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Oct 22nd
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View from Central Park

A rabbi’s words

Since I have received many responses and queries about my column of two weeks ago (“Female religious leadership”), I decided to revisit it. This is something I have never done before, but in light of a repeated question, I decided to address it.

Many of you were curious as to what the good rabbi's words were that became a helping and healing turning point in the hospital-hospice situation I was in.

A brief reminder: I was caught in an emotionally demanding situation where two brothers were paralyzed by the fear of needing to break the news of the dire circumstances of their dear mother to their very elderly father.

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View From Denver

Jerusalem is Israel’s capital — a military fact

As usual, the intemperate debate over Israeli settlements is bereft of color, flesh, sound, life. We learn of 1,600 housing units to be built in “Ramat Shlomo.” Forget that the average American, let alone one out of a 100 members of the Obama administration wouldn’t recognize Ramat Shlomo if they saw it. Ditto for Democratic and Republican members of Congress, which-ever side of the current debate they’re on. I lived opposite the land that became Ramat Shlomo for 10 years. It was barre...

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View from Central Park

Agenda, please

Something fishy is going on. I used to think Obama was just naive and out of his depth in the Middle East. Obama definitely is out of his depth there, but I don’t think it is just that. I no longer think it is just naivete, weakness or ignorance. It isn’t just his clear lack of skill in navigating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has resulted in the stalled peace talks that seem to have driven the two sides farther and farther apart since Obama has taken office. I admit, Israel handled...

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Conservative Lens

The universal need to be needed

AMONG the things left and right, religious and secular, agree on is that one of the few real needs human beings have is to be needed. When we are not needed, life feels pointless. The need to be needed is universal. Men need it; women need it. The sexes may feel needed in different ways, but the depth of the need is the same. Many women feel particularly alive when needed by their young children; many men feel worthy when needed by their family or their work. That is why most women navigate ...

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View from Central Park

Female religious leadership

THE Orthodox world has been taken by storm over the issue of whether women should be conferred with a title indicating an official rabbinic leadership role. It started with Rabbi Avi Weiss of The Hebrew Institute of Riverdale. He has trained a woman to serve in the capacity of rabbi and conferred an official title on her, first maharat, then rabba. It all came to a head when, as a consequence, the more right wing Agudath Israel Organization took the stand excluding Rabbi Avi Weiss from Orthodo...

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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Monica joins Twitter. Should we listen?

Anthony Weiss The Jewish woman who, with some justice, described herself as “the first person to have their reputation completely destroyed worldwide via the Internet” returned to the cybersphere on Monday.... [Link]

Netanyahu reportedly withdraws support for conversion bill

Marcy Oster Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly has withdrawn his support for a bill that would allow local rabbis to oversee conversions. ... [Link]

Jerusalem elects two chief rabbis

Marcy Oster The Jerusalem City Council elected two new chief rabbis, including Rabbi Shlomo Amar, the former chief rabbi of Israel. ... [Link]

Converts say Freundel’s abuse of power extended beyond mikvah peeping

Uriel Heilman Rabbi Barry Freundel didn’t just make conversion candidates take practice dunks in the mikvah where he allegedly spied on them in the shower — he also compelled them to do clerical tasks a... [Link]

Assertion by Austrian official voids conviction on restitution fraud, Jewish author says

Cnaan Liphshiz Austria has no claims against a Jewish author who was convicted of defrauding the republic out of Holocaust restitution funds, a government official said. ... [Link]

‘Klinghoffer’ ticket holders talk back

Raffi Wineburg Many of those who braved the heckling of protesters to see “The Death of Klinghoffer” said they felt unfairly judged. ... [Link]

White House: Nazi war criminals should not be receiving Social Security

Marcy Oster Nazi war criminals should not be receiving Social Security benefits, a White House spokesman said. ... [Link]

‘The Death of Klinghoffer’ fails to live up to the controversy

Ami Eden JTA’s Ami Eden sees the controversial opera that inspired weeks of protests. And shrugs. ... [Link]

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