more pro-Israel than pro-Palestinian, according to a Smith Research poll taken during the last week of March on behalf of the Jerusalem Post.

Given how much Israelis love and admire (and emigrate to) America, this level of mistrust is all the more remarkable.

Commentators on the left, of course, blame Israel. For them, this is a no-brainer; blaming Israel is as natural as breathing. Further, Israel is headed by a conservative prime minister and America is presided over by the most pro-left president in its history.

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View From Denver

Herb Keinon: Obama's misreadings of the Mideast

WHATEVER your political preference, there is no denying that peace efforts in the Middle East are not going well. People will differ why, but the facts are clear. No negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians are underway; no plan, at least made public, exists to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. One person perhaps uniquely perched to analyze these facts is Herb Keinon, diplomatic correspondent of the Jerusalem Post. Last week he visited family in Denver and addressed EDOS. This...

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View from Central Park

Creamsicle of my dreamsicle

ONE mellow Friday evening a little while back, right after candle lighting, I was taking a walk. It was still a wintry and snowy time, but on that particular evening there was an elusive sense of spring in the air. I was walking back home with a sense of purpose when suddenly I heard a familiar sound in the distance. A lovely sing song sound floating on the air giving me an immediate sense of sonorous pleasure. Could it be? And in March? I hadn’t heard this delightful chime in quite a few yea...

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Dear Tzviling

A convert’s wedding

Dear Tzviling, I recently became engaged to a wonderful young girl from Israel and we’re starting to make plans for our wedding. We met with the rabbi and reviewed the entire ceremony. One thing, however puzzles me. At the chupah after the blessings, I will be smashing a glass beneath my foot. This, I understand, is to commemorate the destruction of the holy Temple in Jerusalem. What I don’t understand is, why should the glass be smashed — a sobering moment, indeed — precisely at the g...

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View From Denver

Ash Shabbos

The world is at rest. No human being is in flight. It is retro Wright Brothers. Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings, at once futuristic and futile, are as close to flight as we get. At least in Europe. Because of a volcanic eruption on Iceland, particles released in the air can mess with a jet engine and bring down a plane. So they do not take off. Ash Shabbos. Enforced rest. Back to an earlier, simpler, less volcanic time. No planes were used in war before WW I, and horrible as those pre-Great W...

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