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Nov 01st
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Shabbat, a time to bless your children

SHABBAT is a unique time of the week. For many Jewish families struggling to balance school, work and extracurricular activities, Shabbat may be the only time during the week everyone can sit down together for a meal.

On Friday night the table is set with a white cloth, flowers, a challah and candlesticks, creating a sense of anticipation that the evening will hold something special.

Traditionally, the lighting of Shabbat candles is a woman’s domain and two candles represent the commandments to remember (zakor) and keep (shamor) the Sabbath. In some homes today, both men and women light candles together and additional candles for each child adorn the table.

When my family first began to observe Shabbat, I treasured more than anything that moment when I would light my grandmother’s brass candlesticks, brought over in the lining of her coat from Russia.

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Jewish on Earth

The extraordinary vision of our sages

SOMETIMES our environmental situation reminds me of an old joke: The doctor asks his wary patient, “Do you want the good news or bad news?” Patient: “Gimme the good news first.” The doctor, “You’ve got 48 hours to live!” The patient cries, “That’s the good news? What’s the bad news?” Answers the Doc, “I just figured this out yesterday.”

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View From Denver

AIPAC policy conference: 7,500 Jews and one opinion

AIPAC policy conference: 7,500 Jews and one opinionI. Sign of Things to Come I can’t begin to capture what it’s  like when 7,500 pro-Israel activists gather in a single room (two football fields long) and scream, cheer, stand and clap as speaker after speaker demonstrates that political eloquence is not a lost art. “Speaker after speaker”: such as Prime Minister Netanyahu, Secretary of State Clinton, US Senators Graham (R-SC) and Schumer (D-NY). And that best kept secret in the Jewish leadership today — well, not exactly a secret ...

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Jewish on Earth

Advantages from now and antiquity

WHEN the Israelites moved out of Egypt, they left the world’s dominant empire by simply crossing a “sea of reeds.”  Which route they took over which reed sea is still an open question, and it’s no mean feat to move 600,000 Israelites any distance. But the world was so “small” and undeveloped then that our ancestors were able to enter a wilderness by simply leaving Ramses or Pithom. While the Torah describes a 40-year odyssey of wandering, before bringing Moses to Mt. Pisgah, overloo...

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View from Central Park

A rabbi’s words

Since I have received many responses and queries about my column of two weeks ago (“Female religious leadership”), I decided to revisit it. This is something I have never done before, but in light of a repeated question, I decided to address it. Many of you were curious as to what the good rabbi's words were that became a helping and healing turning point in the hospital-hospice situation I was in. A brief reminder: I was caught in an emotionally demanding situation where two brothers were...

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Shabbat Times

JTA News

WATCH: Tablet’s satirical in-flight ‘spiritual safety’ instructions

Julie Wiener A new video pokes fun at haredi Orthodox flight requests. ... [Link]

This Week in Jewish Farming: First frost

Ben Harris Most farmers don’t celebrate the death of their crops. But the arrival of the first sub-freezing night was a welcome respite after months of hard labor. ... [Link]

Eight Palestinians reported injured in Jerusalem-area clashes

Cnaan Liphshiz At least eight Palestinians were reportedly wounded in clashes with Israeli police the occurred shortly after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s urged all parties to practice restraint in Jerusale... [Link]

British Jewish school flunks tolerance test

Cnaan Liphshiz A British Jewish school failed government inspections on tolerance sparked by complaints that an emphasis on Islam in some public learning institutions has led to “a culture of intimidation.R... [Link]

Jewish school enrollment up 12 percent, fueled by haredi Orthodox growth

Uriel Heilman Enrollment in Haredi Orthodox schools us up sharply, while non-Orthodox schools are down, and New York and New Jersey have about 75 percent of all day school students nationwide. ... [Link]

Michael Jordan wades into the Obama-Bibi “sh*t” storm (sort of)

Ami Eden Obama’s on the receiving end this time — and from the most iconic athlete on the planet. ... [Link]

Pro-BDS Jewish group boycotts Brussels Jewish film festival

Cnaan Liphshiz A small, left-leaning Jewish organization pulled out of the Brussels Jewish Film Festival because of the involvement in the event of the Israeli and U.S. embassies. ... [Link]

Vietnam’s first Israeli film festival to celebrate 20 years of diplomatic relations

Cnaan Liphshiz A film festival in Vietnam will mark 20 years of diplomatic relations with Israel. ... [Link]

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