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Aug 05th
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Criminals have high self-esteem

BY now, most people (with the exception of many psychotherapists) recognize that the self-esteem movement officially launched by California in 1986 has been at best silly and at worst injurious to society, despite whatever small benefit it may have had for some individuals.

The movement was begun by California Assemblyman John Vasconcellos. As the New York Times reported, “Mr. Vasconcellos, a 53-year-old Democrat, is described by an aide as ‘the most radical humanist in the Legislature.’”

In an interview at the time, Vasconcellos told me he had personally benefited from therapy.

It enabled him to improve the poor self-esteem he had inherited from his childhood. He therefore concluded that improving other people’s self-esteem would greatly help society.

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Evangelical Christianity and Babe Ruth

THE speech given by David Brog at the Men’s Event was superior in this sense: Brog delved into ideas in a sophisticated way. Brog, the Jewish executive head of Christians United for Israel, further developed his ideas in a long interview with the IJN last week. Brog acknowledged the skepticism of those who think the motives of Evangelical Christians vis-a-vis Jews are not pure; he explicated what he called the “old” and the “new” theology of Christianity; he dealt with counterargumen...
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Even one single word can make the difference

EVEN one single word in sophisticated rabbinic writings can make all the difference. Not even a technical word. Not even, it seems, a substantive one. This word is nir’eh, which in English translates into two words, “it seems.” The rabbinic writings to which I refer — “responsa” — are Hebrew literature consisting of questions and answers. A person is in need of guidance from the Torah concerning a specific problem. He writes a learned rabbi. The rabbi writes back with an answer....
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You’ll see

WHEN I lived in Israel, a friend used to joke that you can tell what year Americans came on aliyah based on how they dressed. Meaning, whenever expats wanted to dress in their “best” they would don the fashionable American clothing they had bought right before moving to Israel. After a while I kind of noticed it was true. You could pick the decade of an American olah by her clothes. Wherever they left off fashionwise when departing America, they were frozen in time, dated. That good America...
Jewish on Earth

Buy local, join co-ops . . . get contented

I MARVEL at how many brilliant Jewish finance minds have significantly contributed to the meltdown and resurrection of the US economy. While the Boeskys, Milkens, Madoffs, Frankels, Bear Stearns, Kolberg Kravitzs and Goldman Sachs speculated and crashed, the Summers, Bernankes, Geitners and Krugmans advised and manipulated money supplies and structures to, ironically, set the stage for more worldwide financial speculation, manipulation and crashes. Nearly all of these restlessly competitive pl...

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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Obama, Jewish leaders exchange concerns about distortions and attacks in Iran deal debate

Ron Kampeas Obama said the details of the deal are being distorted, critics tell the president that they resented being depicted as warmongers. ... [Link]

Portraits of strength and hope at the Maccabi Games

Gabe Friedman Ten photographs capture Jewish athletes from around the world ahead of their celebratory march into the Waldbuhne amphitheater built by Hitler for the 1936 Olympics. ... [Link]

What can Iran hide in 24 days? Answering the questions posed by the nuclear deal

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Does Israel give Jewish extremists a pass on violence against Arabs?

Uriel Heilman Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel takes a strong line against terrorism whether the perpetrators are Jews or Arabs. But Israel’s record — and its president — beg to differ. ... [Link]

Gaza hosting a West Bank soccer team for first time in 15 years

Gabe Friedman Gaza sports officials claim Israel allowed the match because of international pressure. ... [Link]

Extreme heat kills Israeli soldier, sends 8 citizens to hospital

Julie Wiener The Hula Valley in the North hit 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit and the Jordan Valley reached 111.2. ... [Link]

3 top House Democrats oppose Iran nuclear deal

Ron Kampeas Reps. Ted Deutch, Nita Lowey and Steve Israel came out against the deal. Sen. Barbara Boxer added her name to those who back the agreement. ... [Link]

Kahane’s grandson, 3 other suspected Jewish terrorists to stay in administrative detention

Julie Wiener Meir Ettinger will be held without charge for at least six days in a practice used almost exclusively for Palestinian terror suspects. ... [Link]

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