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Jul 30th
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Life comes in fractions

SOMETIMES life comes in halves. It took half my life to notice, compile, save — and remember I saved — these examples.

When Groucho Marx was told that a country club he applied to denied membership to Jews, he asked: “Since I’m half Jewish, can I go into the swimming pool up to my knees?”

Marketing experts know that if you do nothing, nothing happens. But what to do is sometimes a guess. As one advertising guru said: “One half of my advertising dollars are wasted — but I don’t know which half.”

A 13-year-old, not lacking in self-confidence, sought entrance to the famed Volozhin yeshiva, telling its venerable head, “I can answer any question in half of the Talmud [over 2,700 folio pages].”

View From Denver

The Orthodox community confronts the honesty issue

VIGNETTE: On the wall of the Fish Grill in Los Angeles is a sign, Do not speak lashon hara. Lashon hara is slander, unkind words or gossip. The Torah forbids lashon hara. How did that sign get on that kosher restaurant’s wall? Certain leaders in the Orthodox Jewish community have made a concerted effort over the last decade or so to emphasize the severity of speaking ill of people. At the West Coast convention of the Orthodox Union last weekend, the topic was ethics, or the violation thereo...
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Obama’s vacation

ONE question: Why is Obama still in Hawaii? To tell the truth, I was not too impressed with his going there in the first place. But OK, that is just my pet peeve. In a time of war, when American soldiers are dying on battlefields; at a time when the economy is crashing and thousands, if not millions, have lost work since Obama took office — to leave the White House or the traditional vacation choice of Camp David for an excessively ostentatious vacation and leisurely golf party with family and...
Dear Tzviling

What’s in a name?

Dear Tzviling, My fiancé and I are preparing for our wedding, and my rabbi indicated he needs our Hebrew names for the ketubah even though I don’t regularly use them. My Hebrew name is Rochel Geneshe. I am familiar with “Rochel.” But “Geneshe”? What an interesting name. What does it mean? Do all Jewish names have meaning? Rachel, Vail

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View from Central Park

Little House on the Prairie

I REMEMBER the first time I went to the theater. I was in the eighth grade. Just then a theater interpretation of S. Y. Agnon’s short story “Tehilla,” at The Chen Theater, near the old Jerusalem railroad tracks was playing. In honor of my 13th birthday and the play’s protagonist, Tehilla — kind of being my namesake — my parents decided to take me out to see “Tehilla.” At the time we always did things together as a family. I had never spent an evening alone with my parents before...

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JTA News

Simon Cowell gets blowback for IDF donation

Anthony Weiss Celebrity music impresario Simon Cowell is getting blowback for a $150,000 donation to the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces. ... [Link]

Americans blame Hamas more than Israel for Gaza strife

Anthony Weiss Significantly more Americans blame Hamas for the current violence in Gaza than do Israel, according a new poll. ... [Link]

Op-Ed: Learning to argue on Tisha b’Av

Daniel Treiman We can have passionate disagreements without descending into hatred, Yehudah Mirsky writes. ... [Link]

Israel, U.S. deny account of tense Obama-Netanyahu call

Ron Kampeas U.S. and Israeli officials sharply denied an account of a tense conversation between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. ... [Link]

Amid uncertainty of an open-ended war, U.S.-Israel tensions rise

Ron Kampeas Rapidly changing events on the ground in the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza are accompanied by volatility in the U.S.-Israel relationship. ... [Link]

France extradites Brussels Jewish museum shooting suspect

Marcy Oster The Frenchman suspected of killing four people at the Jewish Museum of Belgium was extradited by France to Belgium. ... [Link]

4 videos on the Gaza war that have pro-Israel viewers cheering

Uriel Heilman Amid the fighting in Gaza and Israel, video clips of Joan Rivers, Howard Stern, Ron Dermer and Hillel Neuer are cheering the pro-Israel crowd. ... [Link]

U.K. supermarket chain to stop carrying West Bank products

Anthony Weiss The largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom has announced that it will cease to sell products sourced in the West Bank by September. ... [Link]

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