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Oct 08th
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Dear Mr. Rubinstein

Dear Mr. Rubinstein

DEAR Robert Eli Rubinstein,

I have reviewed countless books, but never in the form of a letter to the author. Then again, never have I read a book quite like yours.

Were we to classify your book for the Library of Congress, it would, no doubt, fall under standard categories. 1. Holocaust. 2. Memoir. 3. Bela (Dov), Judit, Robert Rubinstein. Save for the family names, thousands of other books could be classified the same way.

Yours, however, is different.

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WE are all reeling from the shock of the tragedy in Tucson. Now Congresswoman Giffords and Jared Lee Loughner, unfortunately, join the creepy pairings in American history, the likes of John F. Kennedy and Soviet sympathizer Lee Harvey Oswald, Abraham Lincoln and pro-slavery  KKK member John Wilkes Booth, Martin Luther King, Jr.  and James Earl Ray, plus, sadly, many others. Right. This is not the first time here in America a government official was shot. Thank G-d Congresswoman Giffords’ ou...
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Reasons to be depressed

The shocking shootings in Arizona and their aftermath crystallized a perspective. I’m hardly original in stating it: The country is more divided than at any time since the Vietnam war. I can’t see a way out. It is true, the FBI is not now routinely spying on its citizens and 50,000 Americans are not now being killed abroad in a war without rational linkage to American security. But in a certain way, now is worse than the Vietnam era. Back then, in theory at least, there was a way to bring ...

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I AM a closet card-aholic. Its true. Some people eat when they get stressed. Others shop. Me? I head straight to the card aisle at Walgreens or CVS. If I’m really lucky and Hallmark has declared a holiday, like National Take Your Pet to Work Day, I can get lost for hours wondering if there is anyone I know, should know, or might know, in the future for whom this type of card would be perfect. And then, of course, there are the regulars, the ones I stockpile knowing  that they will be used in...
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Maple syrup and butter

I HAVE lived on two different continents, Israel on one of them, and have moved there on my own, building a life there throughout a very tumultuous security period. This, plus lots of other decisions I have made, despite on some level being a creature of habit and not one to seek change, made me always kind of think of myself as somewhat of a take-a-leap kind of person. Have faith it will somehow all turn out OK in the end. You know, the proverbial net catching you and everything falling into pl...

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