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Apr 15th
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When the going gets tough, the tough give

I THINK I may have hit a new low last week. It felt as if I were channeling my parents as I heard myself complaining about how I miss the “good old days” —  when  people actually wrote me letters and cards, rather than texting me on my cell or sending online e-vites to parties and events.

Call me old fashioned, but there’s something nice about opening up a letter and reading a handwritten note from a friend.

Nowadays, the only thing that fills my mailbox are bills and a host of requests for donations from organizations in need of help.

Over the past few years, those requests have grown exponentially, especially in light of the economic crisis that our country has been living through.

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Perfect timing

RABBI Isaac Bruk sees blessing and curse in timing. Esau was sent on a hunt by his father Isaac. Esau thought the provisions he would bring back would guarantee his father’s blessing. However, “Jacob had scarcely left the presence of his father Isaac when Esau his brother came back from the hunt” (Genesis 27:3).Esau was just a tad late — but late he was. In an instant he lost his father’s blessing. Jacob got there first and left just in time to avoid a nasty confrontation with Esau, wh...
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Unexpected results

JACOB Tessler, who lived in Jerusalem, had a large family — 10 children. However, he lived in a very small apartment of two bedrooms, one for him and his wife and one all for his children, who also occupied the living room and every other available space. It was maddening for both parents and children.Tessler applied for a government-backed mortgage for a larger apartment. All the necessary paperwork took time. Meanwhile, since he was a Gerrer chasid, he went to his sweet and wise rebbe, Rabbi...
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The secret ingredient

Break out that bounty! It's Sukkot! We are here to celebrate the autumn harvest of fruits. The colorful crops we have amassed. Be they in produce, in life, in friendships, in family, in what we have been given and received. And in what we have, ourselves, given. Bounty. I just love this word. It kind of sounds like bouncy and I could just picture all that good out there bouncing around!There is all the bounty G-d and the world provides us. Just being — its bountiful experience uplifts me from ...
Conservative Lens

Reflections on the death of my mother

My mother, Hilda Prager, died on Rosh Hashanah.Because she has consumed my thoughts since then, I thought I would share some of them with my readers.1. On the age a parent dies. One of the first things most people ask when a person loses a parent is how old he or she was. This is entirely normal, yet it demands explanation. It is entirely normal because people regard the death of a 90-year-old parent quite differently from that of, let us say, a 70-year-old, let alone someone younger than that.F...
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One killed, two wounded in attack on Israeli car bound for Hebron

Julie Wiener Assailants opened fire on an Israeli family driving in the West Bank, killing one person and wounding two. ... [Link]

Kansas City shootings highlight threat of ‘lone wolf’ attacks

Ron Kampeas Frazier Glenn Miller was for years known as an active and avid white supremacist, but no one foresaw Sunday’s shooting rampage in a Kansas City suburb. ... [Link]

In Kansas City, targeting a community’s beating heart

Daniel Treiman The gunman who attacked two Jewish institutions in Kansas City was taking aim at a tight-knit community that kept its doors open to all. ... [Link]

‘Let it Go’ Passover lyrics

Julie Wiener Want to sing “Let it Go” at your seder, but don’t feel like writing your own Passover version? JTA has printable lyrics to add to your Haggadah. ... [Link]

Paris auction of Nazi memorabilia canceled after Jewish groups protest

Cnaan Liphshiz Following protests by two Jewish groups, a Paris auction house canceled an auction of Nazi objects. ... [Link]

Vienna Philharmonic to return Nazi-looted painting

Marcy Oster The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra will return a donated Nazi-looted painting to the heirs of its rightful owners. ... [Link]

State Dept. issues warning against terror threat

Marcy Oster The U.S. State Department issued a worldwide caution against the continued threat of terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens and overseas interests. ... [Link]

In Berlin, giving wronged Olympians their glory

mbrodsky Jewish sprinters Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller, snubbed at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, will get their due when the European Maccabi Games embrace their memory there — hopefully with members of... [Link]

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