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Oct 25th
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AIPAC policy conference: 7,500 Jews and one opinion

AIPAC policy conference: 7,500 Jews and one opinion


Sign of Things to Come

I can’t begin to capture what it’s  like when 7,500 pro-Israel activists gather in a single room (two football fields long) and scream, cheer, stand and clap as speaker after speaker demonstrates that political eloquence is not a lost art.

“Speaker after speaker”: such as Prime Minister Netanyahu, Secretary of State Clinton, US Senators Graham (R-SC) and Schumer (D-NY).

And that best kept secret in the Jewish leadership today — well, not exactly a secret — Howard Kohr, who talks with a blunt edge, intellectual sophistication, and inspiring cadence.

All this is only half.

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Jewish on Earth

Advantages from now and antiquity

WHEN the Israelites moved out of Egypt, they left the world’s dominant empire by simply crossing a “sea of reeds.”  Which route they took over which reed sea is still an open question, and it’s no mean feat to move 600,000 Israelites any distance. But the world was so “small” and undeveloped then that our ancestors were able to enter a wilderness by simply leaving Ramses or Pithom. While the Torah describes a 40-year odyssey of wandering, before bringing Moses to Mt. Pisgah, overloo...

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View from Central Park

A rabbi’s words

Since I have received many responses and queries about my column of two weeks ago (“Female religious leadership”), I decided to revisit it. This is something I have never done before, but in light of a repeated question, I decided to address it. Many of you were curious as to what the good rabbi's words were that became a helping and healing turning point in the hospital-hospice situation I was in. A brief reminder: I was caught in an emotionally demanding situation where two brothers were...

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View From Denver

Jerusalem is Israel’s capital — a military fact

As usual, the intemperate debate over Israeli settlements is bereft of color, flesh, sound, life. We learn of 1,600 housing units to be built in “Ramat Shlomo.” Forget that the average American, let alone one out of a 100 members of the Obama administration wouldn’t recognize Ramat Shlomo if they saw it. Ditto for Democratic and Republican members of Congress, which-ever side of the current debate they’re on. I lived opposite the land that became Ramat Shlomo for 10 years. It was barre...

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View from Central Park

Agenda, please

Something fishy is going on. I used to think Obama was just naive and out of his depth in the Middle East. Obama definitely is out of his depth there, but I don’t think it is just that. I no longer think it is just naivete, weakness or ignorance. It isn’t just his clear lack of skill in navigating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has resulted in the stalled peace talks that seem to have driven the two sides farther and farther apart since Obama has taken office. I admit, Israel handled...

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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Palestinian teen shot dead by IDF was U.S. citizen

Marcy Oster A Palestinian teenager shot dead by Israeli troops in the West Bank is a U.S. citizen, according to the State Department. ... [Link]

Two Israelis killed in Nepal bus accident

Julie Wiener Two Israelis were killed and at least three wounded in a tourist bus accident Friday in Nepal. ... [Link]

From the Archive: The funeral (and TV movie) of Klinghoffer

Raffi Wineburg Decades before thousands would show up to protest “The Death of Klinghoffer,” over 1,000 came to honor the death of Klinghoffer. ... [Link]

Rabbi Dr. Judith Abrams, pioneering online Talmud teacher, dies at 56

Raffi Wineburg Rabbi Dr. Judith Abrams, founder and director of online Talmud study program MAQOM and author of numerous books, has died. ... [Link]

Nominations open for NBN Bonei Zion Prize for outstanding immigrants

Marcy Oster Nominations have opened for the Nefesh B’Nefesh Bonei Zion Prize recognizing outstanding English-speaking immigrants to Israel. ... [Link]

Lawyers for Palestinian-American woman want to bar terrorism from trial

Marcy Oster Lawyers for an American of Palestinian descent accused of concealing her conviction on terrorist bombings in Israel are seeking to bar references to terrorism at her trial. ... [Link]

Israeli envoy: Jordan king blasting Israel to appease his Arab allies

Cnaan Liphshiz Israel’s ambassador to Jordan suggested that King Abdullah’s recent claim that Israel kills Arab children en masse stems from pressure by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt. ... [Link]

Danish health director: No reason to ban circumcision

Cnaan Liphshiz Denmark’s national health authority does not think non-medical circumcision is risky enough to justify a ban on it, the body’s director said. ... [Link]

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