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Nov 24th
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View from Central Park

Creamsicle of my dreamsicle

ONE mellow Friday evening a little while back, right after candle lighting, I was taking a walk. It was still a wintry and snowy time, but on that particular evening there was an elusive sense of spring in the air. I was walking back home with a sense of purpose when suddenly I heard a familiar sound in the distance. A lovely sing song sound floating on the air giving me an immediate sense of sonorous pleasure. Could it be? And in March?

I hadn’t heard this delightful chime in quite a few years. But there it was coming closer and closer, louder and louder. It was unmistakable, the metallic, tinny, bell-like high note sound of the wind-up music chime box coming out of a megaphone speaker. The sound of the ice cream truck jingle-tinkle.

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Dear Tzviling

A convert’s wedding

Dear Tzviling, I recently became engaged to a wonderful young girl from Israel and we’re starting to make plans for our wedding. We met with the rabbi and reviewed the entire ceremony. One thing, however puzzles me. At the chupah after the blessings, I will be smashing a glass beneath my foot. This, I understand, is to commemorate the destruction of the holy Temple in Jerusalem. What I don’t understand is, why should the glass be smashed — a sobering moment, indeed — precisely at the g...

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View From Denver

Ash Shabbos

The world is at rest. No human being is in flight. It is retro Wright Brothers. Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings, at once futuristic and futile, are as close to flight as we get. At least in Europe. Because of a volcanic eruption on Iceland, particles released in the air can mess with a jet engine and bring down a plane. So they do not take off. Ash Shabbos. Enforced rest. Back to an earlier, simpler, less volcanic time. No planes were used in war before WW I, and horrible as those pre-Great W...

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View From Denver

When the last Holocaust survivor is gone

WHETHER you know it or not, if you’re over 15 and you’ve spent a little time in the Jewish community, you will acquire a special status. As you grow older, you will be looked up to as a person of wisdom. Or, tragically, you might need to convince everyone younger than you of your special status. You see, one day you will be able to say: I personally knew a Holocaust survivor. Meaning, of course, that the younger people you meet will not be able to say that. They will never have known a si...

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Fearless flying: 10 rights vs. 613 duties

LAST week I flew across the country and once again was confronted with the annoying delays and inconveniences that airport security imposes on travelers. The safety of our nation, especially from potential terrorist attacks, has been on the minds of many citizens, government agencies and the Supreme Court since that horrific day in September almost nine years ago when we lost so many people to senseless brutality. But national security is more than deciding how best to protect our country; it ...

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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Limmud learning festivals held in Uruguay and Haifa

Marcy Oster One session included a live-link, trans-Atlantic session with Limmud Boston, Haifa’s twin city. ... [Link]

Kharkiv Jewish philanthropist dies of gunshot head wound

Cnaan Liphshiz Police are investigating whether the injury was self-inflicted. ... [Link]

Swiss art museum formally agrees to accept Gurlitt collection

Marcy Oster Switzerland’s Kunstmuseum Bern agreed to accept the bequest of hundreds of art works from the late German art collector Cornelius Gurlitt, which may include Nazi-looted art. ... [Link]

Fleeing Europe’s darkness, filmmakers took refuge in California sun

Anthony Weiss A new exhibit in Los Angeles explores the roots and rise of film noir, and the generation of filmmakers who left the Nazi occupation and reinvented Hollywood. ... [Link]

Ashkelon mayor decides against ban on Arab workers

Marcy Oster Itamar Shimoni agreed to allow the Arab workers to complete the work, scheduled to take a week, and relocate the preschool students to the local community center. ... [Link]

Kipah-clad New Zealand boy, 4, smacked on head

Marcy Oster The boy was said to be traumatized by the apparent anti-Semitic incident, which was witnessed by his mother. ... [Link]

Wellesley College drops Hillel director, Jewish chaplain posts

Marcy Oster The decision comes as tensions have mounted on campus between the Jewish and pro-Palestinian communities. ... [Link]

Jordan’s parliament holds moment of silence for synagogue killers

Marcy Oster The gesture was held a day after the Jerusalem attack, which killed five, though the Jordanian government condemned the slayings. ... [Link]

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