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Oct 01st
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Jewish on Earth

Bal Tashchit and the great food circle of life

WHAT if you knew you could heal the world by throwing your food away — in the right place?

It’s now possible for faith-based communities in about 30 of America’s larger urban areas to recycle and compost most or all of the food and packaging materials they generate, and create no-waste celebrations — which satisfies those key Biblical environmental principles, “don’t waste” (Leviticus) and steward the earth (Genesis).

For most of human history, we have been grinding up the earth’s resources and throwing them into garbage dumps. It’s all simply explained in Annie Leonard’s The Story of Stuff.

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View from Central Park

??? . . . ???

WHICH punctuation mark personality are you? Weird question, I know. But I have been noticing these punctuation marks more and more lately. They really are what animate the written word. Without them, words and writing would not be half as expressive. The words wouldn’t quite communicate their meaning fully. Punctuation has significance beyond the basic rules of grammar. It is what gives the writing a voice and an inflection. A distinguishable shape, tone and nuance. In short, punctuation makes...

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View From Denver

There are no basketball courts in Heaven

I DON’T know what to do. Should I copy author Dovid Landesman’s joke at the beginning of the chapter entitled, “The Cowboy and the Beemer”? You’d laugh your heads off (I know, I’ve already read it out loud to a number of people). But then I’d lose great material for the next speech I give. Conflict of interest. Should I give away the uproarious mistake an eighth grader made during the admissions interview to a Jewish high school that Landesman was conducting? I really couldn’t...

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View from Central Park

A more beautiful goodbye

IN honor of the holiday of Purim I had planned on spoofing the Olympics in this column and having some fun with political personalities. Something with ski jumps into oblivion, and loopey politicians executing double toe loops on the ice. Maybe noting the “graceful” hand movements of Sarah Palin. Or Scott Brown and landing triple axels. The teabag party. The fun and possibilities were endless. But then I saw Joannie Rochette skate on the ice at the Olympics.

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Jewish Parenting

Raising resilient kids: A Purim lesson

WHAT is causing 21st-century kids to morph into what researchers have called “bubbles apt to burst at the slightest smattering of adversity”? Experts believe the answer lies among millions of well-meaning parents positioning themselves as human shields between their kids and disappointment and pain. Take the following representative scenarios in which parents unintentionally hinder the development of resilience in their children:
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Shabbat Times

JTA News

White House rebukes Israel over eastern Jerusalem building

Ron Kampeas Israel’s go-ahead for new housing in eastern Jerusalem would “poison the atmosphere” and distance Israel from “even its closest allies,” the White House said. ... [Link]

Palestinians targeting late 2016 for Israel’s West Bank withdrawal

Marcy Oster The Palestinians will ask the United Nations Security Council to set a deadline of November 2016 for an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem. ... [Link]

Giant Ukraine JCC provides shelter from the storm — in style

Cnaan Liphshiz Two year after its opening, Dnepropetrovsk’s 22-story Menorah Center has become central to efforts to help Jewish refugees fleeing from fighting in the east. ... [Link]

Fliers posted at UC Santa Barbara blame Jews for 9/11

Anthony Weiss A series of fliers posted on the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara, accuses Jews of being behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. ... [Link]

B’Tselem OK again as Israel national service stop

Marcy Oster Israeli human rights group B’Tselem can again receive national service volunteers. ... [Link]

Polish Jewish group planning cemetery memorial

Marcy Oster An organization in Wronki, Poland, is creating a lapidarium-style memorial at the site of a destroyed Jewish cemetery in town. ... [Link]

Car explodes at Atlantic City synagogue

Uriel Heilman A synagogue leader’s car exploded in a suspected arson attack in Atlantic City, N.J. ... [Link]

Three Israeli soldiers who fought in Gaza committed suicide

Marcy Oster Three Israeli soldiers who fought in Israel’s Gaza operation have committed suicide in recent weeks. ... [Link]

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